Downs Knocked Out MTN8

14/Aug/2017 12:43

It was a disappointing opener for the Brazilians being knocked out the MTN8 but we saw debuts for new signings as well as some stand out performances.

Here are some match day images:

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  1. Boitumelo Mathatho says:

    Be creative and change this webpage. You cant even remove May fixture (Downs-Plat Stars)

  2. Ob says:

    Hey billiat n villa they must stay on ground stance
    Oupa n Lebese welcome u did well at first game

  3. Maja says:

    Puma had us kitted out in style, then this, yerr, this defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, when last did we win a game vele, nxa!


    • Moseti says:

      Sometimes you can tell that the hunger from some of the players is not there. This hurts us a lot. Unlike these players we dont have as much money but we spend the little we have to go watch them, and they give us sub-par perfomances.

  5. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    Hard luck to Sundowns supporters and fans, it wasn’t for us and congratulations to Maritzburg.
    Why Kennedy Mweene instead of Onyango or Bimah? Here z the answer – Brimah z still waiting for work permit while Onyango was ruled out due to flue. So, Pitso opted for Mweene instead of Ngobeni.
    Hard luck members.
    19 August 2017, 15h00: Supersport United vs Sundowns.
    Sundowns Daveyton branch has organised transport, departing from Sinaba Stadium on Saturday 12:50. Call Sibusiso 073 656 7001 / 074 573 6750 or Khutlo 073 025 1521

  6. peter says:

    Pitso makes me sick!!! with his stupid favouritism… does it have to take fans to revolt again for them to wake up???

  7. muzi kunene says:

    Pitso asked the team to sign Vilakazi and Zakri and they obliged now he wants Brockie,my question to Pitso when are you going to produce your own deadly striker and stop relying other teams to produce you players.
    Our development have got good strikers and we also have Ntuli why don’t you try him and stop crying,lastly I agree with those who says Morena is not a right back but a right winger.Stop favouritism and play Mbekile or Zwane on that position-Kby forever.

    • Moseti says:

      I am not a fan of signing every player that does well for other clubs because when they come to Downs , they dont live up to the hype. e.g Manqele, Vilakazi, Mbatha, Niang etc

  8. DOWNS 4 EVA says:

    I really need a striker this thing of false number 9 is not working for us anymore.Muzi I agree with you Ntuli can do a good job for us,he is a hard worker and a fighter,we are quick to chase other teams’ players and prepared to pay big money to get them rather than using what we have at our disposal.Some useless players like Mashaba are given chances to play,why not Ntuli.When was the last time had we won a game since last season?, this is very serious we are unable to win our home games and lost a league bcoz of that,remember the games against Platinum stars,Polokwane city,Baroka and Maritzburg United.Lastly whoever is dealing with players contracts must be fired,we have the worst administrators in the league,look at Zungu Dolly Xulu,Sboniso Gaxa,Mphela,Mphahlele and now Billiat,we wait until the last minute to negotiate contracts,why are we not doing like Europe by negotiating in time?,if Billiat wants to leave let him leave he is not Sundowns is useless to keep a not so committed player in the team.Why do we expect other teams to sell to us when we don’t wanna sell?,intact we are scaring players to sign with us coz we expect them to sign life time contracts with us.When are we gonna promote players from development than wasting money on old players or we want them to turn 28 or 29 b4 they play for senior team?,it pains us to see big teams in the world playing teenagers while our team is chasing old players,with regard the mtn8 game we were just unlucky.

  9. Rendi says:

    Villa does not deserve to start, Zakri is taking forever to gel, Billiat must be allowed to leave, Nweene is always concedes in every gam, Mbekille or Zwane should come back

    • Moseti says:

      I even wonder why did we sign Ngcongca. He is a liability, we didnt even need him. This thing of signing players because of their big name status has to stop.

  10. Romario says:

    Zwane is our best right back at downs, he can attack and defend! morena is our weakest link… To be honest since kekana has been given the armband he doesn’t perform anymore, hlompo is off form! fatigue is catching with the team, let not forget that these players haven’t had a break in a while now! we have a big squad so let the coach give other players a chance as well.

  11. Mzimela says:

    Its abut time to give Pitso wake up call i remember his first season he did whats doing fans toyitoy than he put house in order now is about time remind him is employed to deliver he must use right players stop favoursm these days sundowns are beaten easly

  12. Richard says:

    Sundowns lacked agency from the first minute of the game until we consider a goal, and all teams will use that strategy (score one goal and defend) to beat us, so my coach, please tell our players to show aggression from the start.

  13. Richard says:

    Just to add, our central defence is still shaky, and morena and kekana were loosing possession so cheap on Sunday. Change coach, we have now become predictable.

  14. peter says:

    If it’s true that the Saudi Arabian put in a R30million bit which was rejected or ignored…. then we must really get Motsepe to fire those useless people in admin… whoever is running this team as if it’s theirs. The fact of the matter is that Sundowns has useless people in key positions, and it doesn’t matter some of them are lawyers or not… we don’t have competent people… and Pitso must be careful… the supporters are gatvol of his favouritism of players.

    • Seyda says:

      He favour who in the past game over whom?

      • peter says:

        I’m not here to answer questions Mfo… just read and pass???

        • Seyda says:

          I am engaging you ndoda, we are all family and when one member is not factual shall be corrected. We have to build one another as True Dawana.

          • Richard says:

            True that. The member is really unfair to the coach. The team which lost on sunday was our 1st team, only few mistakes here and there. What favouritism is the member talking about?

          • Downs says:

            Its very difficult to engage with you Chief, cause you judgmental….on what basis do you think you factual? We are a huge chunk that is unsatisfied with Pitso’s favoritism and ignorance of our talented youngsters and yet you want us to see things your way, that’s lack of sportsmanship from your side member, we not here to impress you but to give praises or criticize if we personally see the need….Villa has underperformed Chief and yet he is constantly on the starting XI and that is wrong….talent is wasted at MDC and when we complain as stakeholders you still annoy us. Please support the team on your own terms and allow us some space tu

      • skosy says:

        He favored Villa over Ace, why did he play Villa in that defensive midfield role yet we have Manyisa on the bench ?

        • Moripi says:

          Ace and Lebese had less than a week’s training with the team, I was even surprised they got runs.Vila played the same position against St George away, the whole 90 minutes and we won, no favoritism there. I just think the whole team was flat, no body was at their usual best. It was expected, 2 weeks of training against a team whose been preparing the past 5 weeks. There was no way our team would have been sharper. They tried their best and were unlucky. I’m not saying there are no problems, but lets just criticize with facts

          • kick boboza says:

            You are right Member Moripi,let us criticise with facts comrades i know that Members are angry because we love the team but please let us not break our players and Technical staff.My sugestion is that Villa is strugling to hit his form and Mweene is bad luck for sundowns GENERALLY everybody was flat even Tebogo was not as sharp as i know him.if we can hit form as soon as before we play CAF Champions leaque.u moya phansi Masandawana,Coach Mbekile,Zwane must start playing.KBY

          • Downs says:

            Ace and Lebese are PRO’s who also had full pre-seasons with their previous teams so nothing wrong in giving them few minutes so as to get the feel, Villa is obviously favored by the Coach, if you have players for a particular position like your Mabunda’s and Mohomi’s and yet you ignore them just to squeeze Vilakazi, don’t know what you want to call it but to me favoritism that is. Remember what you might consider as facts might be rubbish to me as soccer has always been a game of opinions…so you also need to allow

        • Seyda says:

          Guys, our last game prior to MTN8, Villa played very well againts AS Vita. Many of us were really impressed with Villa.

  15. Mfana says:

    Billiat was bought at less than 5 million Rand.Any mathematician would have known that selling Billiat for a price of 20 million wud’ve paved the way 4 us to buy quality players,if there was any mathemetician or economist.We r led by a bunch blind ppl who do not know that we must get smethng out a player instead of clinging to some ridiculous buyout clauses.Firstly Pitso institutionalised Billiat as if he is the alfa&omega of Sundowns.Mahachi&Ezoenyi were best players of CHAN that was held in SA,but no Pitso was so obssessed&possessed by the presence of Billiat that he couldn’t realised we had a lot of great players with potential.Look at Villa he is the greatest expensive flop ever at the club.Pitso goes as saying we had Mphela,Cheeseboy blah blah.Why block players with ridiculous price tags&at the end of the day they(players)go 4 free ?What kind of bussiness is run at Sundowns?If a team wants a player for 30 million,why wud u deny that a player must go&u just let he must for free?Someone is braindamaged here.So evrytime Motsepe must intervene so that a player b released.Motsepe has lot of bussinesses to attend including poverty alleviation.Behind ppl r dragging their feet to perform their duties.

  16. Page says:

    We are not going to win any trophies without a proven goal-scorer. That is a fact. This thing of using Tau as a “False-9” only worked against weak teams like Pirates & Highlands Park. We are now struggling to finish teams off. Something needs to be done

  17. Brian says:

    Guys I have a big problem with our tean we tend to forget that we have development structure we r so relying on other teams player I think its tym for mosimane to promote our product abo makgalwa,modise,bento, n the goal keeper pitso have no excuse this season. No man its tym to use our product players who knw our culture makgalwa can be beter than biliat pitso can take smthing of makgalwa we need a guy with that kind of pace in our first team. The boy is still young and pitso must bring back asavela mbekile and push morena foward

  18. Brian says:

    I mic neskins that guy believed in our delepment when last did pitso promote players since his arival.only madisha and tau that is so bad

    • Seyda says:

      Neeskin stayed for a year and half and was chased away by us (Supporters). However, I agree with on the issue of promoting our developed players.

      • Moseti says:

        Shozi was neglected and next Flavio Bento will suffer same fate. Makgalwa and Sibanyoni deserve to be promoted, they are ready but hey Pitso wants some Brooke guy 😕

  19. mtho4downs says:

    I said it before and I’m saying it again by relying on Sir Percy Tau as our number NINE strike and expect to win trophies then we are doomed,,,,,,,,,, to fix all this and return to our winning ways, 1. we should sign a lethal striker from South America if Castro problem is unfixable,,,,, 2. Get rid of all the unhappy players at downs,,,, 4. Sir Please must bring back both Mbekile and Zwane S….. Both players did nothing wrong and they are hard working players who dedicate their heart at us,,,,,,, 5. Promote our very own players,,,, 6… Mabund and Mohomi or Mabunda+Kekana or Kekana+Mohomi or Manyisa+Mohomi or Kekana and Manyisa we expect those for in the middle of the park,,, lastly not foremost Mween is a good player but he seemed to be cursed at downs whenever dude plays we bound for draw/lose with him on the sticks a win is seldom………… Morena must be pushed forward now that Khama is rumoured to be on his way out of Chloorkop perhaps he could be a revelation to us……..

  20. Ob says:

    My dream team is onyango, mbekile, langerman, Madisha, Mngonyama,kekane, Manyisa, laffor, Lebese, castro and Tau

  21. dion says:

    Please let Khama Billiat go and promote young stars from MDC period.

  22. Krok says:

    It is now becoming easy for teams to beat Downs,just park the bus,let them enjoy bulk of possession and then hit them on the counter.Reminds me of Neeskens tenure.We making things easy for opposition by playing a unbalanced side,you can’t play with so many strikers,who is going to supply them.Here is how we should play.

  23. Krok says:

    Firstly we need to always play Zwane in a free role centrally as a our creative force,without any or minimal defensive duties.He has matured enough to carry the team on his shoulders.Secondly we need to have a central defensive midfielder who keeps position and screens our defence in an event of a counter attack,Mabunda ,Mohomi or Bangaly as a last option are suited for this role.Kekana likes to venture forward so he or Manyisa can be playmakers.Lastly I have noticed that our players tend to lose patience when trying to break a bus and they try to force a risky quick one two in tight spaces,which results in us losing possession and vulnerable to counter attacks.What they need to do is circulate the ball quickly with lots of movement off the ball and openings will appear to exploit.

  24. Themba says:

    I still don’t understand why we keep playing Thapelo Morena on that position.

  25. The Nash says:

    If Pitso continues with:
    * favouritism,
    * playing Mweene,
    * Morena at right back (I don’t mind playing him at right back sparingly),
    * Bangaly at centre back he cost us more than 3 times (I don’t mind again sparingly),
    * sidelining our MDC players,
    * playing false number 9 (I don’t mind again sparingly),
    * playing Vilakazi in midfield with kekana,
    * not resting players like kekana and others for some games,
    * one dimensional playing style for small teams & high profile games,
    * not improving his defensive game where he score less but win,
    * not promoting/bringing young defenders (I doubt if Madisha is a natural defender he makes bad mistakes
    then he will not win anything again and he will get himself on the wrong side of the supporters and get fired as well.

  26. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    Honestly good people, I think the coach got it wrong on the day! Failing to win home games when tired or fresh is becoming a disease that needs to be treated as quickly as possible. If we do not win our home games as we are currently doing, less just forget about defending the CAF Champions league trophy and winning the league championship. If we fail to beat that Wydad Athletic Casablanca team from Morocco at home, we must just forget about getting positive results from this encounter. Even last season, I still believe we could have won the league if we were smart enough. Those home draws against unfashionable sides cost us the league. The style of play that Pitso favours nowadays does not deliver anything. We play with a false number 9 in the form of Percy Tau but where are the goals? The coach seems eager to go with this formation. We play with two wing backs that are not adequately backed up when they go forward and this makes us vulnerable to counter attacks. We needed two defensive midfielders to cover for them but only one was played. Our central defenders lack pace. They will always concede against quick strikers like Rusike unless they mark man for man. They team has become very predictable in terms of play! We can break down defensive teams! The coach needs to review his approach to the games otherwise we are domed for the whole season. The team must let Khama go! He cannot play against his wishes. I understand he had a 30 million offer from a team in Saudi Arabia! They should have taken that instead of hanging on a player who wants to leave. Pitso must promote players from our development instead of bringing in old players from other teams. I rest my case!

  27. dion says:

    Hi Masansdawana I heard from radio that Surprise Moriri is back at Sundowns assigned for developmnent structure, how true is that because our webmaster is fast asleep?

  28. Tladi says:

    Our players were not match fit that’s the reason why we ended up losing the game

  29. jimmy says:

    people are hurt but umoya phantsi yellow nation please. Sundowns is so beautiful let us accept defeat .
    As much as I am deeply hurt with that loss but I had to let that go . Imagine you were in Pitso ‘s shoes with all these accusations levelled at you how would you feel – the man was trying to play the best eleven he feels would bring him positive results but it was not to be – all will be fine yellow nation

  30. Mzimela says:

    Member thats how u think 1 thing defeat Sundowns Pitso by the favouritesm of Zakri ,Villa.Mweene ,Morena he ignore right such as Zwane,Mbekile,Castro as young generation MDC is not feel Pain he still correct fat pay

  31. The Nash says:

    Pitso must learn form what Zidane is doing @ Real Madrid by showing belief in all his players and sometimes play without “his players” like Kekana, Billiat, Morena and etc.

  32. kick boboza says:

    Masandawana with humble and due respect,can anyone from management update us with the progress on Khama Billiat.I want to understand where is the deadlock whether he wants more money or the problem is with the buyout clause?this information will help us to have an understanding of the problem before we comment.We are currently making comments not knowing if the problem will be sorted or problem with South African players is that they want to be sold cheap whereas players world wide sign for record breaking monies.Check Messi and Neymer etc.

    • Moseti says:

      He wants a new challenge. The boy wants to go overseas but there is a huge fee called a “buy-out clause” scaring away potential buyers. Its unfair on him, and for his own development. At 26, he should have gone overseas last season. A huge offer was rejected from a Saudi Arabian club.

  33. With d little info that i hv Billiat wants to be sold for a song same like Dolly which is not fair u c. He wants a cheap buy-out çlause if he signs another contract with us.

    We spend billions grooming dz boys at d end of d day they wants to be sold for R2

    • Moseti says:

      Chiefs sold George to us for R3 million…because they understood his heart was at Chloorkop. Why cant we be just as considerate?

  34. mandla weSundowns says:

    The story regarding Billiat and the team is worrisome, its seems as if we don’t have brains at management level of the team. How can you have a buyout clause that remains fixed for the entirety of the contract period. In my view such should be reviewable when the contract is below 2 yrs to expiry as this benefit both the team and player. I know we are not a selling team, but this annoys happening quite often.

  35. Mfana says:

    Lebohang Makhetha what is this cheap buyout clause if I could ask a question that is based on bussiness sense ?Sundowns bought Billiat at less than R5million then if a club wants to buy Billiat for 20 million then it means Sundowns wud have got a 300% per cent profit.Now a Saudi team wants Billiat for R30 million that would mean that Sundowns have made more than 500%profit from selling Billiat.In all it makes a bussiness sense,then how many local players can b bought out of R30 million.Does it make sense to let a player go for free like the case of Zungu&including Billiat if this transfer window closes,in January Billiat can go for free while Sundowns is clinging to this stupid buyout cllause.Zane Moosa,Linda Buthelezi,Siaka Tienne,Sboniso Gaxa had to use other routes to get out of Sundowns.Sundowns wants more than 34 million rand for a player who won every cup includin Champions league&Super Cup in the continent.Our team is supposed to release&give loyal players like Billiat our blessings so that when things go wrong overseas they come back to us.Instead of going out of Sundowns with resentment&hatred.

  36. These over-seas clubs r exploiting us they want to pay R2 for our players . Now our foolish players r rebelling against us after we made them who they r today

  37. Hornarable Mfana I get your point and I agree with u now. I didn’t know about 30 M. It’s fair and market related price Downs must release Billiat now b4 he goes to Zebra for free.

    Our Downs is d worst team when it comes to players contract in S.A..

    You make me CRY when u remind of Zane Moosa Saga maaan they killed that man’s future completely.

    Billiat should be released now

  38. kick boboza says:

    OK Members unfortunately we don’t know what goes with this buyout clause,maybe the team is paying more negotiated money and hence the buyout the negotiations players might demand more money than the actual offer and end up introducing the buy out clause.unfortunately we don’t know the behind the public negotiations.I believe then sell the player now and produce our own Strikers we have the resources.