Mamelodi Sundowns Wishes All Women A Happy Women’s Day

As Mamelodi Sundowns celebrate Women’s Day along with the rest of the nation, Coach Rulani Mokwena took the time to reflect on the importance of women in our society today and commented on the appreciation being shown to women on this day.

“Many of us understand the role that women play in our lives and we appreciate that. The starting point is just to express a sense of appreciation, love and affection towards the fantastic women in our lives. Primarily also knowing the extent of the social challenges and ills that women face, in particular gender-based violence that is a predominant issue in our country.” said Mokwena

“It’s important that we show women in a light that is a light expressed through appreciation, through words that express how much we love the women in our lives.”

“As we celebrate Women’s Day, we also celebrate each and every woman that has gone towards playing a role in making us who we are today. This is a club that goes further in showing that appreciation by being one of the few clubs that takes women’s football and our women’s supporters extremely seriously. It is not just in what we say but also what we do.”

Coach Rulani closed by sending his best wishes on behalf of Mamelodi Sundowns FC: 

“We’d like to wish every woman out there not, just locally but globally, we’d like to express our warm feelings to every woman out there and wish them a Happy Women’s Day.”