Gallery: TKO | Golden Arrows Vs Mamelodi Sundowns

The Brazilians have booked their spot in the TKO final with a well deserved win over Golden Arrows!?

Yesterday’s action ? here.

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  1. Raps

    Congratulations to my lovely team kabo yellow foever. The whole team tried but we nt on that level yet slowly we getting there. My only concern is that madisha boy. As long as he keeps being preferred over tall strong defenders like arendse or bangaly im tellin u we are in trouble as a team defensily. That boy is jst a disaster waiting to happen nje. YELLOW I REMAIN

  2. muzi kunene

    Soccer can humble you some says yesterday they will play against Downs forgetting that they must play first before they can say those words,I’m so happy soke silale nobuthongo even Doctor on Sabc 1 was busy counting games that Sirino gonna stay before the final hoping he will still be suspended.

  3. Mfana

    Say it again Muzi some were not even mentioning our team to the finals thinking that weather conditions will do favours 4 Arrows.Football is not played on a piece of paper but on the field of play or the media.I told that Bucks what what who gate crashed our website with stupid comments that Arrows will b playing Chiefs,that he must not reduce us to a level being push overs. Sundowns is coming steady and becoming one of the best teams in the country.Moses Mabhida here we come in full force we will paint the stadium yellow.Lets hope we r not given this stupid moron called Victor Gomes.We r happy that peace has been restored and Chiefs was brought down to mother earth,one would bet that by being at the top they have brought th World Cup home but 2 only find that they r still trophyless and they must enjoy the Shell plastic cup bcoz they deserve it&it suits them.

  4. Kick boboza

    Hehehe, The German is working hard by attending games and Pitso is relax, he is not seen at other teams games, what was the German building there, a trap that fell on his head today. That coach is never going to match sir Pitso, they are just noise makers, Stellenbosch there is your 3 points, they kick vorentoe and chase Maritzburg showed you. now JUST DO IT.

  5. Jaws Buda

    Eish I wanted Chiefs to win yesterday I was so disappointed. I will not rest untill we bury them alive. KBY I remain.

  6. Bango

    It is amazing how each day unfolds and ends. l have eluded before that its a matter of time for Chiefs Supporters happiness and praising the Coach and the team. With that kind of football they use, it will be difficult to go all the way. Soon such tactics will see Chiefs go through a terrible drought . That kind of football is not appealing at all for such a big team with such quality. All of a sudden supporters are on the necks of players and seeking the head of the Couch for just one defeat. One defeat the couch is told how useless he is and all those names, over night they are named useless losers. Its emotions, disappointed twice in one weekend. I saw serious support from Chiefs behind Golden arrows, after the match there were so dejected . The reason was they had already excluded Maritzburg United and were only imagining a public humiliation of Chiefs on the 14TH of Dec. How possible do u exclude a formidable force like Maritzburg, how do you dare do that? In any case that is football. There was so much silence last night, even today at work places there is some uncommon calmness . That is football, l can assure you Coach Middendorp alibambe lingashoni, his job can be sacrificed by supporters. We are aware of how Chiefs arrived at that position on the Log. We know . And that kind is not sustainable , it can be for a short time.l know Sundowns supporters we can complain but not like what l read . It is painful to see yourself lifting the cup in imaginations only to discover you had counted the chicks before the eggs hatched. Football can kill you a real death. What can we say, a game of emotions, another celebrates today and another cries. It happens! KBY