Onyango & Brimah Out of MTN Opener

13/Aug/2017 14:39

Mamelodi Sundowns  take on Marutzburg United in the MTN8 quarterfinal minus, some key members of the team.

Dennis Onyango is out sick, while Ricardo Nascimento is still recovering from a groin operation. Mogakolodi Ngele and Cuthbert Malajila are still waiting for their permanent residency papers. Ghanaian goalkeeper Razak Brimah is awaiting his ITC papers from Spain.

17 Responses to Onyango & Brimah Out of MTN Opener

  1. muzi kunene says:

    Pls Sir Mosimane stop crying about playing many games and didn’t get enough rest than other teams this season we are tired of hearing that every time we play from you.That’s the price yo get if you want to be champions and an ambitious team I wonder what are you gonna say if we progress to the semifinals because are played on two legged .

    I never heard Zidane of Madrid complaining about too many games,why don’t you sign 35 players and rotate them accordingly and stop favouritism because that’s the thing that is killing our team you stick to one team for many consecutive games.Kby forever.

  2. muzi kunene says:

    My plea to our President Motsepe,let’s move somewhere because that stadium is a curse to us,it will be like this even nakule season.We lost da league to Wits because of that stadium not that we were poor on utilizing our chances at least Mr Mosimane we will get a little bit of rest and I was impressed by our new players,Kby forever

  3. kulakk says:

    And Pitso took the whole day to Substitute …. He shud ‘ve introduced Ace & George @ Half time, Coz Villa & Zakri were Not in the game . If Pitso is crying about being Not ready, Why Not give the Player Who had a Long Rest and Started Preparations Earlier than Sundowns ??? Those players are None other than Ace & George.

  4. Makhosonke says:

    Why Pitso playing Kennedy cause he is full of unlucky shame

  5. kulakk says:

    Mweene is the Most useless keeper @ Sundowns …. Only Pitso knows why this Mweene is still a Sundowns player .

  6. mtho4downs says:

    With well managed this sundowns team will hurt most teams this season,,,,,,, my plea to sir Pitso please Sir bring back Asavela Mbekile,,,, that guy contributed so immensely in our CCL quest, Need bank cup and the league and did wonders for us,, as well as Siyanda Zwane,,,, taking nothing from Thapelo Morena the guy relies to much on speed which is helpful at times….. But he need to be coached how to conduct yourself defensively,,,, Morena needs to learn from Langerman on how a speed fullback play!!!!!! Kby

  7. billy says:

    Please Mr president let us reinstate Jersey no 12. Please.

  8. peter says:

    Pitso will be fired this year… I put my head on the block!!! that is if he persists with his useless Vilakazi, Tau and Zakri…. Why not start with his strongest team??? Onyango, Manyisa, Lebese, Laffor???

    • kulakk says:

      Exactly Member, Pitso is Stewpit sometimes .. His favouritism is Killing us … Those 3 players were Never in the game. But He waited for Marisburg to Score b4 taking them Out.

  9. Maja says:

    We haven’t won a game in ages, this is worrying, something is very wrong with our approach, not all the players are getting stuck in, we just go into the field thinking our quality will see us through. The coach’s post match comments, err, if the 15 teams decide to be cautious against us, he has no plan to counter that!!! We cannot be losing such games, we need to regroup, fast.

  10. Mzimela says:

    Last season sundowns lost all domestic trophes same will happened this season if continue use Villa,Zakri,Morena and Mweena why Morena on right on R/B instead Zwane or Mbekile that desgracefull to Pitso beaten by apprentice Daves although he rate as higher qualified coache with best qualit players

  11. Joe jnr says:

    You spoke Masandawana, favouritism must end. Truly speaking, Zakri and Vilakazi were supposed to be substituted at Half time or even before if we wanted to win that game. Vilakazi is just only the name left, he is finished. I wonder why Mbekile and Siyanda are always overlooked by Pitso. Downs must also refrain from buying names, must buy players. I hope Rhulani’s departure doesn’t affect us.

  12. Mzimela says:

    Its about time Sundowns president to stand up put house on order team loosing left right centre if count number of game team lost from last season and members left Lamphahlele.Angelo. Moriri,Modise and Mokwena that shows there,s problem also Pitso lost techniques just matter of we been fool by wining CAF is not willing bring younger generation

  13. Zwanga says:

    We want number 9 keep malajile n play him as a strike Dan 2 use ppl hu ar nt strikers. Release billiant n Castro , bec dey mind is nt here .

  14. Tladi says:

    I wish that sundowns , supporters, technical team , team mates and family of masandawana
    Could work together till the end of this current season and also welcomed those recently join
    Our team more especially the new players who recently join the Brazilian team
    They must not relax too much at sundowns camps there’s always a challenge

  15. Tladi says:

    I think that is too early to point anyone with the fingers Masandawana remember that there’s
    Any machinery could be able to start with a higher speed ….same goes here on the football
    Our players never rest last season and they still on race even now, you guys you start pointing fingers no no no we have to group ourselves together and support our team . They didn’t even play any league game but you guys expect a win …… is that possible to start a cup knock out game first
    It’s not possible the players needs to play at least 3/4 league games before a knock out games pls masandawana let’s group ourselves together is too early for negativity manners
    Whatsapp #