Sundowns to make announcement concerning Manyisa

03/Aug/2017 13:40

Mamelodi Sundowns will make an announcement in due course concerning Oupa Manyisa.

Mamelodi Sundowns will make an announcement in due course concerning Oupa Manyisa.

108 Responses to Sundowns to make announcement concerning Manyisa

  1. Dalom says:

    We’re officially an old-age home. Even our head quarters exactly looks like one.

  2. Da Prof says:

    Welcome Oupas!I hope ull leave the snyama in Parktown! I hope you will rise to the occasion and assist us win trophies.The competition is tough this side ask Cheeseboy he will tell u asidlale la siya wina!

  3. Makhosonke says:

    useless signature Mr Pitso,we should get centre back not this silly Oupa,he cost Pirates now is gonna kill us.

  4. Dinha says:

    We patiently waiting for your call…

  5. kulakk says:

    Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee Aaaaaaccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Dalom says:

    Welcome to the retirement village ou Pa

  7. Mxo says:

    Good signing mr pitso

  8. Richard says:

    I like his style of play, he’s sundowns material, don’t know about his fitness though. With zungu gone mabuda injury prone, I love Pitso’s eye for players that suits our style to boost his ambitions and that of our team. Welcome home boy

  9. What announcement?is kickoff and laduma lying about this? why don’t u make it official, when is du are failing to inform your members on time period..

    • ITDowns says:

      You don’t strike me as a member here. If you are not affiliated to Sundowns please leave our website. You r not welcome here

  10. X man says:

    Am happy for Oupa he will fit well in our team. Most Pirates players don’t disappoint here but to swap with Mbekile NO.

  11. Skhumbuzo Sibande says:

    Mbekile must stay! We can give Pirates Siyanda Zwane and Ngele but I still believe Oupa is not worthy two players, only one player, Ngele is enough or Siyanda alone. Why two players for Oupa? He needs to work harder at Sundowns. His position is not guaranteed!

  12. Sma says:

    Just when I surfaced…..let me go back to hibernation mode.

  13. jimmy says:

    Welcome Ace to the house of kings
    to the supporters , we must learn from the mistakes we have done before – killing our own players , first it was Sbu after that it was Zakri and now Manyisa is on the firering line from the people who say they know football – judging him before he even kicks the ball – the coaching team is well positioned to do the signings filling the gaps that are causing the team to lack somehow – so let us all welcome the man and make him feel at home – we all know what this guy is capable of

    • mbhele says:

      Good point member i like your spirit. Our job is to support not to criticise and lets support manyisa like any other player.

    • phoka says:

      Well said member lets support all our players and also believe in our technical team and head coach

  14. Page says:

    Pensioner MANYISA

  15. Bucks says:

    For me I see this signing a useless one. We need to bolster attacking and defense. We have enough players in the middle of the park. Here we have signed a name not a player who will contribute to the cause of the day

  16. Jaws Buda says:

    Oupa is a brilliant player no doubt about that but his morale was down at Pirates maybe is because the whole team was performing badly but I believe he will rise from the ashes mark my words let’s just give him time.KBY

    • collen says:

      Very true member. Sapula, Teko, Mdledle, Cheese, Leremi came to Downs from Pirates and perfomed well. I for one don’t see Oupa failing, he is super brilliant with football brains. He will fit like hand-in-glove. He has CAF and international experience something which will be to the advantage of the team. I am now convinced that we are going to CCL finals.

  17. Bucks says:

    Indeed he will have to prove some of us wrong

  18. kulakk says:

    Oupa is a Great Player … Let him Prove himself … I hav a feeling that, He ”ll rediscover his Old Form … Thank u Pitso & the Crew

  19. billy says:

    with such experience , we should add youngsters now-the likes of Boikanyo, shozi, Makgalwa Mkhulisi, Ngubane and Skippers.

  20. mtho4downs says:

    There’s nothing to be announce here wena webmaster!!!!! It has been confirmed at kickoff and soccerladuma that Ace Manyinsa is a downs player!!!!!! Those are the sites we beloved downs faithfulls rely on when it come to Sundowns matter not this useless site of yours…..Oupa I like him too much and happy for him to be at downs and I’m wishing everything of the best on his new journey!!!!!

  21. Joseph says:

    Welcome to the family of Yellow my Inesta. Pitso will definitely bring back the old Ace Iniesta Manyisa. To fellow members I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and freedom of expression but, I see it really unnecessary to criticise our own players and the work of the technical team, it’s really disappointing. Why can’t we welcome the boi and show him our support. Once again, welcome ace. #100% behind the work of the technical team, they know better.

  22. Knoxman says:

    This signing is taking us 5 years backwards. No work done here. Only the devil knows how old is Oupa Manyisa.

  23. mtho4downs says:

    Now we should be gunning for goal poacher week-in week-out and a left back….. Welcome home Ace

  24. mandla weSundowns says:

    Welcome Ace, I think its a good replacement for Teko as well as relieving Zwane. Kaboyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellow

  25. mtho4downs says:

    As for Zwane/Mbekile that would means we really empowered Rats as both players are extremely good….. Honestly those two are way too far better than Ngcongca whom I yet to see what Sir Pitso saw in him

  26. Malefetsane says:

    Welcome home boy. Now I am confident we will defend the Champions League without any hassle.

  27. kulakk says:

    We signed Razak Brimah, People complained , Now we ‘ve signed Oupa , People ar still Crying …

    I guess its the same people who wanted Pitso Out of Chloorkop, But Pitso Humbled them by Winning the CCL …. Now they ‘re complaining about Every signing we make … Tjeeerrrrrr

  28. Davis Svosve says:

    Modise out – Manyisa in!!!
    What’s the reasoning behind all this?
    We don’t this guy. Pitso should pushed for signature of Thlatshwayo.
    Manyisa is past his ‘ Best Before Date’

  29. Davis Svosve says:

    Modise out – Manyisa in!!!
    What’s the reasoning behind all this?
    We don’t need this guy. Pitso should pushed for signature of Thlatshwayo.
    Manyisa is past his ‘ Best Before Date’

  30. Davis Svosve says:

    Modise out – Manyisa in!!!
    What’s the reasoning behind all this?
    We don’t need this guy. Pitso should push for the signature of Thlatshwayo.
    Manyisa is past his ‘ Best Before Date’

    • kulakk says:

      How do u expect Pitso to push for Tyson, Who is Not For Sale ?? Also Manyama is Not For Sale …. But u people Expect Pitso to Force Other Teams to Sell ??
      Nc nc nc

  31. Chimza says:

    This boy grew up frm e kasi lam, I watched him at easter tournaments he has the capabilities, if sir pitso can play him as a attacking middle fielder, with mabunda & kekana covering up, u will c the different “Oupaki”, even our neighbous will cry 4 him…

  32. muzi kunene says:

    People are easily forget what Manyisa is capable of eintlik we’ve got a big fish in Oupa Manyisa and Bucs will regret for letting him go,pls Members let’s trust our Technical Team they will make him a gud player he was before and I can’t wait for a combination of him with Kekana,Zwane and Vilakazi opposition teams will suffer.

    At Downs we don’t sign ordinary players especial now we have MMM’s they analyzed him carefully people will eat humble pie especially the doubting Thomases.Mina as a Dawana since 1986 I can’t wait for the league to resume,our physical trainer Kabelo will make him super fit.Kby forever.

  33. Welcome to d home of champions boy. Thanks to d technical team. However Zwane and Mbekile should not be released instead we should gv them K. Mwene and any ada bench warmer or suplus foreigner

  34. dion says:

    Welcome to the retirement Village Oupa same as your name, useless signature indeed we should be going after our Development MDC players and handing over Asavela Mbekile to Pirates that’s insane unless Mweene and Ngele.

  35. kick boboza says:

    Members I like oupa a lot but i disagree with the swapping with siyanda Zwane and Mbekile.age is also not on his side.why swap 2 players for Oupa?

  36. kulakk says:

    Yesterday it was the same, Useless signature … Today its the same story … Some of Our Members listens to Zebras fans Too much.

    Welcome Home Aaccceee, I wish u Prove Haters Wrong .

  37. mashasha says:

    But age is no longer on his side

  38. Bongani Khambule says:

    Good signining and i know he will kill the critics, what an amazing and hard working player

  39. Moripi says:

    Let’s give him a chance to prove himself, let’s judge on facts. I think he was brought in to replace Teko, he has that ability to cool down the game, & surrounded by such water carriers middle fielders we have, he might not have to work that hard as in his previous team, I think might shine.

  40. Mfana says:

    Kulakk I’l reserve my comments regarding the arrival of Manyisa,bt I believe he will add mo value in the African adventure.It seems as if we r overlooking our development players.We r all Brazilians with different views .I still believe d real reason that Barcelona is the best,is that they believe in grooming their own stars.I wud like to c Sundowns doing the same regarding our youth bcoz clubs r reluctant to release their starplayers.Lets look back to 1993 when Sundowns won the league.Shai,Sizwe,Magolego,Maseko,Masilela,P.Masinga,Mudau&Russell Molefe,wer all regulars during that period.We have resources we can emulate Barcelona.

    • obed says:

      Sizwe and P Masinga come from Jomo Cosmos not from Sundowns development. Sundowns is not Ajax

  41. Knoxman says:

    We need Manyama not Manyisa

  42. Yellow boss says:

    Welcome to old age retirement team surely you will take care of your pension money.I will support you like any Sundowns player on the field but, I really don’t expect more from you however, you’re holding a key to prove us wrong regarding your performance.I salute Khoza for this deal.

  43. Mxo says:

    Great signing mr pitso,don’t to worry about useless critics ,the deal is done why not? Pitso knows what he want and planing,

  44. kulakk says:

    Teko was 29 when he joined Sundowns, Aljie Schut was 32 when We signed him ….. Manyisa is Only 29 . Wits has signed 35 Year Old Steven Pienaar, Pirates has signed 33 Years Old Wayne Sandilands. Zebras are about to sign a 30 years Old Unknown Argentinian. So All PSL teams ar Old Age Homes, I guess.

  45. Members remember what we said about manyama before he joined aces we thought he was done and old..he proved all of us wrong.Now dolly has finally been replaced watch the space..good luck Oupa please prove us wrong including myself.

  46. Mike will made-it says:

    What a waste. The guy doesn’t deserve to be swapped with two players let alone one. He passed his sell by date. As for the age I’m not convinced he is 29. I see another two vilakazi he might be closing in on 40.

  47. Knoxman says:

    Is Pitso paving his way and trying to build Pirates while he is still with us ? I hear Rhulani will be assisting the new Coach at Pirates.

  48. kulakk says:

    People are Selfish here, is it good to see players Rotting in the Bench the whole season ??? Dn’t worry about Waste, Motsepe is Over Loaded… U must think about those players sitting in the bench … Coz Age is Not waiting for them.

  49. kulakk says:

    Even if We can Swap with 20 players, I dnt Care … Because I know that the Coach Does Not need those players.. So its good for them to go wher they ”ll get a chance .. Stop being Selfish guys . Players want to Enjoy football on the field.

  50. Ronnie Bothma says:

    I believe this is a good signing for us. Late last season we got tired. Manyisa can help us. especially in Africa. Letting Mbekile go will be a disappointment for me.

  51. mnesto says:

    This Oupa Manyisa has not done anything for Pirates for the past 3 years and he will not add any value to Sundowns going forward. Only the devil knows what is his real age.

  52. kulakk says:

    what did Tiyani Mabunda Do for Leopards ??? If u expected Manyisa to do Something for Pirates, Why ?? Leopards was Relegated in Mabunda ‘s presence … He Never Saved them …. At least Pirates was Not Relegated .,. Wayne Arendse was Signed from Relegated Santos , Did u ask the same question ?? The Problem with most people here is , They listen to Zebras fans too much

  53. kulakk says:

    Sundowns must give Oupa 5 Years … Maybe the Crybabies ”ll Cross the Floor , coz Nobody is Forced to Support Sundowns … If u Not Happy, Just Jump the Ship & join another team … Or if u think u Better than Pitso, Submit ur CV

  54. muzi kunene says:

    Seconded kulakk,once a player signed by Downs people say he’s finished.Not long time ago one of our member was telling us about Mahamutsa who’s too much older than Manyisa some even suggested we must sign Pienaar.
    If we don’t sign they cry now we are signing they also crying even we can sign Manyama others will also complain not to mention signing Mngoma they will say why we sign him because he’s injured-Kby forever.

  55. SwaziBoy says:

    Easy does it Madawana. We are all entitled to our opinions, just that they are forced by some comments read from other members. Not to say we criticize their opinion, but voicing our concerns – which happens to be different from the other. I too feel as good as Oupa is, his legs can not withstand the number of games we play – as we are in CCL and the domestic games. He is going to assist us; but question is are we sorting the problem that made us lose the league if we sign one old player and release two good youngsters???? I’ll be happy if Pitso will sign a quality striker and a solid central defender. We should rather have used Motsepes money in finding those players. the midfield is okay – we cant say we want to replace Teko because he was no longer a regular himself.

  56. King says:

    A good acquisition……welcome to the home of champs poi

  57. Mzimela says:

    Sundowns need put house on order by recruit qualified management in short space of Angelo there was differnt that idea of recruit players aproach 30s and more than require foreign get loan u ask unanswer question why been recruited if not needed worse part overlook developent talent also that swop deal 2 to 1 that means undermine players

  58. AYANDA says:

    The Yellow Nation I greet you all, about Oupa Manyisa joining the family is a good deed and he’s been long touted to join us and there were rumours during 2014 Afcon in Gabon that the deal was done only he’s signature and now that is here lets give him all the support he deserves. I strongly believe he’ll add value to our team as he knows the HOW,WHEN and all that. kaboyelowwwwwwwwwww

  59. Mzimela says:

    Swaziboy i agree with u opinion wii be always deffer team owner Mr Motsepe no one entitle whom to ship out if has different opinion

  60. Dalom says:

    I don’t think Manyisa was the coach’s signee. He might have been informed about him, but this is clearly a deal between Motsepe and Khoza.

  61. Makhosonke says:

    Since Motsepe came to Sundowns he has poached these good midfielders from Pirates:
    Godfrey Sapula, Gift Leremi, Lebogang Mokoena, Teko Modise, but for Oupa Manyisa I don’t know.

    2ndly,we can’t give them Mbekile not even our assistant manager Rulani,maybe Zwane can go alone..

  62. Ronnie Bothma says:

    You cant write anyone off. Look at Manyama…. Look at modise… they said he was badluck and would never win anything with Sundowns. He’s an african champion now. I should be writing some of you guys off with some of your comment but i won’t. I’ll you guys the benefit of the doubt. Give Manyisa the benefit of the doubt.

  63. Joseph says:

    Viva Kulakk. I second everything you’ve said member. Some of our fellow members are just ungrateful. Looks like they forgot where Pitso found our team and where it is now. For those who forgot, we are the African Champions, the cup that was won by the same players that you were criticising when Sir Pitso was signing them, the same thing you are doing to Ace Manyisa. The same champions League that we couldn’t win under some of your favourite choaches and favourite players. And on top of that we are still on the virtue of defending that champions league. #100 % behind the Technical Team, they know better than all of us and that’s the reason why we writing on this page while sitting at home. Ka bo yellow.

  64. Knoxman says:

    Bring us Manyama and Rivaldo not the useless Manyisa and Lebese

  65. Moraldinho says:

    I am happy with him but we need that left winger and manyama for CAF

  66. now I am happy, we gonna win a second star and conquer in a club world cup because ou pa is hierso to guide, manyisa I love u and I respect you god bless. Amen and welcome home

  67. most of sundowns supporters don’t respect a human being, they don’t know life, instead of respecting manyisa they disrespect. Myself I respect a human because I am a human that’s why most of sundowns supporters their families smoke nyaupe is because of lack of respect to some other human being. Amen respect manyisa we need him amen

    • Seyda says:

      Can we please trust the management of the team. Most teams in the world still dream of signing a 29yr old Messi and 32yr old Ronaldo. This issue of age on Manyisa (at 29) is not a big deal for me. Teko was 28/29 years when he join us in 2011.

  68. Ob says:

    Welcome ace n don’t forget G Lebese

  69. Mzimela says:

    Member i understnd your point but be aware of quality and quantity because of human quality and averge Messi and Ronaldo are to compare these two with Manyisi oil &water

  70. Skyroxx says:

    Oupa has long signed with Sundowns. Its only that he has been loaned to Pirates for three years. Now he is playing in Sundowns colours. Use your mind in understanding what I mean.

  71. Mpho says:

    Person who updating our website. I don’t think he or her doing right job. Still waiting announcement for oupa manyisa and other news. Sundowns are at rustenburg for preseason. We get this information from laduma or kickoff. Why not from our website

  72. monde ntete says:

    Do we need Manyisa? Why not release Kennedy? Will see his input otherwise I think he doesn’t have a place there

  73. Maja says:

    Admin, at least tell me Mbekile is not going anywhere, else there will be a riot.

  74. kulakk says:

    So Sundowns Supporters are calling Our Own team, Old Age Home, Retirement team ?? Just because We Signed a 29 Years Old Manyisa ?? Some people need to hav their heads Examined .

  75. Makhura says:

    Good football brains. I am happy for our strikers

  76. mashasha says:

    Hi Members I have read the rumours somewhere that on of our assistant coach might be joining true is that? Not a right timing if its true.

  77. Dalom says:

    I doubt if Manyisa is 29 years old. His real age is catching up with him just like Tso Vilakazi, hence his dip in form.

  78. rhulani assistance coach when he leave, surprise moriri can take over. Amen we love u oupa manyisa and welcome home god of mount sion be with you amen

  79. kulakk says:

    The same Cows who say Manyisa is Old … Are the same Cows who say we must sign 28 years old Lebese … Mxxxm some people are Dom

  80. Jackie Thandikaya koti says:

    please coach promote K MAKGALWA welcome home oupa ace manyisa

  81. Nw says:

    Oupa will come in handy, Pitso is preparing to defend CAF. we need George Lebese asap, if we can get Tyson or Coetzee it will be a bonus

  82. is it true that Rhulani Mokoena is leaving ?that will be the biggest loss for Downs because he is future Downa couch,please bring David Ntoane as his replacement if he is leaving.

  83. Da Prof says: