Gallery: CAF | Mamelodi Sundowns Vs Wydad AC

Our CAF Champions league journey has come to end but what a spectacular run its been Masandawana!

Catch up on yesterday’s action here.

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  1. Boh

    I just don’t understand why we buy so many players at sundows and not use them we u mention that,u are accused of not trusting the coach,or questioning,and it come as far as u are told ur not a sundows supporter..and what do u know about coaching..and feel not respected,by a fellow sundows supporter who doesn’t even know who are u a.d what do u u have to make up ur mind and say..if this person can see u.face to face surely he will be humbled and apologize,then why must I take insult just becoz of soccer,and that u don’t see me..Anyway I was at the stadium all the way from Durban..I love the team,and I’m hurt if other players disqualified becoz of other reason not failing to’s diving out team just as it has divided us as supporters,it’s my opinion plz don’t bite me…I agree im not a professional coach but my mind has achieved big things,and still going on

  2. muzi kunene

    A comfort zone Coach like Pitso who’s not afraid to be sacked will do the same again by bringing his favorite players since August we’ve been crying about that and some of our fellow Dawanas said we don’t appreciate what Pitso has done for us since we were struggling for the past seven years before he came,but the big question will remain at Downs of who bought those players that are not important now and keep on sitting on grandstand only to come for singing after the games.
    We didn’t signed cheerleaders at Downs but good players, hope next season if needs be we will sign players whom we need in certain positions not to sign to prevent your rivals in having that particular player which is happening right now at our beloved Downs.What is a use of having development sides starting from U-13 up to U-20 but not even one player or five of them are promoted and play not to train with the first team,at National U-20 Downs have got good players there but at Downs are not yet ready to command a regular positions.I never cried like this after long time yesterday when I saw my beloved Downs failed to score just one goal I repeat just one goal ave kubuhlungu shame even that Absa they can win I don’t mind or care to me I wanted the biggest fish as my coach used to say but dololo,lastly mark my words in two years to come Benni will be untouchable here at uMzansi that guy what I like about him he doesn’t treat his players with kid gloves he shove them to perform because its their work if you could watch the game against Bucs bekufiwa laphaya kungancengwa muntu that’s why they perform like this since he took over he’s like Paul Dolezer,Kby forever

  3. brown sfane

    what happened on Saturday it was long just that ather people there have been blinded by the love of the team. same group of players last year,the have done some thing,same mistakes.and what is even disappointing is the fact that even coach it seems hi doesn’t have a clue as to what want rong.

  4. Josiah

    I am now disappointment and continue to do so about the quality of refereeing of African referee towards our teams especially South African teams, something must be done with this.

  5. Dalom

    I’m hoping the players will redeem themselves in the league, otherwise it’ll be very much painful for them. They worked so hard for the whole season and they at least deserve something. One more final push from them and they’re there.

  6. Krok

    This was a crushing defeat,very painful indeed especially so close to the final..I cannot fault the players after all they are not robots and don’t select themselves. But having said that let’s reserve our comments and criticism until after Saturday,we have big games that we need to win.. the team needs all our support.

  7. Bango

    We are professional supporters, we can not total remain in that Saturday painful experience, We must be able to move on to the next game with them, do not allow yourselves to be utterly crushed because of the knock out, they have learnt it also as players. We can not over emphasize anything on this, that team we have been winning with it, its football, it was n’t meant to be, for this year we can not change it, its gone, next season we have an opportunity to do better than this year. Let the love continue, we still have two games to go, we can pick up the guys through our support, show belief again on them, they must be able to come up with something for us.KBY

  8. Jaws Buda

    Yah nhe this football can kill you. I really felt like dying on Saturday but that’s life you win some and lose some but let’s continue to support the team.KBY I remain.

  9. Ignatius Mokgethi

    I don’t agree with Pitso about the newly discovered no. 06, (if Rivaldo is used sparingly and not ahead of Jali then I don’t have a problem with it) this further illustrates the lack of man management skills. What about Jali & other number six, this will no doubt divide the team, it seems the coach doesn’t care about non-favourite players or fringe players as long as he has his favourites on his side whether he overplays them or not. From the outside it seems that is the case the coach will stick with his own players and the others should be thankful for salaries and just shut-up & confine themselves to the stands. I’m also not happy with Pitso’s substitution because most of the time his subs are to consolidate the lead or when trailing desperate subs which yield nothing most of the time. If I’m wrong please remind me of a game we won due to tactical changes.

  10. Members a loss is painful especially if you did not expect it. However I watched the game and it was not our day. The boys tried everything but we couldn’t penetrate their defences. @Bango you are right when we play against any team expect a lose,draw or a win. After the game I felt that the boys achieved in this tournament. I need to thank the technical team and players for the big achievement. Barcelona sacrificed the league game resting players for the coming UEFA champions league game against liverpool. We were in a tight chasing 2 titles so we couldn’t rest regular players. Next year we will play better and run away with this league.

  11. Chancy Gondwe

    To honest Sundowns have made us to fall in love with CCL. I was so sick after that Saturday. I have not recovered yet. I don’t know if I’m sad or angry. I even don’t feel the league is still there to fight for. For me CCL comes first because that where the world and FIFA recognise u. So I was looking forward to the final especially after the boys gave us hope with away goal. Aish members it hurts I don’t care whether we lose the league. After going so far in this competition and lose simple like this. I just want this season to come to an end. Our boys are really tired after this tough schedule. I hope next season our coach can learn to rotate the team.

  12. Boh

    Mokgethi member I fully agree with u on Jali,Ngoma,Mahlambi,Mahomi,Mkhulise,and many more this are players to die for,when u raise that point u have a problem with Pisto…this is dividing our good team,Maboe has played very well but it’s too much,so as Mshishi,,I HURT me when I so our very own Sirino being booed by fans,look what this has done,we just handed over PLAYER OF THE SEASON to Thembinkosi ,I know u would say it’s a different cup,but they already looking for excuses to everything from carefully MASANDAWANA

  13. Die hard

    What is the use of signing top players if you are going to stick with the same tired group week in and week out. You are courting disaster. Top teams in Europe rotate squads just to freshen the legs. For example Liverpool made 4 changes to the team that lost 3-0 to Barcelona and it paid dividends. The game against Leopards required about 6 changes with the core of the team rested for the game against Wydad. Hope coach has learnt lessons. Our boys were lethargic and it was clearly evident that they are tired. If coach does not freshen legs against Arrows, I smell disaster.

    1. Member your comment does not make sense, Liverpool made 4 changes and the team lost to Barcelona and you call that paid dividends. what dividends did it pay? Ja people can just complain.

  14. Skhumba

    This coach called Pitso Mosimane has said it in a live television interview that he does not believe in squad rotation! I dont know why he buys so many players and only to confine them to the stands. And the reality is that players get tired and lose form, when this happens others with fresh mind and bodies have to come in. How many games have Themba, Sirino, Kekana played? They are humans! They are not supposed to be give a space to breath. Come on Pitso! you create your own failures. As for me the season has just on Saturday, when we win the league or not it does not matter as long as we have qualified for the next season’s champions league. We need to compete with the best in the continent and thus i rate Sundowns

  15. Bango

    Defending the PSL is a must for two reasons, 1.after working so hard chasing two crucial competitions we must at least bring something home. It was a very long season for Sundowns. 2. We have an unfinished business in Caf, so we must go back and fight again , the attention was divided so much. But to me with that experience now we are closer to dominate it too, its slowly getting into Sundowns’ DNA, it is becoming a culture and our way. We played well, lets not fight or be angry, it was a disappointing result, but we can encourage ourselves again and pursue our goal. In every experience there is a lesson or two, we can also learn to celebrate after the victory, leaving room for disappointments knowing this is football, anything can happen. Accepting things we can not change and moving forward is the best option, lets look into the future. I believe we still have something to show Africa. Sorry to those who still can not cope, their countenance still crushed, we are there to lift one another as supporters too, dust yourselves and rise up again with more determination.We must go back to compete in the CAF. KBY

  16. muzi kunene

    Pitso said to Mabunda go home and come back tomorrow morning even you are not on the camp I will still play you in the afternoon in the match against Wydad because you’ve been loyal to me.
    That alone is dividing players at its best you can’t treat your players differently from others players need to be chosen on merit not on who you are,Mabunda’s child was sick he shouldn’t play on that day pho sothini once Pitso loves you,you will play even with broken leg.I wish players can refuse to be recruited by Downs next season,Kby forever

  17. Mfana

    I’ve been listening with baited breath to you all supporters of Sundowns u r all speaking the truth&have so much passion with this team.Thank u so much 4 voicing ur concerns hoping that it wont fall on deaf ears.Mayb everyone concerned &involved with the selection of the players will reflect back&c where the problem is.I love u Masandawana equally.To say the least Im very dissappointed by Satdays result,I was looking forward to the final but it was not to be.We need now to gradually introduce young blood,especially at the back&central midfield&I also think that we are having a pool of players to avert fatigue&overused players who r looking exhausted because of travelling&jetlag.But to expect support from the league we r calling for too much Mourinho once lamented fixture congestion in Laliga but it has never helped him.Using the players that were brought by the same coach as they were not brought by no one except him (the coach)will be a remedy.For something to cheer us up I so wish to win the league now because it will b very dissappointing if we finish this season with no silverware.

  18. brown sfane

    for the past three years the same players cost us champions league, as far the coach it seems the man is confused, because every time when is trying to say something he spoke like someone who has just wake up from deep sleep, the problem with this team it doesn’t build from the success, ability to maintain success ,ability to build for the future the ar living for the day. arogend,crudge’s agains rather players too much power from individual is some of the problems in the team from coach.

  19. Chancy Gondwe

    Brown member I can hear you. U are disappointed as much as I am. But for coach Pitso to stick with the test and trusted players was a good thing to do at CCL. There we need more experienced players. I still believe coach have done well with those players that played CCL before. If u can check when the season start he tried new players. But things were not working out for him. Then he had to go back to his regulars and it worked out. Some of our members were not happy with the results as well. If we were patient enough but we asked for better results and he had to change and stopped using new recruits. I don’t believe we could have been challenging for the league and gone this far on CCL have he continued that way. For me he was trying to built a new team but we complaint about result and went for results. Let us also remember that Jali, Mahlambi, Maboe, Meza, Lebusa didn’t have proper preseason training with us. Some of them settled quicker like Lebusa and Maboe. But Andile struggled with injuries. Meza, Brockie, Mahlambi, Silver struggled to adapt and gel quickly like Serino, Maboe and Lebusa. But as for Lucky Mohomi,
    Mokholise, Ngoma coach could have used them a lot on league games to sometimes give a rest to Keke, Mshishi , Mabunda, Langerman. This players played to much football in the passed six years. Thela also needed a chance on Cup games and some league games. But members I know we are saddened and hurt with a CCL lose but let’s dust or self up and go back to motivate our boys. I believe with a proper preseason season to all players Downs will do better next season. I’m also asking the management and the technical team not to sign other new players this season. We have enough depth. Coach must just continue with what we have at the moment and not destabilize the team with new recruits. Rather release deadwood on the team. Malatjila, Ngele, Lebese, Manyisa, Reyaard, Mweene, Sekotlong,Ngoma. We have Tade, Mahlambi, Maboe, Brockie, Vila, Meza,Mshishi, Morena, Mkhulise, sirino and young Makhalwa to lead our attack. Jali, Mohomi Mabunda and Keke strong middle fielders. With Riva helping sometimes. Langerman, Lakay, Morena and Anele our right and left backs. Mento, Arense, Riva, Lebusa and Bangaly center backs. Onyango, Thela and sign Keet as or last line of defence

  20. In my opinion, does a great job of covering topics of this kind! Even if frequently deliberately polemic, the posts are generally thoughtful and challenging.

  21. Thank you and congratulations to the Players, Technical, coach,Medical team, fitness team and the yellow nation for the win. we are now on top of the log and i hope The Rats took a photo of it before last night game. let us fill the stadium in free state and collect our trophy from there. Hard luck to the Rats and their Chairman he tried his best to steal from us but i mean he must ask his Crook friend Kaizer how stubborn is this team. we must make sure that the coming Pirates Professional League’s appeal does not disturb us. let the appeal continue and i wish Polokwane City beats them and Wits win and send the Rats to the 3rd position. This team have Good players and a very good technical team led by king Pitso. also big CONGRATULATIONS TO PERCY TAU FOR REPRESENTING US WELL.

  22. Dalom

    Well done to the whole team for the fighting spirit, even though the PSL is trying by whole means to destabilize us. They’re trying by all means to satisfy their masters by taking the league away from us. I wonder how Rats would feel ti win the league with “spiritual” points. How I wish Rats can loose or draw their last game and we win ours, I just want to see if the PSL would still pursue this matter

  23. ayanda

    We just need to win our last match against Free State Stars period, whether they take the point away and give two to Wits, we will still have 58 points with Pirates having 57 if they win and Wits having 56 if they win. The players must just focus on the game to win and not put pressure on themselves ,enjoy the game and play their normal game. Pirates can still lose against Polokwane City.

  24. Bango

    If you want an experience in life, wait till you are successful. If you think that you have seen it, wait till you be counted amongst the successful.There is No success without rivalry and contention. This is applicable even on anyone ‘s life. If you think you have enemies wait until you are successful. Success is Spiritual and invites automatic enemty. You do not apply for it, it just happens forcefully. That is life. I have been following the PSL / Sundowns saga and my only comments close to that was Sundowns must focus and win their games. Most surprisingly is the timing, each time Sundowns have a crucial game they would pop up. But Sundowns have shown growth in character. Each time it comes to divide their attention so that they focus on it but they have emerged victorious in their games. Sundowns are a better team mentally,they have with stood all kinds of pressure and intimidation in the field of mind games. They have shown an undisputed resilience character wise, they have stood the test if times and such qualifies them to compete in the Caf than any team. Its good for national teams, enduring the thorn in the flesh,like heroes, that’s a typical championship character. Sundowns must just win their last game and see what the intentions mean.KBY

  25. KhayZ

    Bagana bestyle go on , fight & conquer for us . We do nt want to end the season the season empty HANDED

  26. I’m pleased by the manner in which handles this sort of issue! Usually to the point, often polemic, without fail thoughtful as well as stimulating.