Emmanuel Fannie Hlongwane

Tsonga - August Winner

Emmanuel describes himself as the biggest fan of Sundowns for many years. He is a Tsonga musician, a music producer as well as music teacher and wanted to do something special in his own language to celebrate the 50th birthday of his team.

He works independently and owns his own record label called Fandura Music Enterprise.

“As a writer and song composer I wanted to write a song in my language. I did the instrumentation and got my students to listen to the instrumentation and then we came up with the lyrics and the song was recorded. Winning in August is a step in the right direction in terms of my career as a musician. This will also showcase to my students that there is hope and success in this business and it will motivate them.

Should I win the ultimate prize, firstly I will think of programmes that will help improve my music lessons, maybe buy space since we use the church or my house for the music classes and I will invest in more music instruments.” Said Emmanuel.

Listen to Emmanuel's song below

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