Preparations In Rustenburg Continue

The boys are in their second week of camp and are gearing themselves up for the resumption of the 2019/20 season. It has been tough and gruesome work for the boys as they have been away from each other for more than a hundred days.

Stuart McGregor, the club’s Biokinetics took some time out to share what the boys have been up two for the past two weeks.

“It’s nice to have the group back after a while that is the main thing, we have been busy with the boys but the only negative is that we do not have a return date confirmed. It has made the planning of the training sessions a challenge because of the unknown date.

The boys have kept themselves active by following a training programme that was designed to make sure that they maintain their fitness level and this was done through Zoom sessions.

“The Zoom sessions have helped a lot in maintaining the conditions of the players. Adjusting to it is not the same but I want to say that it’s great that we are back on the field now and they have adjusted very well. The professionalism of the boys whilst at home was superb and I commend them”.

“They are handling the loading well, we are making sure that they are getting enough recovery between sessions of niggles but no real concerns but we have managed it well. The pitch was hard which was the concern, the facilities were also closed like the rest of the country but we have managed and we are looking forward to the return of the games and finish of the season”, concluded McGregor.

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