Espérance Pip Brazilians

03/Jun/2017 14:36

It took a 90th minute penalty to out do the Brazilians at home.

It took a 90th minute penalty to out do the Brazilians at home.

Here are some match day images:

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  1. Ob says:

    Don’t forget to sign xola mlambo

  2. Mfana says:

    Its like we r cursed with injuries left right&centre.How r we going to challenge for any honours if we r having Billiat, Kekana with somewhat-looking like permanent injuries to players like Nascimento&Arendse.If we r having a recovery we r experiencing another injury casualty.Realy if we get anything from this it will b an act of the Almighty.Encouraging words will b only Brazillians&the Yellow Nation lets stand together&rally behind the team through thick&thin.

  3. Makhura says:

    I hope he is not an agent…

  4. Evidence says:

    Plz sign Mekoa, Coetzee, Mvala, Ntshangase & Brookie, promote Makgalwa, Modise & Mukumela…

  5. MAHAMUTSA play with determination all the time, he ve got experience of continental and he can pass to some of our younger defence. KHUNE is hungry for success and he ve got experience too and he can bring winning mentality to our team, MVALA is young and ready to achieve something and I hope sundowns is the right place, as for BROKIE knows how to finish and he can score more than 40 goals if can play for sundowns. Amen guys I respect all of your view. Amen

  6. Mzimela says:

    Bro Matome plse enough is enough u cannot preach same thing every day this issue of Mahamutse,Brockie Mvalo,KHUNE i believe management hav read your coment or recomendation but u cannot force them to do thanks and amen

  7. INSIMBI.ZN says:

    Hard luck masandawane but when will pisto and the technical team realise that Bangarly is always costing us. Yeah we must not criticize our players but support them but Bangarly is not a defender according to my opinion remember against Arrows he cost us, against Chimpazee he scored give away the league to Wits against Esparence he committed another blunder then three points unnecessary to Esparence Pitso must use him in the midfield and please sign Rivaldo coetrzee from Ajax cape Town

    • Lujah says:

      Forced change member…no other options were there…All our central defenders are now injured…..

      I hope you are not blaming him for injuries..

  8. mzimela I respect your views, may god of mount sion be with you. Amen

  9. Ernest says:

    Actually Bangaly is not sundowns material. He must be relieved off his duties, from day one to date he is costing us matches. We must revamp the team, release dead wood and get enough hungry players cos we are still going to play many games. Get Coetzee, Brockie, Sibiya from arrows etc.

  10. Ernest says:

    Promote some of our hungry young stars. Even our most trusted players are tired hence so many injuries. We need depth of qualities if we want to survive Caf, cups and league.

    • Lujah says:

      We can sign as many players as we want member but if those players get injured, there’s nothing much we can do…

      All our central defenders, bar Bangalay and Madisha are injured….and even if we convert Ngcongca to play in that central role, it will take time to get the perfect combination in the central defense….yes we need another central defender but I also agree that maybe we release Bangalay to free up foreign quota …

  11. Romario says:

    Bangaly is costing us seriously!

  12. Mfana says:

    WE might have so many views &opinions regarding the incoming players to Sundowns,but this Brazilian called Matome is abusing us regarding Mahamutsa Brockie&Khune.That week,this,yesterday,last month was these players to be brought at Sundowns.I mean those guys need to take pensions&severance packages or whatever you may call it.How many years they will last at the club?R we creating a retirement village at Sundowns ?If experience is needed at Sundowns here is the list Sandilands,Onyango,S Zwane,Langerman,Ntethe,Nascimento,Mabunda,Kekana,ModiseLaffor,Castro, Mashaba,Ngcongca.Really what r we looking for?Don’t get me wrong Brazilians,it’s not a personal attack on Matome,it’s a small concern to the guy.

    • Lujah says:

      agree 100%….deadwood for what and for who…we have enough depth and experience but when players are injured, they are injured and no amount of buying more will sort out injuries…

      • kbe says:

        Thank u guys.we have a lot of experience now we can only promote our youngster and be patiate with them.this thing of buying players that are above 24 its not right

  13. amen to you mfana and mzimela, I respect your views all the time but only god will judge amen

  14. INSIMBI.ZN says:

    Please my honorable management and technical team acquire the service of Rivaldo coetrzee and promote two promising center back from diski team
    For Castro let us be patient with him

  15. Selebogo Matsemela says:

    Wow very interesting that Bangalay is blamed for our loses. Since when has this foreign culture of pointing fingers and blaming certain players being customary to Sundowns. People tend to forget very quickly here but hey its part of human nature to always want to pass the blame. Bangalay is one of the best players at Sundowns and rated very highly. There is not even a single player who has never had a bad day at the office thorough out the whole world. Bangalay has been very unfortunate and it seems like the pressure is now too much on him to try to prove a point as well. The very same people were shouting Zakri’ and Vilakazi’s to be discarded and they have now found their footing at Sundowns. Sundowns supporters instead of rallying behind their players and team and their players going through a bad patch will make certain players sacrificial lambs. Certain players have been having bad days in office lately for one Dennis Onyango since his return from injury has never been at his best but people turn a blind eye because he is a darling to many supporters. Tell me how many errors has he committed in most of the games we played and no one will tell us because he is a darling. I am never one to criticize players and am not criticizing Dennis but just putting a point across. The duty of supporters is to support the team and players through thick and thin and not what some of you are doing. There is not constructive criticism coming out of you but a very dangerous one that can kill players morale.

    • collen says:

      Is this not the very same Bangaly who played his socks off away against Zamalek when Arendse was suspended? That game proved to me that he is a good player and can be trusted. Mistakes are part of the game and the poor boy is under pressure to impress now because of the own goal against Chiefs. Let’s not crucify him members but show him our unconditional support.

      Football is a very strange game, if coach or supporters shows belief in a certain player, that player tends to play for the coach. e.g Gabuza ( bafana bafana with Shakes), Masango(baxter); Arendse,Mabunda( Pitso);

      • mashasha says:

        JEAH member we will support the team always.We are well respected because of these guys.Bangaly was one of the players who have contributed especial CAF final.Let us give him more support now he really need our support guys.
        You know supporters sometimes are like babies and I know am one of them.We are so spoiled of winning games and its very hard sometimes to accept the fact that we won’t win all the games we played.
        Especial if u are driving long distances after we have lost the game ay member you can feel the loss. But jah we are always behind our team.kaboyellow

    • kbe says:

      Ja that’s true.our job as supporters is to support the team through thick and thin.let’s support all our players until they leave our team and they will always remember us for that

      • kbe says:

        Let do our own thing guys.Sundowns has a culture of playing their own style,so let us also have our own style of cheering our team guys

  16. Bangally had a disastrous start at Downs and he scored an own GOAL against chiefs and now He commit a penalty in last minute, The guy is not Good enough for Downs maybe in the middle but hey He is is a BURDEN TO THE Team.Hi does not deserve to play for DOWNS.

    • mashasha says:

      Very sad member.Everyone deserve a chance and support from other people.Just imagine if you are employed to perform certain task and really struggle at some point and people around u tell u straight that you don’t deserve that would you feel.Emotions are not ok sometimes.We can kill this man completely.He will rise again I know

  17. Selebogo Matsemela says:

    The same was said about Wayne Arendse, Castro and Zakri when he first came to Sundowns and they is still not Sundowns material? Which player at Sundowns currently is not Sundowns material? Stop being being hypocrites.

    • INSIMBI.ZN says:

      Thanks Selebogo let us be patient with our players we can’t win all games let us do the same with what we did with UArense as well as other players

  18. Bucks says:

    How old is Mahamutsa and Brockie. I don’t see them as good acquisitions for now.

  19. Nw says:

    I am trying so hard to be positive, but i honestly dont see us going into the knockout stages. We must brace for an early exit. Cracks started showing during psl games. we failed domestically, how do you expect us to dominate if we play losses and draws like that. Fridays game was painful to watch. anyway we’ll see if they manage to get second place in this group.

    • collen says:

      Hard as it is to accept it member but given the current situation (injuries and fatigue) i think it will be best to bow out of the tournament. I don’t see us coping if we were to go all the way to the finals.

  20. SwaziBoy says:

    Masandawana, our team so dearly need a long break. this will assist those injured, and prevent the current squad from getting more injuries. If we continue in Africa, it will this story told time and again until we are out of the top eight in the PSL. Management, hard as it is to us as we wanted to defend our CL; lets bow out and regroup. when we come back, we will retake our trophy from whoever has it. The league is just off the highway as Jingles pointed out; the CL cup will on another country but still within reach. LETS BOW OUT AND REST.

  21. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    Good morning #Masandawana .
    Molweni nonke bathandi bebhola.
    We lost to EST last Friday by 1-2, we are ok members believe me.
    When we go to them (21 June 17, Wednesday) our players will be back: Billiat, Kekana, Laffor, Madisha and others, I hope.
    Real Madrid did like Sundowns!
    If you were present at Lucas Moripe Stadium sixhela kabuhlungu iZamalek, now you will understand that Madrid did it like Sundowns. What a game! Ronaldo z the king, undikhumbuza uKhama Billiat. Isco was doing it like Themba Zwane, Casemiro did it like Kekana, Kroos did like Mabunda. I am happy that my Sundowns won Champions League, Madrid won Champions League.

  22. Dalom says:

    Castro was huffing and puffing, and it was clear from the first 25 minutes the game didn’t require someone of his calibre. The Tunisians we’re not comfortable with us taking them on with speed & skills and Castro is not that type of a player. I had hoped the coach would substitute him for Hachi and push Tau to play as target man, but unfortunately I’m just a supporter. I’m rooting for SSU to represent us well in Africa this season. They have a much bigger squad and Baxter is using it to great effect, without overloading the players. These things requires proper planning from the technical team. If some of you remember the game in which Mambush slapped Charlie Motlohi after he refused to take the penalty in the BP top 8 final against Zebras, you’ll recall that almost half of our team was on strike and refused to take the field, but Master Ted took Zebras on with the limited resources we had and as usual we were robbed when the referee increased the regulation time by more that what he had requested and Zebras equalized with Nzama’s header.

    • INSIMBI.ZN says:

      Delon i think we should be patient with Castro he is coming from injury let us not forget what he did his contribution was huge considering the Telekom knockout cup and psl champion 2015/2016

  23. The Nash says:

    Downs will not defend CAF Cup or any Cup for that matter so I suggest Pitso get out after this round and deliberately leave Confederations Cup as early as possible. Pitso has began complaining about injuries (previously it was fixture congestion & fatigue) and I foresee a slump persisting for a foreseeable future. I do not see Pitso ever coming close to the CBD era because he’s not prepaid to change his ways of relying on his favourite players no matter what. Pitso is already ignoring part of the solution which is Downs MDC team which should form the foundation of the next downs team. Second part of the solution Pitso needs to let go of Mweene, Bangalay and couple others. Thirdly he needs to delegate some duties to his technical team where Mamqoba assemble his team (and leave Pitso’s team alone including his subs) with mainly MDC and other new talent to be recruited and give Manqoba’s team to plays every third game whether win or loose he must mold them until they gel and deliver the goods.

  24. The Nash says:

    We need to ask a question to Pitso “What has he learned from the past 2 years and is he willing to change and take advice to plan better for short-term 2017/18 season while planning for long-term which is the next three to six years?

  25. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    This time around I for one, do not see us getting anything from the Champions league. Even if we do not make it to the knock out stages the team would have played the whole of the break period and thus we will start the new psl season with injuries and fatigue. The solution, I think, is go the market and increase the numbers. Pitso must swallow his pride and start to consider some of the young players from the MDC team. I watched Supersport FC playing against TP Mazembe and guess what! who scored for Supersport in that game? Aubrey Mothiba and Tebogo Mokoena. One comes from Ke Yona Team and the other from Supersport MDC Team. So what makes the coach think our development young players cannot make it straight into the senior team? Here is the proof Mr coach. Even that Frosler young boy who played at the right back for Wits came from their MDC team. Even we sign players I think it will be proper to bring in players who are around 24, 25 and 26 years old or younger. We have a lot of the late twenties and early thirties. The rot in the team started with those home draws that were went during the critical phase of the psl. Sundowns lost the league to Wits more than Wits winning it. We are still conceding goals at the dying moments of the games. I do not whether it is fatigue or just the decline of the current squad. Probably we need to overhaul the squad by bringing in new faces who are hungry to succeed and make names for themselves. Or the coach has given us his best and a man cannot do better than his best. I am fast loosing hope!

  26. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    Guys where is Samuel Julies? He gave glimpses of what he can offer but he was quickly dumped into the stands. Why Mr coach?

  27. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    Even the performance of Dennis Onyango has not been great in these few last games. He is conceding goals at his near post which is not encouraging at all! I do not know whether the rot has gone to head as well!

  28. Mfana says:

    When last did we start to speak the truth &give an honest opinions of what really happened at Sundowns instead of always pouring cold water to the real issues at the club&also in Africa.Real Madrid won the UEFA champions league last year. But they got some rest last year.They won it this year&they are getting an off-season rest now as we speak.Sundowns is still playing nonstop since last year which means Sundowns will not rest for more than four years if they get second spot next year.Madrid or any European Champion don’t take the whole week to play one single fixture to Italy or any country in Europe.Sundowns went to Egypt to play Zamalek on Wednesday last year and came on Wednesday of the following week.Which means more than 3 games were postponed in that period. And on their arrival a telkom knockout was waiting for them on Thursday evening.Then injuries and fatigue crept in and people are still saying those r excuses,really guys ?Pitso and technical staff have tried to harmonize the situation.Injuries and suspensions r an order of the day.Can we support our team based on the abovementioned facts knowing that those ppl r human beings&they need to rest with their families.Kaboyelo every where.

  29. Peter says:

    Masandawana despite our injuries, there was no game plan against our visitors. We always end as losers when playing teams that plan for us that plans for us. Our couches must start planning for oppositions and they must start now for our nest game against Esperance.

  30. Pslm 23 says:

    Guys lets be fair, a different between Castro and Bhanghali is that Bhanghali is playing on front of our post and Castro is playing on front of opponent’s post, both they lost confidence because of gametime even if Castro is not performing we cant realize because what he did before but why can we forgt Man of the match performance in a Ccl final by Bhanghali and forgive him.

  31. Romario says:

    sundowns is now counted amongst the best teams in Africa, well known all over the continent, but out administration is letting us down big time. We have a big following in Johannesburg especially in hillbow and yeoville, the marketing team should find a way to open branches in these areas if we don’t have any. we can’t be playing in such a big continental tournament in front of empty seats it embarrassing to say the least, we are african champs after all the team derseves more respect for what they have achieved! Sundowns is a growing brand, we have a big following that can fill the stadium week in and week out, but something is just off on the marketing side, It so hard for us to even get updates of our own team on our website. Our administration is really, really poor, letting us down most of the time! if we can’t fill up lucas moripe stadium then why don’t we consider moving some “so called” smaller games to a smaller stadium like the tembisa one used by Highlands park to create an atmosphere? atleast it will be be packed.

  32. what have learn in a club world cup last year?’amen

  33. MANKERS says:

    I, personaly think that fatigue and injuries is not to be blammed for our under peformance, yes we have injuries and players are tired, but guys remember big clubs like Ahlly, Tp Mazembe, Zamalek to name a few they walked same journey like us and they sustained for many years. I think our performance shows that we are just babies in the continent. Our club needs to be bolstered at every area for us to be grown ups who can dominate the continent as proposed by Mr president (Motsipe).

    Yellow Remain.

  34. kick boboza says:

    Masandawana,I suggest that the technical team bring some young boys from the reserves,divide the team so that another half must go for Pre-season and the rest must continue to play in the Champions leaque.KBY

    • Da Prof says:

      Still a good idea!I concur.Our technical team must work very closely with MDC team so that we can promote players easily when the need arises.

  35. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    Congratulations to Bafana Bafana, they did very well.
    2nd half was great as our players were starting to believe that they can get something. All players contributed, I believe so.
    Now they are facing Zambia come Tuesday, good luck to them.
    But my plea to Baxter is to rest #Dean_Furman #Themba_Zwane #Tiyani _Mabunda #Sibusiso_Vilakazi #Tebza#Langerman and #Percy_Tau.
    These players must be given a rest, they are going to a war next week against African Giants. I think the players who didn’t play against Nigeria can compete given a chance. They are quality players, I won’t mention names but there was quality on the stands nakula bench.
    Wednesday, 21 June 22h00: E.S.T vs Sundowns. Away

  36. mashasha says:

    Hi members any rumours or any players expected to join Cloorkop.Rumours next season.we are looking forward for good news guys.MDC promotion?

  37. collen says:

    I was hoping to find an article on this site congratulating our players on national duty but as always am left with the tail between my legs.

  38. Da Prof says:

    We will bounce back!We need two wins to progress!
    Please sign Siyanda Xulu!Please please bring him back home! The injuries in our central defence is worrying and need drastic changes!

  39. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    Daveyton branch has been invited by one of Sundowns Great singers, ubra Vusi from Dawn Park branch.
    The guy has about 4 – 5 albums if my memory serves me well “Asambe Dolly” z one of the popular songs. 17 June, 12h00 at #Lighthouse_Lounge – #Annete_Street.
    Daveyton members may contact Sibusiso: 073 656 7001 / 074 573 6750. I will give you more info members. The transport issue z yet to be discussed.

    For more info about the event yellow family, just give a call the guy: Vusi 073 408 7924

  40. mbhele says:

    Is this website still active members