Sundowns Terminates Rantie’s Contract

Mamelodi Sundowns has terminated its contract with striker, Tokelo Rantie, with immediate effect.

The former Bafana Bafana international and Bournemouth striker had gone AWOL for a month and following an internal disciplinary process, the Club terminated his contract.

Rantie was signed by the Brazilians after spending a lengthy period of over two and half months on trial at Chloorkop as he was given a chance to regain his fitness and showcase the talent he possesses.

Despite the faith shown in him by Head Coach Pitso Mosimane and his Technical team, Rantie’s discipline let him down and he failed to grab the opportunity granted to him, especially since the Brazilians were needing a goal-poacher of his calibre, considering that many of the strikers in the squad had been injured at some time or another.

Yogesh Singh, the Club’s Legal Executive confirmed the termination and said ” The standard at Sundowns is high for a professional footballer and there is a zero-tolerance for ill-discipline. Of course, players are human and we will first go through counseling to correct a player’s behavior but there is a line and when that is crossed we do not compromise the dressing-room for any individual player.”

During the past few seasons, the Premiership champions have cracked the whip on ill-disciplined players and has released players including Musi Mashaba and Siyabonga Zulu, amongst others.

The 29-year-old Rantie joined Sundowns in September as a free agent but failed to make any official starts for the Brazilians.

24 Responses
  1. Dalom

    We signed him out of pity in any case. The coach is on record saying everybody deserves a chance. I don’t think we signed him because he was better than what we have. What a waste of money. Our team is just a charity organization nje.

  2. David Kganyago

    I commend Rantie for going AWOL until Sundowns felt it is time to terminate tbe contract.
    I would do same,how do take it! Rantie was signed last year in September,and has never kicked the ball for Sundowns.
    Why did Sundowns sign him,to bench him! That’s rediculous..Every player wants to buying a player and bench him for so long?
    There is no sense hear.
    Go on Rantie,dont despair..there are clubs that need your services..

    1. Eroplane

      Envy sometimes will cloud your judgment, The same thing happened to Ranti did happened at Cape Town city. He was given an opportunity and he failed,you can’t blame Sundowns for a striker who failed to crack into the team where there was no dependable striker.

    2. Godfrey

      Sundowns didn’t buy idiot… Rantie was dumb by Cape Town for ill discipline… Coach Pitos love the boy and gave him the chance to prove him self.. Idiot get ur fact right

    3. Mandla

      You are more of an idiot than Rantie. This player was given a chance during the KC vs Sundowns Shell challenge and everyone could see he was still not match fit, after that he disappeared.

    4. Jonas Ezekiel

      How do you field an unfit player who is unwilling to join training and do you even remember how long was Jali on the bench until he got an opportunity and grasped it with both hands? he’s now one of if not the best.

    5. David Kganyago I guess you are a Chiefs fan né!
      He hasn’t played a game in 2 years. Sundowns signed him, so he had to go and train and again pass the fitness test. Like Anthony Laffor, he had a long term injury and now he’s okay but before gets back to the field he needs to pass this fitness test, the same thing that happened to Rivaldo Coetzee before he started playing. Even Khama Billiat, when he was bought from Ajax Cape Town, whe wasn’t scoring, he would run, dribble, create but couldn’t score goals, then Pitso Mosimane took him out for a month or two for goal scoring and free kick training and when he got back he was scoring goals like a professional he is to date.

  3. Makhura

    I feel it’s time we start compulsory counseling with our SA players. You can’t just give me R1mil and never prepare me for the challenges and temptations lying ahead…

  4. Vuvu

    When u sign a player it means he will play..u cant just sign a player to warm a bench….you will see him in another team soon

    1. Mandla

      You are more of an idiot than Rantie. This player was given a chance during the KC vs Sundowns Shell challenge and everyone could see he was still not match fit, after that he disappeared.

      1. Dankie Mandla, everybody that watched that game saw that he wasn’t match fit, I don’t understand why they respond like that. Maybe they are not Sundowns supporters.

  5. Pule

    Rantie’s heart is with Orlando Pirates. I think he went AWOL knowing his contract will be terminated. You don’t sign a contract to sit on a bench. It’s high time players show this career destroying clubs that they have alternatives.

    1. You all don’t read the comments before you make your comment, I don’t know if you are dumb or you are stupid or both, I could see that your IQ is going down at a very very high rate. All the teams sign players expecting them to fight for the jersey and play AND the teams signs more players knowing very well that ONLY 11 can play at one time. so players are signed not with a guarantee that they will automatically play BUT will fight for the jersey. so stop talking rubbish, does Tokelo Rantie need money counselling? the answer is a big NO! the man comes from an overseas club which pays more money than Sundowns. please stop criticizing we will sign more players JUST like Barcelona.

    2. Go and comment at your team’s website, or don’t they have websites? If not we will gladly help in creating one for your team.

      You cannot tell us that we are destroying players talent while you don’t look at your teams performance, running atound yet there are no results. You are wasting talents too e.g Augustine Mulenga and Memela, beautiful talent but do they play as they should?

      Leave my team and my coach alone.
      Focus on yours and your Rhulani Mokoena, please!!!!

  6. Mfana

    There was no need to sign the boy from the first place,letting a player like Ntuli go to Amazulu and bring damaged good like Rantie was just a call 4 disaster.Sometimes at Sundowns we have money to just to play with or to be a charity organization.The last time Sekutlong played 4 Sundowns he scored a great header and was relegated to the bench 4 no apparent reason,with his age on his side &we go to pick up rubbish like Rantie after such a joblessness situation in our country some one like this boy puts his career to the drain,a great goal better like Ntuli was shipped 4 an injury prone Tade of which I asked 4 wisdom of buying a short term solution and discard a long term solution.Sometimes it serves us well to have abo Rantie because it seems as if we like to put money 2 the problem.Sundowns can do better than this.Last year we attempted to bring Billiat I mean 4 what?Talent alone?I mean Billiat went on his own accord to win things with Chiefs&it turned out to be not so sweet across the road.

  7. TheNash

    Mfana I couldn’t have put it any better than you, I wrote many times about my frustrations with Downs signings and I even went further by saying that maybe somebody is getting kick-backs by signing palyers. Sekotlong’s stats we not bad at all because I remember he score against Amazulu when they beat us at home if I’m not mistaken it was on debut and in subsequent games his stats was something like 4 goals in six games and then he missed a sitter away in a CAF game and that was the end of him. Something is not right with Downs signing department. We have a great multichoice diski team and great scouting team we should be sticking to what we do best by bringing talent like Sirino, Zwane, Morena, Kekana, etc and if players like Billiat want to leave, let the go and continue to do what we do best.

  8. Life

    No one is bigger than the Club. If he wants to join this team or that other team he must know there are 100 other players ready to replace him!

    Sundowns will always be great matter who comes or who leaves.

    The Players must just make the most of the time they are given at the Club because very soon it will be the end and they must leave…


    Let’s forget about a useless Rantie and focus on the job at hand.To both technical team and players now is time to stop complaining about fixture congestion,injuries and fatigue,it time for hard and for soldiers to die with their boots on,besides we have enough ammunition to dismantle any team,it is up to the technical team to make all players be on the same level and ready to fight.

  10. Bango

    Life continues, he is still a good player, the issues of character and discipline have failed many people even when you are just favored. No one to blame here, Pitso did his best and what he did to give Rantie a chance was excellent, that is leadership and being fatherly. Unfortunately you can not help someone for ever at that level, he was definitely not going to favor him after his first display, he was supposed to lead as an example in professional football not the other way around in front of the young talent. He just did not help himself .We can not blame Pitso for affording him a chance to revive his career, he was supposed to receive it with both hands and fight for a place and compete not to wait for another silver plate, hard work pays and unfortunately ill discipline issues can hardly be tolerated at that level only maybe you are exceptional, not a common talent.

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