Gallery: PSL | Cape Town City Vs Mamelodi Sundowns

It wasn’t our night as we dropped points to Cape Town City away, we now need to focus our attention to CAF Champions League this Saturday.

Take a look at last nights action here.

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  1. Solly

    Pitso is taking us for a ride struuu and we are too loyal to see that he is not an astute coach but rely on motsepe s deep pocket to win

  2. Jaws Buda

    Previous coaches had the same resources but what did they bring on the table? nothing. Pitso has been with Sundowns for the past 5 years and brought us 7 major throphies and the only throphy that has been missing in the cabinet is the top 8 and you have guts to tell us that he is taking us for a ride? we are going to win this league watch the space member.

    1. Dalom

      But other coaches like Hristo Stoichkov were never given any chance and we played by far the best football ever under him. There’s no way that we’re going to win this league, unless if Pitso comes up with something extra ordinary, and unfortunately I don’t see him changing anytime soon. I can bet you we’re still going to see the same team playing even next season. But who am I to complain, it’s Motsepe’s team and his money. The best I can do for myself is to be an armchair supporter, and boycott going to the stadium.

      1. That will be 100 percent better member thank you. We don,,’t need critics and insults here.Pitso will do his best for this team.when he wins people say he is lucky when he loses you say he is useless.thank you member

  3. Jaws Buda

    Hristo Stoichkov was a promising coach and had potential but unfortunately had some quarrels with SAFA or PSL officials and left before he could establish himself like Pitso. The less is said about Nieskin the better.

  4. muzi kunene

    Its unfair for our coach to say he won’t take out Maboe for Meza as if Meza wasn’t brought by him to Downs that alone is favoritism at its best.
    If those players are not good enough for youl Coach just release them they are not at Downs just to sing with the supporters after every games and I wonder how Ndlovu from Maritzburg United will he ever get a chance to play next season if you talk like this because you used to say Mabunda and Kekana are your best middle fielders.
    Another player is B.Soumahoro I wonder what’s he’s situation is because akadlali and that guy is far better than Arendse why is being kept if he is not wanted pls don’t destroy other players careers its enough now coach,Kby forever

  5. Bango

    Before l give any comment ,view or opinion, l make sure l have nothing that would sound personal or whatsoever to the next reader in a public page. Even if l will have strong and different opinions, l will argue out without getting on another person’s way. Some complaints become to harsh and too categorical ,sometime there are selfish comments, sometimes we are hurting ourselves for no justified reasons. As l continue to support Sundowns l have learnt to leave room for disappointments, this gives me room to pick myself up and rise above hate. In my years of work with people, l have learnt that people will never be the same and l have learnt to accept them in their strengths and weaknesses, l have also accepted that people are unpredictable and are subject to change either ways. We have different roles that compliment each other and not compete with each other.Above all, l have learnt how to compromise,not insisting on my right of way, l can choose to lose an argument and win a relationship, l have learnt to be humble in my speech and express my opinions in a more acceptable way. Life goes on, soccer is one of those emotional games, if emotions are left to be out of proportion, soccer can kill you. Pitso is one of the best Local coaches, the most decorated African Coach of our time, in his imperfect state. He makes errors, many l can say, he is not an Angel but a human being applying human skills. Who is perfect? He is just human. What will you say if he wins this current league? What if he wins it? How possible is it that anyone has guts to right off Sundowns and its imperfect Coach?Anything is possible. This is a well contested league.Its not obvious. We must just accept also that we are spoiled supporters who only want to support when the team gives what we want. Support is done even if you feel like the team does not deserve your support. Love it till it feels good.We can not be cowards, its time to show character and go hard on support. If you choose to surrender do it silently so that you will come back silently. We all desire to see this team doing exceptional well, but we must accept it will not be smooth every time. Kby

    1. Member, your comments have strength and full of encouragement I wish our members can read and take your advices and grow, yes we have different roles at the club and ours is not to give instructions to the coach but to support this team.there are a lot of supporters that I like to read their comments because they give me strength when the team is not doing well, some I avoid reading their comments beause they are always negative and they hate our coache and also personal.pitso explained how they monitor players performance at training but members like Muzi will never understand. They will always criticize the coach and players as if they are perfect. I hope we can have more of positive members in future not critics.

  6. Themba

    Lets go and support the boys on Saturday members. We don’t want to be outnumbered by the residences of Sunnyiside, kempton park n hillbrow

  7. I respect as a human
    being. I also love him
    as a sundowns coach.
    I must tell nothing
    but the truth I do nt
    like the fact he is no
    longer interested in
    winning cups, he is
    only passionate
    about CAF champion
    s lig. He only cares about a position that will take him to
    Champions league.
    I believe Mr Mosimane is being paid to do his job &
    He is not a voluntee
    He is not doing
    Sundowns any favour
    He won seven cups
    in 5 seasons bcoz
    We hired him when
    he was fired @ Bafana bafana..
    We bought him quality players
    We supported him.
    Some supporters
    are talking as Pitso
    did everything on his own. Lastly let us support Pitso when he is doin a good job
    Let us not burry our
    heads on sand when
    He is not doing right

  8. Themba

    Football is a game of is unfortunate that members are expected to support and love sundowns in one specific form. There is a fine line between a supporter and a praise singer. I support sundowns and the technical team but not an individual. Anc is a good case study of how praising individual can destroy an institution. My blood is yellow

  9. KhayZ

    Themba sir no one is above sundowns ,
    Sundowns must come first to all of us . We must support individuals based
    on the fact that they performing their task

  10. Bango

    Our team is not far from the mark. We can be patient again, be courageous and be steadfast . Positivity is a magnet to good things, it will make you a happy individual. Negativity will only attract a heart ache , bad feeling and stress and who suffers the most? So lets avoid swallowing poison expecting another person to suffer the pain. Once you choose to be a critic, you will always see bad things in good things, in fact you tend to create your own world where everything has to be perfect which is next to be impossible. Courage is not having the strength to go on, it is going on when you no longer have strength. Keep moving forward in pursuit for that which you hope for, Life is a journey, everything has to take its turn and chance, just like seasons, it does not matter hot the summer heat can blaze, winter can not escape its turn, that’s life as long as we do not live in a vacuum space. Those are realities.

    In Mathematics we use formulas to get to an answer, if you apply the concepts and substitute correctly you will always arrive to the correct answer, but there is a mere coincident where you can arrive to the answer using a wrong formula. In football we use tactics and formations, they work today , and fail the following day, soccer is the same, you only win by scoring more goals than your opponents, tactics can be studied and can be closed out, but a goal can still come.That is football, if you can not lose a match, you are not growing and not learning anything, students who know everything at school learn nothing, those who miss it learn more and are positioned better in problem solving. Mistakes are not bad things in life because great lessons come from there. When your child makes mistakes a lot, you must know a great person is in the making, do not ridicule and vanquish him/her for mistakes,rather build him with encouraging words, speak good things that are not there as if there are in existence already, power of the words, all they need is love. Correcting someone does not necessarily mean lambasting at him/her , there are always better ways to resolve everything .
    l noticed with time every piece of advice is important, but the approach and attitude matters if you are to deliver it. An arrogant person must not advise an arrogant person, it makes the one to receive it develop a more thick skin, but a humble person can advise an arrogant person, so always check oneself if you are the right personnel to render the service or not. This is achievable through a deep self introspection .You can not correct wrong with wrong, in short wrong can not make wrong right. It does not matter from which angle.
    Love conquers all things,it is ultimate . I choose to love these ambassadors ,in their short comings we are together, in their success we are together, they must keep on fighting , keep their heads up, in due season they shall bring us a desired harvest, absorb the pressure and show character, it is not going to be easy but keep moving forward. KBY

  11. Jaws Buda

    Thank you Bango it is really a blessing to have you as a member of this great Sundowns family. May God bless you Dawana your dreams and wishes be fulfilled. KBY I remain.

  12. krok

    As supporters we have every right to voice our opinions because we the lifeblood of the team.
    My question is,is it practical to play a 33 year old midfield workhorse a full ninety minutes in four successive games within a period of 10 days..
    The same sentiments apply to younger players as well,especially considering that we have quite decent players waiting for their chance on the sidelines.

    1. Member there is a difference between a OPINION and Criticism, you;all are not voicing opinions but criticism, repetition of a criticism destabilize the team and that is not acceptable . some even praised the Zebras for promoting their young stars and even went further to congratulate their coaches but the same team is more than for years trophy less does that make sense? answer a big NO. our members cannot even analyze but you talking about T’s and C’s ,I wonder how is your performance at you respective workplaces.if you attacking the coach for a loss then you are becoming personal, you always criticize him for selection of players and the coach took his time to explain how they monitor the players for selection but STILL you keep on criticizing and that makes to me to wonder what is you intention at the club. I know if i see Muzi and yours comment i know you will be singing one negative song favouratism and complaining about the money spent on players , Member you can field a 33 year old for 4 consecutive games, at sundowns we have fitness team and they are doing their job, your comments are not encouraging but destroying, you plant negativity in the team. most members know that Pitso and his team are doing well, Please let us use this platform to encouraged each other and the players especially if things are not going well,but if you insult them here then they start not believing in themselves and they’ll never pick themselves up. Saturday we are going to attend in numbers and suffocate Lobi stars and qualify on time.We are still on top of the log Members.

      1. @ kick boboza with
        all respect, how many cups have we
        won this season. I
        respect the fact
        that you are alwys
        tryin to inject a
        positive spirit ..
        What do you say
        when a coach
        says I do nt know
        why I am not fielding Mkulise?
        Do you believe our
        defence is solid?
        If yes why are we
        conceding easy
        goals? If no where
        is spumahoro? Do
        you think Arendse
        is better than
        Soumahoro ? Why
        are we havin both
        Our 1rst & second
        choice goalkeepers
        @ age 34? Where is Ngoma & Ngele who .we bought banging
        goals for their
        respective teams?
        Who bought them ?
        Who is not playing them? Who is now
        complaining about
        missed chances?
        Where is Thendo Mukumela ? Our only junior player
        Who have played on
        both U17 & U19 world cup?

  13. muzi kunene

    Seconded Krok the problem with our fellow members they want us to praise Pitso in everything he does irrespective of which is good or not,yes we agree 100% that Pitso won us many trophies after years of not winning trophies and we truly appreciate that but the way we are playing this season is painfully even to watch.
    Downs is a big team don’t be fooled by Soweto teams supporters that We are a small team and a big team is judged by a number of trophies they won each and every season,let’s not dwell on the past we need to move toward.One supporter said last week on this platform if it was not missed chances and favoritism at our team Downs will be left by five or six points by now to win the league and I fully agree with him on that,My fellow Dawanas we don’t like Downs but love them some of us cried when we lost and also cry tears of joy when we win.I know in soccer you win sometimes you loose but this year we are pathetic and lastly we will praise Jingles when its due don’t force us.This is not Downs Lena edlala this year iDowns engiyaziyo yayingeke ishaye one goal ijike idliwe ihluleke nokubuya since I supported them in 1986,Kby forever

    1. Themba

      Member I am with in this 1, there some members who think we hate our coach.This is our platform to talk openly about our team.we are family here. I would be disappointed though if members use Kaiser chiefs sites abo soccerladuma and kickoff to raise their concerns. I stand accused of hating Shuga Mabunda. The truth is I dont have him. I Just want him to push forward a bit and i know he can do it. Shuga used to collect man of the match awards every 2nd game and then dedicate it to bushiri. It does nt happen anymore. Who can forget the goal he scored against celtics n the one he scored in one of our CAf games.

  14. Jaws Buda

    Before Pitso took over from Sundowns, Nieskins spent 4 trophyless years couching Sundowns and one wonders where were these Muzi Kunene of this world who started supporting Downs since 1986? So I guess even Nieskins performed better since this is the worse performance kulonyaka by Sundowns since you started supporting Sundowns in 1986 ?

    1. Moripi

      Its not entirely true member, Neeskens was here 2011 -2012, I don’t think he fished the season with us, but I get your point. Many positives things happened since then, we cannot deny that, but this game evolves and personnel evolve, and our system have to unfortunately. I’m not saying we must change a coach, but even in the dumbest opinion, there might be a grain of truth or sense. Am just against those emotional members who criticize without facts, but speculations from media.

  15. muzi kunene

    Jaws Buda mina I will respond to you My Broer,every worker knows the T’c and C’s of his employment and Pitso is aware of them that at Downs you produce no matter what and that’s why he’s still our coach because he did exactly like that if he didn’t ngabe we’ve got a new coach by now like We used to do before him,those coaches were not giving us what was we supposed to get.
    I repeat Downs is a big team we can’t dwell on the past,look at R.Madrid they are busy rite now looking for the new coach for next season because this year they won’t get anything even though they are still on position three.Pitso is the only coach here at Mzansi who buys any player he wants the cheque book is always available to him so by that We nid trophies nothing less,how much did the President spent on Brockie,Mngoma and others that alone shows that Downs is an ambitious team so we must get something in return in terms of trophies.
    Barca and Man.City spent a fortune buying players that’s why they are reaping rewards for that nami where I’m working at they spent so much money paying me therefore I must produce no more excuses,asilwi Mfowethu and Dawanas will not fight amongst themselves but the truth must be told,lastly I love Pitso and for what he did at Downs since He came but we nid more every year,Kby forever

    1. @Muzi you are not saying the truth, Cape town city , Orlando Pirates, Supersport utd, Wits university are buying any player they want. but where are they now. you say at your workplace you are producing although i will like to know where is your company. Performance is rated according to the objectives set out by the team, you mentioned real Madrid but you are misleading us on why they may sack the coach, the reason is that Real Madrid gave the coach the UEFA champs as the target and he is out of the cup. we are still on target but you are complaining. Member tell us straight you are not a supporter of Sundowns and you are here to plant negativity.

  16. Mfana

    I’ve been listening to everybody who’s right&wrong in this platform where we air our views holistically &without any fear.Its Pitso who brought Ali Meza,Silva,Brockie&Tade as strikers but he is the one blaming Silva &Meza,didn’t he do a background check b4 he bought them.If anyone think that we r going to keep quiet and fold our arms when Pitso is bringing our team to the ebb must better think again.This is not Arsenal where mediocrity is celebrated,Pitso was in South Africa when Fabisch,Westerhof,Calvacante&Henrik Michel were chased&dismissed by Sundowns fans.He knew the pressure that come with coaching Sundowns.Pitso is rebuilding our team around old crocks&masala&some ppl expect us to keep quiet.Its so unfortunate that cannot happen while we r still alive.Pitso is the one who buys&identify players that he wants&then all of a sudden r overlooked by him again.In a big team there’s pressure including at Sundowns,so Pitso must accept the consequences that come with coaching a big team.Pitso&everyone defending him must know that when he is wrong will be crucified by the same people wearing Sundowns attire.Pitso as long as he is not selecting players on merit he’s going harsh criticism.The mere fact that he won the champions league was not doing us any favour,but what is being paid for.He has all the resources in the PSL better than any coach instead of challenging 4 honours is giving us cheap excuses.He is the one who chose to concentrate on the league and Champions league only now we should accommodate lame excuses.When was the last time we won a local trophy,2015 then is all is well all is well.We can’t be singing that.If p
    Pitso is tired of coaching Sundowns then the door is open.Freezing Ngobeni,Rivaldo,Lebusa,Mkhulise,Mohomi,Meza and Lakay to the stands to accommodate his favoured ppl&again tolerate half performances from them???Hell no no no!!!Pitso may be a hater of losing but holding on to old outdated scratched CD’s &expecting us to dance 2 those old tunes must think again.Coaches come&go even Pitso is not irreplaceable&Sundowns is not where it is bcoz of Pitso but Pitso is where he is because of Sundowns period.

    1. brown sfane

      Hi mfana 100/% spot on ather ppl think we have obligations to love pitso even if he’s doing rong things just to please them, there are teams that holding champions league for the record 6.7 times but there r not be having like this. sundowns is not the first team to win champions league in south Africa we can’t just be held rAnson bcs of champions league.this is exactly the resald of one individual happens to be given to much powers.

  17. Krok

    Haai khona my man..tell me again the reasons Pitso put forward for buying many players..didnt he say that we competing on multiple fronts hence we need depth but then he goes on to play the same team in 4 staight games within a week and you wonder why we won only one of those..all over the world players are rotated and kept fresh even the great Ronaldo was held back in some games by Zidane hence you saw how explosive he was in the games that he played at the crucial stage of the season..

  18. Bango

    Pitso buys players like any other, remember you after buying there is time needed by the player to settle. Some after settling they come to the part and fit in to his philosophy. Some struggle at training and some are given the benefit of doubt to play. What happens? The very supporters will be complaining, so and so is not a Sundowns material, what a waste of resources! What a waste of money! He gives the person an opportunity to rebuild his confidence, the very supporters come and talk again, Why is so and so not being played? why did he buy him? That is the life of a supporter, they can say anything, they move with the wave. Some players are injured and some are under performing at training possibly there are not happy, those who are happy perform at training and they get the chances to play again on the merit from training. It is unfortunate that most of us here never attend to watch training, we could be in a better position to lob our complaints. Most of the complaints are based on a speculated fact, why not get closer if you can and bring us facts. What is enclosed on Pitso’s contract as a target? To win everything is a bonus, to win some its part of the plan,but l can assure Sundowns is not playing alone, all these teams are serious. They have used Sundowns to measure their standard, Real Madrid is out but remains a big team with all the stars, power and influence of a player and a coach. We experienced that too, but we are not far from the mark, if Zidane had remained , it would be a different story.Life is like that. Lets talk not fight, lets build not destroy, lets encourage not discourage. l need you, you need me in this long walk to freedom as supporters, we need the team and they need us the most, we need the Coach and his technical team and they need us more than ever. A Kingdom divided by itself can not stand, the weakest enemy can utterly destroy that Kingdom. It is always wiser to cover and protect one another that the enemy finds no space to tear you apart. You have spoken but lets get back together and rally behind this team, Sundowns is bigger than any individual. I believe years are never the same, times change , we never know what the future has in store for us. But life is full of surprises, anything is possible. The past has really treated us unfairly against our emotions, and expectations but we can stand up again together at once and beat the odds and in one accord raise the Yellow Nation flag high, and support this team. New things are happening, the past is gone and has left us with lessons. All the best Masandawana!

  19. muzi kunene

    Thanx to those who agreed with me,to Downs if you voice your concern about Pitso they say you are not Downs supporter and you are unfair to him.
    You can’t tell me that Mohomi is not good to play for us ahead of Mabunda,in a Shell Cup against Chiefs that boy with Jali were marvelous to watch but some are obsessed with the combination of Kekana and Mabunda yes I agree it was good few years back but not this time around and if you check all passes of Kekana are either defended by the opposition or end up in goalkeeper.
    Kick Boboza I don’t want to justify my love for Downs to you but those close to me can tell you since I was at school can testify that my blood is YELLOW and there’s no team I will support here at Mzansi other than Sundowns F.C ngoze ngihambe emhlabeni pls live with that,maybe My Broe you are happy seeing players like Ngele,Somahouro,Brockie and Mngoma etc sitting on grandstand every games and come after the match to sing with us but mina its painfully, Kby forever.

    1. @muzi, unfortunately I cannot fight for the players selection because I will be biased.they must fight for their course and I will support any player that represents sundowns on the day.if you can check comments here all this players will be gone. Some even criticized Themba Zwane. I am not going to reply to @kzet questions because I will be criticizing our own players which is not my intentions. This players came to sundowns knowing that they have to fight for selection. So let them fight. Coutinho was signed by Barcelona and he is warming the bench because the coach is looking for something that he is working on it, Pirates is having more players than us who are sitting on the stands.

  20. Mfana

    I like the spirit of this supporter called Bangor always calling 4 calm when emotional r high.You would bet sometimes that we r not supporting this beautiful team called Sundowns but my mate my Brazilian our blood is yellow too but there’s a crossroad called ageing,fatigue &being overworked and being over-selected unnecessary.Thats what makes us so elated&emotionally charged&speak with great vigour of anger but still as it maybe we still love this beautiful club inside out.I was cold blooded when Motsepe took over from the previous owners not sure that Sundowns will achieve so much &be such competitors even in the continental championships.The worst position that we always occupy is number two on the log every season.That being said we need a big round of applause and clap our hands in unision for our achievements so far.We love this great club &there’s no substitution for it, we will die supporting it.

  21. muzi kunene

    Its nice to share some opinions about this beautiful team of ours,most of us were attracted by the nice football they play that’s why We are still being called the “Brazilians” even today.
    To stop the argument let me say the standard of PSL has dropped a little bit that’s why we are always crying about poor finishing even today the leading goalscorer is still below ten goals with eight games to go and I don’t remember a player scoring a brace this season let alone hatrick so to all Sandawanas let’s support or praise what we have at our team irrespective of the performance because this is a SA disease hope I’m welcome to those who kept on saying I’m not a Downs supporter and always negative but one day our cry will be remembered watch the space,Kby forever

  22. Bango

    Thank you very much Masandawana! Together we can conquer any team, divided we can be conquered by any team. You are all correct, no one is wrong its just opinions that would have differed. Sometimes the adrenaline levels push our emotions and we find ourselves at another level of anger, true , supporters with a burning edge will sometime unleash for their healing too, Now that we are on the same page, with our blood carrying DNA for Sundowns we can get back to the Supporters drawing board and see how best we can support our team to make an out right win tomorrow. The margin must be convincing. When we win, lets all come back on the page and congratulate the guys. Do not be silent and wait for a loss or draw to come with a comment. It makes it sound good when you take time to praise a good display and also when the team fails it sounds real to say today the team messed up, because sometime you appreciate. Victory start with the supporters, the team then fulfills our desires. What do we desire our team to do tomorrow? the answers sounds like is obvious but what is it that you desire as an individual supporter?may your desire be granted of you.We are a great Yellow nation, sisonke, KbY


    Mfana well said member,we can’t keep quiet when we see a problem.Pitso thinks he is more important than anyone at Downs,he thinks h owns the team whereas he has signed contract just like players and we need all our players,mainly young players more than we need him.We don’t want to be like the likes of R Madrid,Chelsea,Ivory coat for becoming useless teams by always old players.Players and coaches came and gone but Downs still remained the best team in SA and Pitso is no exception.He must jus shape up or ship out.We are not going to be fooled by chiefs and pirates supporters who pretend to be Sundowns supporters.If Pitso is their good coach why did he fail to win a league @ Supersport and why did he fail @ Bafana when he hard the luxury of playing only the best players?We made him what he is,not the other way round.We won the league 3 times in a row b4 he came and he failed to defend a cup he won for the pad 5 years.

    1. Member you are out of order, check your IQ is deteriorating. You are busy talking like a 10 year old. You are saying pitso is under performing now against what? Look at the the cups we won before and during his term and make a comment. Pitso is going to he here for long time. Because he is performing.

  24. Look @ this team ..
    Onyango 34 Ngcongcza 31 Arendse 34 Nascimento 31
    Langermaan 32
    Mabunda 30
    Kekana 34
    Laffor 34
    Zwane 30
    Sirino 28
    Mboe 25
    Can you see that this
    is the most oldest
    Line up in psl?
    What is your comment

  25. Moripi

    For me it doesn’t matter if a player is 30 or 40, if he can still perform at the maximum required standards then it’s fine, I haven’t seen nothing with our over 30 players, they still
    perform, infact they shame lots of so called youngsters. My only problem is our succession strategy, we are not a brave enough team to play teenagers in the first team, especially from our development

  26. Boh

    Plz help me,Lakay angimuzwa!!!! I feel coach is trying to force him, in the side…I would like to congratulate the players,and coach with his team…Langarman,Morena,Andre,Ricardo,Keke,Maboe,Sirino,of course Sir Mshishi!!!.Snothie…u we excellent

  27. Congratulation2 de
    players & technical
    team .. Can u plz
    coach field more U30
    player bcoz today it
    was only Morena &
    Maboe.. When ever
    I think about our
    development players
    I feel sorry

  28. The oldest line up in the PSL hammered Lobi stars and qualified for the knock-out stage, We created 22 chances and scored only 3.That is good for the team. I would like to thank true supporters of the yellow nation, Technical team, Fitness team and medical team.Thank you very much. Some people were comparing Sundowns against the Rats and i can see that they are busy pulling wrong cables there and i don’t see them qualifying for the knock-out stage.King Pitso in you we trust.


    Good comprehensive team performance and Morena was the tonic we were missing all along.My concern is the different energy we yield in both our league andCAF games,we seem to have more energy when playing CAF games.If we can be professional enough to treat all our games with the same respect then we will go places.No offense to other PSL teams but I think we are our own competition,we should have wrapped up this league by now.Lastly there are some idiots like kick boboza who can’t comment about the team’s performance coz they now nothing about soccer but only know how to criticize other supporters’ comments.Maybe you left school at primary level or you started supporting Downs bcoz your beloved Swallows got relegated.If you are able to read or count,how many leagues did Downs win B4 Pitso and after Pitso? and how many knockout cups did Downs win b4 Pitso and after Pitso?.By the way your name sounds like a drunkurd person who drinks chipuku,no normal can call himself kick boboza.Lets take 2nite’s performance to Maritzburg game on Tuesday.

  30. Mfana

    Congratulations r in order what a way of going&marching to the quarterfinals.A 3 null cushion after a very long time.I so wish we can go all the way&lift the champions league again &get the second star Kaboyelo every where we go.Even if Sundowns wins I will never reserve my feelings&pretend that I’m happy about Pitso fielding aging players as if yeyonanto sawlala siyidlile.To he’ll with these old players as if it’s the end of the world.Its so unfortunate that some of can’t be thinking as if we r captured&not voice our concerns as if we are fearing PItso.What we said last week,we r going still going to say it plainly that Pitso we need change as in yesterday.We r winning with a 3 goals margin&the first substitution is a defender.We r still going to put necessary pressure to you Pitso&remind you Pitso that those players that you brought here were identified by you so field them,sikhathele ngaba magogo bakhothina.The comments that we made last week were not made out of frustration bcoz CapeT City won but bcoz wena Pitso u r a enemy of change.We can’t be quite as if we r fearing someone,we love this team until the end of time but xa singasathsndi asithandi ke what qwaba.Faka abantu abatsha Pitso egroundini,sikhathele ngala makhehle akho.

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