COVID-19 Recoveries at Mamelodi Sundowns

Mamelodi Sundowns welcomed back five personnel (staff and players) who have fully recovered from Covid-19, having spent 14 days in isolation.

Following the PSL’s green light for clubs to train, Mamelodi Sundowns players, Technical Team and support staff went for their second Covid-19 test whilst the training grounds were fumigated and prepared for the team, the training programme was also revised in accordance with the new protocols.

Before the team could resume training in Rustenburg, a 3rd test was conducted, and five cases of asymptomatic nature were detected and the five immediately self-isolated for fourteen days.

Amongst the five, players that who tested positive, had to undergo further medical tests, cardiology (ECG, heart sonar) and pulmonology (lung scans) which also revealed that there was no cause for concern to their cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

With this good news, the five personnel have joined the rest of the team from Tuesday the 21st of July.

The medical team has cleared the players for training and the spirit in the camp remains high as everyone is working hard in preparation for the remainder of the current league.

Mamelodi Sundowns’ Covid-19 Committee, led by Doctors Carl Tabane and Paul Maphoto, continues to follow the protocol guidelines from the PSL and cultivating a culture of social distancing and practicing good hygiene which includes the continuous sanitizing and washing of hands amongst all personnel.

“We have to look after ourselves now that the virus has come closer to home, we have to sanitize, wash our hands, we have to wear a mask, social distance, eat well, look after our bodies, respect the virus and we need to stay home, as everyone has said the virus does not move itself we move the virus,” said Dr Tabane.

With the new protocols, the backroom staff have adjusted to the new regulations, as a result they get to training earlier and leave later than normal as they have to sanitize all the equipment used for training.

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  1. Rudolf Makubelo

    Indeed we’re faced by this critical pandemic that attacks all races across tje globe.

  2. Mpho

    Shupi why did you now take down the story on the tww
    tweeter timeline.There’s absolute no shame in leaving fans to send their gratitude in human lives being saved

  3. zolani.thompson

    Can’t wait for the restart of the league, wishing all those affected and infected by this deady virus a quick recovery. i miss watching my club play!👆👆👆👆


    this virus is leaving i would to thanks the might God for his love to the team to save the lives of our players and technical team. KA BO YELLOW LETS TAKE 10 TIMES