12/Jul/2017 22:53

Today as the sun set on Chloorkop stadium, PUMA unveiled STEP OUT, a new third kit for Mamelodi Sundowns the reigning Champions of Africa.

Cutting through the darkness the striking STEP OUT kit looks fearsome. It’s technically advanced design with unique detailing inspired by The Brazilians home ground Chloorkop, will enable the team to take their home pride with them as they STEP OUT into the territories of their rivals.

“We want the STEP OUT kit to represent a very special period in the history of the Club. This kit is bold, unique and is something new in the South African football scene,” said Thulani Thuswa, Mamelodi Sundowns Communications Manager.

“The STEP OUT kit will only be used for cup matches. Resembling super stealth, we will slowly change the colour of fear for our opponents”, said Thuswa. The Brazilians will debut their third kit during the MTN8 Tournament in August this year.

Speaking about Mamelodi Sundowns’ presence on the field PUMA Marketing Manager Brett Bellinger said, “When you STEP OUT to face your great rivals on their turf you have to turn up the intimidation factor, occupy the stadium and make it yours.”

“Sundowns are the Kings of Africa so when they STEP OUT in this kit, they will have the confidence to believe this is not an away ground, this is our ground. Then STEP OUT and PLAY LOUD”, said Bellinger.

The launch of the STEP OUT kit follows PUMA unveiling The Brazilians 2017/18 Home & Away shirts earlier this month. The STEP OUT kit will be available as of 13 July from PUMA stores, Totalsports, The Cross Trainer, Studio 88, Takealot and selected retailers nationwide retailing for R799.

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  1. Romario says:

    I like it! i just hope it will be affordable to all the fans. i want to get the yellow, white and this one only if the price is reasonable, if not then i will only get the white one! Now do your job market team promote the team the best way possible…

  2. Sam-4-Downz says:

    I’ll buy this step out, but I’d like to call it “step up,” because the minute you play in a cup game and you decide to step out, it means you’ll emidiately get knocked out of the cup game. So I call it step up, meaning the team must step up their game whenever they don this beautiful Jersey. YES UP, NOT OUT!!! The easiest team to market in this era is Sundowns but our marketing team leaves a lot to be desired, I wonder if indeed they are skilled enough marketers….

    • Yellow boss says:

      There is no marketing department at Sundowns and I stand to be corrected with proof.

  3. Boitumelo Mathatho says:

    Out webpage is outdated. Someone is not creative here

  4. Bucks says:

    Wow, step out to the field and do the job, nice jersey I like, I like. The price is 799 non-negotiable. Bolaya Sundowns boiaya!!!

  5. Bucks says:

    Wow, step out to the field and do the job, nice jersey I like, I like. The price is 799 non-negotiable. Bolaya Sundowns bolaya!!!

  6. benzo says:

    nice jersey masandawana….will definitely get one for myself…as for the webster and the marketing department the sooner Mr. Motsepe fires them the better..useless

  7. collen says:

    Guys there is a picture of our players trending on kick off. The picture was taken in our base(Chloorkop) next to an old building with a very disgusting background. Is this how we market our team Mr Motsepe? That’s a shame to say the least. This brand deserves better and if the poweres that are entrusted to market it in line with global standards , heads must roll. I for one can do a better job!!!! Nc nc nc

  8. Mike will made-it says:

    I agree with u member @ yellow boss. There is no such a thing called marketing team at sundowns. But now sundowns should be the best team in Africa in terms of of marketing. We should be attracting lots of sponsors left right and centre. Our training kit should be having its own sponsor like Powerade or energizer or something to prove that it gives them stamina to play all those games non stop.or MacDonald. We should get normal golf shirt with sundowns logos at every shops. Even membership I tried to apply using that email they provided it keeps on bouncing. But I blame Me Motsepe for all this.

    • Yellow boss says:

      Yes Mike our President is too generous to all employees to sleep on their jobs.We really need someone with marketing strategy backed with his or her qualifications not former players.They should be marketing the next CAF game already,free entrance its poorer strategy.

  9. Linda says:

    We need the Marketing Department to up their Game,,,,,Puma has done its part now its for the Marketing people to go ALL out and sell the Team to Supporters.

    I have been seeing and interacting with lots of Downs Supporters, but they are hiding and unsure coz our Marketing is not doing their Job.

    If you need my contribution please be in touch…i have my CV ready and Ideas available. We have a very Big Team in the PSL history and Africa, we need to be in the face of the people…if it means to slash the Materials prices why not…people are dying to get the items.

    My e-mail is available to be contacted…must make use of the opportunity and sell the Club all over South Africa.

  10. Mike will made-it says:

    As for the webmaster the least should be said about about him or her. What I want to know is are this people reading our comments here or not? Surely if they do something should be happening with regards to our dissatisfaction. Or is there any other platform where we can direct our complains to Mr Motsepe directly?

  11. Yellow boss says:

    They even struggling to clean Chlorokop yard sis to this super failures management not appreciating what the President is doing for them.

  12. Ob says:

    Sandilands is now n we a quiet

  13. Mzimela says:

    Sunderland left to Pirates gud players are leaving L&R centre shows poor admn fail to manage team sundowns will end up fielding 11 foreign under Pitso he belive to them how can play Mweene ahead Sunderland

  14. Bucks says:

    I agree member Sandilands is way better than Mweene, that is obvious. But as to how he left to join Pirates leaves much to be desired. Heads must roll here. We are supposed to be enforcing the team not losing players.

  15. Romario says:

    I really love the new jersey Puma is really trying hard to give us the best product, but let be honest like our coach always say, business is business Puma have to get back their money spent on the team and also make profit so the marketing team is not helping at all. They have to go all out and market the team the best way possible. Right now sundowns is the most marketable team in Africa, where ever we play in Africa we are crowd pullers coz everybody wants to see sundowns play. sundowns is a well known team now in the continent if you are now known in countries such as Egypt, DRC, Tunisia, then you have arrived. I dont think we can reach greater heights than currently maybe we can equal it but i doubt we can better it! these are the best times in sundowns history! The Management and the marketing team please hear us and do something about the team we have the financial backing of the president. We should be in everyone’s face by now! Downs for life!!!

  16. Joseph says:

    Wow!! Beautiful, I’m definitely getting this one. One way or another. I love it.

  17. Mfana says:

    Credit where its due this is what is called a technical sponsor,Puma people who know what the client(supporter in this regard)needs&they give u just that without asking.We wish to hav beautiful partnerships&more like these.Sundowns should be associated with quality &in Puma we got it.Im edging fellow Brazilians to buy these home, away&third or stepout kits.If they r expensive for our livelihoods,let us buy them in instalments.Kaboyelo Masandawana.

  18. simanga hadebe batned says:

    I must get this 1, it’s too good

  19. Mike will made-it says:

    @ yellow boss. The yard at chlorkop it’s dirty. It looks as if no one is occupying the place

  20. Ikageng Seloi says:

    Rre Motsepe needs to fire those who claim to be in the marketing team ya Sundowns,during Tshicklas era even us in Botswana used to get letters from the club informing us of the happenings at the club,with the current employees where there is internet they just fail to talk to us.Puma is serious all we need to do is support them by buying replicas,need golf tshirts and for us ba mkhamba we need bigger sizes please

  21. kick boboza says:

    A beautiful kit Members let us buy this kits,Players and technical team go rest and come back refreshed,there is a big job awaiting.KBY

  22. Max Moloi says:

    Yaphela imali yethu , all this kits are nice but step out is increadible cant wait to see the real thing and feel the texture .

  23. mandla weSundowns says:

    Eiiisssh masandawana, I’ve already bought the white one, but this a must but for me. My wife will divorce loving this team. Kaboyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow



  26. X man says:

    I need Ntshangase and Lebese/Mekoa at Downs pls Coach

  27. Ndumiso says:

    Supporters are adding input about how the club can become greater than what it is now please Mr President listen and implement.

  28. Da Prof says:

    WOW!Fearsome!We must get it we need to be on point at the games!

  29. Oni says:

    Awesome thank you Puma.

    The yellow and the Navy does it for me and i have bought both of them. R800 for each is steep but its worth it. Now i cant wail to attend all our home games.

  30. Ob says:

    If malatjila is he must not going anywhere

  31. ndumiso says:

    Anyone who loves to buy for me a white one pls. Team spirit Guys!!!! Lol

  32. Evidence says:

    Now that Mkhulise, Shozi & Reeds are loaned out again.. Can someone can tell me where’s Mpho Motshekga

  33. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    I just want to comment about the changes that are being implemented by the CAF. The CAF has agreed that the African Cup of Nations will be held during June and July instead of January. The CAF interclub competition will start in August to May and this will avoid clubs playing during the off season. Harmonizing the calendar with the European will help us and I think all the African nation will have one football calendar

  34. kick boboza says:

    Masandawana I am not happy that the team wants to sell Mbekile and Siyanda Zwane.the reason why we did not do well locally this year is because they were not used.Mbekile stepped up when Ramahlwe was injured and did very well.Zwane is a man marker and is good in for aerial balls.I AM VERY DISSAPOINTED.

  35. mandla weSundowns says:

    (Off loading Mbhekile and Zwane) means we are only left with 7 natural defeders Arendse, Ntethe, Nascimento, Somahoro, Madisha (all centre backs) , Langerman, Hachi (left backs) and Ngcongca (right back). I don’t want to count Morena and Mashaba as defenders though they do well there. This then means we’ll have 1 right back in Ngcongca. Based on this analysis , it’s a big no for me, unless someone players are brought in. Kaboyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow

  36. mandla says:

    Members,,,our admin department and scouts are not ayoba…loosing Sandilands that easily for Mweene who always conceeds whether we win or loose,,,,Onyango must be injury free to win big things,,,,Ngele yes but Razak n Malatjila not fully convinced…..Onyango,Morena,Langerman,Madisha,Nthete,Soumahoro,Kekana,Billiat,Vilakazi,Zwane,Tau,,,,subs:Ngobeni,S Zwane,Castro,Zakri,Laffor,Mabunda,Ngele..thenwe will concour everything,,,,,my wish or dream team for the seoson……we need to finalise Billiat ,Castro,Mbekile contracts….Pitso I bealive with ur 2 assistance…

  37. mashasha says:

    I wish Mr Mosimane can try to convince the guy who is releasing our trusted players.Enough now of reading these sad news no guys

  38. Boitumelo Mathatho says:

    Mbekile must stay. He played well season before last when we were participating in CCL. He is versatile and quick

  39. Mfana says:

    Brazilians Im having a firm belief that letting Mbekile,S Zwane &Mweene if possible is the rite thing to do.I mean keeping those players how does that help Sundowns cause,most of the time these players r not regulars.Its just make a bulging payroll&is unwarranted.Sundowns must recruit those players who competed in Netherlands after winning the MDC.The biggest question is can Pitso,Rulani&Mngqithi be prepared to recruit those players or r they going to give us those “not everyplayer can play for Sundowns”attitude.Tau&Madisha yes have been rcruited.I still feel its not enough Mkhwanazi,Mngonyama&Mabaso sud still b at Sundowns instead of liabililities like Ngcongca donning our jersey.

  40. jimmy says:

    the only thing disappointing about this club is no update on the news no marketing of the club nothing nothing
    I think that big man Mr Motsepe must make a plan with the marketing of the club – kick some butt at Chloorkop people are not doing their jobs there – it is really and very disappointing

  41. Stephen Sandawana Modimolle says:

    The only problem about Pitso is favouritism, bring Ngele back register him as local,offload Bangally call Boiysen&Evans back, Mweene must go as well,if Castro doesn’t wanna commit he must ship out,Villa must pull up his socks,Mahachi can replace Dolly no need for Manyama or Ngoma or Brockie, I still believe if Castro can get enough game time and be satisfied he can regain his top class form again

  42. Evidence says:

    Zwane & Mweene can be released not Mbekile. The presence of Ngcongca, Nthethe, Kekana, Mabunda, Onyango Vila, T Zwane & Arendse will help to groom and guide young sters

  43. Evidence says:

    Well said @ stephen Sandawana. Especial about bringin back Booysen & sign Ngele as a local. Sign Mekoa & Mvala sacrifice Nascimento or Bangaly. Promote Mukumela, Modise, Makgalwa & Ntlaba… My wish list

    • Downs says:

      The coach doesn’t believe in youngsters, in his reign only Madisha has made it to the first team cause Tau was promoted by Neeskens. With Coach Pitso he can only work with the tried and tested, its all in his loan policy or release and buy back the player later, he is the one who chased away the likes of Buhle, Ngubane, Mngonyama, Karabo Litabe, Julies and now he has started playing yo-yo with the likes of Khayelihle Shozi, Sphelele Pitso Mkhulise. The coach is not into grooming players himself. To me it would have made sense if were to give chances to our youngsters and be patient with them like he did with the likes of Zakri (Selfish and only had 3 good games), Vilakazi (Favoured), Mwenee (Favoured and an open net) and Bangaly (Costly Errors), Mashaba (Nothing to offer Downs in both defence and attack).

      • Seyda says:

        That is not true that Tau was promotted by Neeskens. Neeskens left Sundowns in at the beginning of 2012 and Tau was 17yrs old then. Tau’s first game was againts Arrows in Durban in 2015.

      • Seyda says:

        That is not true that Tau was promotted by Neeskens. Neeskens left Sundowns in at the beginning of 2012 and Tau was 17yrs old then. Tau’s first game was against Arrows in Durban in 2015.

        • Downs says:

          Yes, you are right member, I lied there….but what is your take on the Coach’s consistent ignorance of the obvious talent within Sundowns academy? That he tends not to afford the teams academy players the same chances he would give abo Zakri, even that Abdul Striker we sent to Celtics was also given a handful of chances too? Let me give you an example, in one game last season the coach played Julies at left back and the boy did very well and at the end of the game the MOTM award was given to an opposition player and Coach Pitso complained that he thought Julies was his personal MOTM, Buhle Mkhwanazi when was he given a chance? He was swapped for Rama instead. The issue of Kwanda, the boy was never given a chance but all the coach could say was Sundowns is not for babies so the age has a factor to him not the talent. Seyda am not a coach and never will be but no ways am gonna be a blinked supporter Chief, If attend the games when the team comes to my Metro I think I have a right to a say on this platform, hence they gave us a space to comment. Don’t worry my comments are not necessarily designed to make you happy or undermine coach Pitso, the guy has achieved so much with the team and that I give to him, but the way he handlers what was supposed to be our future talent aint Ayoba by a long shot. He lacks long term planning.

          • Seyda says:

            @Downs, we cannot ignore the fact that we are results driven. If we can all agree that all cup competitions shall be played by 50% of our MDC players the we can introduce a number of them.

  44. Ob says:

    I wish to have thabo matlaba at downs

  45. Stephen Sandawana Modimolle says:

    Section Ten Qalinge can fit like a hand in glove at Mighty DOWNZ

  46. Mxo says:

    Pitso must sign players, why he is quiet we need stronger squad coz we will playing cups, caf, league games, we don’t need excuses like fatique, injured, lost form, bookings, we just need 3 or 4 players 1 centre back, left winger, 1 brilliant striker,and midfielder to teco replacement, it is sad to see sundowns quiet boost their squad but we will see new season starting soon.

  47. Mzimela says:

    Bro Downs u really spoken what u says 100 percent corrects big problem to Pitso is using Sundowns to destroyed S,A soccer pay revange to safa he kick out youngsters sundowns has pool talented but he doesnot give them chance busy bring usless foreign sundowns supposed to win title easy last season but because favourism of Zakri Bangaly Mweene slip to Wits sideline gud such as Zwane ,Mbekile Ntethe sport doesn need person like busy destrayed talent

  48. Seyda says:

    You negative comments fellow is really disturbing that you follow and love Sundowns. Downs cannot sign player if other teams are reluctant to sell. As for promoting youngster, lets wait until the team is back on the 31st January. The coach and players are on holiday right now

  49. Evidence says:


  50. yellow boss says:

    Please, mr President advertise the post for webmaster and how long the post will be open?We really need someone to close this gap.

  51. Mfana says:

    Seyda its Sundowns who made players to b expensive giving away good players when we needed reinforcements.Sundowns wanted Zungu but gave away Mkhwanazi,wanted Niang for heavens sake bt gave away Wome.Wanted Vilakazi gave away Ngele&Malajila.Sounds foolish neh.We cant b victims when we used money to build our team from the roof by buying every Tom&Dick to play 4 us.Remember when we had about 40 players in our team.

  52. kick boboza says:

    It was sad to see Sandilands leaving and Mweene kept at the team,now they want to sell Mbekile and Zwane.Sell Khama now and promote more khama’s from the development and yes our building is not taken good care off it is disappointing.

  53. Mzimela says:

    Mfana many thanks to wrote true to correction to person who like to do unnecessary critics Pitso done lot of mess is got bad hatred and favourism i wish we can have more fans see things like u keep up

  54. mashasha says:

    What happenned to marketing department.Very disappointing.At studio 8 I was told that our trackpants are only supplied once by Puma yet we are a big team in Africa.We need some serious intervention from the top Management something is not right

  55. mashasha says:

    You sometimes feel jealous if you c other team’s shops that only sells their stuff.I think we also due to have one in Pretoria especially

    • yellow boss says:

      Yes,Mashasha that can only happened provided mr President fired the clueless marketing department.Sundowns is big on the field but,in the office there is big gap.If they can visit Kaizer Chiefs village in Naturena then,they can have a bigger picture how far behind are we.

  56. Evidence says:

    This Web site is becoming useless by the day.. Who are the players that are promoted from U17 to MDC squad.. Why Ntlaba, Mukumela, Modise & Makgalwa are not trainning with the first team.. Who are the trialists?

  57. Ob says:

    Malatjila must not going anywhere pls

  58. mandla says:

    Malatjila(not sure),Ngele,Raza(loan)k,Mahachi,Ntuli(loan),Ngobeni,Mngonyama(Loan),Booysen(released),only those 2 needed