Masandawana grab a point and continue unbeaten streak

Mamelodi Sundowns took on Bloemfontein Celtic in matchday twelve, a day after Masandawana were crowned winners of the first Q-Innovation of the 2020/21 season of the DStv Premiership. The Brazilians went to the game with an unbeaten streak after eleven games. One change was made in the starting lineup from the team that played in the Tshwane derby, Kermit Erasmus claimed a spot in the starting lineup replacing Gaston Sirino.

From the start of the game, the intention was clear from the Brazilians a goal to settle and take control of the game.  Tebogo Langerman played a cross come shot which troubled the visitor’s keeper but the ball only sailed past the goal post without harming Phunya Sele Sele. Bloemfontein Celtic also showed that they are not going to give up without a fight but the resilient defence of Masandawana stood still. Mothobi Mvala had a perfect opportunity to score the opener when he met a Themba Zwane cross but his header went wide with just an inch.

Siphelele Luthuli pounced on a ball and beat Denis Onyango and took a shot that was cleared by Tebogo Langerman. The first half ended with the score 0-0.

The second half started off at the same pace it ended in the first stanza and Erasmus did all but score as his well-struck shot could only rattle the crossbar.  Motebang Sera had an acrobatic attempt but Onyango was alert to parry the ball over the bar for a corner. Romeo had another chance to take the lead for Masandawana but substitute keeper Chaine was alert to save the shot. In the closing minutes of the game, the Siwelele Keeper was busy as he had to save attempts made by Lesedi Kapinga and Erasmus respectively. With two minutes left on the clock, Peter Shalulile had a chance to put the ball in the back of the net but he could not get it on target after a cross from Sirino. A point was salvaged by Bafana Ba Style and their unbeaten streak continues.


How we lined up: D. Onyango, Morena, Lebusa, B. Onyango, Langerman ( Modiba ’70), Mvala ( Sirino ’70), Maluleka, Maboe, Zwane ( Kapinga ’70), Erasmus ( Makgalwa ’81, Shalulile

Subs: Goss, Modiba,Kekana, Majadibodu, Sirino, Makgalwa, Kapinga, Vilakazi, Mkhulise

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  1. ITDowns

    As much as we didn’t loose, I think the Celtic game should be considered points lost given the number of chances missed. Observation from the previous two drawn games against Supersport and Celtic are:
    1. Shalulile dropped too deep far too often. If these are instructions from the coach, then this needs to be reviewed.
    2. Playing both Mvala and Maboe doesn’t give us enough creativity down the middle. Maboe was more effective down the right wing or as a false 9/supporting striker. Mkhulise is more effective in the role that Maboe is currently playing.
    3. Generally the following players lack the necessary football intelligence and composure to fit into the Sundowns style of play and need more time to adapt:
    a) Kapinga
    b) Modiba
    c) Mvala
    d) Maboe in CM position.
    To the coaching staff, please don’t try to chance the Sundowns way of playing by accomodating too many new signings. Lets revert to our team of last year and use the Zwane/Sirino combo more with Shalulise/Erasmus as a box striker. Thanks

    1. Dalom

      You’ve summerized it quite nicely member. Even Keke is far much better than Mvala in that midfield. We can’t field Mvala just to score through headers. Against Baroka, they even dropped Jali for him. I think Maboe has been with us for three seasons, but the boy just doesn’t improve. He’s just a hardworker nje, but he lacks footballing brains. I thought he was going to improve this season after watching him in the first three games, but alas, he went back to his usual self. Let’s see what Motupa will offer is as an alternative to both Shalulile and Erusmus. I don’t think the triumvirate coaches will last that long on their positions, they’ll be badly exposed in the Champions League. They don’t have what it takes to move this team forward.

      1. Mfana

        It’s simple people are given opportunities but don’t want to grab them Maluleke must not play as if is deputising or holding a fort for someone,it’s his chance,grab it.Maboe is so used to the starting lineup in such a way he sees no reason for him to score,he fluffs every chance created to him above the crossbar knowing very well next game his name will be on the starting lineup.So he gets everything on a silver platter at Sundowns.Mkhuluse is there to replace Maboe,Mngqithi don’t select people as if someone is pointing a gun on your head.Malulekez u must know that Jali&Oversee r coming back so sit on laurels at your own peril.But Bra Hlompho can be brought on for long range shorts but marking&closing down the opposition is no longer there.Mvala if Coetzee&Jali r not there,he (Mvala)must be on the starting lineup because we will need him in Africa in good shape.Overall we r still on the right track lets remember this is not a sprint but a marathon.

  2. Lamamelodi

    Unfortunate moment for the Yellow Nation.Sundowns is never a drawing team.Something wrong about our game plan.
    I hate to single out players,as I always believe Sundowns win as a team, and or loss as one.But what is the role of Maboe currently? Is he a destroying middle-fielder,attacking middle-fielder,game-changer.What is his role such that when everyone gets substituted, but Maboe will just remain.
    I predicted the substitutions of two players in the centre yesterday, and that is Maboe and Mvala.And of course Mvala was taken out but Maboe remained. Having observed that Makgalwa was on the bench,with Erasmus missing every chance,I also predicted his (Erasmus) substitution and indeed it happen.But with Maboe, with his lack of creativity and poor passes, he keeps his position,lol.
    But then finally,now than later,I suggest our coaches change either the current system of 4-3-3 to 4-4-2 or bring back those Vilas, Sirinos,Makgalwa, Mkhulise,Rivaldo and only add here and there with new signings. We are too much exposed in the middle when we play three men and we don’t have either Andile or Rivaldo playing behind our centre.Our coach must start smelling the rat.Otherwise CAF will be a disastrous experience this time around.

  3. muzi kunene

    Seconded Dalom this Maboe guy is failing us and I don’t know why our three wisemen can’t see that I mean the boy is even poor on shooting accurately he is the one that expose Mvala.
    Another player who is disappointing me is Kapinga, I’m the one of the supporters who wanted to see him play but the boy is letting us down especially with his shooting its a ten year old that is shooting there’s no power behind the ball I wonder that alone is practice at Chloorkop.Pls Wisemen don’t give Chiefs a false hope that they have a chance on claiming this league and if We continue with this draw a loose is nearer mark my words,Kby forever

  4. BOH

    Masandawana its easy to be comfortable…it shows the last two games.. Sundowns has been let down by our so called star players..I call them senior players..they don’t turn up… some games need 1 goal.. and we take 3points.. yesterday Mshishi,Romeo, Shalulile had clear cut chance to put us through… I’m disappointed I don’t name players…but we analysing the game…they should be composed enough… don’t closed your eyes and shoot, like an amateurs..we big boys… this will cost us the league..even worse in Africa.. where u get 1 chance.. personally Mnvala,is good when we shutting the door… hayi’ ke…not to mention his annoying Kansande style of play… every tackle is yellow card… WHY’ getting yellow card in middle of the danger.. always committing dangerous tackle…welldone Maluleka”…. though I don’t understand this position u playing but you’ve done well…3 senior coaches…stop this… Sirino, Mshishi work better together..and give Romeo and Shalulile upfront a chance..they don’t get enough supply because we lack creativity..start Sirino please… some players need to wake up now,and come down we know they are good…play your game… please..Modiba, Kapinga,Domingo… more rough tackles…plz…Mthobi,Onyango🙏….. welcome back Lebusa.. you playing well… please we have great team…but show us on the field of play 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Jali/Sirino, Mshishi, Shalulile,Romeo,Langerman,Morena,Lakay,Maluleka,Nasimento, Kekana,Goss,Magarman,..if this was chiefs or AmaZulu/Black Leopards. With this names no team would like to face them..but you guys sometime give team’s reason not to fear Sundowns…show your class…come on… believe me they come very scared but, during the game they realise there is nothing here…. because you allow them to play….. players must respect covid rules..and stay clear of they normal friends.. so they can be always available… it’s a plea…

    1. Shando

      What qualifies him , and correct me if am wrong, is his work rate. He works hard to get the ball back and we need that in the team, however there needs to be a balance of how to use the ball and also to win it back….He seem to do his job defensively but offensively not sure if he does a better job. He was superb in the first 5 games of the leagues and all of sudden he has gone back to his old ways!!

      1. Lamamelodi

        “…..and all of sudden he has gone back to his old ways!!”
        the problem with him is that he keeps collecting yellow cards, while determined to balloon every scoring opportunity without giving any care

  5. Shando

    I must say we all disappointed by the turn of events at our team, particularly when you realise that we have the most technical gifted players in the PSL, and Yes some do lack a bit technically but we are far much better than other teams. The reason i am raising this, is to drive a point that what we need is to have our coaches to instill the tactical aspects into our players, particularly decision-making as we have been so poor in this area you’d think there is limited knowledge being imparted to the players in this area.

    Decisions being made by this players is so poor to an extend that you keep wondering if they are really having sessions to discuss this part of the game. Let me share my observations.

    1. Denis Onyango – He should know by now that unlike GOSS, Khune, he has got technical defiences with his feet. he is not good a passer of the ball – that we know and we have accepted, and I believe the sooner he acknowledges that the better. Stop complicating things when it comes to ball distribution….i still believe you are our number 1 thought with all these fraities, and GOSS as number 2 goalkeeper. How Mweene gets to be number 2 boggles my mind really – the less said about his weakeness (Mweene that is) when it comes to set pieces and crossses the better.

    2. Morena – I think the boy need some psychological help. He is playing better defensively, but he is more cautious in every move. We no longer get the vigour that we normally had on the right. He got a couple of good opportunities on right (and instead of doing what Sirino did at the end – Cross the ball hard and low when there is defender in front of you), he opts to curl it and looking at the games he played thus far, there is a few crosses he got right (reminds me frustrations i had with Rama – eishhh)

    3. Langermann – I do not have much to say on Langa..basics of killing the ball and control it as it comes to you are almost gone…not sure what happened, but he gets to play before Modiba. I guess i am not on the training pitch , but with teams defending deep like celtic, one is not sure if that was the right option to have him. He needs to get his mojo back.

    4. Brian Onynago – he had fairly good game and ended trying too much because the there was no creativity in the middle hence he took it upon himself to sometimes run with the ball foward. He just need to be patient and never cause unccessary fouls.

    5. Lebusa – He had a good game to be honest, i just think his concetration level at times seems to be absent. he almost caused us a goal as well – miscommunication between him and Onyango(GK) and this is not the first time

    6. Mothobi Mvala – He was really not needed in the game we played against celtic, he does the dirty work which some of us appreciate (which is against what most feel) but i think he should be used on the games where we need him to fight those battles…He tries too much and he is too cautions not too lose the ball…you could see he is being coached and that makes him to make even more errors as he does not want to take responsibility and be creative. So long he does not make a mistake or loose a ball he is okay, but on the contrary that is what he does…he makes unccessary fouls, and incorrect passes . We could have played Keke in that game

    7. Mshishi – He was trying shem, you could see his frustration at how certain players loose the ball so cheap…by that i mean Maboe and Mvala. He gad a good game and he could improve by shooting more…use a toe poke (perhaps Makgalwa can teach a thing or too)

    8. Maboe – Trying hard to impress…he was making lots of errors. I think what kept him in the game is his work rate, but he did not offer us anything going forward to be honest.

    9. Maluleke – He had fairily good game – One piece of advise. Do not play a long range pass to someone who has to still fight for that ball…there is couple of passes to Langa where he had to wrestle in the air for headers for the ball. That is not helping. Keep it simple and have patience. a moment will come where you can direct that long pass when its neccesary. we know you are good at it, so don’t force it!!!

    10. Shalulile – He is a revelation to our team, without him we could be a standard to be honest. Not technical gifted as others but he works hard and that is why he will always be the 1st on the team sheet. You always say to yourself this good value for money in terms of acquisitions we have made. I just don’t understand why other players seem to take it easy when they are so fortunate to be even playing for downs.

    11. Erasmus – He was just unfortunate not to score and perhaps he relies more on his accuracy and power, perhaps at times you just need to place the ball and chip over the keeper. That is what strikers do when you are near the keeper but seldom our striker don’t do that. Aubrey Madaba did the same in the last game. These are moments that can win us games. I do however that he will come better, he is an experienced and clever player so he will come right.

    that’s it….Good luck on the next game against swallows.

    NOTE. As coaches, we will support you but you remain accountable for results as you are the ones that do the selection. We might not agree with it but know that we are warranted to criticize you on the decision you make. So these two draws were mainly because of decisions you took…
    Kae kapa Kae Sundowns ke a le yona!!!!!!

  6. Zipho

    I hv been complaining abt Maboe for the past 2 seasons, and he doesnt seem to b improving,bt whàt annoys me the most is the fact that he will start the ff game n not get substituted,yet we hv Mkhulise and Magerman who can play that role far better than Maboe.Another player dat im worried abt is Brian Onyango, he commits a lot of unnecessary fouls,I think we should get a centre back who is comfortable on da ball cos with B.Onyango,Mvala,Maboe n Modiba all playing at da same time,we will be badly exposed in da champions league