Mamelodi Sundowns Apology on Langerman – Nedbank Cup Incident

The President of Mamelodi Sundowns, Dr Patrice Motsepe today issued an apology on the Tebogo Langerman – Nedbank Cup final incident.

Dr Patrice Motsepe said:
“I would like to apologise to all the supporters and members of the Mamelodi Sundowns Family, as well as the organisations that are involved in football and all the people who love and follow football in South Africa and on the rest of the African Continent; for Tebogo Langerman being listed as a substitute during the recent Nedbank Cup final, contrary to the rules of the PSL and SAFA.

In my capacity as President of Mamelodi Sundowns I am responsible and accountable for everything that happens at Mamelodi Sundowns; whether I knew or did not know or was not aware or involved in the matter.

Our preliminary investigation indicates that the Management and Technical Team were grossly negligent and this behaviour and conduct is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

A formal disciplinary hearing will be held as soon as possible and the appropriate action, including dismissal where the circumstances legally justify, will be implemented.

We are a caring, loving and forgiving organisation but we also have a duty to protect the reputation, integrity and good name of Mamelodi Sundowns.

We have to make sure that this kind of grossly negligent and reckless behaviour does not happen again.”

Mamelodi Sundowns will issue an update and report back on this matter in due course.

5 Responses
  1. Gqabaza

    This is dismissal offence, I would be happy if the President would make proper example, whoever found napping on his job must be fired, we have been a laughing stock, called name because of people who just want money not prepared to protect Sundowns dignity

  2. Sipho

    Thank you so much Mr President for the apology and taking responsibility but please Mr President please do not fire anyone we are all human and sometimes make mistakes but let it be our lesson to double check everything as fast our player’s yellow cards are concerned. I also appreciate the way PSL handled this matter. Mr President please do not fire anyone, I beg you.

  3. Luvuyo pomolo

    Taking proper action is welcomed o could not even celebrate the win because of the embarrasment caused. I hope also that Langerman himself should be punished which player in the world doesn’t know when he has accumulated bookings

  4. Ayanda

    Mr. President , your leadership is highly commendable, thanks for the apology and taking responsibility for the mistake done by your team, whether management or technical team.The mistake has embarrassed us all, the reputation , good image and the big brand has been damaged. Indeed action must be taken against those that were negligent on this matter, however i align with those that humbly beg you Mr. President to be lenient and not to dismiss anyone as all of us are subject to human errors. However if the findings of the investigation show that it was not a mistake , if for example, it shows that someone somewhere wanted to sabotage somebody else ,perhaps because of jealousy or something, then in such cases , a dismissal is warranted and a deserving sentence for the culprit.I also feel that it is unfair to blame Langerman for not recalling that he had 4 yellow cards, a player is subjected to a huge pressure to impress and perform for the coach and the team, and games were coming thick and fast and you expect the player to recall such thinks, that is so unfair. After all it is not Langerman’s job to know the number of yellow cards, let alone keeping the record of that. The fact that SAFA or PSL whoever is responsible, furnishes a club with the number of yellow cards or suspensions two days before the match, it shows that , this is the management or admin responsibility to keep the records and inform the technical team accordingly before the matches are played.In the absence of such notification from the Management or Administration , then both The technical team and the players will take it that all is well and everybody is available for the match. Records are kept to remind everybody, one who keeps records is at fault here, not Langerman and to continue to vilify his name is also unfair to his family, his job is to play not to keep records and issue notifications.