Mamelodi Sundowns rejects 1999 Match-fixing allegations 


05 November 2021

Mamelodi Sundowns rejects 1999 Match-fixing allegations 


The Board and Management of Mamelodi Sundowns strongly reject the 1999 match fixing allegations made by Mr Peter Khoabane.

The 1999 match fixing allegations are alleged to have taken place approximately 4 years before Dr Patrice Motsepe bought the club.

Mamelodi Sundowns has always adhered to the FIFA, CAF, SAFA and PSL Rules and Regulations. The club has always been committed to governance & ethics and football global best practice.

We view the allegation in a very serious light and we are investigating the matter  and will also seek legal advice.


For any further information or inquiries contact:

Shupi Nkgadima

Cell: +27 (0) 65 992 9214

7 Responses
  1. Ronnie Bothma

    Well, I can’t tell our club to not to release statements to the media. But I don’t think this was a good idea. It is negative publicity. My opinion is that, this should have been just left alone. I understand that the club had their reasons… For me, just let things be. People say too much about our club anyway

    1. Eddie

      But we can’t keep quite when they point fingers at us. These guy was sent to do these, now he must come forward


    i did make some research the guy must get his facts right ,the season of 1998/1999 the result for 1st game we won by 7
    goals to 1 , and 2nd round we thrashed them 3 nil when we play them there were four games remaining he must mention the other guys who get the money with we as the yellooooow nation we stood fame and this jealous guy he has been sent to destabilize the the entire downs family hit them hard bafana ba style

  3. Mfana

    Does Peter Khoabane know that he is implicating himself into doing something that can ruin his life?What if his former employers press charges, because I recall that Bruce Grobelaar& John Fashanu were involved in issues like this and it dragged on &on until there consequences for that.The question is will the football association have a look to that?Our club’s name & image have been dragged with that statement.Does Khoabane have proof of what he is saying to support it?We have been victims of dubious decisions of poor officiating of which no one has suffered for his actions.Sundowns is fast becoming a house hold name in football circles in SA.We don’t need stupid statements like these especially in the media circles.A club’s official was permanently expelled from all angles of life in football.CAn that happen to him (Khoabane)If there’s someone behind this what is he going to gain.Lets wait &what going to happen.

    1. CALVIN

      The guy has been paid to drag our name.

      Does he has the proof? Why is he saying it now?

      Sundowns must take him on until he provide evidence, if he doesn’t he must apologize in writing.

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