Mosimane Defends Onyango

Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane defended goalkeeper Denis Onyango for the mistake that cost the Brazilians two points against Polokwane City on Tuesday at Loftus Versfeld.

The Brazilians’ and Uganda’s No. 1 unintentionally played the ball into his own net after saving a tame attempt. Sundowns ended up drawing the match 1-1 and missed out on a chance to go level on points with leaders Bidvest Wits. But all is not lost, Sundowns have two games in hand while they trail Wits by two points.

“You must always have a budget of one or two (mistakes) every year,” Mosimane said. “You know what I am trying to say? Always have a budget. That budget, you have to respect it. Also, from any of the centrebacks. You’ve got to accept and respect it. It happens everywhere. In Asec (Mimosas in Abidjan), he was super. Tonight one mistake we talk different? No! No! No! He has saved us a lot of times.”

Sundowns started the match like a house on fire. Themba Zwane put the Brazilians ahead within 10 minutes. But they couldn’t build on that bright start to get maximum points from Rise and Shine.

“Nothing went wrong, only the mistake that the number one in Africa made,” Mosimane said. “It was a big mistake. And then nothing else. We had a good start. Maybe the early lead made us to play a little bit different. We wanted to protect the goal as early as possible. We let them play a little bit. But they’re a good team. We have to accept that. That’s why they’re on the position they are on the log.

“The way they defended was unbelievable. It’s totally different to how they played in the 3-1 loss to Maritzburg United. They upped their game. They did well and were organised at the back. It was difficult for us. It wasn’t easy. We’re unhappy that we didn’t get the three points. It’s two points lost. But in the longer scheme of things you could say that it’s a point gained. You know how life is, you sometimes become too ungrateful. Off course you want to win because you’re playing at home. I thought that (George) Chigova was going to be the Man of the Match. He did exceptionally well. He saved everything. Balls were saved off the line. It’s one of those, you’ve got to accept and move on.”

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  1. Bernard

    Our Coach is right mistakes do happen in the field of play , at list one point is better and now lets focus on our next game Shapa Masandawana Shapaaaaaaaa Trapfontein Continues ?????????

  2. I don’t warry too much about that, but we’re really needed that 2 points but unfortunately one of our mistakes,they makes mistakes.guys every one he or she,we make mistakes.but i hope this Saturday we’re going to work hard to replace our 2 points. Meaning we’re going to collect 3 points on Clever Boys.

  3. Bango

    Even if l was the Couch l would accept the mistake and protect my player. True these things do happen in football, l can assure you even the Goalkeeper least expected that, not even the supporters expected it, even the man who headed thought it was in the hands of the Goal keeper, it was mistake and there is no need to over exaggerate it, we all saw it and we cant dwell much on it. He is a professional player he will correct his reflexes and the same player will make us happy, he knows how to beat himself, we ought not to come with logs for such but instead pick him up together with the coach and believe in him again. We are a forgiving crop of supporters, we don’t nail and crucify players for common mistakes. There is pressure everywhere. Lets cheer up, put that game behind us and focus on the games coming taking them one at a time. Soccer loving followers let us adopt these as individuals; Let your setbacks become your set ups,let your wounds become your wisdom, let your failures become your fortunes, let your tests become your testimonies, your break down become your breakthrough, your fears become your faith,let your pain become your praise and lastly but not least your problems become your projects. Life is a journey! its a marathon race. All the best this weekend, the students ought to be taught PYTHAGORAS THEOREM. They must solve an equation and find the value of X on the field. To unseat them there will call for great precision upfront. YOU WIN BY SCORING MORE GOALS THAN YOUR OPPONENTS

  4. mzimela

    coache is about time to give Thela Ngobeni chance.cdonot be hatred and favouritism a good father treat familly equal

  5. Bango

    Thela Ngobeni is a good Goal keeper, his time is coming and competition will be tough, in fact by now he is prepared to compete than accepting that he is number 4 goalie, he is ready to break the odds, but it will be critical , if the Big guns can make mistakes and people get angry that much, what will happen to Thela if a similar mistake occur on his first game? Knowing our supporters well, will bury him alive or blame the Coach. Then he may fail to pick his confidence again. We are at critical stages of the league and CAF for doing such unless it is really called for, when we win he wins also and same when we lose. Thela must just keep his feet on the ground and remain calm and focused his turn will surely come. The challenge is that we lost all other cup competitions where he, l also feel should have been given or was going to get an opportunity. Suppose the game against CHIPPA, was him between the poles, early exit from that competition, he was never going to be considered again, he was going to be nailed alive by reactive supporters. He is still very important to us, injuries towards the end become so much not that we wish such to happen but an opportunity can present itself like that and he must be ready. As of late the training department know the reasons, us from a distance talk based on past achievements of which in that competition among them direct such a result. It is a matter of time, keep the Laffor attitude, be part of the team, all the Zwanes, the Mabundas they know what is competition and waiting for your turn. There are many to learn from, keeping it simple with all simplicity and the right attitude. I sometime ask people why are we not all successful at once? if you are not successful today does it guarantee that you will never be successful in life? a big NO! Its about chance and opportunity. some who lose the patience on the way of success try quick means which are not right. Long suffering, endurance, patience and self belief will surely usher you to the promise. its not about speed to arrive where you intend going but through observing all the road signs and limits, even this League is still open to any team, we have the chance but if we begin to add points before the games played and won we are bound to crash . LET US believe the Technical team has a plan to make us happy. Support and cheer our team and giving praises where possible, encouraging them,it will ease the pressure they are all subjected to. Sisonke! Kby

  6. Dalom

    But he criticizes players like Laffor in the media. You need to treat all the players the same coach. I’ve always questioned why Umnyango comes back to the starting eleven after the injury or suspension while the keeper who had replaced him was still doing well. That’s totally unfair to the other players. No player should be made to feel they own the position.

    1. @ Dalom i think the coach responded to yours comment that they are not favoring any player, Please let us read the coaches comments and make a comment, let us not read to answer.They mentioned that the players are tracked on the speed , distanced covered and make a decision either to play him or not.and i understood clearly what they meant because i read the information to understand. If you can check all new players are given a chance to play and prove themselves if he cannot impress then he must do it at the training. other players like Maboe you can see they raised their hands with the first touch.Comments by @Bango very positive and i wish all sundowns supporters and fans can have such understanding about football. This coach protect his players and will never hurt his players.

  7. brown sfane

    is not that simple and is frustrating, to keep waiting while Arther players that come after you the just walk straight to the fist eleven

  8. Jaws Buda

    @Bango…… thanks for the wise and inspiring words member and may God continue to bless the Sundowns family. KBY 4 Life

  9. Boh

    Thela!! is a good goalkeeper,u write to us,but my question for you how do you know that,except his excellent work,winning nedbank cup and keeping Stars!! in the PSL.when season starts coaches are given a write for who can go or stay..guess what Pitso!!! refused to let go off Ngobeni,why plz tell us ?….from what u said just for him not to play but wait on the stands!!!.Pitso!! Brought Riyaard,who was sitting on the stands!! While Thela was making waves in the nedbank,plz tell us who is fooling who,I agree we’re supporters not coaches,but don’t insult our intelligence,Then as a coach you say Thela is short!! What an insult,why did Sundowns bought him in the first place..Malajila,Mngoma,Mkhulse,Mahlambi,Andile,Laffor,Mweene,Meza and many more..plz Pitso stop delaying substitute,when your plan is not working,your costing us big time,for now we still love u as our coach,but change your attitude between uuu!!! And our players we will choose players for they make the team ,your the driver of the bus..again we love the coach,but we need answers.what is happening in that dressing room..concern and diyng supporter of Masadawana ..we have to win this league PSL belong to us..

  10. Bragadz

    We need to score as much goals as possible and take the opportunities we get to cater for incidents like this. Shappa Sandawana.

  11. Bango

    It is a wise thing to have local goal keepers in the team to tap and learn from these international Goal keepers. There are things that they are learning and l can assure you there are even better people now than before. Rubbing shoulders with the Best, you eventually become one, watching the best make mistakes helps you know what to avoid at all cost, there is always a lesson. The comment of the height is just a comparison with what he has at the moment, l bet Thela is taller than our couch and taller than many other Goalkeepers in the PSL, I have seen his name as a second Goalie in some matches, his turn is not far , he must just focus and not dwell much on our comments. I know what media can do to a player, players must focus on their profession , Thela remained because he is important to Sundowns, they know there is something special that only him can give. Like l indicated prior that it was unfortunate that we got an early exit in the other cups, it would be a different story, these other many cups help also. We must always remember Sundowns is in the Construction phase, very few players have featured in all or majority of the games, knowing Pitso, he does not like changing a winning team, if you see him changing people , l want to believe,he is still looking for the best combinations that can execute his tactics , definitely it can not be in one season. When he has that team, any player can fit in, but you must have a proper frame or structure that when other players come in fit well and compliment and contribute to the team. Seasons differ and will always present themselves differently, l have learnt as a supporter to accept what l can not change and change that which l can. Some people are fond of saying favoritism,that l suppose is how the person sees it, that is one’s opinion, it may be true or may not be true, it must not be categorical or definite, it remains an assumption till the accused confirms . l would rather say he prefers to ,which has no negative conotations . In a competition of the beauty contests one will emerge the winner, it does not mean the other ones are not beautiful, the judges would have preferred that individual to others, in the next competition they still go and guess what another wins. lmagine such a beauty in the province coming number 9 in the national competition, does it mean she is now ugly? a big NO! Is there anything that she did wrong? , possibly but maybe Not, she just met her equals. In any competition with your equals you are bound to yield one way or the other.l would rather encourage every player to remain focused believing your turn is coming, following the technical instructions during training remains vital, working hard and giving more. It is true all players know how to play soccer, but few will want to play according to instruction, they would rather play the way they want or the way they know how it is played, already it becomes a conflict of interest there, in the field of play each player is given a role to play, the one who gives you the role will be watching and monitoring if you are executing that which was assigned to you or not, we supporters will be busy cheering the player doing the opposite of the instruction given to him in our absence. You have heard Couches commenting after matches, even if they lose,they would say, “they played according to instruction, they did well, unfortunately the plan did not work, we will have to go back to the drawing board and try and fix that” or vice versa. We can differ in our opinions, it does not make the other person wrong, its just opinions that would have differed. I choose to focus on the positives and take lessons from the negatives. There is a big game tomorrow, we are persuaded for better things. KBY


    Our main problem is the coach other players he protects,others he doesn’t.Sometimes I feel like he is mad coz he does something and go on to criticize it unaware.After the game he said “let’s be honest,Laffor and Mahlambi didn’t have enough time to make any impact”,yet he is the one who introduced the late,how can a wise coach wait until 83rd minute to make a substitute while playing at home if he really wanted a win?.Sometimes he deliberately or get paid to hold back our progress.He makes other players to believe that they are Sundowns and are entitled to have an automatic selection.He should also be reminded that he is not Sundowns but an employee at Sundowns hence he signed a contract just like players.

    1. @DOWNS4EVER what is wrong in the coach statement? The coach is not criticizing the 2 players but he is protecting them by saying that they came into the game late so why are you criticizing him for ? Member it does not mean that you MUST only ctiticise when you make a comment, you can also support and comment the team. KBY

  13. brown sfane

    I fully agree with you, the biggest problem with this coach is the fact that he has to much power in the team. The president, Mr motsepe is responsible for spoiling this coach. he is the one who is responsible for top players to leave the team like Castro, n Kama. now is busy telling us, is building the team, the Arther thing that I really don’t understand is the fact that wat is the point of having academy when you have a coach that he doesn’t believe in young players wy wasting time and money for something that doesn’t work for the benefit of the team. u have a coach that is interested with signing very expensive over age players.

  14. Members pls, let’s support our team , let’s go to stadium 2 be player number 12 so that we wil manage 2 beat wits . What’s happening on tuesday is like water under the bridge. We have a crucial game 2day , wits is a hard nut 2 break. Together we wil conquer wits 2day.

  15. Bango

    Things will always change , CHANGE is sometime painful . I can hear you members, but let us be honest, Pitso has achieved for us a lot, he is not perfect like any other person, he is prone to error like any other person in position of influence. When you are in the elite position every likely thing is magnified, there is a saying that the one with the ball is the one marked the most, a tree with more fruits is the one that experience more stones. By us complaining l believe it also make him a better person, the mistakes he makes as a human being teaches him good lessons , the wrong options and decisions make him choose what is right next time. Life is a journey, to me , South Africa has at least produced one of the best Black Coaches of our time and l cherish that.

    People say he is arrogant , may be , l can assure you no one who will assume that position at Sundowns and become always a humble man, where all people suggest or tell you a plan to use except yours, that position demands, it calls you to be strong in decision making what people will misjudge it to arrogance . The job description and clauses in the contract will always differ per an employee. All the errors done by Pitso are common errors and talk of the show in all clubs, whether local or abroad. Also to differ with him its good for the club too. Any player on his day ,does not matter how many minutes you have played in order to score, we have seen with time goals scored before the end of the first minute of start time,we have seen goals scored from substitutes after full time , its a matter of opportunity. Some times it works sometimes it does not work, lets take it to be things that happen in football, some players score their first touch as substitutes, we have seen these things in the journey of foot ball. If you are the coach and you know who is going to score you will not need to waste time but just send in those who are to score, but because you do not know who, you trust and believe on the one in the field of play. Lets support our team and technical team, we also focus to be the determined 12th man. We shall surely overcome, That coming match is very crucial, lets believe in whoever represents the yellow nation in the field to execute it well to our joy. all the best KBY

  16. Dalom

    What a boring game. Lots of schoolboy errors as well. Let’s give it to Huntie, he’s tactically way above Pitso. The only difference is that Pitso is spoilt for choice in terms of players, otherwise Huntie beats him hands down, no argument there

  17. Zipho

    @Dalom,u jst don’t like Pitso dats all, there’s nothing special abt Gavin Hunt’s tactics,u jst hate Pitso nje finish

  18. Dalom

    The courses that Pitso is attending in Morocco are not adding any value for him shem. I’m just happy that hopefully Manqoba will give us something that we’ve been missing. He can stay in Morocco until the end of the season for all I care.

  19. brown sfane

    Pitso problems, arrogant, greedy dictator, jealous, and the is one thing that he need to understand, that in life everthing comes to the and,every journey has it’s distenasion.


    Kick boboza I never said he criticized players but,criticizing himself coz he is the one who brought them in late.God is trying to make us a winning line up by getting rid of the old dead woods.Lets be honest Adrense was injured and probably trained once yet he was selected ahead of young fully fit Lebusa and Coyote.Both Nasciemento and Adrense can’t defend on the ground,cannot run nor turn.My assignment to supporters and technical team to watch the game again and check the performance of Kekana,when he doesn’t make a back pass,he gave the ball away.I think Pitso should only play Kekana,Nascimento,Adrense and Onyango in CAF games and play other players in the PSL games because he wants to win only championship’s league.I wish he flight can be delayed in Morocco so that he misses our midweek game.We won champions league by messy of God,remember we’re out of both confederation and champions league and that his favorite sons Mphahlele and Adrense were suspended and injured respectively.

    1. @DOWNS4EVER Member i hear you properly but i don’t see any word that the coach is criticising anyplayer but he is COMMENTING that he brought them why are you taking him to task for our coach must not make comments because our own supporters will criticise him. I don’t take the coaches before and after match comments seriously because he is tactical, the problem with coaches that are good on post match interviews is that they don’t win trophies, because they expose themselves and they tell everybody what they tried to do and failed and what they will do next time. This team was performing very bad until we got Pitso so please maybe you just joined the team please be patient. In football you work hard and pray for LUCK so every team win trophies by luck. so i believe that is how we won Caf Champions league and as true Supporters of this team we are proud of that achievements. Hlompho is the very important for our systems. I DON’T SUPPORT THIS TEAM ONLY IF THEY WIN NO I SUPPORT THEM MORE WHEN WE LOSE, I KNOW HOW THEY FEEL. REMEMBER ONLY PLAYERS THAT TRY HARD WILL MAKE MISTAKES IF YOU DON’T TRY YOU WILL NOT make mistakes and therefore will not SUCCEED.

  21. Themba

    The problem with our current team is that we are too flat at back. Guys can’t take two steps forward with the ball. We always seek an easy way out by playing backwards. Look at the goal we considered last night. Was it really necessary for Adrense to pass the ball backward? Also can some1 pls explain our structure? Do we play 5 at the back? I am asking this question because Sugar is forever around our centre backs. You will see him crossing the centre line maybe once or twice.

  22. @ Themba Member please check the analysis before the game they explain the systems however we have Hlompho playing just after the strikers and Sugar support the defense. We never had a system problem against Wits things changed when Wayne got red carded, the coach decided not to risk losing but took a draw risk. before that we were coming at Wits.We are only hard luck nowadays Members everything will be fine. I know every Member feel bad if we lose members but i remember Manqoba explaining to the media after a draw last season and he mentioned that we are not going to win all the games but we must try to win enough to win the games in order to win the league. relax Members the players will respond.


    Kick boboza you’re problem is lack of understanding,I never said he criticized players but his decision of introducing players late in the game.You seem to show us that you joined Dows recently other wise you would know that Downs used to complete effectively in all trophies and it took only the referees to stop us.Your coach Pitso found us having won the league 5 times,more than any other team in the PSL.When a person talks he wants people to listen and take notice of what he is saying.You can rely on luck all the time,your main problem is to watch only PSL games that’s why you don’t know how football is played.Coaches don’t introduce players late when they want to win a game,but only if they want to kill the opponents’ rethym or momentum.Some of us who love soccer are watching Levante vs Real Madrid now while the likes of wanting for Downs vs C City game on Wednesday.Most of you Swallows fans always criticize supporters who comment about the team as if you’re opinions are correct.We always comment about what is happening in the team unlike fans who sees nothing and only talk about others ‘ comments.

  24. Bango

    This League favors Sundowns statistically, on the ground its still a long way to go but l believe Sundowns are aware of all this, they enjoy Caf competition , they have the budget for it, they have the quality and experience to compete out there, the passion is there but they can continue when they win the last matches. Beginning today , there is too much pressure especially on us as supporters, the only way they can do us justice is by winning by convincing margins. The only fact l have noticed any team playing with Sundowns whether on form or out of form as long as they play us, they just up the game. what does it mean, Sundowns is a pacesetter, have set a standard , so it should mean Sundowns must accelerate to another level, why other teams hold them is because we have probably stopped growing. We must begin with what we have push for excellency ,push for victory, it must not end in nice passing games, they must score and score more than the opponents. All the BEST .

  25. Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Many thanks