Downs Pipped At The Post

02/Jun/2017 23:10

Mamelodi Sundowns were pipped at the post when Tunisian side Esperance Tunis  scored from the penalty spot late in the game to take a 2-1 victory in their CAF Champions League third round encounter at the Lucas Moripe Stadium.

The African champions were once more without influential captain Hlompho Kekana, who is still recovering from injury, and talisman Khama Billiat, also out injured .

Thapelo Morena played a more central role as Anele Ngconca took the right back mantle

This was the Tshwane side’s first CAF campaign loss at home, having won or drawn all their home games over the years

The visitors made early forays, showing their intent to get the early goal to put the champions on the back foot. They showed just why they are one of the feared sides in North Africa, and had several opportunities thwarted

The pressure they put on the Brazilians resulted in an injury to Thabo Nthete. As Mr Cool was being attended to, there was a gap in defence which the Tunisians took advantage of to net the early goal they had fought for from the kick off as Yassine Khenisse broke down the left flank to drive the ball out of the reach of Denis Onyango.

From this point, they were more relaxed in their play, almost daring the Brazilians to go forward, hoping to catch hem on the break to get the second goal.

However Sundowns were not about to push the panic button and kept to their regular play, getting the balls through to target man Leonardo Castro. Tebogo Langerman  made regular runs on the left while Percy Tau kept the Tunisian defence on the hop on the right flank.

Themba Zwane was kept back as he paired with Tiyane Mabunda in central midfield while Sibusiso Vilakazi kept behind Castro.

Their dominance was rewarded on 26 minutes when Tau made another breakthrough run. He laid the ball on for Vilakazi, whose tap in gave the champions the equaliser, and the two sides had to start off play on level terms once more.

The Tshwane Giants knew they were in for a massive battle, as they were forced into bring more cautious without letting up on their attacks.

Langerman’s drive from range drew a parried clearance from the Tunisian goalkeeper, and the visitors fell back into defence once more.

Towards the half time break Motjeka Madisha suffered an injury and Mosimane was forced to make a substitution.  Soumahoro Bangaly was brought on to partner Thabo Nthete in central defence as the minutes towards the break ticked on.

In the second half, the first five minutes were a cat and mouse affair as both sides probed for goals, but much of the play was concentrated in the middle of the park.

The North African side stuck to their game plan and were not allowing Sundowns  to play their inter passing game as they anticipated Sundowns ever move. At the same time, they kept their defence tight, and often dimply bundled the Brazillians off the ball.

As the minutes ticked by, it seemed that the sides would end up level, but a challenge by Bangaly in the box resulted in a penalty on 89 minutes, and the writing was on the wall for the Brazilians.  Khenisse made no mistake from the spot to give the Tunisians their second and deciding goal.

Starting lineup

Denis Onyango, Anele Ngconca , Motjeka Madisha,(Bangaly Soumahoro), Thabo Nthete, Tebogo Langerman, Thapelo Morena, Sibusiso Vilakazi , Tiyane Mabunda, Themba Zwane,  Percy Tau, Leonardo Castro.


Mweene, Hachi, Mbekile , Mohomi, S. Zwane.

39 Responses to Downs Pipped At The Post

  1. Simon. Clarens says:

    Why keep using somohoro we cost title now caf and very disAppointed the way we play and please get another players like serero middle .

    Seriously this players don’t caf serious

  2. MAHAMUSA is the best, KHUNE is the best, BROKIE is the best and MVALA is the best to be signe. Amen

  3. Ernest says:

    What a disappointing match. We were totally outplayed. Somahoro must be relieved off his duties, how many times is he going to cost us matches? Pitso, reinforce all department especially our back door. Get players like Brockie from Supersport , sibiya from golden arrows, Coetzee from Ajax. We playing so many games and we need depth. Good next game in Tunisia.

  4. Knoxman says:

    Lapse of concentration cost us most of our games this season. The team is unable to concentrate for 90 minutes and this is unacceptable. Please Downs work on that we can stil get results away in Tunisia

  5. jebzi says:

    Matome can you please just shut up personally l have enough of your best .We must keep in mind no matter who we sign we will never win all the games, winning and loosing is a part of the game.

  6. Makhosonke says:

    we can beat Espi in their home they are problematic just our key player were injured, Soma is costing us this days I think he is stress

  7. Themba says:

    Morena is proving to be a parcel in our team.What did he do the whole 90 minutes.

    • Dalom says:

      Morena is best suited for the right back position. The coach should’ve pushed Ngcongca to the central defence after the injury to Madisha. The match officials had a vendetta against us. I thought to myself that they were avenging that defeat of their national team (Senegal) to Bafana and our boyz should’ve read the mood.

      • mashasha says:

        It look like a dive that penalty still not convinced mayb I may be wrong guys.that guy cheated the reference. The team played well plan for ESP was to cancel out our passing games then attack.Zwane had about 3 players all the time from them.even if they were trying t play quick one 2s but these guys were just over playing us

  8. Mxo says:

    Sorry masandawana fatigue, injuries, cost us. Pitso must go to market to get two centre back like coetzee and other fresh legs like mekea, jali, sibiya, brockie, janties, that all we need.

  9. Teddy says:

    My comments might be irritating to some of you but I still reteraites that winning a game at Lucus Moripe will be hard especially at night.take your stats and smell the coffee. Downs will win their away game easily. Let’s consider taking our home else where

  10. jepsi I respect your views, thank u, modimo wa thaba sion a be le wena. Amen

  11. Ob says:

    Mahumutsa is the best n teko in the middle

  12. Ernest says:

    How can we win the match if Mr ref is playing number 5 against us. He was clearly on their side. Most of our key players are injured.

  13. Krok says:

    We were outnumbered in midfield..we need our wingers to play more inside,but make no mistake that team is good.Also the referee was biased..Bangaly is a good player but is too error prone to play as a centre back,Vilakazi keeps on disappointing me with his low work rate.

  14. jebzi says:

    Matome l am very sorry brother my motions took over its your views that’s what you believe it will solve our problems, I am very sorry member.

  15. Moripi says:

    Sorry guys, yes we were not at our best last nite, we did not boss the middle as we normally do, we saw Keke’s gap. But all not lost, hopefully we’ll have all our soldiers ready for the nxt game. I think Castro has gone off the boil currently, his performance is not in synch with the rest of the team….And those who calling for mahamutsa, why didn’t they do so when he was young, he was released by his former team because he is spent.

    • Krok says:

      Castro needs to play more games in order to regain his match fitness..unfortunately there are no short cuts other than being in the field of play.

  16. Bongani fire mdatya says:

    Lucas Moripe costed us the league .In that stadium lately we are not getting the maximum points although its our home ground(bayithakathile).We knew that team is the treat to us I think we should have used our home ground advantage by playing them@ afternoon.Since we lost Arendse at the back our team is leaking goals. This is my opinion Sundowns in blue socks I don’t believe. Plz member awusimele kancinci ngoMahamotsa@Matome.

  17. collen says:

    For the first time am not complaining about defeat. Esperance we tactically superior yesterday. The best result we could have come out with was a draw but “it’s happen, it’s football”- in Thobejane voice.

    The injuries to key players are not doing us any favour. Yes Castro still have a long way to go before he can regain his sharpness, let’s give him more time on the field please coach. We still have 9 points to play for, not gonna be easy but possible. if only we can get two more wins then we are home and dry!!! The sky is the limit!!!

    • mashasha says:

      Yeah member that game was not easy at all.Tactics from north African clubs hhayi they can do their homework.Gavin Hunt once mentioned Ahly Ahly the way they play football.We were just defeated yesterday.We will bounce back

  18. Bright says:

    Bangly must play in the middle of the park, not as a central defender….I think that might help his game.

  19. mashasha says:

    I hope we’ll have an opportunity to c Khaya Shozi today.

  20. mashasha says:

    As vita will win today to cancel out George or draw will be good as well

  21. Evidence says:

    Why the coach did nt make even 1 substitution

  22. Makhosonke says:

    it’s clear now Masandawana that we going to meet Real Madrid again in club world cup ….

  23. no problem jepzi, ka bo yellow. Thank u member. Amen

  24. Mzimela says:

    Sundowns beaten by technical fail to apply plan B after Madishe injury suppose to bring S,Zwane in shift Ngcongca to centre back i started doubt Morena i donot see impact Bangaly may be is good but not for Sundowns is lazy plse Masandawane lets close that chapter of Mahamutse Brockie ,Mvalo and KHUNE enough now lastly our R/B&L/B are moving too much forward forgot go back thats left 2 centre alone cause that much leake

    • kbe says:

      Yes guys let’s leave those players and promote our own players from MDC team.and support our team guys.we all know the reason behind the team struggle

  25. mashasha says:

    Arendse must come back on that defense

  26. Moripi says:

    Now that St George won against vita, we move to 3rd position, we must dig really deep in our next 3 matches, but I still believe we’ll go to the next round. That Tunis assistant coach is cocky, said we won’t win outside Pretoria. I pray we prove him wrong

  27. Bangally had a disastrous start at Downs and he scored an own GOAL against chiefs and now He commit a penalty in last minute, The guy is not Good enough for Downs maybe in the middle but hey He is is a BURDEN TO THE Team.Hi does not deserve to play for DOWNS.

  28. Bucks says:

    The guys tried their best but Esperance were the best team on the day. Bangally played well after his introduction and he was unlucky to concede that dubious penalty. I am not going to falter the guys but m disappointed with the loss. We can only dust off ourselves and look up top the next game. All is not lost MASANDAWANA

  29. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    Good morning #Masandawana .
    Molweni nonke bathandi bebhola.
    We lost to EST last Friday by 1-2, we are ok members believe me.
    When we go to them (21 June 17, Wednesday) our players will be back: Billiat, Kekana, Laffor, Madisha and others, I hope.
    Real Madrid did like Sundowns!
    If you were present at Lucas Moripe Stadium sixhela kabuhlungu iZamalek, now you will understand that Madrid did it like Sundowns. What a game! Ronaldo z the king, undikhumbuza uKhama Billiat. Isco was doing it like Themba Zwane, Casemiro did it like Kekana, Kroos did like Mabunda. I am happy that my Sundowns won Champions League, Madrid won Champions League.

  30. mashasha says:

    We can still qualify if we can win two games.We must just carry on with Caf guys no ways we can surrender now after loosing domestic cups.They will laugh at us.Am still hoping our team can progress from this group.

  31. simanga hadebe batned says:

    I.miss Arendse/Nascimento that Bangaly guy aiiiii