There were areas that we were unhappy about that we had to try and resolve – Coach Manqoba Mngqithi.

Mamelodi Sundowns suffered defeat on the road when they traveled to Lucas Moripe Stadium on Friday night to lock horns with SuperSport United in the Tshwane derby. Just five days prior to the second derby in the capital, The Brazilians took control of the match with a dominant performance to overthrow their rivals in the MTN8 quarter finals clash, an unexpected loss to United denied the Champions an opportunity to move up the log. Downs Co-Coach Manqoba Mngqithi summarized the encounter as eventful, despite the disappointing outcome.

“I think it was a good match, both teams came with the intention to try and fight for the results. I think our first half was offensively very good, we created far too many chances not to score even one goal in the first half, but defensively we had too many irritating moments because we identified what SuperSport does. We profiled it very well that every time they break out they will always look to go to the wide channels and immediately without any hesitation they are going to put the ball in the box, and both goals that we conceded were an outcome of something that we identified.”

“We trained to deal with it but still got caught in those moments and both moments we were a little bit lethargic in terms of our aggression to try and kill the cross and not to allow the cross. The second one in as much as initially I thought Thapelo [Morena] should’ve just gone to the ball before it bounced, I thought he took it for granted that the ball would bounce and go out. But after reviewing it I also saw that there was also a nudge from Iqraam [Rayners] which set him off balance and that’s why he got an opportunity to be able to put the ball in the box, but had he just cleared the ball before it bounced maybe we would not be talking this story and the worst part is to concede in those critical moments of the game.”

Masandawana had a bright start to the game, creating goal scoring moments early but with no luck to score as the hosts were outdone in terms of possession in the first half but looked far more efficient with the ball up-front. United scored two goals before going into the break, the first goal came within the first 8 minutes of the match and the other one was scored at 45 minutes. The Brazilians Coach identified parts of the game that led to their unsuccessful venture at Lucas Moripe Stadium, he said:

“There were areas that we were unhappy about that we had to try and resolve, [like] how we conceded the goals and also the fact that we did not take our chances. And we did not really keep the structure that we wanted to keep, more especially in the half spaces to try and exploit the outside of Siyabonga Nhlapho and [Thalente] Mbatha but we also knew very well that it’s a game that needed a little bit more in terms of aggression and a fight.”

“In terms of our first cycle we fell off in terms of the number of points but we still [managed to get] 10 points in five matches and we still have 12 points to fight for in this cycle. In terms of the title defense I don’t think there’s so much that has happened that should suggest that we are off the rails or the title is going to be very, very difficult. it is always difficult to play SuperSport, it is always difficult to fight for the Championship in South Africa, it looks like it’s easy in the end but it’s never easy.”

Bafana Ba Style will be back in action on Wednesday, 7 September when they travel to Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium to meet Chippa United. Kick off is at 19H30. 

10 Responses

    The technical team is under qualified to coach Sundowns not because we lost but based on facts and numbers don’t lie,first since they took over Downs never won a game when we conceded first,i’m not sure about drawing.Secondly a team is trailing and you introduce Mvala knowing that he will never change the complexion of the game because he is a defensive player,thirdly you sent Onyango foward to score with a head when he is unable to defend with his head.You play a hard running team yet you introduce an old and weak Ralani,he losts more balls in 20 minutes he played than players who played for 90 minutes. Jali is not a link between goalkeeper and defense but a link between defense and middle field.Morena is good offensively and Mudau good defensively therefore there should be a balance between the two.One thing for sure we can have good and expensive team but we will never win champions league with a tactically bankrupt technical team which believes in old players yet they lose to young teams. Our team is different to last season,this season every player is playing for individual glory,they just shoot randomly instead of passing a ball to a player who is better placed to score,we lack leadership and professionalism both in the field and technically.

  2. Mfana

    Coach don’t beat yourself about the results,we will support you as our coach and the whole technical team.I knew Gavin Hunt was going to frustrate u with his ultra defensive approach and counter attack.Conceding earlier in the game is what made Supersport to have leverage &be very comfortable on their defense and again conceding on the dying moment of the first half was another set back.But to tell the truth I so wish we retained Divine Lunga &not bring Allende on our shores,hay I can’t believe that we wasted so many millions of Rands to that boy and no one can be intimidated by that boy,but lets wait and see.I believe Sundowns over exaggerated this deal.If we keep him for the rest of his life here I agree but if we have intentions to sell him for a better deal,no we r fooling ourselves here..Still on the issue of Divine Lunga,the boy can head the ball,win tackles and attack but not go up field without the ball the way Lakay&Modiba r doing &leave fellow defender exposed.Saavedra is there if still injured we should have brought Ndlondlo,instead of buying a player who’s shorter than Mkhulise with no muscle to oust defenders out of the way.But one would say Allende has already scored 2 goals from the bench what do I want?Maybe I had bigger expectations.Zungu must be gradually introduced to the match day squad as I’m not entirely convinced by Tebogo Mokoena hayi hayi I’m not convinced by him at all.But all in all we r still on the right track. Even Chippa will do what Supersport did to us on Friday and we must bring our A game &be clinical no room for excuses especially on the part of the players.ALL THE WAY WE WILL SUPPORT YOU THROUGH &THROUGH.

  3. Nephat Ncube

    This system of having Jali collecting the ball as if he is a sweeper is just not on because it compromises our numbers in the middle. Our defenders can do what Jali is doing but why play him in that fashion? We need Mhlekazi focusing in the centre of the field instead playing as a defender if this is the system you are experimenting with it is a disaster. Teams will kill us. Nasir is very dynamic I like him a lot. I think it was too early to start Allende they should have kept him as an impact player. His physique will be a downfall for us because this league is very physical/ From the way Ralani played albeilt losing some balls when he came on his contribution was much better that that of Allende. But this is on hindsight had we known we should have started with Ralani whi has the capability to eliminate

  4. muzi kunene

    If We win some supporters they will brag about saying Downs is too good to play here in SA they want Bayern or Man.City but when we loose they will say our Wisemen are not good for Downs,I repeat yesterday United were much better than us and I wonder were are those faithfuls who always praise Jali an arrogant and a bad passer of the ball.
    Lastly maybe our team doesn’t practice set pieces because we are the worst team in terms of converting them especial corner kicks I mean we can get ten corners a game but all of them we failed to convert.Zungu and Mokoena can form a good combination in the middle of the park.

  5. Philani

    Good afternoon masandawan amahle. Hard luck to the team I’m also concerned with the system of using Jali as a defender maybe it’s morden football. But it is not yet yielding good results. But all in all our team committed mistakes in a dangerous position and supersport punished them.

  6. Boh

    Masandawana…I agree with most of your comments members…..there is only one ENEMY OF MY TEAM….our…COUCHES…….why….1 sundowns recently elaborate too much on the ball…direct football is never our thing….not to mention being decisive when having the ball….it’s start from the back ….when keeper roll the ball to our defense….surely he knows it’s coming back to him…..sundowns is not dangerous from the back….only from the middle….please guys watch my team carefully….so that costs Jali/Tebza/Mshishi/Gaston/Mbule/Maema/Nasir…and others to play very deep….think about this….so if they collect the ball deep…there is no way they are still dangerous when getting to the final third……surely the opponent is watching and waiting with all the energy to counter that….imagine now chasing the ball towards your goal….your done..already….surely it’s not a smart plan…we have skillful players that is our strength….if out coaches can’t use that against every team…what is a point of buying this player….why don’t we buy…22 Kansandes!….and Mnvalas!…and be known of being a toughest team..and aggressive team…no man….again stop this passing sideways goal post are at the front for a reason in soccer….awekho amapali eceleni…right now the best team in position keeping of the ball….but the worst team by our standards in being decisive the log doesn’t lie…stop this…MANQOBA….PLEASE PLEASE ALLOW THE BOYS TO TAKE TEAMS ON…..WE HAVE FIVE BEST SKILLFUL PLAYERS BY FAR THEN ANY TEAM IN SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE….NASIR/MSHISHI/ALLANDE/GASTON/MAEMA/MKHULISE/MBULE/JALI/MOKOENA/RALANI/KAPINGA……MORENA/MODIBA…..WHAAAAAT…..WOULD YOU BELIEVE THIS……EVEN ROWEN/ONYANGO….COME ON ……WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM THE MANAGEMENT….CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR OWN COACHING SKILLFUL…SURELY YOUR BEING CHALLENGED WITH THIS TALENT…
    PLEASE….please play Peter as no 9…..please Nasir…and Gaston on left and right ….Mshisisi between then and midfielders….Dawana forward…….

  7. jimmy

    Sundowns is the best club in SA and is going to remain like that for a very long time mna ndiyaythandi Sundowns no matter what we win and lose kaofela WE RISE AGAIN.


    Well said Boh hence i always the technical team is under qualified to coach Downs,the quality of players surpasses that of technical team,it is like buying a Ferrari and give it to an old man who is used to driving Datsun(1400),he is surely going to struggle.We are playing too much of negative football,when AJ is playing as a sweeper who is filling the void he let in the middle.You can check even at Man City Rodri collects the ball from backline not from a keeper.Stop making a team to play what you have read in the book but play according to the strength of our players which is skill,stop restricting players let them feel free to show case their God given talent.You can see Maema is not the Maema we know with defense splitting passes,who always scores special goal,now he is made to play too deep.Coaches stop your nonsense of negative football.