Downs Stumble To Polokwane

23/Aug/2017 13:53

It was a disappointing return to action for Bafana ba Style, with several missed chances coming back to haunt them.

Here are some match day images:

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  1. muzi kunene says:

    Rodney Ramagalela said he knew he would scored against Downs because our defence is very slow and over confident,what a spot on analysis from Rama G hope our coach will rectify that in future.
    Lastly Pitso stop complaining about Loftus because you lost,what about the worst stadiums we always play on in our Continent during Caf games.The only thing you must stop from now on is favouritism that’s your downfall not Loftus stadium.Kby forever.

  2. Bucks says:

    Pitso is trying to shift the blame. He is the loser and we are the losers because of him. There was nothing wrong with the pitch. Polokwane City never complained about the pitch. Hai come on Pitso, you can do better than this. Field the players based on their performance not those who grease your palms

  3. Mxo says:

    No, no, guys we can’t tolerate to lost our home games because of fielding lazy players fucky maan mnxm.

  4. Fraser. says:

    Our Team is just slow in build ups and we actually dont have a team who can break a solid defence because there is no sense of agency in this team. Not all games are worn via long balls our players must be taught to take on opponents and know when to pass as opposed to take a chance please please .decisiveness and analytical thinking by the coach and players are the key in the game of football ,Downs for life

  5. Fraser. says:

    We loosing easiest games because of lack of respect by other players who dont want to play as a team.

  6. mtho4downs says:

    To avoid further embarrassment and stop abusing myself with this current team of us,,, it’s better for me to accept and be realistic to my heart that my team won’t win anything this season……..the times of Meneer Johan Neeskens has returned but unlike that time we’ve an aging team this time around as compared to Meneer Neeskens,,,,,, To Sir Pitso please Sir we know what kind of Coach you are, you’ve shown us how good and how much you love this team,, but Sir please to try to prove anything to us as supporters,,,,,, please Sir bring back Mbekile and Zwane Siyanda, Mabunda Tiyani, Arendse to partner with Nthethe, Castro+Sekotlong accompanied by Billiat/Tau, Brimah for Onyango………. Onyango is too comfortable,,,, nobody should claim to own starting line up Sir…….

  7. We r dying fast and surely . I m crying maaan

  8. Makhosonke says:

    my system 4-5-1
    2,Mbekile 5,Madisha. 3,Langaman

    Morena. Kekani. Lebese
    Zwane. Tau.


  9. mtho4downs says:

    1.Brimah/Onyango 2. Zwane 3. Langerman 4. Arendse 5. Nthethe 6. Dady Mabunda 7. Zwane 8. Kekana 9. Sekotlong 10. Billiat 11.Castro,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Substiturions…………1. Tau, Mbekile, Villa, Laffor, Mohomi, Madisha if I were a coach I would go for this line up in our next game, pity I’m not…… All the best masandawana to our next game!!!!! Kby

  10. mandla says:

    Members:::trust this,Onyango,Mbekile,Langerman,Bangaly,Nthete,Mabunda,Kekana,T Zwane,Lebese,Billiat,Castro,,,subs :Brimo,Morena,Laffor,Vilakazi,Oupa,Madisha,Tau……then you will tell remember CAF final in egypt?Nthete n Bangaly solid,,,honestly Pitso is baby sitting Tau,,,,,,

  11. Dalom says:

    I think one should just take a break from supporting this team. No more going to the stadium or watching them on TV nor visiting this site. My love for this team would kill me if I don’t take these decisions.

  12. Makhura says:

    Blessing in disguise. It will help us see how much we need a deadly attacker. We must do anything to get one. No matter how expensive it is

  13. DOWNS 4 EVA says:

    This Madisha boy is a liability now,he is on a comfort zone now,never win 1on 1,he started by Arrows last year in a cup game,Maritzburg on Mtn8 and also last nite.Kekana runs like headless chicken,losing a ball cheaply and causing unnecessary fouls,him and Manyisa failed to protect our back 4,we really nid Mabunda a.s.p coz he knows when to go forward and when to stay unlike Hlompo.The good thing was the performance of Sekotlong even though he missed some chances,he is a real deal.The very bad thing is the inability of our technical team to read and change tactics during the game,they just sit and expect a miracle to happen.We had this problem for the past 4 seasons,whenever we consid 1st we loose the game.

    • ayanda says:

      Ssekotlong is indeed a real deal from what I saw member, you are spot on. He positions himself very well ,he is mobile and gets to the box when needed, he has a good technique and with more game time we will see a lot of goals from that boy I tell you.

  14. Makhosonke says:

    we real miss right back like Rama Mphahlele,cause the one we have is full of mistake

  15. Mfana says:

    The same pitch Sundowns played on since we played the United Bank Festival against Leeds United of England is a cause 4 concern for Pitso.U blame the sun,the rain,the bus of which I dont know what is that bcoz u r the only coach who hav been complianing abt that rubbish,the pitch.But strangely u dont mention yourself 4 not fielding players on merit.Maybe a vote of no confidence will put u in the right direction,u r 2 much on ur comfort zone&on that process we r losing cup games&points listening 2 ur excuses.Sundowns is having a Zakri,Vilakazi which u dont miss no matter how easy or difficult a game bcoz those liabilities u cant even know the rsons wer signed from the first place.As 4 Mabunda the rson is not playing is just 2 accommodate Manyisa of I dont know why he was brought at Sundowns.Kadodia was willing to negotiate 4 Deolin Mekoa bt u Management u r full of yourselves.In fact u r not a person who believes in younsters but buying past tense players who good 4m in previous years.Most of ur signings r not so smart&clever including swapping Dove Wome with Niang the question is how many games Niang played 4 us the same person u claimed is bringing a new dimension 2 us.U r good at twisting ur own words instead of giving us what u dd wrong 4 us 2 lose the game,u put in Fares Hachi 2 do what when we r losing?Ur substitutions everytime u do it(substitution)doesnt change the complexion o f the game.Except Tony Laffor coming from the bench,who else has come from the bench&score a goal 4 us.?If u can give urself that analysis mayb u can hav a good answer 2 ur troubles.But remember one thing at Sundowns we do celebrate mediocrity but Arsenal do tha with Arsene Wenger.Being number 4 on the log they celebrate bcoz theyll feature in Uefa CL but not us.

  16. Mfana says:

    Pitso need to b told tha Thapelo Morena is not a rightback but an attacking front winger.We cant b missing Ramahlwe whereas we hav Mbekile Syanda Zwane&Ngobgca at rightback.Its just Pitso is trying 2 prove that we r wrong&he is right until we bcome impatient with us.He must put players in their positions&get a good per4mance out of that.But no Pitso no matter how awful Tau is as a false number nine is going to praise&u ask urself when was the last time that boy scored a goal.If he is a false 9 whre is an out&out striker.The only thing he knows is to chase Brockie.But why does he alwayz give Castro a special leave 2 mind his own bussiness(issues)in Colombia&who is paying a player 2 do that nonsense?These r rediculous decisions that make us very angry sometimes.

    • Themba says:

      Member Thapelo Morena has caused us so many games as if that was not enough we have Manyisa now who is being played as a defensive midfielder. What is coach Pitso trying to prove? why do we always convert players when we have the resource to acquire best players.

  17. pirates even though they don’t win but they play like champions always better than us. Pirates will always better you ask manyisa and our captain kekana don’t pass manyisa I don’t know why, I think is time to change him as a captain because he is useless. Infact he must stay on the bench then mabunda and manyisa will do the job and as for morena and madisha they are not our material. bangally is better if we can combine him with arendse or nthete. Amen

  18. Joe jnr says:

    Pitso must refrain from blaming Loftus stadium, we walloped Pirates 6-0 at the same stadium, that is a silly excuse. He must just stop favouritism.

  19. Mzimela says:

    Mfana bro wam i wish u have direct address to Pitso we not sure if he read our comment u wrote all fact if he don,t listen we have to boycott wake up call as we did before

  20. collen says:

    Sekotlong though he missed chances but he is the only thing worth writing about. Pitso is becoming too comfortable, casual and big-headed. I still say he must take the blame for us not winning the league last season. Are we suppose to play games against Chips, SS, Bucs,Wits, for us to be competitive?

    Your days are numbered wena Pitso, maybe you want to join Rhulani at Pirates. If that is a case, please you are at liberty to leave and stop toying with our emotions. Lastly, President must swallow his pride and recall Stoichkov.

  21. Mzimela says:

    Pitso wants Celtics player Wandisile Litlabika that player was promoted from sundown junior to sinior by Neeskens Pitso release him,he repeat same situation as Dolly i wonder type of employer Motsepe allowed employee abuse his funds

  22. Stoichkov was a man.. our BIG-headed players needs a coach like him who does not take rubbish.

    However I still believe in our Jingles he just needs to fill in players on merit and play d players in their correct positons period

  23. Mfana says:

    Mzimela Brazilian elìhle it’ll b very strange that Pitso wud want Wandisile after he ensured that no-one who was groomed by Dan Dance Malisela,wud b given game time at Sundowns.Pitso bcame very technical that those player were not Sundowns material.I mean Abel Mabaso had the best of his years at M Black Aces&Maritzburg but Pitso chose 2 bring Rheece Evans and told us that white guy is suited for Sundowns styleof play,question is how many games dd he feature 4 Downs.Again ask Pitso.Mngonyama, Pitso deemed fit 2 ensure that the boy is the worst development player&convinced us an erratic foreigner Soumahoro who has cost us not mo than once,is better than Mngonyama,although he had the best seasons on loan at Wits&Maritzburg.Lindo Mkhwanazi is the best defender in the PSL presently but Pitso ensured he was going 2 b part of negotiation deals 2 bring Zungu.But strangely Sundowns is ball watching at the back with no hard tacklers.Litlabika has bn the most steady defenders at Celtic&very consistent in deed.Pitso brought 28&30 year old defenders in Thabo Nthethe,Mbekile,Siyanda Zwane,Andile Ngcongca not to mention the issue Nascimento who is playing his football in ICU(always injured).In reality Pitso deliberately sabotaged the development coaches at Sunsowns&his campaign still continues.He doesnt wabt Samuel Julies its better 2 return back 2 his former mentor Dan Dance although he doesnt hav a backup in case Langerman is injured.All the development players r always not ready to play 4 us though were groomed according to our style of play.When u(Pitso) r bringing something at Sundowns bring the best of the best not bring a person with same quality,but the one u r bringing is mo damaged&the mileage is very high like the same issue of bringing Mayisa&Lebese whereas we had a younger blood in Sangweni&Kuda Mahachi whom I dont even how much Sundowns benefited from those transfers,if was any transfer,bcoz it happens at Sundowns a is just discarded without
    any rsons given.Another amazing part is that Coetzee&Ndoro r going overseas without any buy outclause,our star player will go 4 fre nxt year withou getting a from him(BILLIAT)we r amazing neh….

  24. Makhosonke says:

    Sometime our Pitso is bit child-like, is the coach of plan A only,once he fail on that then is dead. favouritism is done by child not big man like him.

  25. Makhosonke says:

    Tau is playing but allergic in thinking

  26. Mxo says:

    We have got a lot of best players,why pitso wanted to buy wandisile litlabika, it is a silly thinking , pitso must think wisely to selected his squad for 2017 and 2018 season. We have a lot of best players like booisen, mngonyama, ngele, malajila, ntuli, mahchi, mabaso, shozi,julies but one thing shortage to selected the best squad only.

  27. Mxo says:

    Otherwise empty season loading again

  28. sundowns play like not champions of afrika, champions force to win game in 45 minutes, team like madrid and barcelona knows how how to disrespect opponents by beating them before halftime with lot of goals then they respect their opponents after the game. Amen

  29. Mzimela says:

    Obvious this season will be empty hands already out mtn8 sundowns need proper management a qualified person knows his or her roll may stop favouritism and black market i also blame Mr Motsepe put so much in business doesnot do follow up

  30. Motsile says:

    Lack of consistency and over complicency will cost us (sundowns ) dearly.

  31. jimmy says:

    Sundowns and football fans in General in South Africa don’t know how to support football – they claim to be a footballing nation but are fake – they don’t even go to support the team at the stadium but not shy to run their mouths. they pick their starting eleven as if their’s is better than that of the technical staff – please yellow nation repent from your ways and be an example and support your coach and the technical staff they know better than us

    • Themba says:

      I would nt consider playing Morena at right back and Manyisa as a destroyer to be”knowing better than us. that’s me but then again what do we know

  32. AYANDA says:

    Yellow Nation I greet you all and agree with you all, we have a real problem guys and soon we’ll like Chiefs and our Technical staff is really running out of ideas and we have about 30 – 40 players on board but still using one team now and then, why cant we have a different team without Madisha,Thapelo,Langerman,Bangaly,kekana,vila,T-zwane,Tau,Billiat,Laffor,Zakri,Onyango/Moweni and field a different team because oppositions have our pin no with this known team playing every week. we need a speedy center back urgently plz…

  33. Mzimela says:

    Ayanda bro thats how u think the way u see but no team in the world have different squad team just change here and there not the whole team bros we all sundowns we need to respect each other why use abusive language plse bafana bastyle

  34. AYANDA says:

    Mzimela, abusive language? to be like chiefs is abusive?i don’t think so same as Pitso saying like Steve on his comment and is that abusive? all i’m saying is that all our players are competitive enough to be on the starting eleven. Lineup :Brimah,Ngcongca,Mashaba,Arendse,Ntethe,Mabunda,Ngele,Mohomi,Mlajila,Lebese. Subs Ngobeni,Khumalo,Castro,Mbekile,Sekotlong. This team can beat any team in the PSL.

  35. Ernest says:

    Office staff could you at least this year help all of us as die hard supporters by updating the sundowns website. We hear our own news from the corridors. You don’t even just to update players profile. Those who are in we don’t see them. U r embarrassing and humiliating us.

  36. kulakk says:

    Brimah, Mbekile, Langerman, Nthethe, Arendse/Bangally, Mabunda, Manyisa, T Zwane, Billiat, Sekotlong, Lebese ….

    Subs : Onyango, S Zwane, Ngcongca, Laffor, Tau , Villa

    This team can beat any team in any day. Onyango is costing us these days, He must Start from the bench, Kekana is the Most useless Captain ever, No football brains, His Powerful passes are costing us, cos Everytime he makes a pass, the ball goes out of play, or straight to opponents, Madisha is costing us Big time, losing the ball cheaply like Kekana, Morena is Not a Defender, He s useless when we defending, and He finishes 90 minutes without making a Single Cross . Percy Tau costed us the Lig last season, By missing Seaters Everyday … He gets more Scoring chances than anyone, but He scores 1 out of 20 chances.

    • kick boboza says:

      @kulakk,some of your comments are right but now why are we insulting our players?let us make our comments with respect Members.this team made history and is on its way to brake more records but we are busy insulting them.please members stop this behavior.PLEASE.

  37. billy says:

    Coach Pitso must keep on fielding Madisha, Morena and Tau because these are future Sundowns players who must get experience now. Coach must consider Boikanyo, Shozi, Mkhulisi, Magkalwa, Modise, Ngcobo, Skippers, Mkhize and many more of those Sundowns MDC players. Wow! they are extremely talented ask Tau coach.

  38. simanga hadebe batned says:

    I real feel very sad after watching my team going down to polokwane city after creating and missing so many easy chances, in football no matter how good you play but if you fail to put the ball behind the net, you will lose…great performance by the boys but poor results,best of luck on the next game. I have one humble request to our Honourable President Motsepe to please assist in renovating HM Pitjie stadium and move our home matches there, I like the idea of getting more Mamelodi born players but what about playing our games in Mamelodi, im sure by so doing the team will always play in a packed stadium, hope my humble request will be considered.

  39. Mzimela says:

    Pmburg fc won mtn 1st round semifinal with minimum resouces apprentice young coache with majority young players but coaches rate themself as higher qualified spent millions rand buy players been knock out on 1st round thats prove if u failure u will fail no matter whats u can even recruit Messie ,Ronaldo,if dont have idea how to use them u will never produce result busy chasing Blockie leaving pool talented players at MDC uyabona Pitso uyisehluleki

  40. Mzimela says:

    Pmburg fc won mtn 1st round semifinal with minimum resouces apprentice young coache with majority young players but coaches rate themself as higher qualified spent millions rand buy players been knock out on 1st round thats prove if u failure u will fail no matter whats u can even recruit Messie ,Ronaldo,if dont have idea how to use them u will never produce result busy chasing Blockie leaving pool talented players at MDC uyabona Pitso uyisehluleki beaten by Davids and Molekwa all new comer coaches are running on your head this is really disgrecefull u should give u

    • Yellow boss says:

      You are 100% right my brother. At Sundowns we are blessed with talented players but,the tricky is how to use them effectively and drop favouritism

  41. Mzimela says:

    Im sorry for duplication masadawana i know for comment i wiil be attacked left ana right i will be called by name but thats true

  42. mzimela if u don’t understand sport is better not to comment then u will be a real, it takes a millions of people to build it but it takes one stupid fool to destroy it, so don’t destroy our team. Amen

  43. mzimela if u don’t understand sport is better not to comment then u will be a real, it takes a millions of people to build it but it takes one stupid fool to destroy it, so don’t destroy our team mzimela. Amen

  44. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    #GS rocks, I must say. Without GS’s guidance we are nothing.
    Tembisa hosted Sundowns GS league last Saturday and besonwabile, the idea of this league is to create unity among branches. Results are important but not more than unity, 4ever Sundowns GS.
    Daveyton vs Germiston kikikikikikikiki do not ask me about results, what a game!
    12 September (Tuesday) 2017, Free State Stars vs Sundowns. GS will organize transport and we will inform you members. Okusalayo siyaya e-Free State nokuba kuyanetha.
    Yellow members around Daveyton, Etwatwa, Crystal Park, Cloverdene and Kingsway who want to join the branch. Contact Sibusiso on 073 656 7001 / 062 158 1679, Rob on 076 954 4380, Khutlo on 073 025 1521, Mapule on 082 713 9398 and Major on 078 514 6685

  45. SwaziBoy says:

    Amasandawana amahle!!! Peace to you all fellow Brazilians.
    Im sure the main reason behing the creation of this page was to update all Sundowns Family about all “Brazilians” related matters. Its a wonder then that those who created it have left no one in charge to ensure that it serves the purpose it was created for. Its embarasing as one member pointed that an institution like Mamelodi Sundowns have left the ONLY TOOL to communicate with ALL its supporters unattended. Thats the reason we will now find fault in anything they do.

    For all of us Brazilians who visit this page – im sure it is to contribute to growing the Sundowns brand. This comes in different forms: some thanks, encouragements, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism etc – all aimed at creating a better Sundowns. Let us unite as sundowns supporters to grow the team, but accept the difference of opinions from all members.

    I have heard that Rivaldo failed to conclude hid deal to overseas!!! can someone whisper in Pitso’s ears to step up his efforts of signing this player.

  46. Da Prof says:

    Tau too many touches mchana plz be decisive and take chances dont cut back all the time,try hitting on tied angles.Sekotlong be clinical mchana dont hurry just be sure and bury the chances.Madisha be focused dont loose your man,keep eyes on the action and try to win tackles!Madisha you are young but you need to mashal the defense as well otherwise this will happen often.Ask for support and cover when u struggle. This is necessary wake-up call lets start being serious and punish opponents. GIVE MOHOMI CHANCE WE NEED HIM,WHATS THE USE OF WINNING BALLS IN DA MIDFIELD AND NOT PUNISH OPPONENTS WITH THOSE DEFENSE-SPLITTING PASSES!WE NEED THE ENGINE TO DISTRIBUTE THE BALL!WE CAN DO IT!

  47. Makhura says:

    Brockie, Manyama and Coetzee no matter what.

  48. mandla says:

    Our team is fine,we don’t need to add anyone buy offloading Mweene will be great.The only thing is formulate a great team with our current squad,,,Madisha is still young a bit sloppy,,Percy Tau too arrogant n wastefull although he is skilled,,,Manyisa need to come as sub as age cheating is catching up,,,all the boys will come right….Castro we need u as our target man,,Razak will be our sub,,Villa will be fine once fully gel,with Khama you will see,Onyango was costed by Madisha,Manyisa n Morena…I know will make it Brazillians kabo yellow