Mosimane Comments On Affonso’s Debut

Mauricio Affonso made his Mamelodi Sundowns debut on Friday night when the club managed a record 11-1 victory over Cote d’Or FC in our CAF Champions League first round second leg tie and virtually scored with his first touch.

Coach Pitso Mosimane discussed his debut and praised the striker’s efforts, but warned that the Uruguayan is not yet fully fit.

“It’s good that he scored and it was good for him to get on the scoresheet. We could have played him more minutes, but we also have to give other guys confidence to play. Affonso is not ready, let’s not look at this game,” the coach said.

Sundowns are now through to the group stages of the Champions League next week.

“This was just to give him a run. If you saw the goal you can see his strength. He is strong aerially and that is why we signed him. We signed him specifically for the Champions League. If he was ready he could have helped us against SuperSport United with aerial balls, but that’s gone. He is not fit yet, but what is good is that he is pain-free now on the ankle. For me that’s bigger, match fitness will take time,” Mosimane added.

Affonso, 27, joined the club two months ago, but suffered an ankle injury that has kept him from making his debut until last week Friday.

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  1. muzi kunene

    Webmaster pls update our Players profile its been a while crying about the simple thing to do, too many players are excluded from the current profile.Do your work Downs is a Big team.Kby forever

      1. Pitso can you give Mahlambi a chance?he can play like tau, just give him a chance to play his football he has a skill he will give what you want please.

  2. Bulelani

    Pitso you are a good coach , bt I so wish you could see the partnership of kekana and revaldo is not working for us wen we go forward revaldo plays in front of our defense and kekana will always try 2go forward and help us in front of goals bt when he does that he gets tired . please try mohomi or suger or use mkhulisi . cus I remember wen uv introduce him against chiefs in the shell cup . chiefs could not play . that is how I see it. please look into coach

  3. Bango

    There are constant updates on players who are injured , there are also constant updates on who are players registered for Caf and for the League .It always surprise me on how the information happen to miss or be missed by our supporters, some of the questionings l feel are improper and are more demanding . Sundowns is not a small team any longer, every player knows that there is competition at Sundowns, you compete at training for a place in the line up, some of you Advocates, could you please attend training sessions too on time till the end for just a week before demanding things then you will tell us better what would be happening at training.

    Professional football is not about just getting in and kicking the ball like our social Sunday morning street football. When your mindset is not right and your attitude is not in right standing, how then do you play and bring about results to benefit the club? The next thing us supporters will be on the neck of the player that he is not the Sundowns material, this and that.., couch why did you change a winning formula this and that!? But to be honest why not wait for the players and the technical team to do their jobs without interfering too much with our uninformed speculations. The problem with us supporters we always want our own line up contrary to the couch, our own substitutions etc, so far in the psl, its only in the Black Label cup where l hear supporters have influence over everything through their votes and l beg you supporters to differentiate the League and that cup. Maybe Hellix offers such an opportunity l am uninformed of it.

    I made my choice as a supporter, that l will run my race and render my support service, putting my opinions with respect , challenging obvious things not speculations. l want to enjoy my game as a supporter and the only way for me to earn money at sundowns is when l will decide to change the logo as asked to compete, that is if l can, the rest l support the team, we can not remain in our lost game against Supersport [MTN] , to an extent that l fail to celebrate the great Victory last week , A RECORD BREAKING victory. If l can continue blaming the team and the couch why they did not score 25 goals? , l am then out of order and about to be a witch or wizard . KBY , ALL THE BEST OF PLAY TO NIGHT.

  4. @Bango you are spot on Member, We tend to think this site is for complaints and always demand the obvious, the coach explained week in and out and we saw Anthony walking on crutches on our last game against Free state stars but week in and out our supporters will question and blame the coach for not playing him. The Webmaster is doing his or her best to update the information more better than last season but our members tend to insult instead of encouraging. k a bo Yellow I Remain.