Dr Patrice Motsepe approves and supports Pitso Mosimane‘s departure

Mamelodi Sundowns issued a statement by its President Dr Patrice Motsepe today, approving and supporting the departure of head coach Pitso Mosimane for a top Egyptian club.

The President of Mamelodi Sundowns Dr Patrice Motsepe said:
“Pitso Mosimane and his agent Moira Tlhagale, who is also his wife, came to brief me on the discussions between Pitso Mosimane and a top Egyptian club. Sundowns has been aware of the ongoing discussions between Pitso Mosimane and the Egyptian club and with other North African clubs. I have on several occasions over the past few years expressed my support for Pitso Mosimane leaving Sundowns to coach in North Africa or Europe or Bafana Bafana. Football players and coaches have at times an uncertain and inconsistent future and must pursue new opportunities where they may grow and receive greater remuneration.

I have received a warm and emotional note from Pitso and am very proud of his achievements at Mamelodi Sundowns. Pitso has been the most successful coach in the history of Sundowns and will always be a member of the Mamelodi Sundowns Family. I wish him, Moira and his family everything of the very best and I hope to see him coaching in Europe soon.

Mamelodi Sundowns will make announcements in due course concerning the new head coach and other changes that we are introducing. Sundowns has over the years developed and trained very good local coaches and has a strong Technical Team.

Jose Ramon Alesanco will continue in his current role as Technical Director and will carry on with the good work that he is doing at the Academy. Sundowns will focus on preparing for the upcoming season and is ready to compete in South Africa, Africa and globally.”

20 Responses
    1. Sanele

      Thank you for everything Mr Mosimane and wish you all the best and hope Mr Mqithi will take over to make Sundowns stronger than while Mr Mosimane was here

    1. Da Prof

      Continuity my chief! It is his time indeed, our humble servant. He has been there since 2014. Manqoba is the right man for the job.

  1. Danny

    I’m hurt but we know there are people who didn’t want him there because those people were working with player’s agent to buy player’s with big money Nd they share with those agents now Pitso blocked their businesses Nd corruption,is very said because he even said it that it was hard on the bubble only player’s made it possible Nd supporters and the langerman Nd arendse saga they wanted to torture Pitso Soo he couldn’t win trebble but we going back to those days when we just sign player’s because the coach who gonna be there they will control him

  2. Sikhumbuzo Ndlovu

    Let me take this opportunity and congratulate Sir Pitso on here new appointment as the head coach of the best team in Africa. It is sad news but we cannot stand on your way up Sir. Thank you so much for the glory you brought to our beloved team Sundowns and we hope the current technical team will continue with the good work and success. I wish you and your family a very good stay in Egypt. I know it wont be easy at times but you need to endure and focus on what you do best which is coaching. We will miss you Jigles . KBY

  3. Bango

    Congratulations Sir Pitso. Greater heights ! You did us well. You are the best and we wish you the best in your new adventure. The Achievements speak for themselves. Why not you?! You have made a name for yourself, for us too, what a move!! This is the best timing. A gift will always open doors to the beholder.

  4. Skhumba

    Thanks coach for what you done for the yellow nation! Both sides benefited here! Sundowns gave you the opportunity to become one of the best coaches international at club level. The team benefited and you also benefited. When its time to go its time to move move! Good luck and family in all your future engagements! Sundowns family will always love and cherish your moments with the club. As for the yellow nation its time to move on! Players and coaches or any staff for that mater come and go but the institution remains. Sundowns will always be stronger. As for now i do not know whether the board will appoint a new coach or go on with the technical team that Pitso is leaving behind. As for i would have loved to continue with Manqoba Mgqithi and the other guys that part of the technical team. A new coach bring fresh ideas into the team. other players which were not getting game time under Pitso, this period offers them another opportunity to compete under a different coach! Good luck to every one!

  5. Da Prof

    Congrats Coach Pitso. You have done your part here, you brought happiness and pride in our team. Its sad to see you go but it had to happen someday and this is the day.

    Good luck Jingles

    1. Thabo J

      Khays & Witness I respect your inputs but just wanted to highlight that we have an experience coach in our youth development structures in Godfrey Godfather Sapula. i think the man have matured a little more than Surprise, and has done a lot thus far. He deserves some recognition.

  6. Ayanda

    Much as it is very sad to loose such an accomplished coach i am also happy to see you go coaching the best club in Africa.You put smiles on our faces all these seven and half years with us, winning trophies ,giving us bragging rights , coach you have impacted our families in the most positive way. I wish you and your family the best of luck , you are the best coach ever to have coached sundowns .Sundowns was blessed to have you as a coach. For us to carry on where you left on in terms of winning trophies, we need to give Coach Manqoba the reigns to lead us to the world of milk and honey.Manqoba knows the your phylosophy, the sundowns culture, the players , even those that are coming this season and he is the only one who can fill your big shoes.I salute you Coach, go win that star for al ahly , you only have three matches and win your second star.

  7. Lamamelodi

    Goodluck to “Jingles” A sour pill indeed. However I just hope he is aware of the situation he put himself in. Those Egyptian teams’ pride lies in winning CAF trophies. Should you miss that, you are likely to be shown the door. As for the Motsepe, please give us Manqoba as our Head coach.That’s what we requesting please.

  8. muzi kunene

    Good Day MaSandawana,all along I’ve been reading and analysing the shocking departure of Pitso with disbelief.,firstly I don’t buy that story of our President that Pitso must go and grow as a coach,recently the very same President gave him a four year contract extension and said he want him to be our Frguson suddenly all that have changed Pitso gone especially to our Champs League rivals the stage where Motsepe wants to conquer.
    We mustn’t forget the very same Pitso was busy buying a lot of players recently and after that he chose to go leaving those players to the new coach of which We don’t know whether they will play or not.I suspect Pitso was fired here or he was blamed about Langerman saga le eshiwo uPresident yokukhulisa uPitso amanga aluhlaza,Motsepe said heads will roll and I’m still waiting for that,anyway thanks Mr Mosimane you made us proud and boast about Downs even though besihlala sikulwisa because of favoritism sometimes but no one will be like you at Downs,Kby forever.

    1. Thabo J

      Muzi you have all the rights much as we all do to feel the way you do. It is hard to accept that Pitso is gone following his exploits with our team. All I wanted to say in responding to your message if you would allow me is that yes, indeed Mr President mentioned that he will not stand in coach Pitso leaving for better things, be it in N Africa or Europe. He said those words when details of Pitso’s 4 year new contract was unveiled. Other suspicions, I can only imagine.

  9. Msoja

    Pitso was very good at Sundowns, we thank you all praises to you.In Egypt be careful it won’t be an easy road. But i also go for Manqoba as head Coach i think even all players will be comfortable with him.

  10. Thabo J

    I would personally like to thank our president for releasing Jingles. He has done his job and had nothing else to proof to anyone. Congratulation your journey with Downs and wishes you a great future in international set-up. If only I could see Godfrey Sapula promoted to to become a member of the technical team, then am the happiest. He has been a true servant of Downs since moving from Pirates to date.

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