Masandawana Shift Their Focus Back to Domestic Duties

Coming from continental duties where they bowed out of the CAF Champions League on Friday, Mamelodi Sundowns will resume their hunt for glory in the DStv Premiership when they host TS Galaxy on Monday evening at Loftus Versfeld.

With only two days to prepare for the top flight fixture, defender, Mosa Lebusa stated that time to process their CAFCL exit was limited as they had to quickly shift their focus back to the domestic league.

“Obviously coming from a Champions League exit, the mood was a bit low but 24 hours has passed and we are now looking forward to our next game where we have to redeem ourselves. We were sad after exiting the Champions League but we have now picked ourselves up and we have to focus on and finish the league. Everyone is now fully focused on the upcoming game,” he stated.

Currently languishing first on the tally, with eight more games to conclude the season, the defending champions only need six points to seal the victory, which is what according to Lebusa, Bafana Ba Style are focusing on. He further stated that the intention heading to this game, is to collect maximum points and make the Yellow Nation happy again, after the Friday heartbreak.

“We have a league to play for and we are playing against a good side that has been in form. They are one of the teams we haven’t played this season besides the Carling Knockout. It’s going to be an interesting match. If you check the league table, they are slowly climbing up and mathematically they can still catch us but I don’t think it will happen on Monday because we are playing at home and that’s where we will need to redeem ourselves. We have to go all out, attack and make sure that we get maximum points,” Lebusa stated.

The Downs defender concluded by urging the Masandawana supporters to come out numbers to be the 12th man. He also promised them maximum points as they are deserving of a positive result.

“We would like to encourage the Yellow Nation to come to the stadium and support us. We know their hearts are still broken from Friday, but we promise to cheer them up and make them proud on Monday as they beat the drum and give us extra energy,” concluded Lebusa.

The encounter between Mamelodi Sundowns and TS Galaxy will take place on Monday evening at Loftus Versfeld. Kick-off is scheduled for 19H30, live on SuperSport TV.

10 Responses
  1. Boh

    Wondering who will be starting tonight…and what is the mandate….I’ve started supporting this team when Nananah!! Was our captain..and today Mshishi …well it’s my first time being tired to care about my team…for the coach to admit he was wrong with starting lineup..of 6 defensive players while we chasing the game …and no one listening to the fans..not do exactly what we say.. but it’s highly unlikely we wrong all of us but.. later you agree we were right….let me start a sundowns challenge.. Masandawana awusho.. WHEN DID YOU STARTED SUPPORTING YELLOW NATION..if Jingles regime.. it’s okay you don’t know disprin but.. you are yellow don’t be shy..When..Mnfana/Skhumba/Sundowns 4ever/all members tell us
    .waqala nini?

    1. Mfana

      Boh I don’t know the year bt Mark “the Tiger”Anderson,Ewie,Nana,Bricks,Oshkosh,Moripe,Jersey Queen,Wire Wire Chirwali,Lovemore,Loverboy,Zane “Zoo”Moosa.Andries Chitja,Malinga brothers.Craig le Grange,William Zondi,Sammy Troughton,DD Ace Khuse but he moved after the arrival of Chirwali.Harris CCV Cheou.All the players r the ones attracted my eyes 2 support this beautiful team.Yes sometimes I say things with great emotions bt I would like 2 see this boy [Rhulani]completing his term.But after a negative result I become so harsh to the boy&I believe he has a lot to learn.

  2. Muzi Kunene

    Haa Boh why are asking us when did we start supporting Downs My Outie,mina I started in 1986 when We played with Cosmos on Mainstay Cup but coming back to my opinion of today,firstly I want to thank Rhulani for bringing R1b to our team even though we didn’t proceed to the final and again it seems Rhulani doesn’t listen to his technical staff because lately he will hear him after the gams apologising for his mistakes he made on the line up I know you’re a head coach and you have a final say but sometimes learn to trust your technical staff.
    I think nathi as a ambitious team we must copy what others are doing,Esperance plays twenty year goalkeeper and I doubt if he plays for us he will get that opportunity.We have I repeat good strikers young also on DDC that we can unleash on our first team but we don’t have trust on them or we’ll wait till they get to late twenties before we consider them,last coach we bought a player with almost fifty millions by the name of Esquivel but the poor boy is always on grandstand most of the time and my question why did we brought him hear in SA if he’s not good and I don’t believe this thing of saying he’s still adapting,just play him he will adapt on the field of play.

  3. Muzi Kunene

    They’re Downs supporters who says Rhulani must go because we didn’t reach the final or winning it I mean guys how can we discard a coach who gave Downs more than R120m this season even Bucs with the best players as Downs are not even have R17m for this season,there’s a saying which says “you’ll see the valuable or important of a thing when it’s gone”
    Mina I will say let’s keep him and avoid to be greedy in playing all competitions with our first eleven e.g Mtn and Black label trophies because the Psl doesn’t care for us they want to see us failing this players are not robots but human beings I know some will say we’got too many players but even them are also humans let’s not distracted by the Soweto rivals those hate Downs to the core there’s nothing good they will say about us even on Friday some Chiefs supporters were celebrating with Esperance forgotten their big problems of not even winning one trophy in almost ten years,this is Downs with Thlopie on our side I’m sure next season will be more dangerous than this year because we are an ambitious team just watch the space.

    1. Dalom

      The issue is not only about the results member, it’s also about entertaining football. I’m not going to spend my hard-earned money to watch Tebogo Mokoena and Marcelo Allende passing each other at an arm’s length more tha 5 times or our midfielders and defenders always passing the ball to Ronwen. Even if we’re loosing, we need to loose playing good football. The monies you mentioned that the Motsepe family gave to the players was supposed to motivate them. This coach is watching wrong teams for learnings, he’s supposed to watch Arsenal and learn how to overcome those teams that play low block. Yes, I’m one of the supporters that want to see the coach’s back. We’re not doing well because of his coaching capabilities, but rather the resources we have.

    2. Muzi Kunene

      It’s painful to loose in big cups and people will point fingers after the game that we should have played our normal slow build ups and start with Zwane and Modiba but what surprised me those players were there in our games against Yanga and Esperance they didn’t do anything that’s why the coach came with another line up which he thought would yield results.
      To me there’s nothing wrong with the Friday line up even our sense of urgency was spot on the problem the ball didn’t kiss the back of the net we tried everything,lastly few minutes ago I heard Mazola Molefe that Olympique Marseille supporters are busy writing a petition that next season they want Rhulani nomakanjani so be careful not to loose what’s good for you because others want it more and cherished.

  4. Dalom

    Wanted to say we’re doing well not because of his capabilities, but rather because of the resources we have.

  5. Boh

    Bafwe2 I personally feel that he has acknowledged his costly mistake..he has learnt his lesson though we playing tonight..I might swallow my words.personally I feel he is more friends with the media more than his coaching stuff…why he never bring Manqoba to the press meeting or it’s the law….and lento yakho coach to be best buddies with players more than your coaching stuff… because they play for your downfall..they humans they can see there is no camistry between you……I’ve listened to your interviews always I didn’t sleep watching this about communication while doing those team profiling next game…you are gifted but lack understanding that you can learn a lot from your co coaches… imagine mentioning learning from Zungu’s coach overseas…Arsene Wenger..Pep and many about Randell and Manqoba.. think about it.. people are smarter than you they listen and note even said Mazinyo is the one you learn from as well….not that ku wrong but.. charity begins at home..cabanga mawukhuluma..angilwi… it’s good but not the best way to unite this big team…we appreciate your work and love it… enough with goalkeeper has more touches then midlefieders and strikes…look where we are…good luck boys


  6. Boh

    Masandawana sorry just saw starting lineup..why we again starting with 5 defensive players…2… anyone who knows where is Mandieta/Gaston/Rhiberio

  7. Dalom

    Well done to the team. I was particularly impressed with Kekana. For the first time I saw him running with the ball and even crossing the centre line with the ball. His long-range forward passes were also locating his teammates with ease. We’re creating a lot of chances ever since we started varying our play with those long-range passes. Well done to the technical team for the tactical changes. I heard that even the coach of Esperance commenting about it. These patient build-ups were not taking us anywhere. If possible, sometimes we need to by-pass the midfield, as you can see Themba Zwane is getting old and has slowed down.