Polokwane Edge Downs

23/Aug/2017 06:42

Mamelodi Sundowns will rue the chances that they could not put away in the first half of their encounter against Polokwane City at the Loftus Stadium. 

The Polokwane side won 2-1 to get their first three pointer, but for Sundowns coach, he will be going back to the proverbial drawing board to work not only at scoring goals but also tightening his defensive line.

It was City’s first victory away from home against the African champions, and their first goals in the current campaign following a goalless draw in their opener and had gone winless against the Brazilians in their last seven outings.

The Tshwane Giants surged into early attacks, with new signing Thokozani Sekotlong making his presence felt.

Percy Tau’s early shot came close, and in the fourth minute Sekotlong shot from range to force George Chigova into a save.

Minutes later Sundowns were given a scare when Thapelo Tshilo cluttered into Tau, who went down and need treatment. The fans and technical team must have sighed with relief when he returned to the field.

Tau played through Sekotlong, and the former Free State Stars player fluffed it. He was to miss another gilt edged strike which was saved by the City goalie.

Denis Onyango was tested by Rodney Ramagalela whose shot just went wide , and Motjeka Madisha intercepted another effort.

The Brazilians continued their attacks, and Tshilo was given a caution for a tackle.

Sekotlong then made a run on the right and crossed for Tau, with Chigova once more saving.

City took the lead when Jabulani Maluleka sent through Magalela, and the striker worked his way into the box. His cut back from the byline was intercepted by Oupa Manyisa with the ball falling back fortuitously for Ramagalela who made no mistake from close range to give City the lead.

Tshilo went  into Themba Zwane with a two-footed attack, but was fortunate that an off side ruling had already been called.

Chigova saved another Tau effort, but as the half drew to a close City were gaining in confidence, and they launched several counters to keep Sundowns from playing their normal game.

The teams went into the break with City ahead.

In the second half, Sundowns once more went into the attack. Several scoring chances later, Sundowns won a penalty, and Lebese stepped up to score his first goal for his new team in the 55th minute after a handball in the box by Tshilo.

With the score level, the two teams went into each other, but it was Ramagalela who broke through to lob the ball over an advancing Onyango to give his side a 2-1 lead.

Sundowns seemed to go into a shell, and the visitors took the upper hand to dominate the game.

Mosimane brought on Yannick Zakri for Sekotlong, and Anthony Laffor for Lebese. In spite of their efforts, it seemed that the visitors were more likely to score.

As the clock ticked on, Sundowns tried hard to break through, but the visitors kept their defence compact, and reinforced their defence line to keep their lead.

Starting lineup:

Denis Onyango, Thapelo Morena, Bangaly Soumahoro, Motjeka Madisha, Tebogo Langerman, Hlompho Kekana, Themba Zwane, Oupa Manyisa, Percy Tau, George Lebese, Thokozani Sekotlong.

52 Responses to Polokwane Edge Downs

  1. mbhele says:

    We miss Tiyani mabunda is he injured or what?


    Bangaly, Madisha, Morena, Manyisa not good combination. My own point of view.

  3. Joe jnr says:

    Favouritism is a serious issue in this team, where is Booysen, Arendse & Mabunda?

    • Ob says:

      Yes Mngonyama

    • mashasha says:

      I think the team was very promising from the supersport game so coach thought to keep that team but the team did not give the same performance yesterday.

      They could not maintain the same performance.Mayb next game we will c some changes.

      Even myself i was not gonna change that team against supersport.But now he must try another combination especial at the back

  4. Joe jnr says:

    Ramagalela proves to Pitso that he is better than Zakri and others. I hope Rhulani’s departure doesn’t have an impact on us. I don’t see us winning any trophy if we can continue playing like this. Why don’t we promote young players from our MDC team which won the MDC League?

  5. jimmy says:

    we win some and lose some – that is the name of the game people – it doesn’t matter who was wearing the jersey on the night if it was to pan out like that there is nothing that anyone would have done- stop pointing fingers at certain people especially the players . it is now getting out of hand where people can not stomach a defeat and start blaming players or the coach – we all Sundowns fans and are hurting when the team looses but we try by all means to accept the results – let us try and respect other people’s jobs as we would expect others to respect ours

  6. Themba says:

    This current team will not achieve anything.Manyisa took pirates to 11th on the log and we took him in and we gave him the responsibility to protect our back 4.Here we talking about a player whose team conceded not less than 18 goals against the Pretoria Teams.if our goal is to revive careers we may as well buy Happy Jele and Gcaba .I don’t wanna talk about Morena.The guy is there just to add numbers.

  7. Jaws Buda says:

    Pitso fielded 3 new players in the starting line-up and that selection backfired because those players have not gelled well with the team but we will bounce back.KBY

  8. Downs says:

    Sekotlong gives me hope, Mabunda’s high work-rate is dearly missed. Was highly impressed by Zwane, Tau and Madisha. Coach Pitso PLEASE consider our academy players, put them on the bench and send Zakri and Villa to Amazulu

  9. paul says:

    Hard luck to the team, you should have killed the game in the first half. It was painful to watch our defence so full of mistakes and not be able to detect threads from opposition. Looking forward to the next game. If I were Pitso I would sell or loan Zakri and Soumahoro, I don’t see them offering us want is expected of them

  10. Sello says:

    Jeeer, Sekotlong should have converted at least one chance. Defenders are now targeting T.Zwane with their dangerous tackles, and they are not punished by the middleman. We missed Billiat yesterday….KBY a remain

  11. ayanda says:

    The positive about the match is that we seemed to have a good combination upfront between Tau and Sekotlong , infact the team is good from middle to front , but the central defense is the problem at Sundowns, We can revisit the last 10 matches last season you will see that we lost because they conceded goals easily. Madisha is the worst of them , he is highly overated that one, yet his mistakes costs us dearly and the same with Bangaly. Bring Back Arendse and Mr. Cool if they are fit, and go back to the market to look for their back up.Manyisa and Kekana are being made a scapegoat , they are not the problem here, however everyone is welcome with his.her view.It is even worse that Villa did not even play yesterday.

    • yellow boss says:

      I eco your words boss on Madisha is costing us from last season and Bangaly,he has proved us that he is not good to be Sundowns player.

    • Krok says:

      Spot on Ayanda with regards to central defence.These,though I wouldn’t describe Madisha in less harsh terms and say he is still improving and not the finished product yet.

  12. Bucks says:

    A very poor showing from the whole team, from Pitso down to the players. Onyango was poor and Madisha out of sorts. I say it again: we really need to strengthen our defence. The new guy, Sekotlomg, was out of par. This really shows he was bought because he is a free agent. Morena cant shoot accurately, always having his shot up the roof.

    We are too predictable and Polokwane City came with a game plan which our coach failed in this regard. We have a long way to go.

  13. Makhura says:

    let us embrace ourselves for a very long season. full of heartaches. every Coach has studied Pitso’s predictable approach. we need to improve and fast. reinforcement is need.

  14. Three new players on starting line up? Really? It is an discouragement to other players who have been waiting for their turn and working hard. Manyisa is no longer the same Ace that was attacking the opponents goal area,those side passes are not taking the team forward, as for Lebese like the coach said he need to stick to his strength(dribbling opponents) to creat goal scoring opportunities, Somauro is the weakest link ever,even Nthete is better he caused the first Goal and Madisha the second, we still support them though.

    • ayanda says:

      Manyisa just like Mshishi and Sekotlong is one of the few players in sundowns with football brains and good technique, and if we want him to invade and attack the opponents goals , let us not play him as a defensive fielder, we can let Kekana there and unleash him as an attacking fielder , you will see the real Manyisa.Even at Bafana Bafana he never disappoints when he was selected and be fielded either as an attacking fielder of even coming from the wide areas, and he has an eye for goals.Tau and Sekotlong will deliver us wonders ,just be patient and watch this space. Our biggest problem has always been at the centre back.

      • mashasha says:

        We are conceding almost the same goals all the time.If you can check our previous 10 league games.Defence defence defence my coach.If we miss our chance but let us try not conceding goals.The team is very promising but we need to fix our defending system very well.

      • Krok says:

        Again spot on with your analysis of Manyisa,he’s a playmaker and currently used incorrectly. Though I wouldn’t put Kekana as defensively midfielder cos he likes pushing forward and will expose our defense.Mabunda or Mohomi should play there and if we play Keke and Manyisa in same team then we must use 433 system otherwise we must sacrifice one of them..

  15. Mzimela says:

    Bigger problem Pitso ship with poor captain get sink pitso reach limit stage nothing more can achieve we can blame players that will change if look number of players recruited are not gud because he buy names fail promote because can motivate like woman cannot cook depend on special food

  16. Mzimela says:

    Bigger problem Pitso ship with poor captain get sink pitso reach limit stage nothing more can achieve we can blame players that will change if look number of players recruited are not gud because he buy names fail promote because can motivate like woman cannot cook depend on take away food

  17. Mxo says:

    Mr pitso must benched all useless players like ball wastefully tau, tired kekane, 0 crosses morena, headless onyango, slow centre backs , benched all useless otherwise empty season will be catch us

  18. The Nash says:

    Pitso will not win anything this season. Pitso is predictable. Pitso failed long time ago, about solving the problem where the opposition score first and we fail to come back, by the way Pitso call’s this problem parking the bus. Pitso has always been killing the moral of his players where for example Mabunda has been a consistent performer and all of a sudden he’s benched for no reason, we have seen this movie many a times before and is still continuing. We bought Villa for a lot of money with fanfare and now where is he. Zakri is not better than Villa. Morena, Madisha and others continue to play even with their bad performances. Our backline is bad and we have not signed any defender and the deadline is looming. I foresee Pitso getting himself fired this season.

  19. mandla weSundowns says:

    Hard luck masandawana. There was some form of anxiety from coach to the players. I don’t know what was the reason. I trust this Sekotlong guy. Kaboyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow

  20. msojaer says:

    Hard luck my Champs you lost to a good team

  21. peter says:

    I have said it time and time again… Pitso is nothing special a coach… He thinks that he is a great coach and won a Champions league, whereas he forgets that we had to riot before he got his act together of stopping his favouritism. Why doe she not start with his strongest team? It is also so glaring that some players need to be benched e.g Onyango, Tau, Morena, Manyisa, Soumahoro and Madisha. This is really tiring watching this football and people make stupid mistakes and get paid millions for rubbish!!!

  22. Boitumelo Mathatho says:

    A new combination at the back is needed as a matter of urgency. We miss our Tiyani and Mbekile. I am confident will bounce back should we get the winning combination instantly… Sorry for the loss Madawana.

  23. lee says:

    Tjo .to sundowns family hard luck.but coach you need to stop favoritism.why are you still playing zakri.last season you played him for 90 % of our games .how may goals did he scored.taking from last season we are a team of first half.good first half and no second half.why are you still using Soumahoro .go back to the last five games of last season you will noticed this man does not belong to sundowns.he is the reason we lost the league

    Why did you sign Manyisa vela.Are you saying to me that Manyisa is better than Villa.if your answer is yes i disagree with you.Tau is good guys .the problem is he does not have someone to surplement him.i like the runs he has ,he always create chances but no one to finish them.

    Last to the coach with due respect we must stop talking about the caf that we have won.that was in the past we want to win currently.the past does not make us fans happy.

  24. ITDowns says:

    Ranieri got fired by Leicester city a season after delivering league honours. Pitso used to be renowned for proper preparations including detailed video analysis of opponents before games. I might be wrong but I have a feeling that this is lacking at the moment. I also think that we need to consider changing formations to suit our current players. Its time for Pitso to be creative. Antonio Conte’s 3 CB-2WB formation might alleviate our leaky defence for now with the current squad we have. Onyango is still our number 1 and I think he was let down by his defence even for the 2nd goal. He still made some crucial safes. Pitso and team, please wake up from the CAF glory dream and start working hard to get the team back to winning ways otherwise you will find yourself in Ranieri’s situation.

  25. yellow boss says:

    Hard lucky to our team and fans.It was a good displayed from the guys and unfortunately we didn’t take our chances however, I was happy with a quick transition.I feel Tiyane should start not Oupa

  26. kulakk says:

    Kekana, Madisha,Tau,Bangally, Onyango,Morena = Ar Costing us Everyday

    But Pizza is blind, He ”ll Never see that.

  27. mtho4downs says:

    If you can’t convert your chances you bound to loose the game and we will always cry and say teams are parking the bus when playing us….. 1. Tau and Sekotlong are promissing match and I would like Sir Pitso and Castro on that attacking force,,,, 2. Bring back Mbekile and S. Zwane, Nthethe and Wayne Arendse as our Central defenders, 3. Our ever hard working Mabunda should start the games….

  28. mtho4downs says:

    Could we not improve from the currently way of approaching games I’m must embrace myself for an embarrassment season,,,, I must admit PC always gives us hard times, but its high time for mighty brazilians to prove that indeed we are the true Champions of Africa….. Even though it seems like we learnt zilch in Japan but there’s still long way to go and my Yellow boy can show us that indeed we are still a team to beat,,,,,,,

  29. Jaws Buda says:

    Had we taken those first half chances we would be talking like this but Pitso seems not to learn from his past mistake and when fans wanted to eat him alive is because he likes fielding all new signees at the same time thereby killing the rhythm of the team instead of fielding the strongest team and introduce these new players bit by bit so as get used to Sundowns style of play.

  30. Bucks says:

    Madisha was exposed and I think Pitso threw him into the lion’s den. The guy was introduced when we were lacking at the back but to consider him our central defender is a suicide. We bought unnecessarily, we didn’t need the midfield. What we needed was defence and attack

  31. kick boboza says:

    Masandawana please check your anger as our comments might destroy this players ans the tem.yes i really hate loosing but our technical team also does not like loosing,the team played well untill a mistake by Manyisa and Onyango.we created so many scoring chances.Coach we urgently need to give this players game time Mbekile,Nthete,Wayne,Siyanda,Anthony Laffor and Tiyani”The Taliban”Mabunda.this will be to prepare the team for CAF Champions leaque.Ka bo Yellowwwww.Thank you Masandawana

  32. Senzwa says:

    I think all the players we have at Sundowns are very good. How do we go from beating Supersport easily to losing against City. I think we underestimated City last night from the coach to the players. The body language was not good and the coach reinforced this by fielding three new players in the starting line up. The game was there for the taking for City. But not all is lost no need to start pointing fingers. We must just rectify our mistakes and come back stronger.

    • mashasha says:

      For sure member let us be patient with the team.Our win from the derby raised so much expectation from the players.The were playing good football until yesterday’s game.

  33. Moripi says:

    I think sometimes it doesn’t help to rave about quality in the team, everybody is talking about our quality, even our players themselves. I think it gets to a point where the players and coaches rely on the names and not on the hard working individuals. We’ve seen it before when sundowns had all the big names and we were ordinary still. The team doesn’t show the energy and synergy we saw 2 seasons ago, our playing is not the same, couldn’t see a single signature diagonal ball from Keke, am not sure where opponents have forced him not to or what…I would have started with the team that plays our style and introduce the new guys gradually, we are not an ordinary team to get 3 new guys and slot them right into starting line up, I blame the coach partially there. Lastly I wouldn’t label our players useless and all other unsavory names, seasons ago they made us happy and proud supporters. We all hate losing, this is where we need to support the team. All is not lost, hope we can turn this around

  34. Mfana says:

    I once said&am still saying it Pitso is building our team from the roof.Ignoring the core of the club,which is the youth&not believing in young players that were bought young &thrown out of the window without being given a fair chance.Like Sangweni,Wome,both Khumalos,Ntuli,RamagalelaEzoenyi.And not believing in homegrown like Letlabika,Mabaso,Mngonyama,Mkhwanazi,Shongwe&Dino Ndlovu.U just ask ur self why buy old crocks like Moon,S.Zwane,Ngcongca,Mbekile Manyisa,Lebese,Niang,Mashego of which all these r short term visions.All these players were bought during the period of Pitso &what they hav contributed to the team.Some of them r no longer at the club&u can hardly remember why dey were brought 2 Sundowns from the first place.Pitso has this tendency of buying players based on past reputations than on current form.Like Villa,Manyisa what&how were their form b4 coming 2 Sundowns from their respective teams?

  35. Makhosonke says:

    how I analyse yesternight game,we lost from our defence Madisha is too slow and they talk to each other,Madisha doesn’t cover Bangaly and Bangaly is doing the now they should know that they are very slow and they don’t know how to defend set pieces.Morena has lot of mistake he must avoid mistake special at the back,Tau is also full unnecessary mistake he lost ball unnecessary,where he support to shoot he doesn’t but he dribble unnecessary or pass or give opponent balls we are seriously dying from Tau play,lastly we lost our game from Mr Pitso how could he introduce Hachi in yesternight game yes Hachi is a good player but not wise in a way that he can pull you out from the pit.

    if Zwane,Tau and Lebese could combine nicely we can win many games like during the time of CBD. We need to fix our defence force they must talk this guys including goalkeeper,Mbekile must get a chance on space of Morena.the release Zakri to other teams, Castro will rotate with Sekotlong or Ntuli.

  36. Krok says:

    I like the comments from @mtho4downs and @Moripi ,good players don’t become bad ones overnight and this thing of crucify ingredients players is not on.Our coach is currently trying to find the right balance in the team with all new players coming in but personally I think he should have introduced them gradually in the team especially Manyisa and Lebese who are in my opinion still lacking in fitness and agility..Another problem is that for some unknown reason our coach builds good teams only to dismantle them and start again with trial and error instead of building on what we have.

  37. Krok says:

    I am of the firm belief that we need a striker with presence upfront around whom players like Tau and Billiat can play.The key ingredient of that CBD was Castro,make no mistake about that,he kept defenders occupied which gave Dolly and Billiat room to play.If Castro is not available,which I hope is for personal rather than football reasons,I say let’s try Laffor there,he played that position previously for us with success.It’s becoming easy for defenses to mark our midget front line and we need variation especially when crosses are played .we becoming too predictable.Look at most of our successful teams we always had a big striker upfront,think of Chafunya,Chukwu and Castro also Laffor when he teamed with Moriri.Lastly what happened to us scoring headed goals on set pieces?

  38. albert Mngomezulu says:

    We starting dropping those point again, I think Pitso must really have a wining mentality not Buttie buttie system or shomi shomi Team

  39. simanga hadebe batned says:

    Bangaly Soumahoro is not a Sundowns material, I think it’s for him to be benched, Wayne Arendse is needed, he is way better than Bangaly

  40. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    #GS rocks, I must say. Without GS’s guidance we are nothing.
    Tembisa hosted Sundowns GS league last Saturday and besonwabile, the idea of this league is to create unity among branches. Results are important but not more than unity, 4ever Sundowns GS.
    Daveyton vs Germiston kikikikikikikiki do not ask me about results, what a game!
    12 September (Tuesday) 2017, Free State Stars vs Sundowns. GS will organize transport and we will inform you members. Okusalayo siyaya e-Free State nokuba kuyanetha.
    Yellow members around Daveyton, Etwatwa, Crystal Park, Cloverdene and Kingsway who want to join the branch. Contact Sibusiso on 073 656 7001 / 062 158 1679, Rob on 076 954 4380, Khutlo on 073 025 1521, Mapule on 082 713 9398 and Major on 078 514 6685