Zwane And Billiat Doubtful

22/Aug/2017 09:48

Three Mamelodi Sundowns players are doubtful for the league match against Polokwane City.

Themba Zwane will undergo a late fitness test, after the Morgan Gould challenge in the Tshwane Derby over weekend.

Khama Billiat and Lucky Mohomi are also doubtful as the two midfielders battle with flu.

This will be Masandawana’s first league home game of the 2017/18 season and will be played at the Loftus Stadium.

41 Responses to Zwane And Billiat Doubtful

  1. Bucks says:

    Wishing them speedy recovery for this evening game

  2. Samuel ngubeni says:

    wishing the rest of the team Best of luck. and the guys a speedy recovery

  3. sibusiso mthendeni says:

    Tuesday, 22 August 2017.
    Sundowns vs Polokwane City at Loftus, 19:30
    Sundowns Daveyton branch has organized transport for this game, departure time is 17H30 from Daveyton Mall.
    Call Sibusiso on 073 656 7001 / 062 158 1697

  4. Da Prof says:

    I hope Mshishi will be recover and play tonight! I wonder why the referee ignored that reckless tackle and did not punish Gould,look now our boy is injured!Haaikhona Victor Gomez doesnt like us fo sho!#KBY

    • Nkanyiso says:

      I hate this Morgan Gould. He always injure our players. Castro hasn’t fully recovered from that injury he picked up up last season


    Hopefully Mshishi will recover before the game we need him to be at his best above all i wish Percy Tau to score tonight and Ace or Lebese

  6. mandla says:

    I wish them both quick recovery,n mohomi offcourse.Mabunda I knw u ll be coming for in for Oupa

  7. kulakk says:

    That tackle by Gould was a very bad tackle … I ‘m not suprised that he injured Mshishi … Lets hope he ‘ll pass the late fitness test .. We cn’t afford to be without Khama & Mshishi

  8. kulakk says:

    If Zwane is Not available, lets play Tiyani in Defensive mid, push Ace Manyisa up in Zwane ‘s position and play Villa behind the Striker . Kby Namanjeeee

  9. kulakk says:

    But Our Webmaster is Useless marn, Thela, Brimah, Manyisa, Lebese are Nowhere in our players profiles . When is he/she going to update that list ??? How long does it take to update ?

    Not long ago, Pitso was complaining of Spanish Football of being Unprofrssional, after they failed to issue Brimah ‘s Papers in time to register him for CCL.

    But the same Brimah is Not in the Sundowns List of Players. This Web page is Useless to Us Downs Supporters, coz We always get Breaking News on Laduma & Kickoff.

  10. kulakk says:

    Thapelo Morena has been at Sundowns for more than 12 months, But his name is not in the players profiles ?? nc nc nc

    • ITDowns says:

      Same as Hachi member. I spent some time comparing our website to other PSL teams and there are some websites that are very professional. Bidvest comes top (I won’t be suprised if they have that Egyptian player on their profiles by tomorrow). Golden Arrows also have a good website with player profiles down to U15 level. There is nothing wrong with benchmarking, web administrator. Pull up your socks man.

  11. SwaziBoy says:

    Good luck masandawana. We wish to ride on the good perfomance of the weekend and score more goals to indicate our intentions and show the worth of our new signings. @ kulakk – i hope whoever sees our webmaster can verbally tell him to wake up – look at our next feature.

  12. mtho4downs says:

    All the best to team Yellow,,,,,, we love you guys and I’m so happy for the fact that we are back at Luftus tonight, hope we could play moast of our home games at Loftus Stadium,,,, kby

  13. Wish you best of luck boys………….

  14. Makhosonke says:

    line up

    4,A Zwane

  15. mashasha says:

    Wow what a line from our coach.I like it.Win win win.All the best guys

  16. Dalom says:

    I’m restless because I know we’ve never come from behind to win a match

  17. Themba says:

    Rhulani must come back this team is in a mess

  18. Moripi says:

    Ahh no, I don’t know what was going on here tonite, yhoo am scared.

  19. Dalom says:

    We’re not winning anything this year again. We’ve got too many old players in the team. The midfield combination of Kekana and Manyisa is simply not working. Kekana is just a liability in that midfield and I know Pitso won’t do anything about it as Kekana is his favourite.

  20. Themba says:

    The guys did nt even try tonight.What is a role of Manyisa in our team. The guy is a liability.he is simple not a man marker.he can’t protect our back four.we must make up our minds as a team.are we team to revive careers or we are a team that wanna win things and dominate the continent
    .there could never be an excuse for that performance

  21. muzi kunene says:

    We undermined Polokwane City that was our downfall,another thing teams have realized that Morena likes to overlaps a lot that’s why they capitalize on that most of the time.

    Mr Mosimane pls swallow yo pride and bring back Zwane or Mbekile and buy one defender before the closing of window period because you don’t trust Mngonyama a player like Brian Onyango can do better for us.Kby forever.

  22. Ayanda says:

    Arendse and Ntethe must come back , they are far better than the errortic Madisha and Bangaly . Madisha is worse he is back to cost us the league like last season , I think he is over rated .Fact is we still need good centre backs.

  23. mashasha says:

    Overall performance not good from the whole team.Selection was right from the coach I think.Only the players to be blamed today.But I still believe we in our team to go all out and challenge for the league this season.I forgive our new man upfront itvwas his first game but he’s on the right direction.I like him.Kaboyellloooo still

  24. kulakk says:

    People hav been blaming Lucas Moripe stadium everytime we failed to Win … Now We got Molested in their Favourite Loftus … What is the Excuse now ?? Its time we admit ukuthi, Pitso ‘s favouritism is Killing us … Thapelo Morena is the Most Useless Rite back in our team, Yet Mbekile & Zwane are always ignored … Percy Tau is Another Useless player in Our team , Yet He s Starting Every game .. Again, Madisha costed us like he did against Marisburg , Yet Our Best Centre backs, Arendse + Nthethe are rotting in the Stands …. Ayy this team is Hurting us ….. Tjeeeeerrrrrrr

    • Khathu wa Lutomboni says:

      Jo! Are we watching the same Sundowns? Kekana, Morena and Tau useless? Do you understand soccer or you forgot to take your medications?

  25. kulakk says:

    Not forgetting Our Useless Dom captain ….. Yeeeerrrrr Kekana is Useless useless uselesss

  26. mashasha says:

    Eish football yoh.Next time we will win again.

  27. Norman says:

    Let suncows stop playing maka( lies), they beat the toughest supersport on saturday away game yet they lost to lousy Polokwane at home, I doubt we still ve quality material at Downs BUNCH OF LOSERS. It seems like they are starting exactely where they left last season when thet lost league title

  28. kulakk says:

    Thapelo Morena, 95 minutes on the field, 0- Cross ?? Tjeeerrrr Siyanda Zwane / Asavela Mbekile is 100 times better than this Athlete .

    When was the last time, Percy Tau Helped Sundowns Win/ Draw ??

    I doubt anyone ”ll remember, But the poor boy is always getting a Ball in Good positions but He Never use it ..

    Tau is UseLess, We Lost the Lig because of him missing Sitters everyday. Even NOw he continues being useless .. The Only thing he is good at is being Offside .. Mxxxm

  29. Norman says:

    Everytym we play we ask ourselves that r we going to win or not??? Yet we have so called quality players that anytim cannot match but oooohhhh!!! Am sorry bt MASEPA feela! How can we match the likes of Kaizer Chiefs n Olando Pirates while playing like this???

  30. Norman says:

    Oh Tau yena heeee, o ka thola, very selfish indeed bt alwaysgot a game time and that is unfair for other players

  31. kulakk says:

    Percy Tau is Pitso ‘s Son .. And most Sundowns fans likes him too much …
    Yet He s the Most Useless player in our team. Sieesss, I ‘ll Never forgive that Stewpit Boy .

  32. Themba says:

    Lets go easy with name callings Masandawana. To me Tau did nt play too bad.he created More than 3 chances that our new striker failed to convert. My main worry is our coach ‘s obsession with converting players.Why on earth would you wanna convert Manyisa into a defensive player?how many balls did Manyisa won?how many tackles did he make.

  33. kulakk says:

    The same players who handed the Lig to Wits, continue Costing us . I always blame Mweene for leaving goals too much, but tonight Onyango did the same. Tjeeeerrrrrr

  34. Romario says:

    Morena is the most useless player ever…!! i wonder what did pitso see in him seriously. loan him out to Pirates!! Zwane is our best right back! I think pitso is losing the dressin room gradually….

  35. kulakk says:

    So far, George Lebese has proved me rite .. He is the same Useless Cow I saw @ Zebras . And people were begging Pitso to sign him .
    Its so sad & Heartbreaking to watch Sundowns playing like this.
    The whole team is Useless, and Pitso is Not doing anything to fix it .
    I mean, since last season We were playing like this, but he keeps on playing the same players who failed Dismally before.
    Arendse has recovered, but we still using the Shaky defence we were using towards the end of last season.
    Wayne Arendse & Thabo Nthethe proved themselves to be the Best Central defense Partners @ Downs.
    Its time Pitso go back to that Combination, coz these other players (Madisha & Bangally) has Failed us many times.
    As for Thapelo Morena, Eishh the boy is Destroying us .
    But unfortunately, Pitso ‘ll Never see that.
    I miss Mbekile / S Zwane Big time.

  36. Mzimela says:

    Masadawana we can criticis all players but to me 1 person should blame Pitso look like he reach on limit soccer knowledge nothing more to offer we shall thanks to all he done says goodbye