Downs Sign Ghana Goalie

01/Aug/2017 10:59

Mamelodi Sundowns have moved to bolster their goalkeeping department with the signing of experienced Ghanaian goalkeeper Brimah Razak.

Razak, who has played for the Ghana national team, and played in the epic Africa Cup of Nations final against Ivory Coast which Ghana lost 9-8, has joined the Brazilians on a five year contract.

The 30 year old has played most of his career in Portugal and Spain, with his last club  being Córdoba FC.

He joins Denis Onyango, Kennedy Mweene and Thela Ngobeni on the goalkeeper roster following the departure of Wayne Sandilands.

With the intensity of participating on several fronts, domestic and continental, bolstering the goalkeeping position was critical for coach Pitso Mosimane, and the experience of Razak will come in handy on the continental stage. He has conceded for goals in the nine games he represented Ghana.

42 Responses to Downs Sign Ghana Goalie

  1. Rhuucoster says:

    Welcome baba!

  2. muzi kunene says:

    I thought we have already exceeded the foreign qouta with the players we had at our team but here comes another foreigner and I’m not too much happy because he’s old but they used to say goalkeepers the more they become older the very good they are.
    Which means Ngele,Mahachi and others will be loan out again but our coach last season when Ngele moved to Wits he complain of loosing him and described him a very intelligent player with an educated left foot.

    I wish our President cannot allow them to spend this window period so that they can promote players like Makgalwa,Mukumela and Modise I think they very good players and are ready for the senior team.Kby forever.

  3. Dalom says:

    I thought we were covered in that department. Pitso is making the same mistake that led to him releasing Rashid Sumaila and Dove Wome for Mame Niang.

  4. Da Prof says:

    welcome to Chloorkop! I hope ull help us in our quest to conquer PSl and CCL! Its ok coach Pitso you can release a couple of players to satisfy the quota,but please consider promoting players in our development!

  5. Bucks says:

    The guy is a good goalkeeper but I don’t think this is what we need at this stage. We have many foreigners in our squad. Let us bolster our attacking and defense with the local ammunition

  6. mandla says:

    Nascimento,Bungaly,Castro,Zakri,Razak…Ngele qualifies for ZA citizenship

  7. Khathu wa Lutomboni says:

    Welcome Razak! My suggestion is that we promote a couple of young players from MDC since Tau and Madisha have proved that the MDC can be a reliable source of players.

  8. mandla weSundowns says:

    Welcome Razak to the home of Champions. I thought we were for the keeper that recently signed by Maritzburg, maybe was just another mistake by media. Kaboyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow

  9. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    True guys! We need to see players from our development getting to play for our senior team as well. I thought the goalkeeping department is well covered (Onyango, Mweene and Ngobeni). Well I do not know whether there was a need to bring another goal keeper?

  10. Mxo says:

    Mxm, what happening with mahachi ?

  11. Ayi..Always get Downs breaking news on Laduma and Kickoff,what is the problem webmaster?It’s disappointing to say the least, what is the use of having website?

  12. It’s about time we rely on our development structures for players since Comitis and them are deliberately refusing to sell to us. Our development works so let’s use it to d fullest . I also thought dat we r covered in d goal keeping department. We need a very sharp and powerful striker asap . Anyway welcome Mr. Razak may u help us achieve big

  13. Mr. Plato this coming season plzzz take atleast 3 cups plus d CLL to make it 4. Buy a new sjambok to whip any lazy and inaccurate horse

  14. X man says:

    Sundowns won’t win a thing this season u watch our team need to be improve defensively and on attack but not with goalkeeper

    • Da Prof says:


      • kulakk says:

        Exactly member, this is a Very very Great Signing … I dn’t know why people are complaining.

  15. mrevdolo says:

    Welcome to the champions for me I say its a good signing by my team when Onyango is injured we struggle a lot soft were conceded by Sandilands an Mweene, I don’t think Ngobeni is good enough to cover Onyango when is injured I say it bravo bafana bastyle please sign Mngoma an promote MDC players

  16. wally says:

    Wer is Rivaldo guys our defence is leaking

  17. dion says:

    Mxm, do we really need a goalkeeper we have three foreign goalkeeper’s what about the mzansi development,

  18. mashasha says:

    Its better we sell Ngobeni sonthat he can play.I don’t c him playing this season.We need to promote at least three of our own young stars.

  19. mashasha says:

    Welcome to the world of champions Mr Razak.We need to challenge all the cups this season.Kaboyelloooow

  20. King K says:


  21. Mfana says:

    Talk about buying the wrong material when u need a hammer someone brings u a spade.Pitso u r directly building our team from the roof.I mean come on a 30 year old goalkeeper.I mean r we shot of experience,on my side I wont beat abt the bush this is an act of foolishness from who ever brought a goalkeeper whos a foreigner instead of bringing Mekoa,Lebusa,Manyama or Ngoma or even Moseamedi for that matter.If u bought this guy using the Brazilians money u shud have rennovated our heaquarters at Chloorkop instead &revamp those buildings that r full of dust.I thought Thela Ngobeni &that MDC goalkeeper were enough cover 4 us.Someone lacks inventiveness,instead of increasing these foreignrs at Sundowns example Mweene,Onyango,Soumahoro,Hachi,Nascimento,Laffor,Biĺliati;Zakri,Ngele,Razak,Razak,Maladjila,Castro theres a day when Pitso brags as “this is the best Sundowns of all time meanig this combination of people who wiĺ neva b recognised as alltime legends bcoz theres nothing legendary about bringing ppl that r about to retire.

    • Ob says:

      Yes member

    • Khathu wa Lutomboni says:

      Mfana your talk makes no sense. How much was spent to buy Razak? Do your homework before making noise.

      You said Pitso must renovate and revamp the club house. Pitso is the Coach. What are the duties of the Coach? You said is “foolishness ” refering to age. Do a research about Goalies age v performance.

      In other teams management sign the players for coach and results escape by the window. But at Sundowns we let the Coach sign the players he wants so that he can deliver what we want

  22. kulakk says:

    Brimah was a Free Agent … No Monet was used to buy him … On the other hand Manyama , Ngoma, Mekoa are Not Free Agents … Their teams Do not want to Sell them …. So guys stop comparing a Free Agent with Contracted Players ..

  23. Mzimela says:

    Another foreign player on top of 10 foreigner soon will be full squad of foreigner included reserve i never exprience that in football history wish soccer rule to be amend foreign remain as not registered as local after 5 yrs in the country that can reduce number sundowns techincal doesn,t trust our local players

  24. Knoxman says:

    The webmaster is failing the whole Sundowns nation

  25. kulakk says:

    We Lost the Lig tittle to Wits because of Not having Enough Cover for Onyango …. When he was injured, We suffered a Lot, Remember the Own Goal we conceded against Zebras ?? It was because of Mweene ‘s poor positioning …. Mweene must be released as soon as possible .. Mina I ‘m Very happy that We Signed this Keeper …. Onyango was starting to relax because he was Owning that position … Onyango conceded 2 Soft goals when we played against Platinum Stars, He really needed Cmpetition.. I thank Our management for this Great Signing… As for having Lot of Foreigners, I dnt Worry @ All …. SA Players are Very very Weak compared to their African Brothers … No PSL Team has Succedef without Foreigners …. Look @ Wits, Mhango, Ngele,Malajila,Keene, Bhasera All played a huge role in Wits Succes …. I ‘m very Suprised that Some people are Complaining about Foreign players … Coz We All know that they Always Outsmart Our Lazy SA Players …. Thank u to Our Technical team for Signing One of the Best Keepers in the Continent . I ‘m tired of Watching Mweene costing Our team Everyday … Now lets go & Defend Our CCL. KBY NAMANJEEEEE

  26. kulakk says:

    Mamelodi Sundowns have snapped up the services of talented Cape Town youngster Giovanni Philander on a permanent basis. Sundowns recently sealed the deal, securing Philander’s services right under the noses of local clubs Mada City clubs. The versatile 18-year-old left-footer in doing his matric this year, impressed during his trail stint with Sundowns during the school holidays. We’re all extremely happy for him and his family. I wish him everything of the best and I’m confident he’ll make us all proud.” According to Giovanni’s father, Colin, his son is reaping the rewards for his sacrifices. “This is his big passion and we happy for him,” he said. “He always said that he was going to make it and we believed and supported him. “Things didn’t always looked rosy and it was a uphill battle and difficult road for him.”

  27. I have just learned from KICKOFF that DOWNS have signed Cape youngster Geovanni Philander,now tell me Mr Webmaster, what is your job?is KiCKOFF doing your job now?This is sickening,tell me Masandawana if I am just overreacting?

    • kulakk says:

      YES u rite member, Our Web Master is always Sleeping … We always learn about our matters in Kickoff /Laduma

  28. mshangane mgedeza says:

    no you are not overreacting member this webmaster he’s being Club Captured by KHOSI!

  29. Boitumelo Mathatho says:

    Webmaster must fall.

  30. Manyisa joins sundowns,breaking news from soccerladuma,Me also,Pitso playing his cards close to his chest, again Did our webmaster miss this one as well, got it from soccer laduma, what is the job of webmaster?

  31. Mzimela says:

    Lot of new talented players at MDC just spend to old buck i wonder why always sign players aproach 30s

  32. Rudolph Makubelo says:

    Its a man of greatly exceptional expertise on the goal post and we hugely hoping that we’d add more classified impact on the competitive squad of African Champions.
    Ka-Boyelo Masandawana.

  33. SOZABILE says:

    i am not a fan of foreign players we need to promote our own players so that they get exposure in the global world however dont be confused by the chips and parites supporters who are very jeolos for achievement, if you may remember our team has played football for almost two years non stop because of CAF, DOMESTIC LEAGUE,CUPS ,SUPERCUP AND CLUB WORLD CUP.for a team to win all the above mentioned competion you need to have four quality players in each position . so signing that golie is not foolishness as one puts above. onyango was not relaxed because he ows the position he was tired guys .if you may remember we once played three competetive matches in one week ,monday wensday and saturday.