Downs Advance Despite Draw

10/Jul/2017 10:31

The boys ended off the group stages of the CAF CL with a dominant display despite the draw.

Here are some match day images:

20 Responses to Downs Advance Despite Draw

  1. Dalom says:

    If our technical team continues like this into the new season, I see us sweeping the boards. The team needs to be changed and refreshed all the time, and no one should feel like they own the position. Well done coach Pitso and your technical team. It was a great game to watch considering all the changes that were made.

  2. Mfana says:

    Well done boys for progressing to the quarter finals my only concern is that,it’s for the 1st time we progressed to the knockout stages without a win at home &we never lost any away match its strange neh?It shows that we r not afraid of anybody even in their home ground. We r maturing like an old wine go go boys bring back the championship home.

  3. Romario says:

    well done guys for making it to the quarter final. Now the management and the marketing team must play their role. 1st of all start marketing our quarter final game now, start going around to encourage the fans to get their tickets and attend the match, give away some tickets for free, do competitions for people to win tickets, start making transport arrangement for the fans outside pretoria and create a vibe for the game like we see carling black label doin for chiefs and pirates, they started promoting the game before the psl season even came to an end. MARKET, MARKET, the team that all we need right now! We must start encouraging the fans to get their tickets early and promote the team! casablanca is no easy task, i think this will be the most difficult game for us to date, if we can win this round then i see us playing in the final.

    • kbe says:

      Yes and they must go around the country promoting that game as well on the media.on the issue of signing players I won’t mind even if we don’t sign but only promote from our MDC team.this technical team has put our team in the map,its up to supported and the marketing team to come to party now

  4. mashasha says:

    Well done to the whole really make us proud everyday.Villa must teach me how to pass opponents with easy.I felt like watching a playstation.Only the end results now but overall great team work to all the guys who were playing.

  5. Makhura says:

    Well, let’s sell Mahachi and Malajila to buy Manyama. It looks like we don’t have a choice. We are very thin upfront. Let’s do it

  6. Bongani says:

    We love you Mamelodi Sundowns, we loved you even when the days were dark. Remember the era when we were represented by the likes of Dan simake & Marco Mthembu when players like Fabian left us for chifs it was painful but we never gave up now we are smiling we are the most feared team in Africa we are kings thankyou president Motsepe for investing in our team we now sleep peacefully no stress

  7. Bucks says:

    I have a feeling no one believed Kekana will scoop the PSL award in last night’s awards, and that turned out to be true. I am saying this because it was not even reported here that the awards were going to be held yesternight. The pessimist form our webmaster is not so lekker

  8. Bucks says:

    Pessimist from our….

  9. Downs says:

    The news of Samuel Julies are a heart sore

  10. yellow boss says:

    Our marketing department they should have started to market our caf next home.That will help to bring more supporters in the stadium and also motivating players even further more.

  11. RASTA T says:

    masandawana, I can’t help but notice that FARES HACHI looks like AKA especially those beards(the RAPPER).
    I’m gonna start calling him “AKA”

    NICE GAME yellow nation on SUNDAY

  12. muzi kunene says:

    I wish we can sign that no.19 of AS.Vita by the name of Itouba the Cameroonian to replace Keagan Dolly unfortunately we have exceeded our foreign qouta,that is a gud player,fast and educated left foot-Kby forever.

  13. magocela says:

    Mahachi must be brought back to the team, please Sir Pitso that Mahachi boy has matured enough to replace Dolly

  14. Bucks says:

    Modise has signed with CTC. What a player, he will be sorely missed. All the best Ntwana

  15. benzo says:

    what a joyful play of football to watch from our boys…..u did us proud…..with that kind of play i see us going far in this competition…can someone tell Mr. Motsepe to fire our Webster and who ever is responsible for marketing the team…they all useless….and lastly i do not mind if our technical team don’t sign any player as long as they can return ngele, boyseen, shozi and mkulise from loans and promote players for the mdc team will be ok.

  16. Evidence says:

    Booyen, Ngele , Shozi. Mkhulise come back from loan & promote Modise , Mukumela & Makgalwa… Wooow I salute Sundowns for everything they have done to make us happy. It is possible to add another star

  17. freddy says:

    well done guys

  18. jimmy says:

    the only thing disappointing about this club is no update on the news no marketing of the club nothing nothing
    I think that big man Mr Motsepe must make a plan with the marketing of the club – kick some butt at Chloorkop people are not doing their jobs there – it is really and very disappointing