Happy Birthday Coach Pitso Mosimane

Today we celebrate a great man, a great coach, a leader, Yes, today it is Coach Pitso Mosimane’s birthday.

It is 56 years down the line since our Coach was born and it is with great pleasure to say Happy Birthday “Jingles”

Coach Pitso Mosimane joined the Brazilians in 2012 and has been at the forefront for seven years. The Kagiso born is one of a few that have worn the jersey as a player and then come back and sit in the dugouts and lead this big institution to greatness.

It has not been a journey, less of talking moments but surely it has been one that has brought bad times, sad times and most definitely great times. There are many great moments we can count, four League Championships, playing at the Club World Cup and least but not last winning the CAF Champions League.

In the famous words of French Novelist Marcel Proust ” Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”.

Happy Birthday, Coach Pitso Mosimane!

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  1. Tsepang John Mothebe

    As Mamelodi Sundowns supporter from Lesotho Branch would like to congrates our mighty Legend (Potso Mosimane) happy birthday. May he sees many more years.

    1. Sboniso Sibisi

      Happy birthday Mr mosimane and God bless you more to all what you have and I wish you all the best for your donation to all people in need and for Covid19 you such a Man ofGod , God bless you Sir

  2. Bango

    Happy Birthday 🎂 Couch.We are persuaded for better glories ahead. We support you all the way.Many more happy years

    1. Mbuyi

      BEST BIRTHDAY WISHES to Sir Pitso Mosimane.

      Happy Birthday coach Pitso, may this day be filled with joy, laughter and great company. Without you in our life’s as Masandawana we would be lost, that is why on your birthday I wish you the very best as you celebrate this day. May your guardian angel always look after you. You occupy most of our happy memories, you have trained us, taught us and I don’t know what we would have become if it wasn’t for you.

      A coach is not only a person who trains you to be better at whatever you are good at, they are people who are part of your growth. To us Masandawana you are one of the greatest persons anyone can meet. I remember you said coaching Sundowns was an honor, but for our team to be coached by you is more of an honor to us supporters, because aside being a great coach, you are a great person too. You’ve taught our team players to always go out to play like it’s the battlefield, you’ve taught them to give everything, then they will feel satisfied whether we win or lose… you’re the best.

      I remember my first ever one on one conversation with you coach back in 2012/13 at e.TV Sunrise Show and we took a picture together, when I was affirming my support for you as the right coach for Sundowns, you said to me “Today you must do what others won’t do, so tomorrow you will accomplish what others can’t”. That quote triggered us to win domestic trophies and ultimately the championship title… Thanks a lot coach. You’ve made us supporters to understand the reality of victory, which is not just on results, but giving our best support and our all as Masandawana family.

      Coaches should be patient and composed people like you are. No player wants to agree with a coach about sitting out a game, but you made it clear that players must put the team first always and fight for team selection at training… this has elevated our team a lot. I really feel for coaches, because they suffer down the line for as long as the players play… it is really a scary job.

      Coaches are to be appreciated better by supporters, because they take the whole blame for any woeful performance by the team and no credit for a great display. Your faith in your players is amazing and commendable, it has helped us supporters to aim higher and here we are today winning trophies. You are a coach that players want to play for, at times they innocently forget that their responsibility is towards the club, because you are just awesome and they don’t want to disappoint. As long as you remain our coach, you going to bring a whole lot of title to this our club… you, the technical team, and players deserve it and mostly our sensible President Mr Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe for his remarkable leadership and support.

      Whenever I’m broadcast our games with SuperSport I interact with some of your players doing pitch inspection, they inform me that you never cease to come with great different approach in the dressing room, in other to bring comfort to the troubled… your kind of coaching is rare and on point. Despite all of our team’s achievement, I can say more is still yet to come because we have a coach who never settle for less. We were never for once near the favorites tag, but here we are today with the championship trophy.

      You are the best coach I have ever witnessed after the likes of Screamer Tshabalala and the late Ted Dumitru (may his soul rest in eternal peace). You never demanded for the kind of honor we give you now, you earned it. There wouldn’t have been success in the team like we have now, if we had not trusted in you… you are a horse of success that we are riding. I want to congratulate you today coach, because you did the impossible by winning the hearts and soul of everyone supporting the club, your works will be remembered forever.

      I can testify to this fact that your coaching skills are top-notch. You can bring in a cripple to our team and make him do well, that’s how much I believe in you coach… you are so capable coach. In fact when I tell people about you on the streets and at work, I say you are “Sir Pitso Mosimane” just like “Sir Alex Ferguson”. Thank you for teaching us how to achieve success through perseverance, training and hard work. You carry the responsibility of the whole team till the point that we feel no pressure at all, you are a coach that a player doesn’t want to let down.

      Every coach has what they give priorities to, but it seems that the priority you gave to friendliness within the team is a magic touch for excellence. There are moments when we come up against better opponents, but you taught the team to compete harder… today we are a better team because of that.

      The moment you came around we were near shit, but you found a way around our team players minds and changed our poor and weakened mentality to a strong one. It seems when other teams lose, they became weaker, but your attitude towards defeat made it impossible for players and us supporters to become weak… we always come back stronger. You taught us supporters that obstacle will always arrive at every point in time, but we should always outlive it with a positive attitude.

      Thank you so much for bringing us so much success and happiness thus far and looking forward to many more, we wouldn’t have achieved anything near that without you. We see your influence on everything good the team does, especially the unity we have within the team. We can never repay you for your kindness and teachings, may you live longer to make other people great too. Strong mentality and belief are the simple key to achieving the unthinkable, you have always given your best for the team to succeed coach.

      You are in the top 7 best local coaches in African continent in my generation (my personal opinion),a true master technician of the game. As you grow older today, may lady luck always walk with you, you are amazing. We appreciate you from the depths our hearts as supporters. You are a great person and you made it to our supporters hall of fame.

      There are moments when we were having a lot of problems in the team, but you reassured us that it will be okay and continued to ask supporters to lobby behind the team and have patience… thank you so much for your mental strength and maturity. Today we are a bunch of happy supporters, thanks for making us better. You are in our heart’s forever and always, have fun on this day and live long, you are simply amazing. Have a glass of wine, relax and let the day surprise you with smiles and cheer from all those who care about you. You are one of the toughest person I know of and you will always be important to us Masandawana supporters.

      May you grow to be older and wiser, you are our inspiration… you are a true professional legend. You made a lot of individuals better players, and better individuals. May every coach out there look up to you, you have a strong character and faith… you are truly a born legend. May every wish you place today come true, may you have a great time as you celebrate your birthday and may all your friends and family remind you of your greatness coach… I’ll continue praying for the whole Mamelodi Sundowns FC family.

      We as supporters can’t thank you enough for your dedication to helping our team pursue
      its goals and for all of your inspiring lessons. May this day be another blessing to your beautiful life, have a great and amazing birthday my special blessing coach, you are loved.

      Yours Truly,
      Mbuyi wa le Sandawana.

  3. Magezi Phanuel Reckson Baloyi

    Happy belated birthday coach, it’s still your happy month.
    I wish you many more years of your life.
    I pray that, our good God continue to keep you and do you good, in Jesus’s name, AMEN…