Rantie Joins Sundowns

Tokelo Rantie has become the latest addition to the Mamelodi Sundowns squad and joins the club on a three-year contract.

His signing will boost coach Pitso Mosimane’s attacking options and strengthen the team overall given his experience at both local and international level.

Rantie, who celebrated his 29th birthday earlier this week, is a former Bournemouth forward having moved to the English Premier League six years ago for a reported club record fee after an agreement with Swedish outfit, Malmo for his services.

He joins Sundowns as a free agent, however.

The speedy striker has also been on the books of Orlando Pirates and Cape Town City, with his most recent stint abroad being at Gençlerbirliği in the Turkish Super Lig.

Rantie will also be looking to hit the ground running and show his prowess in front of goal, like he did for Bafana Bafana since first making his national team debut in 2012 against Gabon at the Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit.

He was also part of Bafana’s 2013 Africa Cup of Nations squad in Equatorial Guinea under then coach Shakes Mashaba and has 12 goals in 40 appearances to date for the national team.

21 Responses
  1. joejnr

    Mamelodi Sundowns coach Pitso Mosimane says he gave George Lebese and Jeremy Brockie a chance to play at the Brazilians, but they did not deliver.

    Pitso you are a liar, you have lied and it is enough now you must give other players a chance instead of concentrating to your lovely children Maboe and Villa. In my opinion Nghoma and Mkhulise can do better than them. This friendship and favoritism thing is now annoying. as a father figure to the players, all they deserve to be treated equally by you.

  2. jimmy

    this is the man who can win Sundowns the second star may God please help him with his personal problems that troubled him before

  3. Boh

    Thanks u…my plea has finally happened…T K,,,,,I know u are going to rescue us from FALSE NO 9….. I’M SO GLAD…plz Masandawana give this guy a chance…I hope coach is going to be patient with him…. since he said he blv in him… welcome home T K….I hope Phaka is recovered and join u…up front…. KABUYELLOW



  5. Mfana

    I’ll say this again what’s the use of buying a striker where’s we know that Pitso will be selecting Maboe &Vilalazi as false striker.I asked the wisdom of bringing Meza&Emilliano Tade&still we still welcoming Rantie.To sit on the bench or idle at home or b announced as an injured player yet deny it because that’s what we r accustomed with.It’s so strange even with this false striker thing Lebusa a defender nogal has scored more goals than Maboe &Vilalazi combine yet they are our strikers I mean like really.But to speak the reality Brockie was given a fair chance but he failed even Lebese failed to revive his career at Supersport&was given his clearance yet he can’t get a club we also forget that he does not need a window period to b registered. Some people must speak the truth&only the truth when they failed on their own.But keeping on buying strikers and not giving them a chance to accommodate a friendship &favouritism approach of the coach towards certain individuals who r not pulling their weight but receive selections on a silver platter is a hell no,no,no.

  6. Sibusiso Mashinini

    Greetings MaSundowana
    Congrats to the management for another coup in signing Tokelo, welcome to the home of champions Mr Rantie, we need to find a nickname for you very soon

  7. Boh

    Tokelo,,,, nickname is…NO 9…
    Why becoz he is not FALSE NO 9….. even if u can tell him to lie and call himself a FALSE NO 9… hahahaha….. try VILA/MABOE.., I’m so happy for T K…may he flourish and shut all him critics’ we are behind u..and know what you can do… bye bye Brokie..I said it u never a Sundowns player hayi kabi…I don’t understand why your not allowed to play against Sundowns…plz guys make me understand.. WHAT IS THIS… Sundowns management is very confusing at times..and SHAME on u Trott and ur crew…I thought ur at Bafana what are U still doing with us …we have a new guy,,plz u’ve had enough,how many years… I’m sure u have more than doctors pension is South Africa…iningi lemali,dedela nabanye hawu….

  8. Mfana

    As always people r always diverting the truth Maritzburg United dd not pay the signing on fee for a player and the clause is you won’t pay for it (signing-on fee)however if you want to use him against Sundowns we r going to need it.But clubs choose a short cut &play to their advantage of not paying signing on fees,and then at the end of the day make false statements about Sundowns but they are the ones agreeing to contracts and not contest them

  9. Boh

    Thanks for ur info……plz teach me here what exactly is the signing on fee….and if PMB did not pay us… does this mean he went for FREE, I’m lost,help me my Broe…I know he still had a contract with us.. which means he must be settled by Sundowns, usually the team gets a buyer..the player is valued buy his contact value/ performance or should I say achievement on a season….the parent club want to make money when selling..and the player wants to make money when leaving…in this case when a team release a player it can be on mutual ground..becoz he wants to leave…but when there is interest some where they should pay..or he has to see his contact to the end.. like Billiat..so what is the case here I don’t understand if we sold him to PMB if so how much..as u say no signing on fees…then he left for free…why making rules if he left for free…coz that is not freedom…hayi kabi I just need understand..I said it I don’t get this RULE…

  10. Zipho

    @Boh the fee dat day member is referring to would be da loan fee in this case, Maritzburg did not pay the full amount that sundowns was looking for and mind u, sundowns will still be paying 50% of his salary,so it only makes sense to inject a clause dat prevents him from playing against us when he is still on our payroll

  11. Boh

    Zipho, thanks member it’s clear now,I fully understand… that’s we are all about teaching each other… ngiyabonga mina… I hope coach has guys to play T K… sooner just like he did with Maboe and Seabi.. anyway his been training with Sundowns pre season…

  12. Mfana

    Zipho&Boh the only person who has always honest about the whole setup is Chippa Mpengesi,he has always spoken the truth about how he got Abel Mabaso.But other club owners and coaches r not speaking the truth and say the player is not allowed to play against Sundowns,if you want to play him (against us)Sundowns we will need the signing on fee for that loan period you will be using the player.Because u not paying the whole salary of the player.In recent weeks I believe it was Cape Town City where Pitso indicated that the club wanted Aubrey Ngoma but they said they want him for free.Pitso Mosimane reiterated the fact that there r no freebies at Sundowns(at a press conference),because they sold Ngoma to us and now they want him to play them for free.So in fellow Brazilians,Sundowns always put the face value of the player upfront and people say Sundowns is not a selling team.Pay for the whole package of the player and see if Sundowns won’t negotiate for that.I hate people who always paint Sundowns as club that destroys players careers,where’s Sundowns doesn’t always buy players that r under 18 years. Sundowns always players that are above 24 to 29 years who know what they signed when they arrived at Sundowns.He knows his salary doubles more than 200% if you put into consideration that the previous club has been paying a player maybe fifty thousand rand and he comes at Sundowns he’s payed from R150 000 up to R200 000 thousand Rand contributing nothing at Sundowns.If you consider that some players r not honouring their contacts by coming drunk at Sundowns training sessions.What message r you sending to the coach,the players&the club &its supporters.People must not take that when we blaming the team for other issues and think that we hate this club,we love this club deep down in our hearts &we are coming very far with it and we r still going very far with it and we r going to die supporting and also defending it when the need arises.KABOYELO EVERYWHERE WE GO!!!!!UP THE BRAZILIANS, THE ONLY LIMIT IS THE SKY.

  13. Hami

    Ja neh now sengiyazi Zipho Boh nakuMfana thanks guys now I know why Sundowns is doing this we are paying for the players that we need so they must pay nothing for mahala SKY IS THE LIMIT