Nande Becker takes aim at Downs

PSL Prosecutor,Nande Becker has fired the latest salvo at Sundowns Head Coach, Pitso Mosimane in his running battle with PSL head coaches and clubs.

Yogesh Singh, the Club’s Executive: Legal & Commercial has confirmed that he has received yet another notice from Becker.

Speaking to the clubs website, he said ” Yes,I can confirm that I received an email on Friday night from Nande Becker. This notice deals with alleged statements made by our Head Coach, Pitso Mosimane after the Chiefs match and we are required to respond in 5 days to confirm or deny whether this statement was made or not”.

He went on to explain, “We are being hit left,right and centre…so this brings to three the number of potential charges our Coach could be facing. But you never know because it seems that everytime Pitso speaks there is a charge sheet  in my Inbox. And then there are two assault  charges against Gaston Sirino.”

On the timing of the charges, he added, “These things do not surprise me anymore. Sundowns receiving legal notices after business hours or on matchday a few hours before kickoff is sadly commonplace and I do not agree with how Nande Becker is approaching these matters and we will request the PSL to address this.”

“As Mamelodi Sundowns we do not ask that we be treated differently from other clubs but we do insist that we be treated fairly.”

Over the past few seasons, Sundowns have have had many struggles and have had to fight on all fronts including off-the-field to achieve their successes including with the PSL – which campaign the media dubbed as “Aluta Continua”.

When asked about the Club’s stance on match officiating in the PSL, Singh had this to say, “I made a statement last week that fining coaches,clubs and club owners all over the show does nothing to address the real issue… which is that we need to deal with the poor standard of match officiating and look at ways to fix this. Sundowns and all the other clubs in the league want the same thing…fairmess and consistency and we should work with the PSL and SAFA to find a solution to this as soon as we can.”

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  1. Members let me take this time to wish the Technical team, the medical team, the fitness team, the yellow soldiers and the yellow nation Good luck on our assignment today, We are behind you boys all the way. If we can improve our conversion rate we will win a lot of games.

    1. Philasande Mabhetshu

      We all behind you Masandawana. We are better team in this PSL thats they hate us but we just need to focus on our assignment and humble them with positive results.

  2. Madida

    KBY Nation, let us not be derailed. We’ve got an assignment to deliver in the afternoon.

    Let’s beat Chippa until he stops firing coaches & he starts coaching his team himself.

    We doing it for the Yellow-Nation & our former player aka Dan (Dance) Malesela

    KBY I remain. Sky is the limit

    1. Gareth kibidoe

      Chiefs always has favours from the referees in SA as jomo Sono said they they control the league with remote control they will never ever win a star and as for ernest midendorf he cant compare himself with our beloved coach pitso

    2. Gareth kibidoe

      Pitso my coach its freedom off speech u have to adres what is wrong club owners are investing a lot of money in they teams and just for one team to benefit I remember back in the days when sundowns played chiefs in the Rothmans cup they robbed us also

  3. Nkosinathi belief

    This PSL and Becker things it’s drain my energy,their dnt like sundowns period,all the time their want something to disrail our team even at last season their not happy we win the league,now this,today we are going to Sami finals by crook or force

  4. Timothy

    Let them bring on we are fully behind our coach and team he is not denying that there is problem with official up until PSL fired him we are not going to stop

  5. Menzi

    Something need to be done about our match officials this is not poor officialiatinv they are favouring the chiefs.

  6. Dumile

    Which means we are going to be charged weekly because their officials are lack of contintecy, how many times gaston if fouled on the field if u can look on stats he is the most tackled individual on the field with the less games we played

  7. Tebogo

    God is good all the time and he is watching this and he loves us all God will bless and help Sundowns against this corruption

  8. Temba

    A yeye sky ayeye, the only thing I think psl should be focus on is these referees causes I don’t know where they are coming from or they forget their dutes sometimes

  9. Adam

    No matter what, the fact is they hate Sundowns, idont even understand them otherwise. They have their team that they need to become champions but the team is failing to beat the target while sundowns is doing its best.if it was wwe, they could have bn made Another style so that sundowns can be out of everything, but let me say here, MASANDAWANA is here to stay as champions nomayini.

  10. Pauline Mahlangu

    We supporters of Mamelodi Sundowns are not happy with the way Nander Becker he treat our team. Can he start to concentrate how to deal with he complains arising from psl teams about match referees and deal with it the way he’s doing with our Coach Pitso Mosimane unless him as well he’s got a soft spot for Kaiser Chiefs he is the one who’s throwing that influence to match officials to promote this team with Sundowns hard work. We’ve been watching Chiefs way back claiming victories with match officials assistance and we are not going to allow that to happen again. Mr Berker if he doesn’t know how to deal with this problem which is downgrading the standard of SAFA he might as well be fired and be replaced with qualified people before he derail our soccer standard To Lower Degree whereby African teams will start disrespecting us again. I plead to SAFA management to start investigating Berker and match officials and give Pitso and Sundowns a break. If we supportes can see unfair treatment how about other officials who judge fairly felt about this? Not only South Africa but CAF as a whole?

  11. thabo mahlangu

    We have to be strong as Mamelodi Sundowns and keep supporting our team our coach and the whole leadership, we are attacked left right and Centre but it’s because we doing well for a while now and we will be challenged we must be strong, keep singing after ever game it confuses the enemy but we can’t give up..

    1. when did he benefit ? do you know the difference between benefitting and results going your way? hey wena just be advised that your goalkeeper should have been red carded and a penalty awarded yesterday. the referee did not judge that foul hence you BENEFITED. you are scared to meet us hence you were crossing your fingers but you must be dissapointed. we want that cup, That means no cup this year. i like Golden Arrows, their players supporter and their coach but unfortunately we must meet and this time i will go with the yellow machine.

  12. Yokohama

    I agree the same, chiefs always get soft penalty in comparison to other teams, look at the tko match between pirates and chiefs, the commentators saw no problem at Akpeye foul which was supposed to be a penalty and nothing much was said about it

  13. Dion

    @ pro who benefited from Chippa? this is not chiefs website you drunkard idiots you must make that stupid comment on chiefs website not Sundowns.

  14. Beautiful Members before i leave PE let me congratulate you Masandawana, the Technical team, the fitness team, the medical team your job is forever increasing with injuries, we were a big sluggish and we were too much relaxed to close them up hence they nearly punished us, i did not see the penalties i was hiding and i will see that later at the airport but i am happy we made it . the draw was good and it means we may meet the Zebras in the final. Medical team please work on Mshishi we really miss him. Ka bo yellow

  15. Khumbulani

    It looks like someone use Becker to distabilize Sundowns and this is unfair to us as Downs supporters. I think they now forcefully want the league in Soweto instead of fairly competing for it.

  16. mankers

    Go on Pitso, it is within your right of speech to speak your opinion. I still remember in 2002 if I am not mistaken when we were playing these cows (k/C) in BP top 8 final and Ian Mcloud was the referee Mambushi was clearly fouled in 18 area during extra time when sudden death was still existing the penalty wasn’t given and went on and loose that game during penalty shoot out. These so called PSL bosses did not say anything about it.


    You guys you must watch the game with the loving heart not that that you have not so long ago Victor Gomes awarded your Sundowns three penalties vs Ajax, two of this penalties was wrong decision we disintegrated have big mouth than you have. At the end of the game Pitso praise the refr that he love Goms when it’s penalty he gives docent hesitate but bcs it’s other teams you open big mouth. You should except that this time have an unexpected challenger and you players are ageing their performance wil gradual fall no I start complaining about Chifs who s on form. You talking about Akpai s penalty you forget about goal scored by Chiefs and denied, the stamp of Loarch to Khama. The foul showing of stars committed by jele on young boy Zuma. But now you selecting mistake that favour you. Looks like you didn’t watch the whole game and I’m telling you don’t watch the game with hatred tendency you wil cry till the end of the league


    Sundowns has been treated unfairly and the PSL prosecutor is quick to charge Sundowns players and officials. The PSL prosecutor wants to be seen doing something , Remember AJAX story, Pirates and Sundowns, pure CONFLICT OF INTREST .

  19. Makgabo

    Dumela South Africa Dumela

    I belief Coach Pitso has raised his concerns about officiating in a very careful and decent manner to avoid accusations or bringing the league into disrepute ” Chiefs Benefitting from mistakes of referees” That is a non accusatory statement but a fact. The reason he is charged is that it is in the nature of bullies when caught playing dirty then they will vilify the victim or anyone standing in front of the bullies. Listen to Natasha Tchitlas interview when she tries to Pit Pitso against Motsepe. During this interview she described Motsepe as a gentleman and that she knows he wont allow such comments Pitso made. That’s a typical bully behavior trying to get Pitso fired. They have smooth and poisenous tounges. In so doing their goal been to distabilize Sundowns. The solution is to get this referees and assistance to be investigated and stop hiding behind this technical word ” Mistake”. Investigate as to whether the mistakes were genuine or deliberate. Charging Coaches and Clubs is a means of whitewash. There is a lot of money, pride and prominence at stake and this alone is a reasonable suspicion enough to warrant investigation. Chiefs has a reputation of been favored by referees and FIFA must simply investigate all officials who officiated their games to dispel any doubts. Why are they afraid to investigate? If referees were investigated in smaller divisions why not Premier League. This is our outcry as South African Soccer Fratenity.

  20. Makgabo

    With the developing news on Mpho Makola’s 6 months ban it is very clear what Nande Becker and his cohorts are intending to do with Gaston Sirino case. Mpho was used as a scape goat in order for his case to be used as precedent on Gaston Sirino’s matter for stiffer sentence. This are the reasons; Gaston is alleged to have misconducted on the 19th September and Mpho around the 18th of October however Mpho was sentenced before Gaston Sirino. Maybe Nande has explanation for this. The bottom line is Nande Becker and the other TEAM are still bitter about Arendse’s matter and will use this matter to avenge. The motive to discipline Gaston is driven by PSL loosing Arendse’s case hence Sundowns winning the league. This will be pure revenge and wont be suprised when Nande Becker gives him a 12 months ban. Watch the space.