Mamelodi Sundowns Academy And Ladies Teams In Action

28/Aug/2017 21:59

Sundowns Management team, Dr Rejoice, Amanda and Mr Mbatha engaging our Academy and Women’s team at Chloorkop!

Here are some more images:

9 Responses to Mamelodi Sundowns Academy And Ladies Teams In Action

  1. Bucks says:

    Come on, give us the story. What happened?

  2. Bucks says:

    Don’t post for the sake of posting. If there is nothing to report about just keep quite. We deserve to be treated as sane supporters not zoo creatures with which you can throw the bone to be kept busy

  3. jimmy says:

    useless marketing team

  4. mbhele says:

    You are lazy

  5. SwaziBoy says:

    Engaging on what????????????

  6. dion says:

    Wena webmaster you are taking us supporters for granted.

  7. Mfana says:

    I’m just happy that Manyama&Brockie r not available to b brought at Sundowns,just sick&tired of Pitso behaving like a spoilt brat bcoz Ntuli&Castro r there to b selected.But no Pitso doesn’t have 2 give Ntuli one starting lineup bcoz Pitso is 2 much of a preMadonna&full of himself ,that he can’t produce&turn a raw gem into a star performer bcoz Pitso is s9 obssessed by ready -made than creating his own inventions.Look at how beautiful a goal was scored by Abel Mabaso for Chippa, a player who was not given one starting berth by Pitso.U just ask urself whats the difference btween Castro &Brockie?The difference btween Ntuli&Manyama?Is just Pitso doesnt have a self esteem or self belief that he has to hav his own creations but to waste Sundowns money on cheap expensive products that will b just a misfit at Sundowns.

  8. Bucks says:

    You are on point Mfana, Pitso is so obsessed with ready-made. They can get Brockie but he might turn into a flop like Niang. Ntuli is a good bully striker

  9. muzi kunene says:

    Thanks Downs for promoting Makgalwa and Mukumela I’ve been crying about that boy Mukumela because he’s very good and let’s hope they will get a game time not to sit on the grandstand till they’re loaned out.Kby forever.