Injury update

Phakamani Mahlambi joined Mamelodi Sundowns’ casualty list after scoring a brilliant goal against Chippa United in the Brazilians 2-1 loss to Chippa United on Saturday in the Nedbank Cup.

The Sundowns’ striker has a foot injury. He joins Andile Jali who has a dead leg and Thapelo Morena who is recovering from flu.

Wayne Arendse is recovering from his calf strain while Thela Ngobeni is still nursing his groin. These injuries will have an impact on the starting XI coach Pitso Mosimane will select on Tuesday night against AmaZulu at Loftus Versfeld.

The Brazilians also take on Asec Mimosas of Ivory Coast in the CAF Champions League on Friday which means that the technical team has to delicately manage the squad.

“You can’t not rest the players because if you don’t look after them, let’s say that Hlompho Kekana pulls a hamstring and Tiyani Mabunda is still out,” Mosimane said.

“Then you’ll have nothing. Ricardo Nascimento has a groin that gives him trouble. Thapelo had flu. Lebogang Maboe had to rest against Chippa, he’s been playing all the games. You can’t pull all your eggs in one basket. You also have to trust the other players. We trusted Sphelele Mkhulise and he did very well, what a player. We trusted Lucky Mohomi and he did well. Rivaldo Coetzee came on for Ricardo and he did exceptionally well.”

Even though Mosimane and the Brazilians were disappointed at being eliminated in the last 32 of the Nedbank Cup, Jingles welcomed the relief this will give to the club’s hectic schedule.

“We’ve got the league on Tuesday,” Mosimane said. “We’ve got the games in hand that we must finish. And on Friday, which is just now, we are playing the top team from Abidjan. That game is a must-win, just like the Wydad Casablanca match. Tuesday is also a must-win. It’s going to be tough. We’ve been handling it well.”

66 Responses
  1. Makubelo Rudolf

    We hoping to see full squad of best abilities from available best players in this most crucially critical encounter against Usuthu. Best of great luck to the boys.

  2. Kabelo

    The going is getting tougher ,we must toughen up too,it’s not going to be an easy ride ,but everything is up to us to lose .

  3. muzi kunene

    As much as we love Pitso but I agree with you Toni Silva our coach is destroying players career.Every window period we sign players and chase them to the following window.
    This thing of changing or converting players to other position is also destroying them.They are many good players that was signed by Pitso and the very same coach said they are not gud enough to play for Downs,players like Ngele,Ejike.Mahachi,Ntuli and many more.
    Lastly my question is why the Management keep on letting this to happen because its destroying the Downs image,anyway lets hope they will respond to Silva’s allegations,Kby forever

  4. M.f LEDWABA


  5. Dalom

    This is just a lesson to Pitso to stop recruiting these over-rated foreign-based players.He needs to develop our own youngsters from the academy

  6. Members Toni Silva is right, King Pitso was not fair by fielding him, He was the most overrated player and he must stop telling people that he comes from those European teams. He could not score one on ones with goalkeepers then he lied that he was ill with flue. he is also very useless while playing for his country. What is a lesson to Pitso is to make sure before you buy a player, Toni Silva and Zakri were not supposed to land at Sundowns. I have never seen a very stupid and lazy player like him as a professional.

  7. Dalom

    We’re not winning tonight. This Toni Silva’s open letter to Pitso has rattled the team. But then, where’s Mohomi? Is not even on the bench and I don’t see him here in the injury list. At this rate, I don’t even see us doing any better against ASEC Mimosas on Friday

  8. Zipho

    Here we go again,Mabunda n Kekana combo, this combination is boring now,Mohomi played very well against Chippa bt he is on da stands,we will not win da league with this favouritism

  9. muzi kunene

    Guys Silva didn’t go to the media but he was responding to what Pitso said about him on media,another thing lets put love for Pitso aside its true what Silva said even to today’s game he keeps with the combination of Kekana and Mabunda and that combination is no longer yielding result.
    Two days ago he was busy praising Mohomi but today that guy is sitting on grandstand I will not be surprised if before window period he goes to S.United in a swap deal with that unconvincing Mnyamane.Don’t get us wrong fellow members WE love Pitso but his BIG problem is arrogant and favoritism that will destroy our team,Kby forever

    1. @ Muzi,I don;t agree with you. Kekana is still scoring goals for us and he is still dishing those long passes like the goal that was scored by Zwane from Morena. let us not put our hatred and comment much as i agree that some signings should not have happened but to mention words like arrogance is not correct.I think the technical team as a whole agree on planning of buying selling and fielding of players.I think we fielded a strong team and we lost.The story of age at the team is not correct also, Gattuso was commenting on the maturity of Christiano Ronaldo not so long.he was praising him that he is getting better as he gets older. I also feel that we should not buy players during this window period.


    We have been singing this favouritism for years and no one is listening.Mohomi passes the ball way better than Kekana and Mabunda combined,Nascimento always weak,Onyango always costly but,they always play coz they are coach’s sons,including Langerman.All these players should not play at the same time.Motsepe should intervene by getting us a new coach coz our current coach thinks that he owns this team forgetting that he is an employee just like players.First it was Zakri,Billiat now Silva saying Pitso is a bad coach and supporters said it b4 those players can say it(favouritism).Pitso is like a monster to players,they are not free to express themselves and even a blind person can see from body language that mos players are no longer happy to play under Pitso.Pitso is misusing the team’s money by signing players only to put them on the bench.I think if players were given chance to vote,only Kekana,Mabunda and Onyango would vote in favour of Pitso.

    1. Themba

      Add Langerman and Maboe to the list of those who will vote for pitso. These are players who get praise for running around doing nothing. Mabunda is worse but all is not lost we can’t dwell much on the lost we ve got another game coming on wish is If we can get a cetral box to box midfielder some1 like makaringe or monare, a striker and natural left and right backs


    Motsepe must investigate this allegation and take the necessary actions,we cannot be captured by Pitso he is not bigger than Sundowns.We complained about the Makhanya and Trott interference b4 and no one took us serious,by the time management realized,we had already fired many good coaches.If you are a good coach you just cannot play same old team for 5years and expect the same results and only promote one development play,even Midendoorp has a month with Chiefs and he has already promoted Mashiane,a left back.The sooner something is done about this allegations the better for the success of the team.

  12. Xolani ganga

    I think for now were must stop signing another players. focusing to the players were have,and our bro pitso must give other players a chance.

    1. Dalom

      But the team is also aging member. I think we should’ve started introducing youngsters during the CBD era. Ted Dimitru used to do that effectively, but now we ‘re just signing cows some of whom say bad things about us when they leave

  13. Members I don’t agree with you, please sit down and relax an analyse properly before we destroy our team. Most of the comments here are from Hatret, Ted’s team was a mix of both experience and youth including foreigners, Mess I have been playing for Barcelona for more than 5 years and still performing. Chiefs promoted Mashiane and we promoted Madisha,Percy who is now plying overseas. We also promoted Julie’s, Makgalwa etc. Our central midfielders are better than monare and Makaringe. The team does not need New players but we could not apply ourselves technically. Let us stop making wrong allegations as that will destroy the team. I saw most comments were made just after the loss to Amazulu so I understand.we need to support the boys.KBY

    1. Themba

      Member you do not have monopoly on what should be said on this site otherwise It will be called “Kick Boboza” Column. So Please allow everyone to express themselves.
      No one ever said a player cant play for 5 years the issue is the player still adding value to the team. Look at Langerman for example, he has done a lot for a us but does he still have the legs to carry us forward? I can say the same about Nanscimento, he is finished. everyone just toy with him. AboMakgalwa, Mbatha, Shalulile are exposing him. In the middle Kekana is doing well for the team, just need someone to assist Mabunda just sit in front of our back 4. He cant run with a ball, he cant pass forward all his passes to goes to Onyango.

      1. Duncan Hlengwa

        Nascimento is played out of position Masandawana and i feel for him cause the guy has to use his weeker foot to mark those speedy guys like Magawla.when i observe the games natural Mento does not do man marking but he can read the game well.
        I personal think left centre back its where you can play him and get the most out of him.
        He played well as left centre back and recently its very hard for him even to clear the ball convincingly with his right foot.
        Technical team must just decide to play him or lebusa not pairing them unless we dont have options.
        We’ve Rivaldo, Arendse and Madisha to play Right centre back even Anele cause he does not offer us a lot on attacking.

  14. muzi kunene

    Sundowns have got good players on development but Pitso doesn’t like them,all of those youngsters were loaned even on Motsepe league and never come back.
    At our U-20(Amajitha)Downs also have a gud player there who’s a captain but to us he’s not good to play in the first team and the very same coach is busy chasing youngsters from other countries like that 16 year old from Zimbabwe and also another one from Zambia by the surname of Banda.
    Mr Kick Boboza we don’t hate Pitso but his favoritism,Kekana and Mabunda are tired and the age is not on their side even Pitso himself said that their mileage is gone.What realy pains us those players that are sitting there on grandstand or playing at MDC were signed by the very same coach but now are not gud enough.Botswana National coach is pleading with Downs for Ngele to be released or loaned but they refused and that is killing players career at its best,Lastly if Ndlovu from Maritzburg come to us will he put Kekana or Mabunda on the bench absolutely NO,,Kby forever

  15. The old players are not hungry any more and ba nyatsa. Members have raised the issue if the Couch’s favouritism and nothing came out of it. Sure he needs a change of scene and Downs need a new couch and technical team to rise above the horizon.

  16. Zipho

    Ngele will not play at Sundowns,he is lazy jst like Tony Silva and Maboe,the later is lucky cos Pitso likes him

  17. Mfana

    What has been said by Silva raises some eyebrows but I’ve seen&analysed that guy when playing but I have some reservations about him.About favouritism I can say Silva is telling the truth.Thela Ngobeni had a splendid performance throughout the season 4 Stars&had a good run throughout the Nedbank cup.He arrives at Sundowns,Pietersen is put ahead of him a player last season who never tasted a single game at Supersport is given a run&give us those comedy of errors we saw against Amazulu.Pitso chose Ngongca instead of a homegrown like Mabaso.Believing in old crocks like Nascimento,Mabunda,Langerman,Mweene&Kekana where’s we see that their mileage is finished leaves another bitter tastes in our tounges if we can consider that we r having the most decorated development in the country of which Pitso is a enemy of.Ppl r only mentioning Madisha&Tau as if they r the only development players that were groomed by Sundowns but Pitso put a blind eye to them.In the late 90s Sundowns had the best success bcoz of this list Masilela,Mudau,Shai;Magolego,Shata,B Mnguni,T Mnguni,Manzini,Petla&were all groomed by Sundowns&every coach who arrive at Sundowns instead of always buying every player who had a better game against Sundowns like chasing the signature of Ngoma&see after u have signed him that he is not a Sundowns material.And Pitso this thing of yours going for 29 to thirty something years of age like abo Manyisa&Lebese Brockie etc will come back to haunt u because there’s no reason to buy them,because player power will creep in once you don’t field them.Pitso must stop to run after every player who plays well 4 his team and focus on youngsters who r at the club.Some of the things said by Silva needs to be looked at because it’s in response to what has been said by Pitso in the media.Iv got a firm belief that players there are not selected on merit.

  18. Mfana

    Another downfall of our coach is this thing of rebuilding the team with the majority of players coming from other clubs.Coach utilise Mkhulise&Mohomi 2 the fullest unless u r obsessed with past reputations of Kekana&Mabunda.Silva is also touching the issue of being played out of position of which l
    I’ve been questioning that because Sundowns has 2 or more than 3 players in each position why&what is the reason of having a false striker.If u r having your original natural teeth why would someone choose false teeth?Does it make sense?Ngcongca&Mbekile were there when u played Morena as a winger&on numerous occasions the boy has been caught wanting when it comes 2 defending or making a clearance with his head or was always outjumped by opposition strikers on 50/50 situations.Beware Pitso of losing dressing room atmosphere.Ali Meza,Sekotlong&Brockie have been there when u played Silva as a striker.Unfortunately Brockie has been given more than a fair chance but the guy is not a Sundowns material period.Mahlambi&Laffor r wingers can u play them on their rightful positions.Yes Lakay you converted him into a wingback&he fitted like a hand in the glove.Again u may have converted Tau 2 a false striker but again if you can analyse Tau b4 he went overseas you’ll find that he last scored last February in 2018.Tau had a beautiful time at Sundowns don’t get me wrong I still miss him.Pitso I still love you to continue to do what you do best, coaching Sundowns.But please my coach can you be flexible and try 2 play ppl according to their rightful positions.We lost Tau&Billiat can you move on &live life without them because we know you still miss them.Now Sundowns has started 2 play the ugliest football of all time&I can’t be surprised if we don’t win anything this year.Sundowns has failed to score more than 3 goals this year of which that shows that we r not convincing at all infront of goals now.If we r looking for Were or Tade& if that is true,which means now we r lacking scouting acumen.I mean Were&Mwanza were a thorn in the flesh 4 Sundowns in 2016 in the CL semifinal.Then why would we buy him now in 2019.Can Sundowns keep this marriage between us &Mosimane 4 many more years to come.In reality Pitso is still the best,in the land,the only thing that he needs to do is 2 change his attitude with regards to youth development&utilisation of it(development)Kaboyelo I remain.

  19. Skhumba

    Guys i doubt that we will win anything this year especially with the kind of team selection that we are seeing from the coach. Silva is 100% right! Pitso is very arrogant. He thinks he knows it all. Why Mahomi having performed well in the game against Chippa but he was not even on the bench in next the match. What is the criteria of getting into the match day squad?

  20. Duncan Hlengwa

    Guys why our kits on the sleeve is different from the one we buy it from the puma shops?? Can someone explain to me this part
    I like the texture when i check our players

  21. mos moss

    This toni guy is bitter what we expect from the people like him is nothing but that, he said the same thing when he left his previous clubs so just go and say that again to the new club you are joining bru this is sundows is not what u think young men, about the cough that’s is why u have to have one so that he can use you where he needed you not where u want to play cause he is the one in need to you sorry melaity . Asec game is coming we are focusing on the next game not the past , we are going to beat that asec harder and lastly on the football fratanity everyone is an aspect so we are not going to dell on everythg said by each and every jack we cant even go any where about that some are not even sundowns fans they just got the stage to air their political opinion on this platform to disgrace the club as is their ego.

  22. bango

    Thank you so much for the great comments. Where can you find a perfect being? A person made of strengths only and no weaknesses? If you find one bring him on board. I beg to differ. I don’t believe in comments raised from bitterness and anger. Someone would be seeking for a healing hence offloads what he has swallowed. Cowards are the ones who run to the media to seek for public opinion, that is being weak, South African players are strong. Black mailing someone because of anger is not being wise. Toni Silva was brought to Sundowns because of his rich CV than anyone in PSL, his rating before he played on SA soil was raising goosebumps on players locally, we all believed he was what that CV stated. We were convinced and persuaded for a better replacement for Khama Billiat. If anyone was to put the two on the scale?who would be better? Pitso thought had brought a surprise to Africa and spice to the Psl, he anticipated a machine and for sure we all thought. In 11 games the statistics for Toni should be 22 goals, 12 assists in so called wrong position and more on his traditional position.According to our expectations its true it didn’t work out. Even according to him to be honest it did not work out, he should have scored more. Even defenders score more oftenly in wrong positions.. No excuse! It just did not work.. Pitso has always been like that, a lot has always been said , soon he wins and all is forgotten. We must learn to accept people as they are. He is a couch in Africa, yes and so what? He has achieved in Africa and l appreciate that. The problem Toni wanted Pitso to fear him because he is from Europe. No it just can’t. Players why sign for Sundowns if you can’t compete? Compete with his favourite and outclass them . You can’t be bigger than your Couch even if you earn more. KBY

  23. Patience,Patience is a beautiful gal. We do not need a Silva to ignite our debates. Go on Pitso and your staff we are behind you . This is not a one pony effort , we have a collective here! People must spitting their their amateurish venom on Pitso, we have a collective here.

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