Mosimane Bemoans No Spark In Stalemate

Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane felt there were enough chances in the game for the Brazilians to claim all three points in their Absa Premiership clash against Cape Town City on Tuesday night.

With the game ending 1-1 after captain Hlompho Kekana’s stunner was cancelled out by Dove Wome, the reigning champions couldn’t go top of the table. Mosimane gave his thoughts at the end of what was Downs’ third league match.

“I think against Chippa United (last week) we dropped two points, but this one is not the same. Cape Town City put up a good shift and for me it was the first time I see them work very hard like this. They come from two draws and a loss to Polokwane City, so they had to consolidate,” the coach said afterwards.

He lauded coach Benni McCarthy’s tactics on the night.

“They change their formation and overloaded the midfield to make sure we don’t get our way. It worked for them. It was an equally balanced match that didn’t have a lot of free-flow. We didn’t have our usual spark. We were a little bit lethargic. We didn’t really bring the game up, even though Keke scored a good goal. We lost concentration with the corner kick, leaving Dove Wome alone there – but I should give City credit because they did very well,” said Mosimane.

Sundowns will now regroup and look to be victorious when they host AS Otoho of Congo Brazzaville in the return leg of the CAF Champions League preliminary fixture.

The visitors have a 2-1 advantage from the first leg from two weeks ago.

18 Responses
  1. Mfana

    Had Pitso also changed his single dimensional substitution of always taking out Sirino&replaced him with Makgalwa instead of taking out Maboe or Vilalazi maybe u should have won.Thats how predictable are you my coach even a stupid fan like me can assess you that u r going to make a bad substitution.In all my coach u r predictable,that if you do three substitutions which u r going to put 2 defenders and Makgalwa.I also know Sunday’s starting line-up against that team from Congo.An astute coach&trained one can easily read your mind,football wise.

  2. Jaws Buda

    Even though Pitso is not always spot on when it comes to decision making but he is still the best coach ever to coach Sundowns or maybe to have coached here at Mzantsi. Lets keep on surporting our boys and the technical team during these trying times and we have been to this road before nothing new and I believe Pitso and the boys will turn the tables as they always do to silence the doubting Thomasses. KBY I remain.

  3. Boh

    Jaws,Broe plz understand us nobody is not supporting Sundowns we were not going to be at the stadium…so what ur missing here is concerned supporters and dying Sundowns lovers…. Broe us speak of TRYING TIMES.. we’ve only played 4games who has tried us except COACH…I blv u have a right to c things the way u do…. but most of us blv our team can do better then this.. even in those trying TIMES…. again we have nothing against COACH Pisto…plz guys don’t twist the issue here ,we are clear about our concerns, it’s a pity coach is on the middle of it all…how can we talk about Sundowns issues and not mention HIM…to others it’s like we are questioning his ability to coach… that not true…

  4. Jaws Buda

    @Boh… point taken member and I guess you are right when you say we will always see things differently. I am saying this bcoz when Pitso made changes during our first leg in Congo and included the likes of Jali some members complained why change the winning combination as if he was undermining the opponents so whether he does what people will always have something to say and we have to live with that bcoz football is the game of opinions.

  5. Zipho

    I think the main concern here is that he seldom puts Maboe n Vilakazi on stands even when they r not performing,like yesterday,bt come Saturday they will both be in da starting lineup

  6. Mzimela

    maSundown really disgraceful the way team started as if we have new coache although is been here number of years he force combination of Villa.Maboe&Sirina although doesn’t combine may he has agreements with Maboe to be in game no matter what when ever Sundowns score first we knew soon opponents will equalised Sundowns suppose to win more than 1 trophy per season according quality in team

  7. Boh

    Jaws Broe thanks for being a good listener,and the end we all want the best for our team…. come Saturday it’s a must WIN no excuses,we are playing home… I lbv teams must start experiencing being away when coming to play us at home.. I think we are TOO NICE….and end up failing to be aggressive when needed the most…if Sundowns can kill the game early..then relax.. which serve us with 2 critical opportunities 1… giving other players chance to play and gain confidence without too much pressure for there is always pressure at Sundowns..2…. protecting our regular players bcz of un necessary injuries while job is almost done, surely we need them for next games more than this one…. again 1 member said it who are we,but just supporters of this great team…

  8. Mfana

    Bog,Jaws Buda;Mzimela,Zipho,we r just concerned supporters and fans of this beautiful team called Sundowns,it’s just that we r having different opinions,it’s a platform to air our views we don’t even hate this human being called Pitso.He is human,he makes mistakes,he corrects them.He acknowledges people’s opinions at the end of the day he makes his own decisions based on what he sees fit to do on that particular time.We love Pitso we don’t want him 2 b replaced by anyone soon.He is the one to take us 2 the promised land.Because since his arrival not even 1 year ended with us not getting a trophy,which is the first of its kind.We had much decorated coaches like Fullone,Stoichkov,Westerhof etc,but Pitso chose his own pace,destination;footsteps and ambitions.He is the one taking us to the promised land.We r still salivating for MTN8 for Pitso that will very good.

  9. Malandela

    @Boh, u wrong abt relaxing, big teams never relax, thats why big teams in Europe score 5 or more goals per game, they always strive for more, I personally am not a fan of this score 4 goals then the tsamayas start, u need to moer a tsamaya on ur way to score the 10th goal not while playing a back pass to ur keeper who will kick the ball out for a throw in against us, so as much as I respect ur comments big teams never relax

  10. Boh

    Ngiyaxolisa,Mandela Mnfe2.. I meant the New term game management.. sorry I’m old school…my TERM RELAXED did not mean sitting down on the field or standing on top of ibhola..and my mistake was to think u all understand me….as a Sundowns supporters we know we are not a nsamaya team, this is an international team..who can bring BARCELONA…and beat second division team with 25goals..not even a single my Broe, it’s okay I accept it opinion…just that I didn’t expect it from us… I could be wrong no Sundowns supporters blv in nsamaya….we are to bzzzy and much of a class..we don’t BRAGG!!!…but WIN LEAGUE’S, CUPS, CHAMPIONSHIPS…love thought,,,,7 PHEZULU Kabuyellow….

  11. Boh

    I meant Malandela, no offense on the world icon, and patriarch of this country…I only pick it up now, it’s the phone dictionary, that picked the closest of what I meant…. sincere apologies…

  12. Bango

    Football is a beautiful game on the pitch that plays with the emotions of the ones watching. It is indeed a game of opinions to the soccer loving fans and a decision counter for the coaches. That is exactly what makes it a beautiful game. It also gives a lot of assumptions and speculations and can make them appear to be facts. l love this game because it allows us fans to think outside the boxes, it also provokes us to feel coaching is an easy job that can be done well by every one. That is football, particularly us the spectators , we can score more goals than those in the field of play, its normal. l like the expressions of fans, ” How can so and so miss such a cake?, He just needed to do this, with this and that was a score!, how can this guy kick like this!? he was just supposed to place it like this”, to an extent of demonstrating with hands and without the ball for that matter to consolidate it. You can not argue with a supporter or fan, remember that is his space, you can not argue another man ‘s opinion about soccer, that’s how he sees it. When people differ in opinions it does not make the other wrong or the other right, its just the opinions that would have differed. That makes it remain interesting, even the decisions of the Coaches are sometime not spot on and when they get it right it does not mean everything was right hence the famous saying Love covers it all. Even players are not always on form, yet they can be lucky and score while off form, their off form will soon be forgotten because all what a supporter needs is to celebrate a goal. Soccer is diverse, only what l ask is for Sundowns players to make these wonderful people ,the supporters , happy. I love good soccer with a lot of goals, l enjoy to celebrate yet l know there are days of leanness and days of plenty. Each man must succeed in his space within the soccer fraternity .KBY

  13. zipho

    Guys I personal feel that Pitso must start introducing new strikes instead of Vilakazi and Moboe they are very slow at the front. Our style of football is now highly predictable which is not a good thing. We have depth squad but we using one and the same players even if there are not in good shape for the game.

  14. Boh

    Zipho,I think personally I blv their are very good in creating opportunities, then finishing those chances,and that what is costing us BIG TIME

  15. Geo

    Im also woried member we are predictable with no plan b, we score an early goal then we manage the game(defending) can’t we score more than two goals