Mamelodi Sundowns concerned about circumstances of Al Ahly delay at FNB Stadium

Mamelodi Sundowns received information concerning the circumstances and the alleged incident that led to Al Ahly being delayed for the match against Mamelodi Sundowns at FNB Stadium, in South Africa.

Sundowns has initiated an investigation and has also contacted the South African Police Services to determine the facts and circumstances that resulted in the statement which appears on the Al Ahly website relating in the delay of the Al Ahly convoy at the FNB stadium by certain spectators.

Mamelodi Sundowns will take strong disciplinary action including preventing irresponsible supporters from attending future matches if the complaints by Al Ahly are factually justified.

Sundowns has a duty and an obligation to ensure that Al Ahly and any other football club that it hosts are treated with the respect, courtesy and dignity that they deserve.

Mamelodi Sundowns will also be in contact with Al Ahly to obtain their version of the circumstances concerning this incident.

Mamelodi Sundowns is committed to maintaining and building its historic relationship with Al Ahly for the long term benefit and growth of both clubs, their supporters and African Football.


9 Responses
  1. Denis Jafta

    Let’s not forget as Mamelodi Sundowns that Al Ahly will always do anything in their power to complain in our previous meetings they complain about match officials though they won such they complain about Gassama is he officiating their games now no. Al Ahly are great Manipulators and Caf is always tweaking to their tunes. How come CAF allows their direct competitors like Al Merrick to play their own home game in Cairo. The was a traffic jam before the game they arrived late on purpose to turn n turnish Sundowns name. WATCH match officials who from Afcon22 turned out as amateurs in our recent games they try hard to help this Al Ahly cry babies.

    1. Ronnie Bothma

      There’s merit in what you saying… We can’t rule it out. Al ahly might be looking at anything other than what happened on the field to complain about. We are a force in Africa now… As for Pitso too, we love but he must refrain from dragging our club in the mud… He has a problem with a particular person at Sundowns. He must stop using match press conferences to address his personal problems.

  2. Sanele

    That will be right thing to do and we recommend the management for taking initiative to clean our brand name.

  3. Msoja

    Our Clubs have been long complaining about bad treatment with all Caf matches. Now they come with silly complains.

  4. Mfana

    So in all no Sundowns official was alerted or contacted W about the supporter’s behaviour?Who told them about an alternative route &why would an alternative route take more than 30 minutes.If these mind games do ever exist who initiates them&why?We can beat Al Ahly with or without these dodgy questionable tactics,so if its true this nonsense must stop right now.We have bigger things to concentrate on like winning Nedbankcup, the league and champions league that doing petty things around Mosimane& it’s not worth it.

  5. Jero

    Honestly on my side l love Pitso.
    But l am starting to have concerns about his comments about Sundowns.My question is did He ever loved Sundowns or He was just there to work and built his Profile. Because to me it seems like He doesn’t appreciate what Sundowns done for him.from the time he was a player and Development Coach.lf He has problems with someone from Sundowns Management why he doesn’t talk to that Person .Because l believe Motsepe he deserves a lot of respect from Pitso .when results did not go well Motsepe stand by him even though Supporters were not happy but He kept him and get him always the players ahead wanted.
    After SAFA fired him He helped him to built his Profile.
    What is upsetting me is when is saying Sundowns buys match officials to win games. Question l have about that why he proud himself than about success of Sundowns. Even now he says Sundowns is doing well because of him after 2 years he left.But than Al al alhaly is doing well but than is taking credit for Alalhaly Success. But is not Congratulating a previous Coach of Al Alhaly.But He praise himself So l don’t know.
    But l think Pitso and Motsepe have to sit down and sort out this mess Lastly when He left He wanted to destroy Sundowns by taking Sundowns Technical Team and players Gaston is still mentally not well because of all things He said to him.
    Because he wanted to get a crown that He was the best Coach and people they were going to say Sundowns is struggling because is no longer there.
    Yellow Nation it is my opion l am expressing my views.
    As l said l like Pitso and l am sure all of us we like Pitso.
    It just discussions buy please let us not attack him and his teams in Future it is dragging our club to mud

    1. Thulas

      Whenever there is a traffic there will definitely be a delay. Now that Ahly were in that area at that time does not mean their bus was blocked by people from Sundowns