Ndzundza Matshika

Ndebele - August Winner

Ndundza has been a supporter of the team for over 13 years and his love for the team was the inspiration behind the song. He is currently a struggling artist who has been trying to market his music without any success with the hope that one day someone will recognise his talent and give him an opportunity to get into the music industry.

Not only does he believe that he is a natural when it comes to creating music, he believes that the music he creates will inspire others who have given up on their God-given talents due to circumstances.

“I want to inspire people in my community to not give up on their dreams and to keep pushing. Winning would mean that I have what it takes. There are limited opportunities in Mpumalanga now for people who want to get into the music industry, I hope and pray that those who are like me when they read about my story will find hope and be encouraged to keep pressing on.” Said Ndzundza.

Listen to Ndzundza's song below

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