Brazilians Suffer Defeat At Home To Rockets

A late goal in the first half from Lefa Hlongwane saw Mamelodi Sundowns fall to a 1-0 defeat to TS Galaxy at Loftus Versfeld Stadium. 

The reigning Premier Soccer League champions were handed their defeat in the 34th minute when Downs goalkeeper Ronwen Williams made his first attempt to save Bathusi Aubass hot shot, but in his efforts the ball came into the way of Hlomgwane who finished off the rebound. Galaxy scored their first ever goal in history against Bafana Ba Style as they eventually went on to win the encounter.

Masandawana had gone close through Neo Maema after 15 minutes, Maema forced his way to take a shot between two Rockets defenders but his shot was misdirected over the goalposts. The visitors responded two minutes later with Aubass taking a shot at Williams who made an easy save from the attempt.

The Brazilians held on to the ball and played their possessional football for much of the first half while trying to penetrate through Galaxy’s solid defense. Skipper Themba Zwane looked to open the scoring line with his cracker shot from a distance and forced goalie Melusi Buthelezi to jump off his line to make a save as the ball went out for a corner. 

Galaxy attacked after the corner was taken by Downs, a long pass through the middle of the park was played, causing Downs to fall back into defense but Aphelele Teto played a defense splitting cross to Aubass who had a promising shot at Williams. Galaxy’s Hlomgwane was close to action when he came in contact with the rebound and wasted no time in handing the visitors the lead in the battle.

Masandawana looked to find an equalizer in the final moments of the first half, however Thabiso Kutumela’s shot on target took a deflection on his teammate which was called for an offside. The Rockets went into the break with a 1-0 advantage over the The Brazilians. 

At the start of the second half, Aubrey Modiba’s cross into the box met with Kutumela’s head as he came close to goal but the ball went slightly past the lower posts of Galaxy. Downs sought to take control of the game, with Haashim Domingo looking to find an equalizer from Maema’s effort as Buthelezi made a save.

Both teams made their first substitutions, Teboho Mokoena and Domingo made their way out for Andile Jali and Sipho Mbule, while Kutumela exchanged with new signing Abubeker Nasir. The Brazilians recycled the ball back into the attacking area and won a free kick, left footer Modiba took the opportunity but struck just over.

Galaxy continued with their defensive structures to deny the home team chances at goals and enjoyed the best of the last exchanges at Loftus Stadium to win the encounter by one goal.


This is how we lined up:

  1. Williams, R. De Reuck, B. Onyango, K. Mudau, T. Mokoena (63′ Jali), N. Maema (78′ Kapinga), A. Modiba, T. Kutumela (63′ Nasir), H. Domingo(63′ Mbule), T. Zwane (69′ Sirino), P. Shalulile.



  1. Onyango, T. Morena, M. Lebusa, S. Mbule, G. Sirino, A. Jali, L. Kapinga, L. Lakay, A. Nasir


16 Responses
  1. sbedula

    I’m concern when we lose against weak teams and sutarday we play against chiefs is bad. you need to pull your socks Caz you have all the resources need

  2. Muzi Kunene

    The combination of Shalulile and Kutumela is bad I prefer that Shalulile to partner Nassir and another thing I’ve noticed about Mokoena it seems he’s afraid to take those accurately long shots he used to take at S.United everytime he passes the ball even he’s on good position to strike or its the instruction from Wisemen I really don’t know.
    Its not a train smash but a wake up call and We are left now with 84 points to play for but if we can get 70 it will be fine with me and this defeat is a blessing in disguise so early so that we can sought out our problems before the Champs League star and release the deadwoods that are crowding our team,mina I’m not afraid of Chiefs I saw their defence is shaking when under pressure we just need skillfull players to unlock them players like Ralani,Mkhulise and Mbule not Domingoes and Kutumela let them start on the bench.

  3. Ronnie Bothma

    The coaches need to take this defeat… They tried funky tactics in the first half. As soon as they restored the normal tactics in the second half, the team started playing well. What is Shalulile doing wide? What is Mudau doing inside. Maema so deep. Maema started playing well in the second half after the change to default settings. Nasir looks good. It’s a wake up call. No funkiness required!

    1. Nkoyi

      Our technical team, especially Mokoena, likes to complicate small things for nothing. First of all, the starting line was bad, I don’t know what they see special on Kutumela and Onyango, they are costing us a lot. Many players did not perform well like Mokoena, Maema, Domingo, Mudau. Why to play Shalulile at right? It is time to use our deserved players like Jali, Erasmus, Mkulisi, Coetze, Kekana, Maboe, Sanfranko, Morena.

  4. Nkoyi

    Sundowns coaches they should tell us which deal they have with Kutumela, this man never delivers since
    He arrives at Sundowns but they keep putting in the starting line up. For me he must be the first player to send on loan. We have many better strikers than him like Erasmus, Shalulile, Sanfranko, Nasir, Motupa, but they always prefer him. Even Vila is far better than him. It is time for the management to check this relationship between the technical team an Kutumela, something is fishy here.

  5. jimmy

    Nothing is lost masandawana the law of sport is win,lose and a draw but to be honest the signs were there from the last game .our A team was a must for TS Galaxy.Our wisemen were a little bit careless if not arrogant this time . let the club and supporters re-group and go forward .WE RISE AGAIN.

    1. Dalom

      Well sppken Jimmy. I think the signs were there from last season, we’re just a one dimensional team with no alternative plans. I’m just hoping we’ve learnt somethong from TS Galaxy, otherwise other teams are just going to employ the same tactics against us and it’s going to be very long season. This thing of slow build ups is really killing us, and it’s so irritating that the coaches still haven’t found a solution to it since last season.

  6. Nkoyi

    Here my starting eleven against Chiefs.

    1. Williams
    2. Morena
    3. Lekay
    4. Kekana
    5. De Reuk
    6. Jali
    7. Mbule/Coetze
    8. Zwane
    9. Sirino/Ralani
    10. Nasir
    11. Shalulile

    On the Bench:

    1. D. Onyango
    2. B. Onyango
    3. Mudau
    4. Modiba
    5. Mokoena
    6. Maema
    7. Sanfranko
    8. Mkulisi
    9. Maboe
    10. Erasmus

    Never put Kutumela even in the bench, this man should be sent on loan.

    1. jimmy

      Nkoyi that is the Team that was suppose to start and not experiment here – I blame our coaches they are becoming arrogant and compalcent now . they must take full responsibility of this loss . Motsepe family is doing everything for the club and they (coaches)drop their gaurd like that ,it is embarassing to say the least.

      1. Nkoyi

        You are right my brother, especially Rhulani, he thinks that he is the best coach in Psl with his so called technical knowledge, he likes to complicate things for nothing, I always ask myself a question if he was the best coach, as he think he is, he should not fail at Pirates and Chippa, for me he is too arrogant and the weakest link of our technical team.


    Our biggest downfall was lack of respect on our opponents,we won the game b4 we play it,players were trying fancy styles in the final third,there were back hills allover the field,we were too casual,even the technical team tried fancy approach as Rulani said prior the game.The attitude from the players changed this season,we are no longer playing for one another,a player try to shoot from an awkward position instead of laying a ball to a player who is in a better position to score.I share the same sentiment with regard to Kutumela,he is a liability.The positive thing is Nassir i think he can compliment Shaulile very,with Kutumela Shaulile looks lost and isolated.I was very much disappointed with Mudau,he is forever clumsy and can’t even cross the ball,we could have killed TS on his side had he had football brains,word of advise don’t just cross for the sake of it but try to pick your team mates in the box,he is got speed and strength and lacks football brains.I think we must play the hard working Mkhulise and Maboe,also partner De Reuck and Kekana as center backs.LET US TREAT ALL OUR OPPONENTS WITH THE SAME RESPECT.

  8. Skhumba

    100% my brother! In the central defence we should have have Kekana and Rushine to counter the speed of Chiefs forwards! Then we must suffocate their midfield and put them under pressure with skill full forwards! We can easily win against Chiefs if the right players are selected and right tactics are used!

  9. Zipho

    @Down for ever,I dont agree with u on playing Maboe,he is worse,Mkhulisi can perform better in that position…..and as for Mudau,Kutumela,B.Onyango I wont say anything cos I hv been complaining abt the same players for 2 seasons,yet our coaches continue to play them,we sold Keletso Makgalwa our youth product n bought a useless Kutumela,we sometimes play Morena as striker jst to accommodate Mudau,our technical team mst stop this favouritism cos its irritating……Im telling u,Maboe will walk straight into da starting line up when he recovers

  10. Nkoyi

    I think the time has come for the management to let the supporters to start choosing the team starting eleven, like Black Label Cup, because we cannot trust these useseless and favoritism coaches, especially Rhulani, who are destroying little by little our club after the departure of Pitso.

  11. BOH

    Greetings to the yellow nation 👆…yah I hear you guys.. were a laughing stock… shame on those supporters..of my team who were trending 🤔….I agree with most members…But I blame Manqoba!!.. for not taking a stand as a heard coach 🤔….. guy’s I’ve followed Nassir blv me he likes to play like Sirino..and take players on.. with Mshishi..on the pitch..we should allow them to expose the opposition weakness..Rhulani must shut up.. this thing of limiting player and box them to your technical ambition… kill’s them…our defence and middle fielders let us down….. why…in the middle…ALL OF THEM PLAYING SAFE… MEANING PASSING THE BALL TO THE AVAILABLE PERSON… THAT MEANS NO CREATIVITY…COS THAT TAKES PLAYER’S WHO CAN TAKE A RISK……2.. DEFENCE… can’t play when we have the ball.. only ready to chase the opponent and defend 🤔… when Jali came plz watch it again..more than once call Deruk to move forward so he can take the ball to the middle fielders 🤔…not to mention Onyango…only Modiba/Modau..was moving forward.. maybe they were told to stay…..then why we kept on defending with 5.. since Mokoena was adding in defence… while TS…had one striker.. supported by wingers..on when attacking 🤔… keeping Maema on that possition was another downfall…and he was wasteful… meaning it was not his day🤔… Kutumela…get to good possition.. remind me…of Mnvula Hadebe (David)…and get too excited…. lastly can we have patience on Arasmus 🙏🙏… from three…Sniper/Nassir/Erasmus… support…or behind them Gaston/Mshishi…then Jali/Modiba/Morena/Kekana/Deruk/Onyango or William

  12. Dalom

    Honestly speaking we’re just an ordinary team with ordinary players. The fact that we’ve dominated our useless league seems to have fooled a lot of us. There isn’t anything special about our players and most of the teams seem to have mastered how to contain us. There’s still a lot of upsets coming our way this season

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