Mosimane Pleased With Effort, But Not Result

Coach Pitso Mosimane says he was pleased with his side’s effort in our first defeat of the Absa Premiership season, which came against log leaders Kaizer Chiefs at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

We conceded early and had to chase the game and it the end Chiefs ran out 2-0 winners, but the coach said it wasn’t for a lack of trying.

“We lost a tough game. There were a lot of positives and negatives. A game that is very competitive, from beginning to the end. We could have played until tomorrow without scoring. I thought we missed a lot at FNB and this thing came back and we missed a lot of goals,” the coach explained.

He gave credit to the team and felt that if we had converted our chances, the result could have told a different story come full time.

“I am not happy we lost, but not unhappy in the manner the players fought to win the match. We must accept the things as they are. We tried to win, to score, but we missed a lot,” he said.

“It was an evenly balanced game and it wasn’t as free flowing. The attendance was good and it went well and it was expected. We did well with our preparations for the game. It was unfortunate that we missed a lot of chances.”

Mosimane will now prepare for our next fixture against Chippa United in the quarterfinals of the Telkom Knockout on Sunday.

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  1. Thokozile Nkala

    I’m worried about Pitso’s behaviour these days please do something before it’s to late. He is always complaining unnecessary especially when it comes to Chiefs he must learn to accept a defeat like all other coaches and stop behaving like a child because he will lose dignity to the fans as well as other coaches.

    1. Eddie

      i do agree to disagree sesi, i think the coach is fed up with what he knows about our match officials, coach Pitso is telling the truth and we tend to be not agreeing even though all of we can see

      1. Thokozile Gladness Nkala

        After what we heard today what do you all say? He is already in trouble and he has embarrassed himself once again

        1. Hey wena Nondindwa, Let me tell you for the last time don,t come here trying to silence our coach, there so much that you don,t know about football. you talk of coach being embarrassed, the same coach embarrassed all of you by pointing out your corruption and two weeks back referees were suspended because of favouring your corrupt team, last year he was called in when your UNCLE robber wanted to rob us BUT at the end sanity prevailed, we started that from the robberies of Rothmans cup . Your director is corrupt to the core, i can see you make your comments at night and that tells me that you are having sleeping problems, one of your brothers told that he wants to see you. go and see him and be assisted your have serious problems. you don’t only think like a child but you think like a desperate and guilt conscious mongol. AND YOU ARE WASTING OUR TIME AT SUNDOWNS WE DON’T STAY ON THE PAST RESULT, WE MUST NOW COMMENT ABOUT THE NEXT GAME. NEVER MAKE A COMMENT HERE THIS IS NOT YOUR SITE.

          1. Makgabo

            I am not commenting as this great TEAM supporter but as a concerned soccer fanatic.Sad times indeed in SA. Sad in a sense that there are huge dubious referee decisions during matches where certain TEAM benefits too often. The one identified as Kaizer Chiefs. Whether right or wrong perception is everything in sport like soccer. The reality is that when TEAMS looses coaches are first to be fired which affects their livelyhood. What then should happen? No stern action taken against this referees. Say as an example a referee or assistant gets bribed to fix a match and get suspended for 3 months hence getting double the salary during suspension it would then mean the suspension have no weight which then bribery wins at the end of the day. In the process when match officials misconduct by way of mistakes it could be that they are protected by persons in high places who might have a hand in the act of bribery and rules comes into effect to deny victims a recourse. When TEAMS looses in dubious manner even if such decisions are reviewed points lost are not reviewed. It is given that under such circumstances coaches affected by this decisions will raise their views in a public platform which most would view the TEAM and Coach to be in contravention of the rules. Victims of referees atrocious decisions have no recourse. Media or Commentators might be fans of benefiting TEAM/S which then this stories wont be published to the satisfactory levels. The coaches who are vocal are served with notices to deny or admit making comments. If they deny it should be through media conference paid by them. What these means is they are been victimized to admit to wrong doing. This could simply be done via discplinary meeting. People must forget about which TEAMS they support but look at the facts and reality. Take for example the letter send out by Mr. Thidiela in December seeking commission of enquiry into PSL. What will be the reason for that? Perhaps this should be a reason enough to raise a reasonable suspicion that something is fishy. SA needs people like Pitso and we should support them.

          2. Thoko

            Unondindwa unyoko your language proves that your head is so empty that you can’t even see what is right or wrong who wants to silence the coach sbotho? He has the right to speak but he must get all the facts wena nje uza ngotshwala kanti siyakhululuma la asilwi

        2. Hey wena, Nondindwa ndini who wants to hear your nonsense go and talk your rubbish at soccer laduma or kickoff this is Sundowns space. you come here with stupid comments, go and learn to please yourself first before you make those stupid comments, somebody has already made an appointment to see you. your picture depicts a picture of a confused and attention seeking Mongol. do not make stupid comments here.

      2. Thokozile Gladness Nkala

        I do not See Anything wrong dear Eddie unfortunately,
        What I see is an unnecessary pressure that Pitso is putting himself under and I don’t understand why because the season is still fresh he has all the time in the world to win the league now he has to apologize to Chiefs for badmouthing them for the reason known only by him, he is now seen as a childish coach who hates chiefs in such a way that he can’t even hide his jealousy of their performance lately. Last season he loved them so much because they were down and battling. We have to face the truth guys Pitso is wrong and he has lost the respect that most people had for him and now he has to work hard to regain it.

    2. Mamphiswana R.M

      Do you expect Pitso to just sit and keep quiet while a certain team already collected 9 points dubiously. I mean we work so hard, even us supporters to give our all.

    3. Mdumiseni Sokhela

      The facts remain Pitso is right, if he doesn’t say anything smaller teams will suffer because no one will say something. Referees must wake up and do their job properly because they kill some teams.

    4. Mdumiseni Sokhela

      This Thoko Nkala is doesn’t understand South African football shame.
      Hay sis rather comment to your team you support not about Sundown and Pitso, because he is telling the true. Why can’t these error happened when other teams are playing only this one team, wake this is football. Maybe comment about netball something you will understand.

      1. Thoko kick and bhoboza Nkala

        @Sokhela I think you are the one who doesn’t understand football mistakes are done in all other teams not just chiefs you and please don’t assume which team I’m supporting because you don’t know this site is not kick and bhoboza’s site is Sundown’s the truth is the truth I don’t care how you all take it but it will always be the truth but is your head is kick and bhoboza shaped obviously you won’t understand I don’t blame you though

  2. @thokozile i like the way Pitso handle this,if he doesnt speak about what we seen before 2013 nobody will and 15 psl team will suffer.

    1. Thokozile Nkala

      What about what happened to Chiefs when they were playing against Capetown city a goal was denied and Pitso did not say anything about that, in fact the mistakes are done all the time by referees even when chiefs was battling last season there were times where referees were not fair to them no one was talking and now Pitso is busy with chiefs I’m starting to think he’s got something about chiefs that we don’t know he better speak up otherwise people will get hurt and Pitso will be the first one to be blamed.

        1. Shando

          How is this kiiling the players? Which scientific evidence does suggest that – Coaches complain all over the world about being treated unfairly and i think that our coach has to right to raise his concerns when the officials are slagging.

          This has nothing to do with the players. How do you encourage PLAYERS who work hard during the week only to loose a game like Amazulu for example did. This is not on members and IT MUST STOP. CHIEFS IS BENEFFITING and officials must raise the bar.

          What did we expect our coaches do? Keep quite just like the corruption in government has spiraled to a level where it is now a diseases and it cant be controlled. Yes let us not back to the eighties – some of us still have memories of have games were won.

          1. Thokozile Gladness Nkala

            His concerns were proven otherwise and now everybody thinks he is jealous of chief’s energy this season as much as he is a successful coach but we have to agree that he is not fair to Chiefs these days even the PSL is fed up and where does that leave the fans,team as well as the team managers, we have to put aside our personal feelings for chiefs and see this from the people of South Africa’s perspective.

      1. Pitso must talk about his feelings that is why we have pre and post match interviews, We know that Chiefs is currently on top of the log because of so many referees so called mistakes, We know where your team comes from, you robbed teams left and right. King Pitso complained that is why your referees were suspended, The league first price was raised to 15 Million thanks to Pitso, We were nearly robbed last year like Ajax but Pitso talked about this robberies and we managed to win the league. so don’t try and tell Pitso what to say he must make his comments freely. anyway this platform is for sundowns MEMBERS ONLY.

          1. Shando

            I agree with you members. We were almost robbed last season, and without Pitso we would probably have lost the league in the boardroom. I agree Pitso must share his views.

      1. Thokozile

        @Ndlovu he’s the one who wants to do the referees job instead of focusing in his own job which is being the good coach that he is, he can’t do both he must choose which job he wants to do and stop complaining all the time his attitude towards Chiefs sucks and losing his dignity as a coach, you don’t want to hear the names they are calling him these days,for once he must try and hold his horses it’s not helping him neither does it help the team.

        1. Siya

          @Thoko let’s start here before we go to far. Which team do you support? I want to know this because if you were a Mamelodi Sundowns Supporter and you have been for years a supporter of the Club and the team you would relate to what The coach has raised to the media.

          I wanna urge you and everyone whom is a Mamelodi Sundowns supporter to stand behind Coach Pitso like how you support the team. Pitso does everything for the club and fans. He has his best interests at hurt.

          The other teams and there supporters will try to divide us by attacking Pitso and by mocking us. Don’t pay attention to them. They are scared of Pitso and the Club.

  3. muzi kunene

    Mara our coach can talk,I was listening to him recently on Metro FM on a post match interview. I remember Mthuthuzeli Scott of Umhlobo Wenene said few years back that one day Pitso with his behavior fans will die one day and I’m starting to believe that now.
    As much as I hate Chiefs with all my heart but let’s move on and forget about the referees.Nowadays I’m even afraid to wear my Downs regalia for being attack by opposition supporters, Kby forever

    1. Siya

      @Muzi all the coaches talk. You need to understand something there are very few people that like or support Mamelodi Sundowns in the media. Most support pirate or chiefs. You can tell when they are happy they they praise or compliment. But when that is due to Mamelodi Sundowns it not the same. The energy is not the and excitement is not there. I notice this things I’m human I know about affection I know when you faking it and when it real. Most of these journalists that right about chief or pirates even Mamelodi Sundowns you can tell which team they are supporting. They always look for negatives at us. But don’t report their favourite clubs. They just do there job of reporting when we win. But for ther clubs it a passion they love it. They are baise it selective reporting.

  4. Zipho

    Dat umhlobo wenene commentator is exactly da type of ppl our football doesn’t need cos they r supposed to be neutral,yet they fail to hide their love for Kaiser Chiefs.

    1. Phillip Ndlovu

      Zipho stop now what you are saying. Pitso his the one who can make people die, you heard what he said about Chiefs Pirates game?

    2. Thokozile Nkala

      @Zipho being neutral doesn’t mean that you have to hide the truth when you see it I don’t blame those commentators Pitso is behaving strange these days and he is fishing for trouble

  5. Jim

    Unless if sundowns fans will wear like pirates and course havoc then at the end it will seems like pirates fans couses problems. No, pirates won’t revenge for sundowns. sundowns will have to revenge for themselves when they meet chiefs again next time.

    1. Thokozile Nkala

      @Malebo Pitso’s behaviour is so childish, before we know it this will cause war and we don’t want that do we?

      1. Siya

        @Thoko this energy you have or passion please channel it somewhere else. You are out of order your reasonig is poor. You are no different then a pirate or chiefs supporter. You are calling our Coach names. You are very disrespectful. How is your name calling going to help. Your are whining for ever. You should have quit posting because at the beginning you kinda made sense now you sound like she other supporters. We don’t need that here. This is a Plat form of sharing and giving advise in a manner that is not offensive or discriminate our team and each other as supporters.

  6. Ronnie Bothma

    Meza, what a game he had. He has really come good. Unbelievable from a player that was in oblivion. The team played well enough. No need to be emotional. The league is still on. Pitso had a good lineup. No one to fault for the loss. It’s just football.

    1. Thoko

      @Ronnie according to him it’s not football it’s the referees favour for Chiefs what a ridiculous comment coming from a Successful coach like him I’m so disappointed in him he usage kind of coach who wants good results all the time it does not work like that all the teams in the PSL want to win so you as the coach must expect anything and prepare enough for a Win or a lose because that’s how it works whether we like it or not.

      1. @Thoko Chiefs first goal is a clear offside so what must be said, Must we pretend that it was a legitimate goal? no you know very well that the goal was an offside. as for the Rats we don’t need you to fight our battles we are going to play our games and manage them we don’t need any team to fight or avenge for us, we are not a brother brother team like most PSL teams that is why we are successful. you people are are hyper active for nothing.THE FIRST GOAL IS AN OFF SIDE PERIOD. AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO HIDE IT.


    All is not lost,had we took our chances,we would have won that game.The big main problem is Pitso’s loyalty or friendship with other players at the expense of the whole Downs family.Players like Anele,Adrense and Kekana are getting special treatment from the coach,they are no longer fit to play every week,even when they tired or off form they don’t get replaced.Example Madisha covered Anele’s position on the second goal but instead of covering Madisha Anele suddenly became a spectator and Kekana stood and watched as Nucovic went to score.Jali won and distributed the ball alone in the middle of the park without Kekana’s help.We love Kekana but he needs to be managed well,rested and replaced when he is not in the game,I don’t recall us losing or drawing any game when he is not playing,in fact we scored more than 3 goals in his absence.Mahlambi,Keletso,Meza and Jali had very good pre season,others were given chance a did a great job and Mahlambi deserves a chance too.Mkhulise should have given a chance instead of Vila to link up with Morena,Meza and Serino.The problem with our coach is not believing in young star,making late substitutions and lack of gudds to take a risk.Mazinyo gambled with Blom and the young man denied us 3 or a point from that game because is hungry.Coach,Bafana and Europe need Mahlambi,Mkhulise not Adrense and Anele and other youngsters.We nearly lost a good player in Meza bcoz of believing in only 11 players by coach,like we lost good keeper in Ngobeni and left with fat and not so agile Peterse and Mweene.

    1. Mnatiro

      Member, can’t agree more, especially your last line. We nearly lost Meza, we lost a good keeper in Ngobeni who undoubtedly is better than Mweene and or Pierterse

    2. @ Downsforever, I don’t agree to your comments however i am a Sundowns loyal Supporter and i know that i am a supporter and not a critic of Sundowns, If i challenge your comments i might hurt our own players, BUT your comments are not true please check your comments properly. they are not in order no facts at all.

  8. Thoko

    @Ronnie according to him it’s not football it’s the referees favour for Chiefs what a ridiculous comment coming from a Successful coach like him I’m so disappointed in him he usage kind of coach who wants good results all the time it does not work like that all the teams in the PSL want to win so you as the coach must expect anything and prepare enough for a Win or a lose because that’s how it works whether we like it or not.

    1. Well said Mpho, If you looked at the two teams on Sunday, Sundowns is a more Superior hence that is why we are Mzansi number one and Africa’s finest, our players play with integrity and superlistical pedigree, The Zebras was nowhere to be seen until the referee intervened, we were penetrating them like nobody’s business, the difference is that we missed chances there is no way we can complain about line ups and so forth, we played like champions and i know we will come back as for those members that get convinced by Zebras fans it is fine I KNOW WHO ARE SUNDOWNS PROPER SUPPORTERS WHO KNOW soccer, everybody is complaining about referees, AMAZULU are complaining, BENNI is complaining, so there is Mshiga shiga going on here BUT we will meet with the Zebras again.KING PITSO IS ON THE TOP 3 COACHES IN AFRICA.

  9. Winile

    Hi Thoko ,my fellow football fan I am a Sundowns fan but I will be honest as I am also not happy with the way he expresses his views.Well it is within his democratic rights to voice out his dissatisfaction but he is more like attacking the referees nawadays.So let us please be the supporters and not attacking our football .So my sister please ndicela simxoleleni u coach Pitso sijongeni phambili yes we as fans accept the defeat on both counts .Thank you

  10. Zipho

    What r Chiefs supporters doing in this site? Leave Pitso alone let da sundowns supporters comment freely on this site

  11. Member the Zebras are now hyper active and now invading our space. Webmaster please update the system in such a way that only sundowns Supporters can comment here. @ Thoko and her brothers must be stopped from commenting here.

  12. @ Downsforever, I don’t agree to your comments however i am a Sundowns loyal Supporter and i know that i am a supporter and not a critic of Sundowns, If i challenge your comments i might hurt our own players, BUT your comments are not true please check your comments properly. they are not in order no facts at all.

  13. SHANDO

    Halla to all the members! What a bitter weekend it was, one is still recovering from it especially if you have noisy neighbours like me. Nevertheless let me reflect on the game and the coache’s comments.

    For staters.

    Mweenee – I have always maintained that he is most uncdecisve goalkeeper i have seen, not taking away anything from hsi talent but his decisions to come in most instances leaves a lot to be desired. The first so called ” off isde or no off-side” goal needed him to talk his defence to push up a bit and stay in line, but he was quite.

    Ngcongca played very well – he is pillar in the right back, Lebusa and Madisha were solid – nothing came out of castro and Billiat if were are to be honest. My only WORRY is langermann — He was probably the weakest link and probably the worst player on the field and am still suprised how he lasted the entire game. I commend Langa when he does well but the past 3 to 4 games he has been appaulling to be honest=== No one decent cross of the ball, the two goals scored by the chiefs were as a result of him not being intensive on the marking. I have said this before and will continue until he improves and not because I was to single him out but he is have a terrible season thus far.

    To the coeach i can’t fault you on the comments against chiefs…it is the truth they are benefiiting from the referees mistakes – it might not be chiefs’ fault but the fact remains that they are benefitting. And tactically i think you were spot on until the 75 minutes where you replaced our dangerous player in the field in Ali Meza and putting in Lakay…Yes we needed Lakay to be included but not at the expense of Meza and perhaps one day you will response as to why did you not replace Langermann by Lakay when clearly LANGA was not giving us anything going foward and looking at the mistakes he caused in loosing the ball as off late he does not seem to trap the ball at all. Please speak to the player.

    Lastly SIRINO – We know what a talent he is but he is loosing balls in critical areas that almost lead to us being punished. Speak to him in whatever langage you use coach for the guy to at least put up a fight to get the ball back when he looses it, even MESSI does that these days.

    Other than that, we will bounce back and reclaim the position but overall we cannot fault the players for the perfomance, Big Up to JALI for the man of the match perfomance – it would have been a cherry on top if you scored that chance you got.


  14. Mxolisi Vincent

    Guys can i just be asked you if anyone watched the SS4 Extra Time yesterday the goal of Highlands Park was judged offside and Ace Ngcobo agreed to that have the offside rules changed recently or am just being naive to believe that Ngcobo lied to the whole country?

  15. joejnr

    @DOWNS4EVER and SHANDO you have said it all and you are correct! The problem is our coach and his favorites players. Sundowns players doesn’t show any hunger. Its bad for the team like Sundowns to have one reliable GK.

  16. Skhumba

    Well said Shando! Meza was the most dangerous player for Sundowns in the field of play and when he was substituted Zebbies got a sigh of relieve. Meza is such a talented player and i don’t why the coach almost released him. I think as team we did not play badly at all. Its just we conceded goals during the critical phases of the game. The first goal changed the complexion of the game altogether and as such our usually weaknesses were exposed. We hardly come back from a goal down. For us to win comfortably we need to score first but that cannot always happen. Sundowns is very poor on set pieces! If you look at the number of corners that we got its just pathetic that we hardly trouble the opposition at all and this has been going on for sometime now. The team needs to work on set pieces as well. In tight situations set pieces can decide the game. As for the performance of the players i think most of the them did well except a few of them. Langerman has not been playing well for the last few games and even yesterday he did not have a good game at all. Our captain could have been substituted as well. He did not play well at all. Even Vila and Maboe the usually suspects, one wonders why they are preferred ahead of Phakamani? Madisha played well in general but with the type of game that the zebbies we playing i was suspicious that he was going to be caught at some point. He played well serve the school boy that he made for the last goal. He should have fouled his opponent early for the team to regroup instead accompanying attacker to his own 18 area box.

  17. Xoli

    Pitso is one of the best and will always be the best ( judge him according to his success) and his got the right to oppose what is not right, unless someone does not understand football


    PHAMBILI MASANDAWANNA PHAMBILI althoug i think coetzee and mahlambi should have been given game time, who knows maybe in the future but

  19. Bango

    Interesting topic indeed! interesting views and opinions. What l like here is people are talking, discussing issues not fighting. Some things are better said early . In life each man has been given a race to run and a mission to accomplish .Always put yourself in that position and feel the heat not heat about the heat. In life , in every set up there are people called fire starters and pacesetters. These people are very important. The freedom we experience today did not come easy. There are men and women who stood for what they believed in even if the oppressor saw it in another perspective. Some died, some were arrested , touchered , and even did not see the freedom we are experiencing now but it eventually came. Many were silenced and threatened by even written laws in the constitution which were biased till freedom came to be amended or scraped off. Long walk to freedom!

    It comes natural for a chicken(HEN) to protect its chicks from anything suspicious to be predatory to its chicks including yourself helping the chicks, a natural instinct. God made all animals of the veld to know how to protect their precious young ones. It comes natural, go and touch a young one of a Leopard, a calf of a Buffalo or even of your domesticated Brahman, go and handle a puppy of your most friend pet dog. You will tell us better. Even mere insects know how to protect that which matters to them, get to a Bee hive or Wasps , small insects you will tell us. Even us people when we receive new babies the mother naturally wants to protect the child from other people ,even the harmless people. Just monitor how the mothers monitor how you handle their new born baby, check their eyes and most certainly you can read their hearts. It comes naturally. Even a man who feels or decides to neglect his wife or girl friend and let alone another get closer to what seems redundant , you will know him better! It is still his territory and space. A Lion marks its territory and guards jealously domain . It is naturally. Any other that jumps into the ring must be prepared for a fight.
    Who then is PITSO not to fight for what matters to him!?Why not him?That defines his personal integrity. Living up to what you believe in. Uncommon people are the one celebrated the most. l like the stance.’ usane olungakhali lufela embelekweni’. Pitso refuse to follow the path of those who would proclaim ,”The abolition of the absolute” whose national anthem is ,’ Long Live the principle of relativity ‘, just do as the Romans, taking the path of list resistance , just going with the flow. Not in football, there are a lot of emotions attached to it. Refereeing must be as fair as possible, why give it a chance, why open cracks and doors of suspicions and speculation. Imagine these things happening towards the end of the League, where other teams have to be axed undeservedly and all sorts of acrimonious acts in the name of mistakes. Remember even if its a mistake of a ruling the points remain, the goals remain, even if the referee is fired or suspended. We definitely need a voice to stop things unfolded yet. KBY

  20. Bango

    The issue of poor officiating must not be left to chance gentle people, we are talking PSL here not Sunday social teams, if Chiefs deserves a rightful ruling ,be it a penalty or whatsoever let them receive it. Why should referees influence the game? They must be fair at all times, it must not look nice and sound wrong when it benefits Chiefs, we do not need such kind of healing to the hearts of people, let Chiefs earn what they deserve from a good fight . Chiefs have a great support, bigger than any team in SA, just imagine one man in the middle of the park expected to judge fairly and just by fault makes mistakes that change the out come of the game, causing Chiefs to lose 3 -4 times unfairly, how big the damage will it be on the soccer loving heart supporters? That pain will be too much, why should things be changed only when they affect negatively to Chiefs?Should we wait for those heart breaks first that it be addressed?Peace loving Khosi fans must be honest with themselves, these mistakes are bound to occur anytime even those that could have been avoided, what we all ask for is fairness not partiality. Did you know some good Couches have been fired for some losses through mistakes? it ought not to be so. Chiefs is on form and does not need the assistance , but their form must not be sugar coated. We love rivalry in the Psl ,its healthy for the competition. That is why VAR is required to help some judgements, no one is perfect because football is also quick. l have seen people fighting and arguing about 6 AND 9 while the other is on the other side of the desk. Till you get to the other side that’s when you will agree with your compatriot .KBY

  21. Kabelo

    I don’t know y our coach field Serino,bcos he was off form, look against Highlands park they were really off the game and also against chief

  22. BOH

    In ur comments,it shows u just love the game, siyabonga for a woman…..but u need more than loving the game… there is something called ? it’s for listening.. I,ll help u and ur friends… before that welcome to Sundowns family…. don’t worry we will pay for ur member ship cards…. Coach Pisto is not complaining about Chiefs…. having a ✋ in winning their games,BUT Chiefs benefiting from REFEREE’S MISTAKES….now I’m sure ur saying , now I get PISTO,AMAZULU, CAPETOWN CITY…and many more… good GIRL…..u said all teams do benefits from REFEREE’S…ur right again but the word BENEFIT, let me explain it.. after a person dies,all of his wealth is divided…not equal but according to his desire…the people who are named there are called BENEFICIARIES…. it is always the case that one Will get much then others…..SO COACH PISTO IS SAYING IN THIS CASE IT HAS ALWAYS
    BEEN ONE CHILD (CHIEFS)… even if father’s are deferent but they only know one CHILD (Chiefs) as the if no other children here…he even said if it was another team (child)…he won’t have a problem,and even asked when are we going to be the BENEFICIARIES,at Sundowns… now don’t attack the Coach ,plz explain was he wrong to say Chiefs scored on an offside,,I HOPE u ARE better READING than listening…..and unswer me…now we all know that Pisto was not mad when, called that offside…Ngcobo (ace) played that for the whole world, THE BALL TOUCH CASTRO ,and he EVEN LOOKED AT THE REFREE he knew what happened,,, hope u have an EXPLORA…AND WACTH IT AGAIN….u should accept that Coach PISTO is a great coach,nor wonder he is a top COACH… THAT’S WHY HE SO WHAT U COULD NOT SEE WATCHING UR TV ,that why I doubt u have EXPLORA, for u would have REWINDED,it and be ASHAMED OF BEING A ZEBRA…Must he be quite about it no…. again welcome to Sundowns university of Champions League…. Kabuyellow

  23. BOH

    If Thokozile thinking maybe a Will is what I’m talking about, don’t worry they have the same FORMAT….IF thinking otherwise try and access ur Father’s assets knowing ur a beneficiary,and tell me how much they gave u…plz send me a cent only, I’ll be happy…

  24. Lufuno Mudau

    People must blame the erratic match officials they commit costly mistakes that cause couches to be fired. Teams played only few games how many couches lost their jobs because of match officials. If Chiefs is benefiting someone has to talk if Pitso can’t talk who must talk or Motsepe must talk. If you got a problem with Pitso is your problem not South Africans problem as a whole. Tell me please one official that has been fired by the same so call psl DC none.

    They must leave Pitso alone and watch if it is true what he’s saying now Chiefs are pushing the psl to act who runs psl not Chiefs

  25. BOH

    Lufuno, TRUTH MUST BE TOLD… this same CHIEFS TALK TOO if they beat us fairly,Pisto must talk AS IF THEY DON’T KNOW THE TRUTH… I’M WITH U MEMBER…

  26. Zipho

    @Boh,do not welcome this Thokozile into our family,she is a Chiefs supporter I don’t know wat makes her think she has got da ryt to comment in our site.

  27. Bango

    Whether the PSL vindicate Chiefs after the so called scrutiny of the video, why are they not putting it at the ground before a final ruling. According to judgements after the view and according psl should they impose a punishment for that? if they had found it true what would it change now after the game? if people can learn to be fair it will take us a mile. What do you expect in an encounter of a big stage like that?Emotions to be calm? How far true is that? Commitis asked the Psl to leave the tin of worms closed. There is a time when you become unwise and try to prove a point and expose a person forgetting to cover the back of the institution. God is the judge, it is amazing how other eyes could see those little details of headers before consulting the VAR, those should be very sharp eyes indeed. It also leaves question marks. Referees must be fair, tomorrow it will be another team. Discourage by taking charge of the game. The truth is Chiefs won that game. The Marathon is on.

  28. Benedict

    No, Pitso must express his views freely, nonsense about Chiefs supporters who are criticizing Pitso for speaking truth.

  29. Zipho

    No one has blamed Chiefs,bt da Fact of the matter is dat they benefit da most in these so called mistakes by da match offials,n this is NOT something new,it started in the early 90’s n sundowns has been the victim in most cases, so y should Pitso keep quiet? Your hatred for Pitso is blinding u not to look at facts.

  30. Members Chippa united is a very stubborn team and we really need to put up a good fight, I hope Mshishi be available and Dennis. i think we will be ready for the game, from last week game we just need to be clinical in front of goals. I saw Meza is putting a lot of pressure with his speed but we need our players to flood the 18 area to ensure that we score goals. they will have problems dealing with Affonso and that will create more chances for our players to score.



  32. Bango

    Let us not attack our players and our Couch, let us give them support. We must also learn to follow the injury list before unnecessary and uncalled for attacks. The issue of form in a player can never be identified before the match is played and we must remember days are never the same, football is vast and comes in different packages each match. The same team that can win you three consecutive games can still lose you games of a same proportion . This game has emotions attached to it worse these days people want to mix it with betting. l watched Highlands and Pirates yesterday, what a good match it was. Guess what spoiled the match? This is not good for South African Football. Couches must just clap hands and lose a match just like that. I am yet to see where this is taking us. But some things must be stopped early, now Pitso must be forced to be quiet, where is justice? the voice of the voiceless are persecuted, Yes no one is perfect and there is all sorts of human error but let us thrive for fairness.

  33. Mfana

    Thokozile in the quarterfinals of Bobsave Rudolf Seale clears the ball off the goalline against Sundowns.A legitimate goal is denied by the referee.We ended up losing that game.In 1996 Chiefs fielded a defaulter in Kanga Nzenza a foreigner from DRC.I believe it was the top eight semifinal&we lost it.First Rothmans cup a second bookable offence by Muchichwa on Masilela ,Trevor Christians refused 2 give Muchichwa his marching orders &Chiefs went on 2 win the game.Second Rothmans cup final in 1999 Sundowns is denied a legitimate goal by ass.referee&we went on to lose the game on penalties.Bp top eight in2001 Marumo is fouled in the box by Baloyi the referee again denied Sundowns a clear penalty.Bobsave cup final again Chiefs is given a penalty in2001 and Nomvete converted the spot kick&Chiefs went on 2 win the game.In 2015 against Chiefs Telkom knockout Chiefs got 2 questionable penalties,that were both saved by Onyango unfortunately Chiefs lost this time around,the referee was suspended for the way he handled the game.However in a league match against Chiefs in 2017 Tau was pulled by Cardoso a legitimate penalty was denied by Daniel Bennett and again in the same game Tau was fouled by Katsande in the 18 area but the same stupid referee chose 2 give Tau a yellow card instead of a spot kick.If your memory is short don’t toy&fiddle with our emotions here and to hell with u thinking that Pitso is out of line &jealous about Kaiser Chiefs success.Dont patronise us here.Pitso is right Chiefs is unduly benefiting from dubious calls by referees 4 so many times from poor officiating.As 4 saying that the 1st goal against Chiefs was an offside on Sunday ,I don’t agree at all.Chiefs 4 so many have been given the free passages to glory.So girly don’t talk crap on our website.

  34. philani

    Masandawana family let us go back in the history Chiefs was always a problem to us. on top of they were surpported by the referees it is not something new you may recall 1997 Rothmans Cup.Sundowns fc Legal team must address that issue .

  35. philani

    Pitso must continue to express his feelings.Look against Chiefs Katshande was suppossed to get second yellow card for diving kuphi khona. why SAFA didn’t review Kekanas yellow card whether was just or unjust. Katshande allways fouled players and escape bookings SAFA must also review that and not oppress Sundowns fc

  36. philani

    at one stage Kaizer Cheifs was having iphenathi yomthetho during 70s;80s,90-2000. ask Jomo Sono about that he even said”I would rather spil the bin about iphenathi yomthetho” ingakho uKaizer Motaung bengazwani noJomo Sono

  37. philani

    someone must gather information i.e vedios ,records etc and challenge the SAFA review comittee for defending poor officiating and provide evidence for that I think SUNDONWS FC must have that

  38. Jaws Buda

    @Mfana… You are spot on member I recall everything you just said maybe some members were born yesterday. They don’t have a clue of the pains we endured over the years being robbed daylight by these brown envelopes specialist but I again thanks for this piece of info.

  39. Beautiful members of the Yellow nation any plans from jozi, i am not driving to PE. I am thinking of taking a bus or flight please inform if there are bus arrangements. Let us paint PE Yellow and wish to face the Zebras in the next round. The boys will respond and i believe in king Pitso and all the yellow machine.

    1. Themba

      Member this is 1 game I want us to win. This team owes us BIG time.
      My concern is our finishing. We turn to rush things. I am also worried about Lakay. He no longer gives us the speed that he gave us last season. He seem content with sitting back. I know his capabilities, We need his pace.

  40. Bango

    @Mfana, your detailed comment and response can not allow mere fans stand before, those records are still stuck in your heart and its so hurting to see people try to rub salt on such wounds. You just reminded me old things that happened, thank you for the legendary report, no armateur can give such a detailed report of history except the die hard supporters who have been there with the team. Poor officiating must not be tolerated at all costs, if Sundowns lose , let it lose fair and square without the influence of any party, if Sundowns win let them deservedly do so without the dubious help of referees. That is all we are asking for ,football has an emotional attachment that seeks protection from both parties. It is the only complain that Pitso raised after the loss at chiefs, but in all the complaints Sundowns had won and other teams had lost undeservedly so to Chiefs. All the BEST on Sunday

  41. Mayobula

    I for one I believe our coach has not done well for this season even last season we did not played well luckily other teams were not strong enough to capitalize. we have failed to show up when it matters the most, against SSU in the MTN 8 Cup we failed to show the world that we are the Champions of South Africa and again against Chiefs we also failed. Pitso must do self introspection thoroughly before complaining about the referees. Hlompho Kekane must be rested he is not doing well, Mkhulise must be given a chance, as for Madisha I am very sad to say yes he has been doing well but he is always making costly mistakes and he is not learning from his mistakes. he is our Mbazo Mokeona.

  42. BOH

    Masandawana..just a reminder
    THOKOZILE and KAIZER CHIEFS COACH DON’T TALK ABOUT REFEREE’S….that was Chiefs unswer when coach Pisto complaining…so Chiefs shhhhhhh….

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