Mosimane Gracious In Victory

24/May/2017 21:13

Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane was gracious in victory after his side beat DR Congo side AS Vita Club 3-1 in Kinshasha.

Mosimane said that he had much respect for the Vita coach, and added that the victory was not easy despite the margin.

“In football it is always important to have humility after victory,” Mosimane said in the post match press conference.

“To say that the match was easy would be arrogant. It was not easy, and remember that the score was 1-1 at half time. It was not easy.”

“We just had more opportunities to score than them, but it definitely was not easy. We did our home work, as all coaches would do, even if we did our homework it still proved difficult.

“The two goals we scored in the second half were the result of mistakes by their defence. We pressed them and stole the ball, saw opportunities and scored. I have great respect for my brother here, the Vita coach,” the Sundowns coach said.

“We played five in the midfield.¬†¬†Normally we play four. But we were more organised in defence, and tried to put pressure to force them back,” he said.

45 Responses to Mosimane Gracious In Victory

  1. Mike says:

    Well done soldiers of football, that’s the character of champions. Vital 3points ,we need to be focused at all times.lam happy for Zakri and Villa,these are great players who will carry us through this time.Let’s bury our home games also,my blood is yellow! !!!

  2. Thulas says:

    Thanks coach for respecting your fellow colleague, that is professionalism at its best. The players mastered that artificial grass very well. Well deserved victory.

  3. ITDowns says:

    Brilliant victory. Well done Masandawana a mahler!

  4. Nw says:

    Refreshing line-up, every body playing in their natural position. well done.

  5. papa wisy says:

    We hardly loose when Onyango is playing bt well done to the entire team.#kby

  6. Krok says:

    Mxm..not because am not impressed with the result and performance but am asking myself where was this kind of display in our last few league games.This is the Sundowns I know well structured and well coached with tactical flexibility.Tau was outstanding in that wide position,no words to describe Zwane’s perfomance in central midfield,Mohomi was good as Well,I rate him highly though he can be inconsistent .One good thing about our team is a number of utility players who can play in various positions and today it was beautiful to watch the ease with which the players switched positions confusing the opposition..All our payers are good and none should be sold,they must all play in selected games to keep the team spirit up.

    • Krok says:

      We just need to add a left back and a left winger to our squad,then we sorted.

      • Nw says:

        I think we have a good left back in Hachi, he just needs to work harder, gain confidence, he is really a good player. Coach has a tendency of introducing him in very big matches and important ones which put a lot of pressure on him. we’ll see more of good things from him next season.

        Look at Zakri now, i’m honestly one of the people who thought he’s not sundowns material, he’s starting to deliver. Vila will come to the plate just watch, especially if we play him in deep middle field. for me Vila is not a striker, he’s Teko’s successor in waiting.

        That Zwane and Vila pairing in the midfield is a good combo, teams are going to see flames with it.

        • Krok says:

          You right about Hachi,my point is given our hectic schedule we need 3 players for each position,am not counting Mashaba cos I think he is a midfielder.

          • Dalom says:

            Also that boy, Modise who’s currently with Amajita in Korea. He’s such a good player

        • ayanda says:

          I agree that Vila and Mshishi Combo is a good combo and Tau was brilliant if he could learn to use both his feet , I tell he will be a world beater, he must just focus on his game and not listen to the negative doubting Thomases.

      • Yellow commander says:

        Dillion Mekoa is answer for our left side. Hachi is there for left back I think we don’t to sign much I think we also need Rivaldo Coetze

    • mashasha says:

      Brilliant football from the team…

  7. jebzi says:

    Hat off guys massive performance that is a kind of performance l wouldn’t complain even if we have lost a game .commitment, aggression, willingness to win was there I just want to mention laffour the was a time when He was limping he did not p ullout , Themba the was a time when He got stuck between 2 guys and He did not pull out as well .That what I call emotional performance. Let me admit though when I seen a line up without kekane I had some concern , bravo bravo to the technical team and players,Krok that was a well rested sundowns and Krok we have a left back to cover for Langerman ,Modise the under 20 international he is powerful dangerous he is got a very sweet left foot very calm on the ball good croser of the ball skilful and defensively highly super I pray that He his given a chance to this coming season
    sky is the limit

    • Krok says:

      I haven’t looked at him closely member but will do so in their last game of the tournament..

  8. Mkhonza M. says:

    well done super Downs! where was this good performance in the past three weeks?

  9. INSIMBI.ZN says:

    Well done masandawane let us ask God to be with us at least to try to defend the CLL again congratulations to you all guys good luck against Hilands park on Saturday

  10. INSIMBI.ZN says:

    But please Pits try to get Rivaldo coetrzee from Ajax cape Town because Ntethe is aging bangarly is erratic

  11. Dalom says:

    Well done coach and your technical team. At least the players will be allowed to rest in-between these CAF games, unlike in our unreasonable domestic schedule. Our league should in actual fact revert back to the old calendar to afford the teams competing in CAF games fair opportunity. Many people, myself included, never really expected us to come back alive from DRC.

  12. zakri our man of moment, they guy gonna bring lucky to our team, I still appeal to coach and management to sign KHUNE from kaizer chiefs, MAHAMUSA from free state stars, BROKIE from supersports and MVALA from highlands park. Amen

    • collen says:

      Mahamutsa is 35 years old now member. Will it be wise to buy him at that age considering that even our own ageing players are around 33-31( Teko,Arendse,Ntethe,Laffor)

  13. bukie says:

    Ga ole yellow waabo ole sego fa pele ga Modimo. kby 4 life

  14. jebzi says:

    Matome it seems like you have no faith in our development and technical team we have a talent within our structure. Onyango is not number one for nothing in Africa , Khune is dead alive now stactics are there,brokie scoreing rate is very poor per season and his work rate is very poor we need a powerful box striker .Mahamusa he will definitely not add any value a guy is 35 years old we may just recall back Themba mnguni or Manzini from retirement. I think is a time we stop signing anybody from psl and is a time to promote our youth and we must have a policy when comes to signing we should sign no player whose above 23 years old we have enough seniors and we are not desperate but we definitely need that young defender from Ajax is for now and future think about him and Madisha there Onyango in goals or Sunderland.

  15. Evidence says:

    Promote Makgalwa, Modise & Mukumela

  16. Evidence says:

    Sign Dyantjie, Mekoa, Cotzee & Williams

  17. Lujah says:

    Well done team

    Other than what everyone has already said, I have the feeling that Zakri will be our star performer next season.

    I say this because he always roam around that box,puts himself in good positions, makes blind side runs, attacks defenders when on ball, puts pressure on defenders forcing mistakes and most importantly, always willing to take shorts….those are the characteristics of a good forward…

    I know that he sometimes carries the ball for too long and does not pass his players which can be frustrating BUT the above outweigh this…
    that is just my opinion…


  18. Mfana says:

    Jebzie,u r spot on Brazilian,no need for old crocks in our team.If we can only buy that Nigeria striker of which we r rumoured to b looking for him,Rivaldo Coetzee cud be a perfect addition,otherwise we r armed with a lot of youngsters in the development ranks.Lets groom those players&stop always enriching other clubs at the expense of buying players.Thats called unwise spending.Let us not overlook the hard work by development coaches.That will be a great boost to our youth.Otherwise the boys did a splendid job playing away from home.Pitso must always understand that we always come top every time we resorted to attacking instead of absorbing pressure.And to those who think that Sundowns will always win every game must think twice.Where we’re they when Mabunda,Arendse,Nascimento,Soumahoro,Billiat,Kekana,Vilakazi,Onyango we’re injured.We r talking about the core&the backbone of the team,sometimes we must b realistic guys.The league this year was not meant for us and we must dust ourselves and move on.Kaboyelo Masandawana everywhere.

  19. Lethabo says:

    What a polished performance. We want more of these high standard displays in our Home games.#Big up Sandawana

  20. ernest says:

    sometimes I ask myself if we are all Sundowns family and follow the same south African football and its players.

  21. ernest says:

    congratulations to sundowns for the much deserved victory. what an awesome display. we represented all south Africans.

  22. Da Prof says:


  23. mnesto says:

    See what happens when you put in fresh legs

  24. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    I think Percy Tau played well in that deep wing position instead of leading the line. Is it not what we were calling for? At last you heard Coach! Even Zakri seems to be fine in the centre forward position. He is good in hassling and finding space for himself within defenders.

  25. Tsiks says:

    Congratulations masters of total football. Against all odds, re-writing history against arguably the most hostile environment in African football. The Egyptians cried in disbelief last year, this year a DRC outfit is outplayed in front of their faithful. The late Senzo Meyiwa is still regarded a national hero for heroics that took pirates to group stages in the same DRC (Pirates lost the game but won on aggregate). The media and South Africans at large (including some KBY faithful) wrote you off since you could not score against the Somalians. All of this despite the injuries and against the hostilities, you prevailed with a plomb. You remain the team to beat in this competition. It’s still a long way but if yesterday’s performance is anything, you are destined for even bigger things. Thank you for the win. ..

  26. ayanda says:

    Well done to the boys, I particularly liked the midfield that played on the day. Also my players on the day were Mshishi, Vila, Mahomi Tau, Morena, Langerman, Ntethe. I am beginning to like this Zakri guy, however if he could pass the ball for those wall passes he could be more dangerous. One thing we must learn out of this game is that when we press and pass the ball or play total football going forward , no one can beat us, but when we lead by one goal and defend ,we tend to defend deep ,invite problems and we end up drawing or losing the games. Our players have a problem when defending , they sit back yet you can defend the lead by packing everybody behind the ball and keep possession of the ball while playing high just out side your 18 metre area.

  27. mashasha says:

    Good high pressing style of playing suits us better.I hope we can carry on hurting these teams.Villa well positioned on first half.That’s how he played at Wits very deadly

  28. Shingirayi Zimunya says:

    I cannot wait to watch the combination between Zakri, Billiat and Tau with the backing of Themba Zwane, this will be a dangerous foursome, then we can easily replace them with Laffor, CAstro and Vilakazi so that we confuse teams. I have observed something, if the coach plays Tau and Themba Zwane on the wings which is their natural position, then have Billiat playing as a second striker and Zakri as a striker, we will kill teams. To become unpredictable Tau and Billiat can interchange positions during the match, then we can introduce Laffor, Vilakazi and Castro later in the match. We will be unstoppable and we will stop being predictable. We will overcome. Now, lets slaughter Highlands Park and claim our rightful second place. We shall overcome!!!

  29. Bucks says:

    Buying ageing men like Mahamutsa will be wasteful expenditure. We have abundant talent in our development shore and we can always retrieve from there. Brockie and Khune included, they are not what we need at this stage

  30. Sibiya frm arrows Rivaldo cotzee,bring back Khaya Shozi promote Makgalwa Bento julies no need buying other players bcos we’ve got talented squad & lastly give teko NTHETE siyanda new contracts and congrats to the whole team for the perfect win against Vita truly the sky is the limit. FRM SAM Z MAHLASE

  31. Jordaozinho says:

    Please keep the same team against Highland Park