Gallery: CAF | Mamelodi Sundowns vs Lobi Stars

An electric Lucas Moripe made for an excellent backdrop for the Brazilians as they took on Lobi Stars and secured their place in the knockout stages of the CAF Champions League!

Catch up on last nights action here.

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  1. Very good game with top notch goals, yes we had to manage the game we are going to wydad next Saturday and it will be a tough game.Thank you boys,thanks to the medical team,Fitness team and a big thank you to the technical team. Members i am very worried, I can the rats busy pulling a wrong cable in Orlando. do you think they will survive?

    1. Bucks

      My wish is to have Pirates in the mix and be able to move to the quarterfinals. For this competition I wish every South African team luck and success. Sundowns and Pirates are the pride of the South Africans

  2. muzi kunene

    I want to thank the technical team and players for the good job they did yesterday and also not forgetting the Yellow Nation that were there to witness the massacre by our boys,I wish I was also there to celebrate with you guys but I was working.
    I counted more than ten missed opportunities but three goals is enough I don’t think Wydad can score an avalanche of goals against us hope for a draw.I didn’t know that Coetze can play so beautiful on middle field like that gister I salute you boy,lastly I was taken by those supporters who were singing with the team and waving white cloth after the game I saw them on Sundowns vlog keep it up guys with yo new innitiative,Kby forever.

  3. Makhura

    Let’s play and win all our remaining league games. We are capable of doing that. If we end with only three points clear of the pack. Khoza might influence that we be docked all three points. Let us no give them any chance.

  4. Themba

    Well done boys. We dont criticize because we hate you, we criticize because we know you can do better. We not gonna compare our team with pirates. Thanks to all the supporters, its not for me to judge who is a true supporter or not. Shall leave that to kick boboza.

  5. Mfana

    We walloped the hell out of this team called Lobi Stars in such a way that kickoff website suffered a load shedding I’m still waiting 4 an update on yesterday’s results between Sundowns&Lobi Stars.Aysukani madoda we r breaking the records 4 all good reasons.The bottom of the log teams always give us tough times every time we play them &the midweek fixture is no exception,Maritzburg will come in us guns blazing but we r prepared for them.Kaboyelo everywhere we go.

  6. Bango

    All we can say is Wel done Masandawana. The untold unifying magic of soccer, that unexplainable force that has power to bring people together in one accord. Beautiful, soccer the beautiful game!Kuyabongeka Abalandeli bebhola elihle! How good it is to see supporters like brethren dwell together in one accord, agreeing and differing to agree. Is there no good cause? Together we are a force that can bring hope where it is lost, bring encouragement where discouragement taes its toll,that support will cause the young and the old perform wonders.The PSL is arguably very difficult than Caf, SA football has taken another level. Its no longer a one man race, its good competition, its good football. The strikers are there but the defenders of late have uped their game. They make sure you dont score making strikers appear like there are not there. Its good football. We can together at once go to Hanry Gwala Stadium and cheer the team.A must Win, a final nature, a real battle. KBY

  7. Krok

    As always good performance from the guys in the first half where we finally got back our killer instinct infront of goal.. second half you could see fatigue creeping in but we used our experience to manage the game and we were helped by altitude getting the better of our opponents..However in the PSL we won’t get away with a fatigued second half,all these teams are hard running and my plea is that we freshen the team for Tuesday’s crunch gamewith 2 or 3 changes in the starting line up.In order for us to win a game locally we only need to match our opponents work rate then our superior talent ensures victory,which is why playing the same team game after game in the congested PSL fixture list is proving to be our undoing.

  8. Pedro Ntjana

    Well played boys even though I wanted you to score more than five goals, which was possible, but I’m satisfied. Our last game on the last 16 will be tough but I know you’ll survive and make us proud again. You are simply the best team one can ever trust in. “Phambili Masandawana Phambili!!!”

  9. Bango

    We are grateful of that formidable display on Saturday night, it was a National agenda and we are thankful from the well wishers of the night who understand support at that level. In the coming games those who wish to enjoy soccer are welcome and we can promise not to disappoint. The team has an agenda! True members the League is tough, if it was possible those with heads up were supposed to present themselves to the coach at training and say here we are ready to take Sundowns to another level with our fresh legs. Fresh legs and hungry individuals would possibly do us justice. We want a change that will not cause a discord to the supporters, whoever will be given the opportunity to represent us must execute his duty with great diligence , when given a chance by the coach , give him a real head ache on why he must not leave you in the next match, don’t give a head ache of murmurings , but of the display of effective football. We just want a team that will set the supporters alight ,we now want new songs . We are persuaded of better things this year, come May end, there is something special about this league, a well contested league, the team that will grab this one, will agree with us , Long walk to freedom, from number 1-7 on the log its a matter of walala wasala! no breeding space, and l can see where it is going. Tomorrow’s game is very important, it can soon allow us to play our normal game. That game [aganst Lobi stars], was a typical sundowns game, sundowns win their matches in the first half, the same approach is vital, passes will always come, all the Best!I heard the legend MaGents saying Pirates must learn one or two things from Sundowns,he knows what he meant. kby

  10. Congrats to David
    Notoane for his
    Appointment as an
    u23 coach .. I wish u
    well… Thanks for
    trusting T Mukumela
    K Kubheka. @ Keletso
    I wish u well mr .notoane

  11. You had me at the fleeting subliminal messages that flashed across the screen in the orientation video (I”m a sucker for hidden messages). And just when I thought it couldn”t get any better, this amazing story- I laughed, I cried- truly inspirational and moving. Also, @Brother Jim- I put that writing into a decryption tool and with a little ROT13 action it translated as this: “Welcome to the Spacewalkers Foundation for Extraterrestrial Exploration and the Circumvention of Planned Obsolescence. Do you feel alone? Are you confused about your purpose? Do you feel like you were meant for bigger and better things than your life is currently offering you? Of course you do. But there is good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place. You’re in the right place

  12. Nyiko Baloyi

    You guys make masandawana proud and keep up the good work , however I have a suggestion to make please get a motivational speaker for the team.Look at Cape Town city in the second half of their games they shift into another gear and more often than not it bears fruit .We struggle to play in the second half we are unable to kill our opponents after leading in the first half.If you could do that we may defend our title.The coaching team try your level best which is not motivating enough .Sky is the limit.Mr B

    1. Krok

      It’s not a psychological problem member, kindly refer to my comments above.. am glad we got away with victory but we risking injuries,burn out and dropped points like we did in the past few matches..also the red card from that Downs hater ref didn’t help.

  13. Bango

    The three points we longed for. Thank you guys. You are working hard and you do well under pressure than when you are relaxed. Character is shown by the ability to absorb pressure,and act as if there is nothing happening. Safe journey to Morroco . You have done what we sighed for, you delivered, continue to do us proud. Consistance will determine what the future has for us. We are optimistic, we are persuaded for better things. We believe in you guys, you have it all.

  14. Jaws Buda

    PSL referees never cease to amaze me,your hatred on us and whoever is funding it are behind our success. Your have enabled us to endure harsh environments that is why Sundowns is ranked among the best not just here emzantsi but in Africa.

    1. You are right Member, I remember when we ĺost the league title to Wits teams like Baroka got dubious penalties. I have seen players showing dissatisfaction after being booked and referees just warning them but against maritzburg again the referee wanted to show his power.but I know that the technical team led by king Pitso will win it against all odds.

  15. Members, a win against wydad will mean the end of the road for them so what if we start knocking them out of the tournament? and i believe we can do it members. if we play the same system we played while they were here.ka bo yellow!

  16. Bango

    Anything is possible with soccer, every glorious thing comes enveloped in not so good looking cover, its a matter of keeping the hopes high to beat the odds. You never know what the future holds for us, we are persuaded for better things, if it is your time to excel , it will happen, it does not matter what you come across on your way to your success.All the BEST to the Yellow Nation.

  17. muzi kunene

    Arendse must hang up his boots this season uphelile and I wonder why he’s still playing, today Zwane was nowhere to be seen but Mr Coach kept him the whole game,Kby forever

  18. muzi kunene

    Y a I salute you Mosimane you are allergic to substitution except only someone is injured, if it is true that we are position two not one let me say you wanted pls don’t cry to us that Downs will not be top four seeded team accept any team we’ll get on quarterfinals ngoba uzenzile shame.


    I loved the fearlessness we displayed last night,we were just unlucky.My plea to the coach and players is to not pick games,if we can play all our league games the same way as the CAF games we could win this league in 27 games.Lastly please coach refrain from making late substitutions,especially when we’re losing,they are not helping us at all.

  20. Bango

    Its football the game we love the most. It is always wise to make hay while the sun shines, Sundowns worked hard to be where there are before the last unfortunate game. For Sundowns to be on Position 2 in group A does not mean , it is weaker team, actually they have positioned themselves as under dogs, it does not mean all position 2s will be knocked out at Quarter finals, the competion is good now, if we win from position 2 we stand a chance to reach the final. The preparation will be more intense for us now.Keep on guys, matches are won on the pitch in the field of play. Keep on, we wait for the draw.KBY

  21. Mfana

    I fully agree with you Mr Bango trying to avoid tougher opposition because we believe that we r going to b eliminated earlier is similar or close to cheating ourselves.Because anywhere,somewhere somehow we r going to meet the tougher & the so called stronger opposition.Seeded or not seeded this is a knockout stage so we need mental strength,will&determination.Al Ahly,Esperance,Casablanca,Mazembe here we come there’s no time&place to hide now.My only fear on my side is the coach who believes only 11 players can do good,and only the ones he believes on r those first 11 eleven players he selected.Pitso is the one who has the fear of the unknown,attacking &stretching the opposition to it’s limit.To me his lack of trust&cowardness of his own players r the only difference between Sundowns winning&losing.If Sundowns can attack any opposition on the African continent with aggression and vigour,they can conquer all.Arendse may have vast experience on the African continent but he is damaged goods now.When we won this COL TROPHY IN 2016,we didn’t win with the majority of them being almost all above 31 years,but now the age&the pace becomes an issue.But be that maybe Sundowns need this cup more than the previous time,when we lifted it in 2016.We r fully behind you YELLOW BRIGADE no matter how we fill about certain issues but you r still simply the best.Kaboyelo every where we go.

  22. Members this is the stage where the technical teams must plot plans of winning the games. that is when you attack and mind the back. The rats are going forward and forget the back and the they were shown the door as early as before their game against fc platinum in south Africa. The second advantage for us is maturity of our players, I think the team is well balanced if you check the Rats have got younger players who are not matured and they got an early exit. Against wydad we created chances but could not convert and they got that lucky goal. Yes now is the time that we must take any opponents without fear. I believe in king Pitso and his technical team. Kby

  23. Themba

    This ace Ngcobo guy is a fraudster. He is making up stories to justify Gomez sending off of serino. We have not forgotten that he failed a lie detector test.

  24. Mfana

    There’s no way u can even justify any action or decision made by that stupid official called Gomes always coming with his cheap emotions when handling a match against Sundowns.You will know 4 a fact that he is coming to prove a point that he is next better thing that has ever grace the South African soil,if he is so great let’s see him officiating in the soccer world cup instead of always making cheap headlines against our team

  25. Moeketsi Molefe

    Masandawana. It’s my first time comment. All I want to say “I love your type of football guys”, keep it up. I had a worry lately though NOT sure if it was our technical influence or the players just decided to do this. There were few matches where we scored first, afterwards we lost momentum for NO reason where you could see that we can score more goals but the team starts to play a defending game consequently the opponents equalize. It might have been the opponents influence but it happened more often especially in games that we drew or lost points.
    We have now qualified to be in the quarter finals of the Champions League, BIG UP to that Masandawana, you always make us proud. Whoever we are pulled against in the knock out “LET HIM FEEL THE HIT” Love you The Sky Is The Limit.

  26. Mfana

    The powers that be at Sundowns have started with their nonsense of not updating this website again.Still updating us about Lobi Stars game of yesterweeks as if there’s no fixture of the Al Ahly encounter 2 b deal with.

  27. Boh

    Who is paying this guys,they haven’t updated our website,for how long…maybe they work for Victor Gomez….

  28. would like to wish the boys good luck on their game on Monday, This are the foot soldiers who have been to this road and they know what is the importance of the game.

  29. I would like to wish the boys good luck on their game on Monday, This are the foot soldiers who have been to this road and they know what is the importance of the game.

  30. Good luck Masandawana on this big day, boys just believe in yourself because you can do it. remember that we are here to support you. Just make us happy.

  31. Mfana

    Again Laffor&Mahlambi not making the starting 11 let alone to be on the bench.What a stupid coach Pitso he is.I wonder when is this person going to leave our team I’m very gatvol by his lack of vision not this thing who seems to have an impaired vision.Pitso can u please take your sabbatical what what,ndonele Bhuti man nguwe.

  32. muzi kunene

    Serious My fellow Members I wonder why are we still conceded fewer goals than other teams in our league or its a experience from Champions League phela with this defence other teams will punish us severely including Al alhly.
    Pirates want speedy opposition players like Mahlambi.Arendse must retire pls you did your best let others play even though you’re not selected by yourself, Kby forever

  33. Pitso said after the.
    Match Mahlambi,
    Laffor Brockie &
    Mkhulise are all
    Pitso why u selected
    a back four that does
    not have pace?????
    Why coach u watched
    for 90 minutes while
    it was clear that we
    do not match the
    pace of Pirates ???
    Are all those guyz
    Who are not playing

  34. Thank you very much to the boys,the technical team, medical team,the fitness team for the result not what we actually wanted but enough to keep us on the road to defending our trophy. Now our focus will be on the big one CAF Champions league. Ka bo yellow.

  35. Moeketsi Molefe

    The boys did very well though our central defence was questionable on the day but hopefully our wise technical team could learn for future. Anyone could have grabbed full points, it was a one lucky goal win match but majority of the times our opposition was on top of us. Sirino is back for CAF on Saturday and I wish we can also have few from our casualty available, also saw Vila though fitness can be a concern. Good luck on Saturday Masandawana.

  36. Our web site is not
    regular updated ,
    Who must be blamed.
    Our MDC is playin in a
    Diski shield, no
    Updates , no news
    The only source of
    Information is Pitso
    Who is the coach of
    Our mdc side now
    that Notoane is gone?
    Why our u17 did not
    go to future champs?
    How many players
    Who are ijured?
    We are in complete
    darkness .. Patrice.
    Plz dont allow this
    team tp be run by
    the people who dont
    care.. Do nt allow
    people to do things
    as they are not employed, every
    one must stick to his
    line of duty.. No person must be
    allowed to close the
    media communication

  37. Bango

    Congrats to the team and technical team. WHY? That was a match and a half, great match performance. Soccer at that level you play for result. That point was hard fought by the so called madalas, why did the atheletes not beat the Madalas, having speed does not always win you a match, whether out classed.We definitely had a game plan, a draw was fair with us, a win was good for us. There is no more time to complain too much, its time to support more. We can not complain the whole season yet we are so close to the mark. We can enjoy the last six games without complaints. KbY

    1. Well said @Bango, we cannot moan like kids the Madalas are in the CAF Champions league and the athletes are kicked out of the tournament. Our players matured just like Ronaldo and company, some are moaning about slow defenders who stopped the athletes? for a record listen boMakhala njalo we are preparing for international tournament this Saturday, nobody owes you now listen to the radio for free entry announcement,

  38. Krok

    I will take this result anyday.My concern is that we lost a lot of possession in the final third which made us vulnerable to Pirate’s quick counter attacks.But our defence looked solid and what a performance from Langerman.

  39. Mfana

    But as much as I agree with you Mr Bango we don’t deserve to have a team made of Madalas because we bought eligible,vibrant &also experienced youngsters in Lakay,Coetzee&Lebusa.When dd we became bus parkers?Pitso has been so much of a critic&hates opposition teams who believe in negative redundant football. No matter how fast is Pirates football,We r also having the fastest of our own.When dd we become underdogs to Pirates?This educated term of managing the game, when we r playing negative football????Sundown need to do away with these has been types of players who r selected on favouritism not on merit. We r having a deduction of points that still awaits and it’s the doing of our own deeds.We will b diverting the truth at the end of the season crying about the timing of a particular protest where’s we knew the rules were there&we broke them.

    1. Dalom

      Well said Mfana. People are celebrating draws these days, praising mediocrity. If that game was enthralling as people and the media put it, then I was watching a wrong game or the standard of football in the PSL has really gone bad. What I saw was just one team playing and the other packing two double decker buses

    2. Dalom

      I’m even suspecting abo Bra Hlompho are deliberately maiming other players in training to eliminate competition. I mean, the way he was trying to end Memela’s football career is really suspicious.

  40. Members the so called madalas played against the so called youngsters and played to a draw, in that game we missed very good chances. I think all the negative comments here is direct dissapointment of people who wished us to lose,@Dalom if you saw ONLY ONE TEAM PLAYING WHY THERE WAS NO GOALS? you even go as far as attacking Hlompho for an error that he apologised people hate Sundowns and you are pretending here. you are saying we celebrate draws, be advised that the game is over we cannot moan like you moaning about the passed result we have games coming.the boys must get ready. Sundowns players will make your heart stop if you come with negativity here.Look at the long range shot from the MADALA kekana, surely your heart was not happy to see that.Ok Pitso shaya isgubhu pirates supporters are disappointed let’s go international with this MADALAS young boys could not make it.

    1. Dalom

      Kick Boboza that’s being disrespectful calling older people boyz. Watch Al-Ally give them five in Cairo. I know Pitso will be playing for a draw here in Moripe

      1. Oh must I call them Madalas like you do. Listen here sundowns players are boys that matured go and watch your pirates that got kicked out of Caf, they were sent packing, this team will make your heart stop Baba pasop.

        1. As for the the results, let us wait for Saturday but what I know is that ku zo ba mnandi. In this team and coach I believe they win or lose i will SUPPORT THEM, and not CRITICISE THEM.BUT we always get goals at ATTERIDGEVILLE STADIUM. check THE BLACK AUDI WILL BE THERE AS ALWAYS.Sundawana 4 ever.

  41. Moeketsi Molefe

    I now understand why Sundowns is no longer updating this website. The conversation is NOT fruitful at all instead it kills the moral and full of negativity. Masandawana, please show your maturity and leave negativity nomona alone. Let’s focus on serious staff, Saturday is coming.

  42. Mfana

    Dalom I want 2 respond to this Kickboboza fellow who thinks that we r supposed to say what he likes because of his anger issues.We are obsessed with Sundowns because we love this beautiful team called Sundowns&there is no substitute for that&there is no alternative for any team that we r going to support except Sundowns.Pitso is just an employee who is despensable&can go at any given time but Sundowns&it’s supporters (that is us)will remain there so we can’t remain silent because of one individual Pitso in this regard.We r called a team of Madalas 4 no apparent reason.Ngobeni,Lakay,Morena,Rivaldo,Lebusa,Mkhulise,Mohomi,Otladisa shuold b the talk of the town instead of Pitso over analysing people that they r not ready to play 4 us,why did he buy them from the first place.For example Rivaldo was playing 4 the national team be4 he came to Sundowns,then would you say we r being unreasonable???To he’ll with Pitso&his cronies if he thinks we are stomach every nonsense he does at Sundowns.This is the right platform to air every view that we saw at the stadium or at the game.Brace yourself Pitso that as long as this website is still there alive you’ll feel the wreath of us as long as this cheap favouritism of yours,until u change your attitude.We r using our hard earned money to support our team period.

    1. Themba

      Member I gave up long time ago on having a decent football conversation with Kick Boboza. All he does is insult. Eish mara Dalom naye, He is a bit harsh on a team sometimes.

    2. Member you are saying that you love this team hence your obsession, How can you love a person but criticizing and swearing at that person every time that person gets challenges in his/ her life? You say Pitso is just an employee who can go anytime and you are better off because you will be left behind, Ptso is better because announcements can be made on both his arrival and departure and what about you? You came here uninvited silently and you will leave this team silently because you are not even an employee but a critic, and hater of Sundowns. You say this is your team, please at least buy yourself a small black bicycle and call it yours. Nobody owes us here you spend money for transport and 8 times a year you get free entries so who owes who long as this platform is here I will respond to HATERS. Never use your hard earned money anymore, stay at home and stop SWEARING and moaning. I BELIEVE THAT YOU WORKED TOO HARD FOR YOUR MONEY SO KEEP IT AND STOP SWEARING.

  43. brown sfane

    fully agree with you DALOM, ather people are still blinded by wining caf champion league the not really seeing what is coming, and points are slowly getting less, came in hand ar gone without achieving anything and possibly minus one point.

  44. Mfana

    I’m so sorry that people think that we r haters of our beautiful club because we analysing how we performed after the game,and questioning the other players that r excluded&sidelined.We r concerned &worried by dirty politics within the PSL.Our mother body r not coming with the outcome regarding Arendse,waiting for if we r having a tie with the top teams at the end of the season.The PAL chairman is waiting with interest because his team Pirates will benefit from the outcome.Its always the norm at the end of the season that there must b complaints&appeals to derail&drag the PSL to the mud.I can’t even imagine the repeat of what happened to Cape town Spurs when they won the league on the field of play in 1994 for only Orlando Pirates to win it on boardroom (#backdoor).Why would Psl bring an issue of the previous season 2 the current season.That is why we r so vocal about the teams results that r not positive 2 what we need,We should b knowing very well that this will haunt us at the end of the season.We should be steering away from our rivals with a cushion of more than six points from our rivals.We r guilty of fielding a defaulter against Wits the previous season&we can’t cry victims now that is against us.We r African champions because Caf rules favoured us in 2016,we benefited from Vita’s wrong doings,instead waiting 4 dirty outcomes from the SA SOCCER BODY let’s try while still early to collect as many points as possible.Look where Ajax is now because of board room decisions.We r not hating our team at all we love it from the bottom of our hearts.

    1. Member with due respect, the coach plans and prepare for a win but results don’t always come the way you want them.and if the game is a draw what will your moaning and criticism help us in this matter? The game is gone,all what you do then is to lift those players for the next game. By encouraging them and not SWEARING at them.

  45. Bango

    While others are busy seeing negatives on what they love l choose to see only positives on what l love the most. True love covers it all, it does not matter the situation, love does not attach itself to anger, it is not true to be angry because of love, its a contradiction . Its actual opposite like light and darkness, the transition is so smooth that you may not notice that the other has taken presidency . Love(in the heart ) goes with full praises (through the mouth), saluting, supporting,cheering, jubilation ,celebration, encouraging, motivating ,complimenting,forgiving etc. Then anger,hurt,bitterness(in the heart), the mouth shall speak of it, it does not matter who, its a principle, it can not be cheated. Anger goes with swearing, blaming throughout, complaining ,threatening, judgemental, confrontational, impatient, selfish and ego centric. Anger and bitterness has got no timing, it just oozes, it has a tendency to disrespect other beings, but it ought not to be so. As supporters l also urge us to teach ourselves and learn to forgive others. Against all odds, learn to encourage your own people, a mediocre performance when encouraged gives you better performance next time, motivate your people, love them till it feels good, we do not want dangerous love that can assault another being. Just love, l love all the supporters in their short comings, l love the team, in their mediocrity, l love the technical in their formidable performances and it is only unfortunate that they get their full accolades after the season.All these heros and heroines celebrated in the world for breaking records, they had their share of adversity, none the less others encouraged them, motivated them, and pushed them to break their records. So if you cant break your record, encourage someone to break his own record. I appeal to you all soccer lovers and faithfuls, let us refuse to allow anything to come in between us,our team, our technical team, if ever there be any just cause, hold on, focus together for our desired goal and see if the force of togetherness will fail us. If we achieve our goal, what ever we left at hold on should any have a burning edge and feels fulfilled by retrieval do so, should there be a just cause.Fear not, be courageous, believe in your support, believe in your team and technical team. BE BOLD! remove all discord amongst ourselves, all fears,and focus!Focus!Focus! and Focus again. Lets go together at once,and make that joyful noise noise, cheering our own beloved Sundowns, The Yellow Nation! We are together, sisonke Kby

  46. Themba

    Mxm PSL is runned like a ANC conference. Manipulations especial when Pirates is competing for the league. Khoza is desperate for a silverware.

    1. You are right Member and he learned from Kaiser that the only way to beat Sundowns is to ROBB them. But they must check properly, God keeps on blessings Sundowns we will overcome this. Noma kanjani we are defending this cup. In king Pitso and his foot soldiers I BELIEVE. KBY

  47. Dalom

    I’m just hoping the guy who was assaulted by Pitso also opened the case. He must be criminally charged, he’s been bullying other people around for far too long. Well done to the PSL DC for finalizing this case. Now we wait in abated breath for the sanctions

  48. Dalom

    There were reports that management was just waiting for the case to conclude before they can act. I’m just hoping they’ll do the right thing on this matter. This coach has brought the team into disrepute and his behavior is also filtering through to the players, hence we see abo Sirino behaving the way they do

    1. You vuil heart will stop very you are exposing yourself. Your pirates will never get the league. We are used to win things against all odds. I can see a supporter and hater.

    1. Member these are people that are here to pretend as Sundowns supporters and they will insult our players and the coach just to cause confusion and they are many. The other’s mentioned that he is spending his hard earned money to support the team hence he must insult the players and the coach, but he is getting free entry every months.


    That was a hard earned point considering the fact that we were under severe attack because of slow and soft central defence.Our attackers like Maboe receive hard and rough tackles while our defence massages oppositions’ strikers.We over worked Langerman by making him to play his position and also cover our weak central defenders.It just a matter of time b4 we get hammered because of those defenders,and also Mabunda executed his duty very,but Kekana was neither assisting the defence nor the middle fielders,the guy is tired he needs to be rested in some games,he is old and needs to be managed properly,even Zwane I think he is in comfort zone,he is got this habit of playing stray and useless back heals when we attack.That point will go a long way on our mission to retaining the league.To technical team please don’t play Nascimento and Adrense at the same time,they are both weak and lack energy.Lastly let’s paint Attradgevile yellow on Saturday and pray that is hot and use our speed to demolish Al aghly like we did against Zamalek.

  50. I simply want to tell you that I’m new to blogs and really enjoyed your web blog. Almost certainly I’m likely to bookmark your website . You certainly have outstanding well written articles. Kudos for sharing your website.

  51. Jaws Buda

    There are so many wolves wearing sheep skin and the only way to make them disappear is for us to support and encourage the boys to keep on winning. KBY I remain

  52. Themba

    Can Someone educate me please. Is n’t that for Wits to be awarded the full 3 points. They must have lodge a protest with the league as was the case with Ajax last season .as things stands Wits has not lodge a protest so where does these excitement about points deduction come from.

    1. You are spot on Member, we could lose only one point and Wits is not supposed to get any points. The big question is why the 4th official agreed and signed the document. then we don’t need them anymore because they serve no purpose. But in these team and king Pitso “I BELIEVE ” we will win the league.

  53. Mfana

    Themba I believe Wits never saw what happened regarding the selection of Wayne Arendse.But what I hate most is the PSL dragging their feet&frustrates Sundowns on the process,delaying the verdict&sanction and afterwards theyll come with the judgement by the end of the season.If it was said we r docked points by now we will b sure that we r fighting 4 this&that but now we cant even know how many points we have.I just so wish we can win all our remaining games just to shame the devil&not to contest for if&but.It wont b palatable on our tongues to lose games through boardrooms.


    Even if they take a point from us we still gonna win this league,the experience we gained through playing CAF shall see us through.We still gonna be number 1 come Saturday 17:00 pm.I still remember one season Pirates won the league bcoz they too 2 points from Vaal professionals and gave them to Pirates only when the league games were completed,we know how Khoza operates,his tricks failed to work last season and it will also never work again this season.We criticize bcoz we love this team too much and we know what they are capable of.You don’t become a big team by age or crowd like other teams but by your achievements like Downs.We want to be 1st in everything,we are th 1st team to win league times in a row,the 1st to win league 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 times.We are the 1st and only team in SA to compete in club World Cup.We are the only team with a star for winning CAF champions league,Pirates jersey had already had star b4 they play the 1st leg of champions league final in 1995,to them qualifying for final was a huge achievement but we never did that bcoz we don’t bliv in been 2nd best.If you don’t know or bliv me google is always there to help you and post your findings.

  55. Mfana

    Downs4ever u also remind of another record we won a prize money of more than 21million rand from the Champions league whereas Pirates won it with zero rand during that time they won it.We got more than 70 million rand from the sale of Dolly&Tau is it not incredible???We r trendsetters neh.We started winning the league in 1988 but we won it more times than anybody.I have a firm belief that this one is on the bag,so wish we win against Al Ahly,so happy too that we r playing during the day&we r going to use that to our own advantage bcoz these Arab teams find it difficult to play against the heat.Gaan boys gaan we r all behind u.Kaboyelo everywhere we go.

  56. Bango

    Whether points be docked or not though it seems inevitable ,the Yellow Nation must be able to rise above force and punishment, the secret to it all , is the entire yellow nation, the solid , die hard supporters, the naive, the symphathizers and true members to ignore all these things and focus on bringing a solution that wins us all the games,the secret is enveloped in the power of the 12th man(the supporters), It is possible to win six games in a row one at a time, believing in Couch and the team, and the technical team, supporting and teaching the whole Nation and the World that it is possible, it can be done. This is what we can change, the judgements are theirs, the intentions are theirs, but rising above opposition is our duty to fulfill, Even mental strength applies to supporters, we must be strong, be courageous and fearless.Strong people never get intimidated by forces that want them to be frustrated, they are bold to face even such realities. These are mind games,showing character is calling everywhere. We have a big game ahead of us, ask your selves why now all these things? Its for the mind, can you divert your focus and focus on this? Even the Pirates game was a mind game. The truth remains, Sundowns were busy focusing on the Egyptian giant AL ALLY, not Pirates, a counter mind game sees an opportunity because the mind is away. I am grateful that all things together for good,the guys showed character a draw can be celebrated for that reason. You see what we call mental strength and maturity, another team in the same predicament and scenario would have lost big time because you were caught on a fools day. I still salute that match and Sundowns must just build on it, continue showing readness to any encounter, professionalism, character, resilience, ambition. I still believe you can get it all that you see in your vision, what are you seeing? what you see now at the back of your mind is what shall come real, it does not matter the journey to the destination. Arrival on time on a desired goal is what matters. why should the road be smooth? Lets get together ,and for the first time win against that big team. Its is possible. KbY

  57. Bango

    Even in a war situation, when you pursue an enemy and you hear you are about to find them and the battle line drawn already, all of a sudden another foe calls for behind you, you don’t run away and give your back , you have to be swift and turn and fight even if there would be no drawn battle line,and after that you can proceed and pursue your target. From the target you then come back and invade other territories . It is doable, it is achievable, its a matter of the right mindset and right attitude. Focusing on your goal to the finishing line.

  58. Nice post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon on a daily basis. It will always be useful to read through articles from other writers and practice something from other web sites.

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