Sundowns thanks fans for support

02/May/2014 16:48

Mamelodi Sundowns have decided to reward their loyal fans by giving all fans in Sundowns regalia free tickets to attend the title-decider at the Loftus Stadium on Tuesday against cross-town rivals Supersport United.

Not only that – buses have also been arranged for the fans to give them a memorable day, and the fans will be given their tickets in the buses which have been arranged to ferry them from major support areas in Mamelodi, Soshanguve, Ga-Rankuwa, Mabopane, Vaal, Thembisa, Olifantsfontein, Alexandra, Atteridgeville, Saulsville, Rustenburg/Mohlangano, Lethlabile, Tsunami, Hammanskraal, Mothutlung, Mmakau, Maboloka, Brits Oukasie, Damonsville, Marikana, Bapong, Diepsloot, Greater Midrand, Katlehong, Diepkloof, Orlando East and West, Ramaphosa, Springs and Delmas.

Members of supporter branches will also be provided with transport from TUT Main Campus, Muzinda Residence, TUT Soshanguve, TNC Soshanguve, TUT GaRankwa/Medunsa, TNC Mamelodi and TNC Atteridgeville.

Below are details of who to contact and bus departure points.

Sundowns supporters who use their own transport to Loftus will be provided with their admission tickets from designated ticket selling points, and entrance with these tickets will be valid at Gate 6 and Gate 11. Free tickets will only be provided for Sundowns supporters.

Said Sundowns spokesman KB Mosito: “We explored a way to say thank you to our loyal supporters, who went through thick and thin with the club and supported the players when they needed it. In the end, Sundowns decided that there is no better way to express our gratitude particularly as the game on Tuesday is our last home game. This is also a chance for the supporters to give the boys that final push over the hurdle towards the league championship. We need every member of the Yellow Brigade to turn up on Tuesday. We also encourage them to arrive early an enjoy a match between Clapham High School – winners of the last Sanlam Kay Motsepe Cup, which is made up of Mamelodi Sundowns Academy players and School of Excellence. This game will kick off at 5.30 on Ground B. Clapham is the school that gave us Percy Tau, who has taken the soccer scene by storm.”

Meanwhile, the First Team has been hard at work preparing for this crucial game,and their practice included a match against Iran, which they won 1 – 0.

Sundowns only need three points to record an unassailable 64 points to take the championship, and even though they still have another match from which to get the points, they know that it would be great to seal it at their home ground on Tuesday.

It is expected that the intensity will be massive, and Sundowns will need great resolve to take the points – against a side that has traditionally given them a hard time.


074 932 1007 or 074 606 1894



34 Responses to Sundowns thanks fans for support

  1. muzi kunene says:

    Thank you Dawana for showing that appreciation to your surpporters.I would love to go to that game of our lives but I will be working knock off at 6pm and then rush to my tv I even warn my wife that on that day da 6th no Sibaya,Generation and Muvhango I will be shivering in front of da tv.
    Another thing to our Management pls persuade Maritzburg United to switch that game to Moses Mabhida ngoba that day things will be happening I must say Harry Gwala Stadium is too small for the game of that magnitude.Dawana I can’t wait for 21H30 on da 6th where I will be crying tears of joy its not Pitso alone who’s crying all of us are crying if u know what it means to win a championship.If we continue the slogan of Daniel Bryan we will take this title that guy is small in stature bt he’s got a big heart and a will to win.I say to all Dawanas Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes lol.

  2. king says:

    Wow Tanx to the Marketing management and all Downs family, Masandawana letz go and Celebrate with our players at our Home stadium.

  3. Sthera says:

    Wow, that’s great news and BIG UPS th the management, Yellow Brigade let’s paint Loftus stadium YELLOW Masandawana and rally behind the boys in our last home game. I’m so proud of you guys. Let’s go for the kill and seal the deal. Ka Bo Yellow Masandawana

  4. obakeng says:

    Hope this is managed well. Thank you Mr. Mosimane for bringing us joy again.

  5. obakeng says:

    Overflow area should be prepared just in case.

  6. Bheka Ngcobo says:

    thank you management .This is our team and we will always support it and we hop on the 10th we as kzn members will also get free tickets and transportation .KBY.

  7. Isaac says:

    thanks for this initiative

  8. Richard says:

    Yellow Nation…#Ka Bo yellow. ..tears of joy

  9. oshkosh says:

    What about Jozi CBD, I mean we have a lot of supporters from there who’ve been attending games, including myself. CBD can be put together with the likes of Hilbrow/Berea etc Downs supporters. Whoever’s doing the planning should also involve Joburg CBD. KBY!!!!!!!!

  10. oshkosh says:

    Great initiative by the Club. KBY!!!!!

  11. jackson says:

    That is ” TOTAL TEAM SPIRIT ” and I want to thank you guys for being such a great team to follow and support, and let’s go out on Tuesday and clinch our sixth premiership trophy and remain yellow for good…KBY.

  12. sbedula says:

    Kaboyellow masandana we are going to paint loftus with all the way ,thank to the maanagment ,club President for giving us free game and I pledge to the boys to give it all caz win on tuesday made us champion and trust you we will achive the that going to maritzburg willbe bonus

  13. To the Editor of the page:

    i understand Teko Modise has received a nomination for Gauteng Sports star of the year. Can you guys please provide all the details, how to vote, how much per SMS and when is the voting lines closing date. Can we have arrangements in the SSU game wher by our PRO wil speak on the microphone and urge all the Fans who will be ther to vote for Teko, give them all the details during half time and let them vote. We need to do something for our players and here is a chance for us fans to give Teko something, please maDawana im begging you.

    My dream is to meet Cheese and Surprise…KBY

  14. Fortune says:

    I always been Television witching. I c games from here in umzikakhulu. For me pretoria is too far. I thank the guys who filled up the stadiums over the years. Whn ever we lost. I think for us all who did not go to stadiums and especially those who went to watch and those who past away while in a hope that they would c sundowns win a cup. The way that would make us all thankfull win tuesday. Pitso drill tuesday play extra coz u all no whn chiefs is behind the refs apply bobby rules. Chiefs are gud business assorts with these refs.

  15. sbu says:

    Is this game gonna televis on SABC 1? Harry gwala stadium is tooooooooo small bring it to moses mabhida. Kabo yeeeeeeeeeeeellow

  16. Tlaapi says:

    We thank u 4yo support based on da kby supporters

  17. Tlaapi says:

    2da players focus n determination guys we r 3points away 2b crown both Q4 n da league champions

  18. Emjay says:

    Thank yo management! Thank you thank you for your innovative thinking. This is how players should be supported. we are all behind them. A BIG BUT, the ball is in their court. We will wish them all the luck, BUT we are not in the field of play. We all wish THEY have the hunger to WIN this league like US SUPPORTERS. THEY MUST do it on Tuesday. I know they WILL.

  19. Emjay says:

    I mean they have the President, they have Jingles and his technical staff, they have the admin staff, they have US supporters, and I am almost certain they have the support of the late Zola Mahobe(May his soul RIP) , they have the likes of Zane Mooss, Joas Magolego, Fire, to mention but a few, to wish them this VICTORY.

  20. On behalf of TNC Sosha Campus, i would like to pass our greatest ever thanks to the President of the team rre Motsepe of the support he is showing to us as Students. We are highly regarding his determination, dedication and patrotism. Ka-Boyelo

  21. yellow-bone says:

    We have 2 win the trophy in our own ( loftus-fotress-versveld) back-yard bcoz ( harry-gwala) is 2 far from our home but we will also be there but we want 2 celebrate in our own ” back-yard” and seal our ( loftus-fotress-versveld) record. Shaaaapaaa sundowns shaaapaaaaaaa

    Remember that we all have 2 bring the right-attitude 2 this game!

  22. yellow-bone says:

    We must play with ( vague and enthusiasm)! We must make-use of our opportunities and build-goals. We must win

  23. yellow-bone says:

    We the supporters also wanna say ( big-thanx) 2 sundowns as a whole! Very wel-done this season, keep-up the wonderful job u doing.kby

  24. lucky matimela says:

    May the GOOD LORD provide the Yellow family with luck to the players and wisdom to the technical team and then overcome SSU 2morrow and be crowned the undisputed champs of Mzantsi. We will paint Loftus YELLOW like FNB was yesterday at the Siyanqoba rally. KAAA BUU YYELLOOWWW..

  25. yellow-bone says:

    The whole-management must make sure that all masandawana r all there on ( tuesday) ” young,middle-aged-and-old supporters and even our ” disabiilitised-loyal-supporters” we want them at ” loftus” ( rich, average or poor) we all must be at ” loftus” 2 witness this wonderful-moment 4 sundowns making history.

    We want 2 celebrate in style by winning the league with a game in hand as part of our ( history) in the ( psl) so let’s do this sundowns.

    Always remember the difference between ( nervoursness and anxiousness), ” nervours means u r scared and anxious means u can’t wait 2 win the game” so we can’t be ( nervours) now bcoz we can get caught off-guard so we have 2b alert and ready by ” hitting the ground-running” and go 4 an ” early-goal” period. We have 2 bring the ” right-attitude” 2 the game and play as if our lifes r depended on the game, its a cup-final so we can’t make silly mistakes if we want 2 seal this season in style so its now or neva

  26. yellow-bone says:

    We can’t be ” ahead of ourselfs” as we still need 2b ” compact, determined, hungry, grouded, focused and fully-concerntrated on the game itself and 4get about everythinng 4 this coming-game bcoz we don’t want ( complacent-players), we can’t afford 2 relax as there is no time 2 relax or catch a ( breeze), we need soldiers who r ( 299%) ready 2 fight 4 sundowns leaving no-stonne ” un-turned”. Win this game sundowns! Yes we can, yes we can,, yes we can, yes we can,, yes we can and yes we will win that game of our lifes. Sundowns I love u so much. Kabo yellow 4 life and proud. Kby

  27. Eddy Khumalo says:

    Wher can I get those buses from Greater Midrand branch?

  28. mthondolovhani says:

    This is da game where we need all da experience we can get…Moriri n Nyandoro will cum in handy 2moro. Teko is very hungry n experienced…Cheese n Pelembe will also play a role..Its high time Laffor scores, we need Mashego ‘s experience s well even if he cn b introduced second half in case Laffor flops, he has nt bn scoring for a while nw. Left back we need sumbody who knws hw 2 win things ……..Langerman.

  29. yellow-bone says:

    Everybody knows by now that ( supersports)’s strong-points is through their ( fluid-playing-carpert-football),(counter-attack) and ( set-pieces) so we have 2 stop them from ” playing-freely” and close them up as quickly as we can from front 2 back period. We have 2b solid in every department and full of running and stability 2 ( concerntrate, focus and fight) 4 the whole ( 90-minutes) with-out losing-focus of what we want 2 archieve period.

    We as sundowns will have 2 double our ( effords and performance-levels) on the day bcoz most ” south-african-referees) r ” negative and not willing 2 help us” so we have 2 do the ” job” ourselfs and not ” depend” on anyone 2 do us favours bcoz derfinately nobody will be willing 2 do us favours so let’s us as sundowns finish what we have started in the begging of the season in style by winning against ( supersports) bcoz we didn’t or can’t reach this far 2 lose-it now gents, we just can’t lose the battle now or we just can’t ” choke or stumble” at this point bcoz we come far with this battle and emmotions were ” rollercosted” wiith some of us crying so we just can’t lose this game serious, only a convincing-win can be thee possitive-results 4 sundowns so we need 2 be composed up-front and ” convert” our chances and ” half-chances” into goals bcoz only goals can win us this game period. So sundowns pls 4get about the ” hype” around the game and the ” hype” around and with-in the club and ” come-down, concerntrate and focus” on the game itself and all the ” ernergy and total-focus” combined with a ” creative, possitive and on-point mind-set” must be whole-heartedly” focuse and concertrated on the ( supersports) game only and 4get about everything 4 the whole-day of the game and always be determined and anxious 2 winning this game 4 sundowns as a whole and 4 yorselfs as players period! Our time is now! Goodluck sundowns and all the best of luck! Let’s do this.

    Sundowns we love u so much! Kabo yellow 4 life and proud. Kby

  30. yellow-bone says:

    Another important point is I hope we don’t become ” our own worst-enermy” by creating lots and lots of “goal-scoring- opportunities” and ” failing 2 convert them into goals” bcoz the ” purpose” of playing this game is 2 create and score them goals period.

  31. fire says:

    Wow, thanks, thanks, thanks. We always complain about a lot of things but if you are a true Dawana, make the trip. Hopefuly our branch committees will have membership application forms at a ready.

    Downs ’till my soul touches the sky!

  32. fire says:

    To vote Teko ‘Google Earth,Navigator,Dona, The general’ Modise for Guteng sports personality of the year award, send GSA14 PERSONALITY MODISE TO 33525.

    I got this, through following Bongani Yaya Zungu on facebook and I have been voting since. I call Bongani YAYA not Ben 10. That’s who I’d like him to grow up to be. The response by the Gauteng Sports and Recreation Department is very swift. Try it, who deserves the award more than him?

    On a totally different note, I agree with Oshkosh, supporters from Hilbrow, Berea and Yeoville are really having it hard. The CBD ( Thiza Million) needs to round up committed members to be more organized.I tried two years back -going straight to Chloorkop to get my membership card – but as you might realize, I work highly irregular shifts. I applied for leave as soon as postponements were announced, and come rain or sunshine I’ll be with the yellow nation at Loftus.

    Downs’ till my soul touches the sky!

  33. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    yes yes yes yes yes,but what about daveyton? i will be der aniwai. Teko modise yes yes yes. yellow ppl,m lkn 4 a job around gauteng: 0736567001 /

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