Gallery: PSL | Golden Arrows Vs Mamelodi Sundowns

A tough afternoon at a rainy Sugar Ray Xulu Stadium in KZN.

Action from yesterdays game here.

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  1. muzi kunene

    Do we really believe in our MDC players or any of our development players why I’m saying this is because We don’t promote if it happened that player will not play he will end up being loaned to one team to another.

    Last week I read that our coach is planning to loan Mkhulise in January so that he can get a game time but at the same time We are busy chasing other team’s youngsters like Modiba and Mokoena whereas we’ve got good players on our development sides e.g.Mkhume,Mailula etc.This problem of not believing on our own started a long time ago who can forget Buhle Mkhwanazi,Jabulani Shongwe and others,what we are good at is signing over 30 years and give them four to five years contract,serious I don’t see the reason why we have so many development sides if we are not utilizing them to the first team just take a look at Chelsea they are unstoppable because they promoted a lot of their youngsters and also Supersport United they always produce good players even their goalkeeper is a product of their development and they are having my player whom I love the most by the name of Sipho Mbule that boy is a general in few years to come he will be playing abroad mark my words.

    Let’s go back yo our roots of developing like we used to do before when introduced Masilela,Phetla,Mampuru,Hluphi and Mambush etc

    1. Themba

      I think Mkhulise is much better than both Modiba and Mokoena. The difference is that they are getting game time at their club. To be fair this season alone we have already introduce Majadibudo and Lukhubeni. We have Madisha and with Magalwa coming back from injury I think our development team is well represented in the first team. We just need to give them more game time.
      I see the obsession with Kaizer Chiefs is rubbing off on some of our members. One member cant post a comment without mentioning “Zebras”.

  2. kick boboza

    Check the history all those players were loaned out before. That is the best way than to expect a young boy to compete with experienced players that will be unfair. just like Barcelona they groom very little and buy a lot. just check the Zebras they will not win a cup for another 10 years.

  3. muzi kunene

    Let’s not obssessed with Chiefs in what are they doing but to our own problems,this old players most of them are tired We need to manage their mileage or release them.I fully agree with you they brought many trophies at Downs but now its time for new blood we can’t dwell on the past forever

    Every workplace they reshuffle even in Parliament We were crying about the new blood that’s why they say”a new broom sweeps clean”even our coach he was gunning for the young players in the past transfer window but unfortunately he didn’t get those players.

  4. Chancy Gondwe

    What I know is coach Pitso for the passed six years; we had a bad patch but still regrouped and win one or two trophies. So for me what is happening is for us as Masandawana to calm down. Coach Pitso always have a solution to the problems we are facing. I’m also impressed by AJ he really mean business this season. My only concern is when Downs brought back Kenneth Makganya. This man was on the same position when we went for years without a trophy. He left things became easy for us we used to win game’s convincingly. Now u can see since he came back the bad omen is starting again. He came back after Amazulu game from the winning is so difficult like before when he was with the team. HP, Chippa U, Chiefs, Baroka and Arrows. Is he send to hold us back. I don’t feel him. But maybe I’ll be proofed wrong.

  5. Mfana

    Pitso is an experienced coach I have a firm belief that he has another secret weapon above his sleeves to conquer and come with a silverware even if we don’t win the league.But one blemish that tarnishes his image is his moaning about referees although I can say we have not been hard done by any bad officiating this season and truth betold we haven’t lost any game bcoz of the man in the middle.Yes Pitso is not a firm believer in youngsters and we can’t change his philosophy as long as we win something every season bcoz its 4 the first time since Pitso arrived that we hav won a cup;every year since he has been with us.We are used to see Sundowns winning&playing great football.Yes we had Mabaso but Pitso chose Rheece Evans from Martzburg&he ditched Mngonyama 4 what Mario Booysens&Soumahoro when Mngonyama played very well on loan at Wits&Black Aces,but dd he monitor his progress?Absolutely not.Mkhanazi is a great defender why is not playing 4 us?We had Wandisile Letlabika but Pitso chose Ngcongca,which game has he been great?He just becomes a passenger.Yes Pitso never gave the midfielder Sbu Khumalo any chance but chose to bring Manyisa to do what at Sundowns?Which game did he excell doing what really?But Pitso has continued to say he is our Frank Rjkaard,I mean has he came to be anything at our team?No one will ever rember that we had a player in him.We had Bongi Ntuli who was always on loan to Platinum Stars,Brockie,Niang,Eleazer Rodgers and Tade were billed as some people who will bring&give us something to smile about,where r they now?In the thin layers of the earth.But Bongi Ntuli is still scoring goals even now.Why is Castro scoring goals 4 Chiefs but not us?Did we had 2 sell him&replaced him with what?Yes Pitso has done that by signing people that r 29&above 30 years olds to be a short term&a quick fix that has cost us dearly in terms of returns 4 the price tag he has been if u put into consideration the arrival of both Vilakazi&Brockie.Injured or in good health they have brought nothing to cheer about even if they r injured u can’t even miss them.

  6. Jaws Buda

    @Mfana… I agree with most of the things you highlighted and there is no doubt that Pitso is a great coach whether people agree or not and he is the best in the PSL whether people like him or not but as we know that life is a journey full of ups and downs one is bound to make mistakes. Lets hope Pitso does read our comments so that he goes back to the drawing board and try and fix things.KBY I remain.

  7. Bango

    Days unfold with different packages, l choose to analyze things with hope. In football there are ups and downs, another team cries today while the other celebrates , tomorrow unfolds vice versa . Sundowns no different, they have to take their turn of disappointments now, and l am happy its early and we have time to rectify that. Believe in your team, when they fumble go down with them and pick them up, that is what we call support, when they are high celebrate the victory with them, that is being real. As for me l will make a choice and know when to complain , l will not complain for ever.I will still make a choice to appreciate achievements, that gratitude makes me feel good for my team. All these are human and are bound to make human errors but l do not have the right to crucify them for mistakes, in fact l will encourage them to do better. While this forum serves democratically we must be as close to the mark give our opinions without being dictators .Let us say our views without attacking individuals, Sundowns will surely turn things around. To us supporters soccer is there to take away stress that life brings along, it becomes very tricky if soccer will add stress to us instead of a healing therapy . Our woes are under control. Football needs understanding, l like some legendary recording amongst us supporters . Let us be encouraged , we will bounce back. When we lose you can go back and identify where we lost it, we are a consistent team. In life you can lose the battle and win the war. Our consistence is evident .kby

  8. Linda Maxwell Moloi

    Second round Pitso now must beat Chiefs to win the league if he is serious , not this cowardous comment . We enjoy winning against Chiefs and Pirates for more than you think coach and a loss to them is like a dagger to our hearts so please consider winning against this teams in your plans a priority . Please rest Madisha , Affonso and Meza .Coetzee is also not effective where you are playing him . Mkhulise is good dont understand why you took him out during Arrows game . The blunder by Dennis gave those people believe but otherwise Downs is still effective and Arrows will be eleminated come next week . Affonso first touches are terrible man and he is very slow .

  9. Pat Mnyanda

    Our players are very tired, exhausted. I could see in the Baroka match at Peter Mokaba Stadium. They were trying their best but the legs couldn’t carry them. And it continued at Sugar Ray Xulu. One may argue that we need infusion of other players. But look at the injuries we have in bright up and coming Keletso. Mahlambi and others. I hope we use the FIFA break to create balance in working preparing for coming games and resting. Other teams have enjoyed restful time they get. Have energised and keep coming back stronger. We’ll get it during the journey and strike back even stronger. Kabo yellow!

  10. Boh

    Webster is on it again… Why there are no injury update… Masandawana plz come to Moses Mabhida stadium coz SUNDOWNS will be there to WIN THE FINAL… I was at the stadium Arrow’s has nothing on us.. just those WRONG CALLS BY our coaching staff…blv they’ve learned their lesson… Kabuyellow

  11. BOH

    Again It’s not like we don’t want to loose, BUT NOT CHEAP PERFORMANCE FROM OUR PLAYERS.. we need consistency, Players must leave it all on the field..and we all agree that there is nothing we could have done,it was not our day… I think MOHOMI CAN DO BETTER THAN RIVALDO GOING FORWARD…OR SEAYABI…SUGAR TOO MUCH BACK PASSES, I THINK HE IS INSPIRED BY ANELE AND MADISHA, though he is improving lately..

  12. Bango

    It takes an outstanding talent for a player from our developmental structures to just break into that star studied Mamelodi Sundowns. Also when they are given a chance they must display an out right and undeniable performance. That will help and save them from the over demanding supporters. Remember supporters we also see things differently amongst ourselves, our opinions are rarely agreeable and yet all are correct. I hope those in the program will serve well.Also loaning a play from Sundowns he may automatically get a game time compared to waiting for a turn that may never come. You get a promotion to PSL and get a loan in the Psl is still a promotion. But to get a promotion and be given game time in Motsepe League may be a demotion . Game time at your level is good. Nothing wrong with loaning players for good reasons.

  13. Bango

    To be loaned is a very good thing, it gives an opportunity to play and gain experience and exposure. It sharpens a player with an understanding. To be loaned is not to be rejected or undermined, its just to keep you going in competitiveness, making you a better person. It becomes a problem for a loaned player to feel like he is an unwanted player at team that loans him. The right attitude must be part of the player. We have had our stars at Sundowns who went on loan and came back to excel @ Sundowns. You may be very good yet your services may not be needed here now, its life, you go and render it where its sought and fight hard because you will be monitored, your consistence, your management of the whole thing. Your consistency is key, improving each game then it becomes a successful loan period. You come back and continue

  14. Jaws Buda

    @Bango….. This is not something new Sundowns loaning players coming straight fom development. The likes of Daniel Modau and Joas Magolego were loaned to Ratang Moholosiane coached by Trott Moloto and they came back with lot of experience and delivered. Look at Percy Tau where is he now and not forgeting Themba Zwane my favourite player.

  15. @ Jaws it have been our policy to loan our players and recall them when they are ready. I don’t know why our members are so vurnable they don’t trust this team we ran steam out of the RATS that were on fire last season and pulled out a cup from they mouths, this year we will win it again I don’t see any problem, this team is very arrogant when proved and their coach is stubborn and will never rest if the league is at Chloorkop, I like Pitso because he has a winner mentality and does not like losing. I like to leave him and watch.

  16. Jaws Buda

    @Kick boboza… this reminds of the Israelites complaning to Moses telling him that they want to go back to Egypt. Johan Neeskens promoted a lot of youngsters to the first team with no PSL experience and he left cupless, we were a laughing stock I don’t want to go through that painful experience again.

  17. Bango

    Thank you very much to you all, we were trying to bring sense and understanding regarding loaning of players. The Couch actually believes in them , thats why he puts a plan for them. A loaned player from Sundowns is still our player.l do not remember of any player who was loaned to play at Sundowns.why? Its because at son downs squad there is no time fir development,you are given a chance to deliver and you must deliver. You must be a complete package that will just be refined to suit the style. If u struggle you may get the benefit of the doubt before you are side lined. Consistency is key, improving by each game is a bonus . Taking care of oneself is ultimate on the field abd off field because Sundowns calender of events demands so.

  18. Chancy Gondwe

    For me loaning inexperienced players is not a problem. We did it before and worked for us as a team; and also worked for the player’s benefit. The only thing I want to ask Mr Mosimane is to pls take back Rivaldo to his natural position been a center back. Rivaldo is a solid defender. I still remember Percy given PSL defenders a torrid time. Rivaldo was the only defender who marshalled Percy. Plus he is good building from the back. I’m surprised to hear some of members talking about the ageing of our player’s and want young stars. I think we only have five or six players above thirty. The rest a around a matured age of football; but below thirty.

  19. BOH

    What is a point of dominating the match and lose later, I just don’t understand when coaches,post match interview speaking about their team was dominated, while they lost…plz Masandawana make me understand,I always get confused..mara! u lost but claims dominance how, since u have nothing to show for it….

  20. TheNash

    Example of the Downs linup with their ages; Onyango (33), Ngcongca (30), Arendse (33), Madisha (23), Langerman (32), Kekana (33), Mabunda (33), Zwane (29), Sirino (27), Morena (25). Substitutions; Mweene (33), Villa (28), Lebusa (?), Lakay (27), Jali (28), Meza (27). On the Stands; Nascimento (31), Manyisa (30), Ngoma (28) Laffor (33), Soumahoro (27), Magalwa (22), Rantie (30), Seabi (?). Something is wrong here, where’s foresight & planning for the future. There’s no depth here we are sold an illusion about depth in the Team. Eleven players are 30 & above and roughly a third of these guys will never kick a ball in this season, Nine players are 25 and above & roughly a third of these guys will never kick a ball in the season. Lastly the remaining four players are 20 & above and they will definitely never play no part the entire season. If the Pitso insist on his way, we’re all going to cry, I doubt that Downs is going to win anything this season. BRACE YOURSELF.

  21. Bango

    Thanks but however l do not believe your sentiments. We are not all going to cry, if Sundowns winning was based on your opinions and fears, we would be in trouble. Sundowns compete to win, and will win against all odds. We blame Pitso for having those players above 30 YEARS, which team is prepared to buy them? you want them to be fired before they retire? if they do well l would advocate for them to play and retire gracefully at Sundowns. Sundowns is like any other work place where people who have worked faithfully to lift up the Brand receive the dully and deservedly respect. We do not just use people. If you see them kept at that age there are about to attain their legendary state and it must be respected. We are proud of the team today because of their undying efforts and it must be carefully observed. if l may ask, you want Sundowns to chase them to where?? We have enough replacements for the near future. That rich MDC has players with age and we do not need to panic about anything, there is a lot of talent in our developmental structures, at the right time they shall get their chances , let them play and develop without too much pressure where they are. Above all things , Sundowns have a budget to buy which ever star player they can desire to have, so fearing for Sundowns is just to give oneself an unnecessary stress. Above all things there is a scouting team that does the work of who to come for what. Lets just allow Pitso to couch his madalas who know how to bring smiles to us at least even to those who have no faith in Players above 30 years. At Sundowns the FUTURE IS MADE, other teams they try to build soon sell the players to Sundowns for refining, and players do well aiming at Sundowns too, that makes us another Brand amongst brands. Last season we won the League in the midst of doubts , fears, and hopelessness ,in fact this season we are way ahead of what we saw last season, there is more hope for more than one trophy at Sundowns. KBY

  22. Mfana

    Nash I agree with you when Sundowns won the double that is winning the Telkom&the league in 2015&2016 the core of the players were very much younger like Langerman,Dolly,Billiat,Ngele,Castro,Tau,Zungu,Zwane,Laffor and even Mabunda were not that old &continued to conquer Africa in 2016.Where was this experience people r always talking about?Determination,will,courage and never say die attitude to fight&die 4 the team r what&driving force for a winning&a successful team.So past reputations are the only thing that reminds us this was a great player.Its just that we are cold blooded when it comes to talking about players that are aging as if they wil never be regarded as our legends.They r our walking legends and we acknowledge their legacy&trail of success they r leaving behind.But if I may recall properly Pitso is not a firm believer in youngsters,if u put into perspective his time at Supersport United.If Sundowns win a silverware each &every even if it’s one trophy per season its fine with me.Then if the season ends with no cup then I’ll ask Pitso what are you fearing?Introduce young blood to the team we won nothing.At the present moment we have 4 cups to fight for then there are no panic buttons at all even if we don’t win the league but one trophy will be enough.But to have so many 30 year old in the team its a concern that Pitso must deal with in a long run.Im leaving the coaching to the coaches now.

  23. Boh

    I don’t want to comment about WEBSTER,plz Masandawana I’ve been trying to get our injury update..but not winning, anyone has info..

  24. Boh


  25. Themba

    I don’t think we should discriminate our players on the basis of their age. If a player is doing well and contributing to the team’s success I don’t see a reason he should be discarded simply because he is old. Everyone need to calm down now, The Technical team and us the supporters we need to calm down a bit. We are in each other’s throat because of that loss to chiefs. Prior to that loss we were on top of our game. Even in that game we played well. We were let down by our finishing. Our troubles started when instead of us working and improving on converting chances we started to play back passes and slow builds up. If we can bring Mvava or Monare in January I see us defending our title and doing well in Africa but if we continue with Mabunda or Cotzee we are gonna continue struggling.

  26. Joseph Stoffel

    Morning yellow nations, what is going to happen if Pitso Mosimane leaves Sundowns? That Guy won 7 trophies in 7 years guys and I think the interference of the President is needed very urgent.

  27. Bango

    When it comes to experience nothing beats that, determination is always the key, experience positions you better to achieve through determination. I do not believe that Pitso does not believe in young people. He believes in them , he just affords them to participate at their level to have more game time in competitive matches. MDC league has more pressure than the PSL and its more difficult down there compared to up there. A talent has to be thoroughly worked on there and that gift eventually open doors for the beholder . There is a lot of pruning that has to be done for a player to get game time in the Psl, a fully cooked not half done talent will excel in the Psl, up there is serious competition of talented players, those who believe in themselves that they can do it , they can do it. It may not make sense to take the young boys and crowd them with the big guys, it may suffocate them and choke them, but when there are mature they can deliver. As we speak , us supporters have no problem with players in the MDC League, no bad comments even when they fumble but immediately they get promoted when they make common mistakes , supporters have got no mercy spared for them, pressure comes from us supporters because we want a win all the time. Let the boys shine there and excel, be part of the under 17 and under 23 National teams. Very SOON , players like Promise Mkhuma, will be part of the A team but now ask yourself he goes there to compete with who? How many people are fighting for that position already? Some have not even had a chance , so let the young man develop more confidence and experience there. We still have some young players who are in the A team that are still worked on and they shall be senior to the upcoming boys. They are still groomed and are intergreted with the big boys for experience, to take and master our Sundowns style of play at that level. That is the strategic structure we have. We how ever can not buy a new car because our neighbor has bought a new car while we still own many unused, We must live our own lives fully and admire the achievements of our neighbors . KBY

  28. Kick Boboza

    Most of the times Members complain about the players years that they are getting old, but what if the Members are getting old so fast that they cannot even compare or remember what this team has achieved? Members please check your age before you make an age criticism.

    1. Temba

      Never member. We are going to play in the Final. my predictions Sundowns 2 Arrows 0.
      The technical Team is aware that this game is going to be won in Middlefield. Two things. Number 1 We need to release the ball early in the middle and We must be clinical in front of goals. Coach Pitso is aware that Arrows will pack the bus and catch us on counter. I think He has a plan

  29. Jaws Buda

    Some members think Kaiser Chiefs is a force to be reckoned with, they even predict they will be in the final. Truth be told there is nothing special about them beside that they have been fortunate getting favours from the officials, own goals and penalties and also offcials giving red cards to the opponents thereby giving them advantage and where Chiefs players supposed to be given red cards officials turn a blind eye but their luck is going to come to an end very soon.

  30. BOH

    Jaws Buda tell them member, there is nothing special about Zebras..sis they are getting flavours all the time, they must keep quiet..u are right KASTANDE,was supposed to get RED CARD ON MAKARINGE, Ndzondzeka looked away,as usual… let’s WIN OUR GAME..AND WAIT FOR THE WINNER ON SUNDAY…. Kabuyellow

  31. Mfana

    I fully agree with you Jaws Buda no matter how we disagree with some issues on this platform,some of us just become very extreme and u even doubt whether we really love this team.Sundowns is a big team full of experience when it comes to matters of approaching different strategies to overcome opponents.The same ppl who think that Chiefs will win the Telkom cup will be surprised that Sundowns will be the winners at Moses Mabhida in the finals.We r not adding numbers in this competition we r here to win it&its going to happen watch the space.Bucks there’s a platform to campaign for Kaizer chiefs on their website not here,and tell your feelings there.I so wish that we must paint
    P.. Magogo yellow and shame the devil&his bad sentiments about us true Brazillians.We may disagree with our supporters and coleagues with certain issues but mocking,belittling and reducing our team as hopeless competitors that won’t be tolerated at all.Sundowns is one of the fastest&rising clubs from all cylinders if u put into consideration that teams like Orlando Pirates,Amazulu&Wits have been established in the 1930s but in 20 years after their establishments did they win anything and even now have they won the league better than us?I don’t think so.We have a silver lining like everyone but have done better than anyone excepting maybe Chiefs.We have achieved &succeeded more than anyone if u consider that Sundowns is only 49 years old.We can surprise even ourselves by winning the Champions league trophy this year,we r a great team we r Sundowns write us off at your own risk silently and steadily we can conquer all without being noticed by anyone.Kaboyelo I remain.

  32. BOH

    Mnfana don’t worry, already it’s a SOLDOUT AFFAIR, sadly the last time we shared space with ZEBRAS/Pirats fan’s who both can’t seem to have enough of Sundowns… their welcome…

  33. Bango

    All the Best of play to Sundowns, the better team of the day will proceed to the final. True members. As for AmaKhosi amahle they just know the truth how they arrived where they are today. Its true Lucky has been on their side since their objective is certainly to get a result which is good for the team and the Supporters at large. As of the type of football tactics and style its yet to be discovered. Route one seems to be more prevalent & dominant and that one is not sustainable . Pirates are just unlucky but play better and beautiful football of the two Soweto giants of late.That is football another is hot today and another cold, another cries and another celebrates. Its football a game that will play with your emotions, its normal because nothing is permanent .Teams must just focus on themselves and forget about others.KBY

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