Pre-Season Change Of Plans

Mamelodi Sundowns have tweaked their pre-season preparations and have now made the trip to Zambia instead of the Democratic Republic of Congo where they would have faced TP Mazembe and CS Don Bosco, in Lubumbashi, as initially planned.

In fact the Brazilians have already featured in a friendly match against one of the top sides there in Zanaco at the Sunset Stadium in Lusaka. The two clubs played to a goalless draw on Wednesday at the venue which accommodates no more than over 5000 people and is the home of Zanaco FC.

Among the players that have travelled to the neighbouring country is Jeremy Brockie, who has joined the team for pre-season after coach Pitso Mosimane confirmed that the striker had been given some time off to attend a family bereavement in his native New Zealand.

One of the players that has been on-form is Phakamani Mahlambi, and he, too, is with the team in Zambia as he looks to build from his performances so far.

‘Phaka’ has looked sharp.

Mahlambi scored three goals in the two matches played against Botswana outfits Jwaneng Galaxy and Morupuleng Wanderers last weekend.

Sundowns have lined-up yet another friendly game in Zambia, this time against Nkana Red Devils at the same Sunset Stadium on Saturday afternoon as they wrap up another tour outside the boarders of South Africa to sharpen up for both the domestic Premier Soccer League as well as the CAF Champions League.

Masandawana, the reigning Absa Premiership champions, begin their title defence at the Lucas Moripe Stadium against crosstown rivals SuperSport United on August 3, with the MTN8 to follow a week later.

Downs are also looking to go even further than their semi-final exit in the Champions League after they lost 2-1 on aggregate to Wydad Casablanca of Morocco.

The pre-season outside of SA was arranged with that in mind as coach Mosimane wants the players to adjust to the conditions early before another campaign on the continent begins yet again. Sundowns will return back home from Zambia on Sunday after their game with Nkana Red Devils in Lusaka.

33 Responses
  1. This Billiat madness
    must come to an end .How can Mr Motsepe
    even listen to this nonsense of bringing
    Billiat back. Billiat
    walked our of the team
    for free . He thought
    he was the only player that made Sundowns to win..
    He said a move to
    Naturena was a dream come through
    Plz Pitso stop this
    Do nt bring this traitor to Sundowns


    You can’t let a player go for free then after that you trying to get that potential player with sum of R18M back that thing must stop we actually don’t need Billiat in the Mamelodi Sundowns FC squad, yes we can’t run away from the fact that he’s the best player but for now let him enjoy the rest of the seasons at Kaizer Chiefs FC, at least if you can take that 18M just bring Audrey Modiba and Thembonkosi Lorch that can be reasonably for us as a fan’s of Mamelodi Sundowns FC.

  3. brown sfane

    is clear that pitso is owning sundown that is way he doesn’t want to leave the team to prove himself agains the best in the world .

  4. muzi kunene

    Guys I’m fully behind u on the issue of Billiat but we mustn’t forget that Downs didn’t want to give him what He wanted by that time now they’re prepare to obliged.
    Let’s take a luk on the issue of Neymar now,PSG wants billions of rands and the very same team that led him to leave in da first place now wants him badly because why they want the Champions League.Madrid,
    Man City and Juventus etc spent billions just to win that trophy money is nothing if you want success even though they used to say money can’t buy success.
    Downs itrp an ambitious team now they don’t just want the Absa league but the big fish which is the Champions League and Club World Cup where u win millions of rands and build the brand of the team.Our opponents in Northern Africa are busy buying good players just to win the above trophies so we must tackle them pound for pound,lastly I’m fully behind the returning of Billiat only if they will settle the dressing room not to divide it,just imagine the combo of Billiat,Sirino,Vila and Zwane kuzofiwa,Kby forever.

    1. @Muzi I do nt have a
      problem with using
      the money but buyin
      back a player that
      you lost on a free
      transfer its disgustin
      Pitso can buy any
      Player of hiz choice.
      Europeans are insensitive when
      when they go about
      their shopping spree
      Our team currently
      needs a left back &
      a right back

  5. Manray

    Billiat is confused we can do without him and he must just be strong and enjoy the loosing side stay at naturena.khethile khethile boy .idiot.gkaaaaa

  6. Jimmy

    as much as it was painful to lose Billiat but let us not hold grudges when we don’t know exactly what happened only people in the know would decide if he comes back or not , but by the look of things there is no bad blood between those people all us from a distance are hurting and directing our anger at certain direction without full details

  7. Moripi

    But Pitso said with his own mouth that he was protecting the dressing room by letting him go, which I think it was a good idea. What’s changed now, thinking that he’s on the higher salary bracket

  8. Mzimela

    Moropi br u quit correct remembered before he sign Jali he said some words protecting change room to the end. he sign him no need of Billiat he must stay at Chief.

  9. Mfana

    Billiat went 4 the best team in Africa &they had a good setup more than any team in SA,they were the best professionally run team in the league&he wanted to win things with Kaiser chiefs,as it was the most ambitious team in the land.Has he finished his mission with Kaiser chiefs???He knows exactly ,what he was looking for??Chiefs may have a gold shirt as their attire but it’s not always golden on the other side of the road.Who 4get Billiat’s dragging of his feet against Barcelona?He gave us a he’ll of a below the par kind of
    performance.He got what he wanted.Anyone who wants to buy Billiat at Sundowns is brain dead,Billiat never made Sundowns famous but it’s other way round that made him to be famous.I thought Pitso wanted to protect his dressing room and what has changed now?We have the best midfielders in the like abo Lorch,Mthobi Mvala,Monare,Siphesihle Ndlovu,Linksin the PSL.But bringing back Billiat is like eating our own vomit,Mahlambi has shown us that this time around he wants to die on the pitch playing for Sundowns,then if we want Billiat what message r we sending to the whole team or the club as a whole including it’s supporters?Anyone who wants Billiat must go &coach Billiat some where else&prove that they better than Sundowns&I can bet with my last cent they will not succeed.

  10. JOSEPH

    Pitso.don’t bring Billiat
    back.we are not a rubish bin,he is confused.we are not.and coach, if u also confused follow him. (JOSEPH)

  11. Fraser

    My fellow downs relax Billiat remain Chiefs player let focus on our game on the third of August and continue with our mission to conquer local and the Continent

  12. Ntshengedzeni Sigogo

    Gents nothing wrong for khama to come back what we want its CAf not league
    Let’s forget about past

  13. Joseph

    Those who supports the return of Khama B,are not Downs supporters they don’t love our players.Ok Township Rollers wants him. Goodluck Khama B.

  14. Malefetsane

    Can someone from Management please explain this madness about Coach Pitso leaving the club. How can we do something like this when the team is beginning to dominate? I pray that this is just an unfounded fake news.

  15. Mfana

    Malefetsane,I’ve got a firm belief that this is fake news&there’s no substance on that.But even if Pitso decides to leave so b it,but in actual fact there’s no truth like that.Pitso can go overseas not locally,there’s no way that Pitso go with the club 4 preseason &all of a sudden leave.Locally he has been treated like an overseas coach whereby he chooses&buy a player that he wants,he can’t make it locally and there’s no such luxury.

  16. Malefetsane

    Hi Mfana, thanks for your response. I just got something from Kickoff that’s encouraging. It’s funny that Times Live conveniently forgot to quote it when they reported Coach Pitso’s response.

    Kickoff: “I’m happy at Sundowns, I’m happy to coach at Sundowns. I want to win the league, I want to give Sundowns the 10th title. I want Sundowns to have their 50th [anniversary] celebration. I am committed to that. I’m at Sundowns because I want to be at Sundowns. I’m not at Sundowns because of money. If I want more money, I can get it and I have refused it.”

  17. Bango

    Good day great supporters and thank you for your interesting insights. Hold your peace, soccer is like that, sometimes news are there for trending and selling purposes. Also if all that be true l do not see a problem of any player who adds value to the team.Billiat as a player had nothing against Sundowns as a team, remember these players have got agents who do the talks for their clients. When he left to Chiefs he wanted a new challenge and money, possibly he has seen the challenge and now he remembers that Sundowns made a name for him that he sees may soon diminish outside Sundowns. Remember Sundowns plays in Africa a platform where things happen. Last season supporters were complaining all season long of our team ‘s performance, We played fairly well, the truth be told, we missed Billiat ‘s exploits upfront, he is a quality player who can make things click again. One thing l like he is just a player like any other, Sundowns managed to compete without him and did well, his coming does not guarantee him regular playing since the team has proven, his coming may only add competition . He has influence upfront and fits very well in the Sundowns style of play. Issues are solved all the time through negotiations, we can not remain in the grudges and hurtful feelings. The only thing he must come back with a right mindset and we all know the truth about him when he is at Sundowns, we know his touches, his accuracy, his ball control, his passes, we were all not happy but we had to accept what we could not change. CAF needs people of his calibre combining with what we have. Sundowns is bigger than any one , that is why it remained doing well. Guys let us be honest with our selves at all times, it will help us as individuals.

  18. muzi kunene

    Seconded Bango let’s welcome him if he comes back because We really don’t know what happened on negotiations during his time at Downs maybe Downs flopped at that time and thinking he would accept anything they gave him and Pitso were used to say Billiat has achieved a lot at Downs he will not join a local team.
    Champions league needs good players and Billiat is one of them for us to compete with the North Africans not to falter along the way but to win that trophy, don’t forget our ambitions are beyond League trophy, Downs now are swimming with crocodiles not tadpoles, lastly I’m begging you don’t hammer me but the truth hurts Dawanas siyamdinga uBilliat,Kby forever.

  19. Moripi

    It is an unquestioned truth that he was a big part in our team, but my problem is that, Pitso said we couldn’t afford to give him what he wanted then and by that also, protecting the dressing room, which I think it was a sensible decision. But if he comes back, he’s going to be even on a higher salary bracket and where do you leave our dressing room now, I see even huge division.

  20. Bango

    We just need that strike force that when other teams think of plan properly, Billiat does not score much but he is one of those forwards you can trust for something, he can score, he can create , he can easily combine with others, he has those addressed last passes for someone to finish off. ln the PSL, he may not be needed much but a player like him amongst what we have already it is good. I want to believe everything has been addressed already, every player has a price,its very easy when you have a talent. Even at Chiefs he played well but for him to be amongst the more skilled makes the team click, if they have all agreed the terms ,it will be good. Many teams seek for his signature , l mean those who can afford him, but he prefers to ply his trade in the PSL, he also admits that he can get growth and competition at sundowns where he will be regarded as one of the players, at Chiefs his career can get a frustration , Solinas almost destroyed him, he was about to worship him which l feel was worse to divide the dressing room than salary issues. Salary come through negotiations of the agents but the other is a coward decision to make. Wait and see. If the deal goes through even the forwards we have will improve, it will be smiles for us all the way. Sundowns have a very tough program because Sundowns Supporters always want a win ,in the cups, league and Champions League. So more players who are lethal upfront positions us better.

  21. Mfana

    Bango,Kunene,Miripi,MaSandawana AMahle I love you all&especially you Bangor your comments r always spot on.But 4 the sake of continuity,let’s leave Billiat to play for Kaiser Chiefs,he chose that&was not forced by anyone&Remember he had his ambitions 2 do so.If needs b let’s go and enquire about Modiba from Supersport,Lorch from Pirates&anyone who is dedicated to die on the pitch playing for Sundowns.Then if his ambitions were based on money&hefty salary,he’s got it at Chiefs.Its like we r sending a message that he is better than anyone at the club.But believe, I have read your comments ,they’re spot on.If Billiat dd move on as a player he must not turn back.Then Pitso broaden his muscle of identifying a Tau&a Billiat.We cannot have a situation of crying 4 the departure of only 2 players,for 2 seasons.I was hurt when Billiat went 2 Chiefs&he dd that to spite us&it worked.Billiat is great but no longer 4 Sundowns&if it’s not like that it means Pitso is the one who can bring him 2 Sundowns,but it will mean that the thinking of Sundowns as a team is not thorough.

  22. Bango

    Thank you very much, we are just talking based on facts, Who would not want a player like Lorch? Aubrey Modiba ?Given an option to chose l would definitely go for Lorch, he is proving to be a player of the moment. Billiat reached his peak at Sundowns, he can only get back and re discover that form and nothing much, but Lorch will be a yes for me if opportunity be given, he has more room for improvement, he can play effective football. Possibly none of the players mentioned of late will make way, should any be a success story we will gladly receive. Sundowns only need an effective competition where a man has to prove himself before the loving Fans and the Coach. Lets not take anything away from Billiat, he remains one of the most talented player in the Psl, not the most important player particularly at Sundowns. Sundowns can still do better without him and can still do better with him. I am sure he also attest that the role he was given by Pitso back then made his name appear in Africa removing all the unnecessary arrogance, at Sundowns he rarely got a card ,maybe only for assimilation, at Chiefs he had to mark, work hard, tackle and get all those frustrations and less protection from the referees , try combination passes but it was a real struggle for him. At the back of his mind he knew the truth and the truth will always set a man free. We must agree, each team has its own style of play, has its own philosophy and each Couch can not afford to prostitute his convictions for an individual unless you are a poetic coward l once heard last year. Come what may, Sundowns is loading another star. KbY

  23. Mfana

    Bango u remind me of one thing when u mentioned that at Chiefs,Billiat has been required to run,work hard &do some tackles,that Sundowns is a great team &that although Billiat had a great skill he also had a great supply at Sundowns.I can’t wait for the start of the season 2 c our team clinching our thirteenth league title&break all the records for all the good reasons Kaboyelo I remain.

  24. Let me take this
    to welcome Sammy Seabe & Nyiko Mobie
    at our team ..
    I welcome you guyz
    Work hard & be disciplined . Keep good

  25. I wish my team
    maximum points 2
    morrow . I am also
    worried by the journalist who fail
    to mention the name
    of Eric Tinkler as one
    of. those who can take the hot seat at bafana bafana

  26. Malandela

    It’s really disappoin tht we hours before the first league match bt we have not been updated on injury list, possible line up, this really is disappointing

  27. Bango

    The season has started! we wish the team a very victorious season, a record breaking season, a season that shall make the supporters smile all the way, a season with no or less injuries, a season that we shall load two stars if possible, … we cant wait to see what the team has for us this season. All the best of play in this today Derby

  28. ITDowns

    Why are young players with pace such as Phaka and Lyle not available today. Can we please get an update on injury list.

  29. Congratulations to
    Masandawana for
    winning @ tshwane
    derby. I wish we win
    this La De cima ,,
    There is no need to
    loan out Nyiko Mobbie
    I think there will
    injuries & suspensions
    Remember we will try to win everything

  30. Thank you boys, I really appreciate your continued hard work, THANK YOU.Thank you to the technical team, medical team, fitness team , the fearless foot soldiers and the mighty yellow nation , yes we were there and painted the stadium yellow.

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