Coach Manqoba Mngqithi Reacts to Draw With Citizens

Mamelodi Sundowns played to a drawless goal against Cape Town City on Saturday evening in their DStv Premiership match number 10. The Brazilians were up against their closest rivals in an entertaining transitional football encounter at the Cape Town Stadium, with many anticipating the game to be a packed with goals, it was not to be so as both teams struggled to penetrate the defensive structures of their opponents. Downs Co-Coach Manqoba Mngqithi shared his thoughts on his side’s performance after the game and said that any of the two teams could have claimed victory on the day.

“Today was a very scrappy game, too many turnovers, we couldn’t control the tempo of the game consistently, we made a lot of mistakes on the ball which exposed us sometimes to very, very scary transitions. We were at times not very focused on our rest defence more especially on our set pieces and we were nearly punished from that as well, but be it as it may, it’s still a good point. For games like this we always say it’s better not to lose it because it could have turned either way, they were a very good team, they gave us a very tough match.

Coach Manqoba also expressed his view on the pressure of maintaining their latest clean sheet record in the DStv Premiership. He said, “As much as it’s nice to say that we have not conceded in as many matches, on the other side I also feel that it is now beginning to put a bit of  pressure on the team. Like I said, we are a little bit edgy, more especially on the ball from build ups, we committed a few errors which could have easily resulted in us being punished.”

“Now this thing of not conceding is becoming an anxiety factor, because we are now anxious to make sure that we try and protect that space and we are not playing freely. In a game of football if you concede you you concede, but if you score more than the other team then you win the match.”

Saturday’s draw with The Citizen was the second of the season for Bafana Ba Style and with ten games played so far, the Tshwane giants have scored 17 goals in all their encounters and continue to set new records. Saturday’s game was tense and dramatic with three points vital for each club, Coach Manqoba spoke out on the importance of playing a game that has errors and scoring goals.

“This thing of clean sheets is always nice and good because it’s part of our plan and our process, but it’s always going to put a little bit of pressure on the team because when  you’re playing a game of football and you’re not expected to commit any mistakes , that’s when you end up committing a little bit more mistakes. But when you play and you want to dominate and fight for everything – while knowing very well that opponents can score against you and you will score more than them, it makes the game a little bit more free.”

He added: “I’m not saying I want the team to start conceding goals, I’m just saying having not conceded a goal is slowly piling up the pressure on the team and making the team to play with a little bit more anxiety because we just want to make sure that we don’t concede and at times that will even force you to be a little bit defensive, that’s my concern at this stage regarding clean sheets. As much as it’s exciting on the one side, on the other side of it I’ve got this feeling that it’s now derailing the freedom of expression which will ultimately make us perform better and have better results.”

5 Responses
  1. Nkoyi

    To tell you the truth, I am not satisfied with favoritism in the team. Sundowns has quality players but our coaches prefer players who can’t even be in the bench. How on earth can you put on the bench for almost the entire game, Maema, someone who won consecutively two man of the match. We supporters, we were complaining about your preference of Mvala over Jali, and you saw the results. Now you have a new preference, Kutumela over player over quality like Matupa, Maluleka, Mkulisi, Sirino, Kapinga and other. This player never convinced me, he is not Sundowns material, he just comes from injury, but you him straight in the starting eleven, he played almost the entire game, you saw the result. And I can’t understand you have the possibility to make 5 changes in a game, but you wait until the 78 minutes to make a change and with which player, Mvala, when we need a stricker who an help us to score goal. I wonder myself who is the boss between these three coaches? It looks like is Rhulani, this man thinks that is the best coach of South Africa, you can see his arrogance. He abandoned Sundowns for Pirates and Chippa, where is failed with his technicity. Motsepe must do something with these coaches, too much ego between them, we need one head coach, for me it should be Mngqithi or Steve.

  2. muzi kunene

    Guys I don’t understand why you keep on blaming Rhulani serious just because Manqoba is always sitting on the bench and Rhulani is always standing or shouting that is not arrogance he’s passionate.
    They’re different pls give a guy chance Manqoba is always like this since the days at Arrows. Pls coach I think its you who are obsessed about not conceding that’s why you put Mvala instead of Sofranko and Mina I don’t care about that as long as we win we can concede and no team can go all the way without conceding,my plea just score plenty of goals and not worry about conceding it can be 5-4 the final score as long as we win.

  3. Nkoyi

    He is too arrogant, not because he is always standing but his attitude, he even leaves the bench before the end of the match, things that he could not do in Pitso time.
    He is the one who always put Mvala and Kutumela in the line up in the first place. When these two players are in the field, especially when they start the games, we do not have a good result. Are they better than Maluleka, Matupa, Sirino, Mkulisi, Kapinga, Maema? But they do not play them due to favoritism for some average players. Rhulani cannot be a successful coach if he has his own team to coach, Orlando, Chippa are few examples. Steve and Mngquiti are more experienced coaches than him but they are very humble.

  4. Luvuyo Pomolo

    I entirely agree with the gaffer this obsession with sheets its not allowing players to play a fluid football. And again playing Mudau on the right it’s not working for put back Morena and again Mkhulise plays better than Domingo you like it or not

  5. muzi kunene

    Even Mngqithi failed dismally at Chippa,no one will fail at Downs even Middendorp can succeed. What I don’t like is for fellow members to blame Rhulani every time when things don’t go our way even in the final of Mtn it was Rhulani who was a scapegoat but when we won its Manqoba and Khompela.
    This people are co coaches and Rhulani doesn’t do what Manqoba do by sitting on the bench they are not the same the latter is vocal and passionate so do Manqoba by sitting on the bench and do some shouting occasionally not that Rhulani Mlungisi Mokwena wants to make himself a head coach he knows his mandate and what the President told them about their tasks.
    Pls guys let’s not sow division amongst our Wisemen We win,draw and loose together.
    Angethembe onezindlebe uzwile ilaka lami,I thank you Kby.

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