Pogiso Mosothoane : A Clear Picture of Life on the Pitch 

Role- Photographer Intern

My journey with Mamelodi Sundowns was unbelievable. The team has helped me reach places I never thought I would get to and opened doors that seemed to be way out of reach. Working for a big brand like Sundowns has been amazing and has fueled me with a lot more passion for photography and growing as a creative.


I used to see players like Themba Zwane and Peter Shalulile on TV, and I got the opportunity to be around them every day at training. The experience feels surreal because everyone at the club treats you like family, it is an environment where you can freely share your ideas and opinions as well as feel appreciated as someone that contributes to the achievements of the club.


Reviving my passion and dreams

The experience I got here changed how I see and do things. The opportunities that I got here made me believe that dreams are valid. Working with talented people every single day and observing how hard they work for what they have achieved has pushed me into giving my best when on the pitch, capturing memories for the club and the yellow nation.


During game days I got to build relationships with other football photographers and built a community with other creatives. Living in a football work and being in contact with photographers who have been in the industry longer than I have has motivated me and sparked my drive in expressing myself through my work and tell stories through the pictures I capture. 


Morocco Experience 

One of my biggest highlights during my time at the club has to be travelling to Morocco with the Ladies’ team for the CAF Women’s Champions League. I got on my first flight to my first-ever international trip and I will be forever grateful to Sundowns for the opportunity of the many first-time experiences I’ve had.


The bigger picture 

Being part of a big and influential brand like this will definitely touch and inspire the younger kids from my neighborhood. They will now believe that anything is possible, and they shouldn’t be afraid to dream big.


I am forever grateful to the club for what it has done for me, and I hope they can help many more young creatives as it can because they’re changing lives. The Live Limitless Internship Program is here to assure the youth that the club is available to support, mentor them in their desired field of work, and most importantly to remind them that the Sky is The Limit!