Downs Triumph Over Sekhukhune United At The Tuks Stadium

Mamelodi Sundowns secured a precious 2-0 win against Sekhukhune United on Saturday to remain top of the log in the DStv Premiership.

Masandawana started the game on a high note with a continuous train of attack into Sekhukhune’s half as they looked to get a goal to settle into the encounter. A terrifying collision between Babina Noko’s goalkeeper Toaster Nsabata, defender Edwin Gyimah and Downs’ striker Pavol Safranko nearly spoiled the party in Pretoria but play resumed shortly after the players received clearance from the medical team.

Safranko managed the first attempt on goal, taking a shot following a pass from Peter Shalulile before Downs began an onslaught on Nsabata’s net. After their superb start to the encounter, the defending Champions deservedly took the lead in the 20th minute with Neo Maema’s perfectly placed shot into the roof of the net to give the hosts the lead. Namibian international Peter Shalulile shortly followed with an attempt at goal to help Bafana Ba Style extend the lead before the break but he could not connect with the ball well. Babina Noko’s first real danger in attack came from combinational play between Cheslyn Jamie’s and Nkanyiso Madonsela to give Denis Onyango his first task on the day as the ball went overhead past Downs’ goalposts.

The first half was a masterclass in possession football as The Brazilians played with Sekhukhune to see the game out comfortably and earn a vital lead. Masandawana’s attack and ball rotation sparked a period of near-total control with the defending Champions dominating the ball while Sekhukhune struggled to put together sustained passing moves. Maema’s goal put Bafana Ba Style in good position heading into the break with nine goal attempts and three on target for The Brazilians.

It was Sekhukhune United on attack in the second half of the encounter, showing more determination to come back into the game, Downs lead was threatened with a powerful shot coming from Jampies. Masandawana’s brilliance shortly surfaced, Khuliso Mudau combined great short passes with Themba Zwane on the right side of the field heading into attack with Mshishi taking a shot only to hit the side of Nsabata’s net. The Tshwane giants continued to dominate their opponents through on form Maema as he looked to assist Shalulile who went for glory but his effort met Sekhukhune’s Nyiko Mobbie in the penalty box, followed by a foul that handed Sundowns a penalty. Zwane stepped upto take the penalty and lead Masandawana into a 2-0 victory giving the beloved midfielder his third goal for the season.

The Brazilians’goalpoacher Shalulile was on the lookout for a goal of his own right after the lead but soon slipped as he tried to connect with the ball in Sekhukhune’s penalty box. On the right hand side Mudau continued with his marvelous defense and found opportunities to join in attack, “Sailor” was named Man of the match at the end of the encounter having given an outstanding performance. Kermit Erasmus was given a chance to play as he replaced Maema and had his chance to take shot at goal after Shalulile sets him up in the box.

Babina Noko missed good chances to come back into the game as Jampies clipped an effort past Onyango’s post, the fighting spirit of the visitors could be seen as they combined passes going forward. A miscalculated pass from Mosa Lebusa to Onyango was intercept by Tshediso Patjie in the dying minutes of the game, forcing Downs goalie to come out of the box to clear the danger. Onyango was fouled and given a red card for his attempt to save the ball outside the box and Kennedy Mweene was called to finish of the task on the day as well as Rivaldo Coetzee while Haashim Domingo and Safranko went off the field.

For all their posession and effort, Masabdawana collected maximum points on the day and retained their clean sheet while the win means that their unbeaten record still continues in the league.

This is how we lined up: D. Onyango, M. Lebusa © , Lyle Lakay, K. Mudau, G. Kekana, A. Jali, Neo Maema (60′ Erasmus), Pavol Safranko (88′ Coetzee), T. Zwane, H. Domingo (88′ Mwene), P. Shalulile

Subs: K. Mweene, G. Maluleka, T. Kutumela, A. Modiba, T. Morena, S. Vilakazi, G. Sirino, K. Erasmus, R. Coetzee.

6 Responses
  1. muzi kunene

    It seems I’ll be joining or agreed with my fellow Dawanas that we waisted our money on Sofranko I mean the guy is very poor in all the basics of the football and I wonder how he’s always chosen ahead of Motupa a player who can combine well with Shalulile.
    Our Wisemen must admit they made a big blunder by signing that guy and Domingo,Lebusa are off form nowadays whereas we have Maluleka,Mkhulise and de Reuck to replace the guys I’ve just mentioned. This tendency of too many backpasses is deriving us of scoring avalanche of goals and the main culprit on that is none other than Jali and Lebusa but come postmatch interview the coach will cry about it instead of telling his players not to do it or correcting it at the practice. Anyway thanks for the win.

  2. Dalom

    I think I even heard coach Rhulani complaining about playing at such a fast pace against SSU. So, the back passes and slowing down of the game is what they’re being told to do from the bench. For me it’s so boring I couldn’t even watch the whole game. Ted Dimitru despised just winning the without any entertainment, and I used to go to the stadiums all the time to watch our home games. Even under Pitso, I probably went to the stadium only once. The last team I enjoyed watching was actually Hristo Stoichkov team.

  3. Ronnie Bothma

    Good performance by Mudau, Domingo… Jali as usual. Shaulile forever working. Like I’ve said before, we don’t have coaching licenses, but, we can’t be fooled. Safranko is probably a nice guy. So im not attacking his personality… We generally play with 10 men when he’s in the first 11. Rather play with one striker and add a midfielder…the technical team needs to be honest and not try to prove anyone wrong.

    1. Jero

      Well done Guys. We really appreciate all your dedication and your hard work. In my personal views l see that we make alot of unnecessarily mistakes both technically team and players on the field. Firstly our play is not smooth and l think out technically team is bit bias on certain players.some players have not been given opportunity. You find a player on the bench this game the next game is no where to be found. Than a player who was not on the bench cause of injuries he will come overlap the one who was on the bench and play before him. They say is technically issues for that certain team. I watch teams overseas using same players week in and week out they will replace someone once is injured or not performing well or resting him. I love all our players but they are players who are not fully filling their duties. First Romeo is on his second season. He hasn’t scored even 3 goals and his work rate is very poor, but he has been given more games. Gift is a hard worker with skills power deadly on head and feet and presses the defenders but is not even getting 5 minutes. Domingo is a hard worker but no finish product. If he can share 45 minutes with Maluleke whose even more physically strong than him he shoots well he has also skills.
      Safranko l like his work rate but he does not have a reedem l can not see him comfortably on playing one pass foot ball or shielding a ball dribbling no consistency once in the while he will do something Alonso was way better only injuries affected him he could dribble, shield, shoot head a ball. Magwale snappy player on Taking defenders and deadly finisher on the box they let him go and we don’t have that type of player even alimenza was good skillful but was not given a chance.
      For me we didn’t need modiba cause Makume and Malebo are there with educated left legs We didn’t need Romeo cause magkwele was there. They should not over work Shalulile. We are still going to need him. But because they are falling to kill games earlier they can’t subtute him. Cause they nock too much ball around without looking for more goals. Romeo was not supposed to replace Neo but a Middlefielder was supposed to replace him. After Sekhune loaded a Middlefield we were supposed to bring other middle field that why Onyango was sent off cause we didn’t have enough numbers in the Middlefield.
      The past 3 games our subtutes have been very poor we don’t respond to other teams subtutes going back to the past 3 games that why lately teams put us under pressure in the last 30 minutes of the games and they have been scared to make subtutes look we can make 5 replacement but they make one. Why a team like sundowns will make subtute in 94 minutes. Is like they do not like other players. Did you see how Sekhukhune trust their players even Jali have to share some minutes with someone so He can rest and avoid injuries we going to need this guys in January. Congrats once more Yellow Nation.

  4. Downs4ever

    With this nonsense of playing too much football in our own half we will only dominate PSL cause our league is very weak.We will never win champions league with this technical team’s playing methods.They encourage playing from the back knowing very well that the likes of Lebusa and Denis are not comfortable on the ball,I think it’s a blessing that Onyango got red card even though it wasn’t his fault,it is the only way he would get a rest because those cowards on the bench would never rest him.W can’t be relying on Denis and Mweene at this point,We should give Goss and Pieterse enough chances especially during our home games but because we have technical team that don’t think about the future and don’t know how to manage players we will always see them hence we always see the likes of Romeo on the bench,as to way Motupa and Mkhulise are not playing even a rocket scientist will never know..Mkuma should be the one replacing the injured Maema because they have similar style of play.Once we score 1 goal we forever play the ball at the back hence the teams always put us under pressure cause we are inviting them by playing on our half.Man city are the master of ball possession but they play it with purpose hence they score more goals,I’ve see Ajax scoring 9 goals even Real Madrid average 3 goals per game ball possession will never win you games but goals will. We are good defensively our focus should be on scoring more goals cause we are struggling in that regard.