Gallery: PSL | Mamelodi Sundowns Vs Bloem Celtic

A point each is what we had to settle for yesterday afternoon, up next is Cape Town City in the PSL. Catch up on the yesterdays action here.

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  1. muzi kunene

    Mr Mosimane I love you for being the coach who helped us a lot but sometimes you amaze me with your selection of players.Jali should have selected yesterday instead of Mabunda that guy played really well last Wednesday against CTC and his passes were spot on.
    I think its the time to consider Tade in the starting line up ahead of Maboe and lastly Mr Mosimane try to substitute early instead of few minutes to go,you can’t do that to a player hungry as Mahlambi in three minutes to go,hope to beat again CTC on Tuesday pls don’t bring back Arendse those players can run the whole 90 minutes and they score goals,Kby forever.

  2. Makhura

    When Brockie is on the field we don’t see any aerial crosses from our players. Yesterday MABOE had many aerial crosses with no one to pounce on them. It doesn’t make sense. I hope you are going to work on this at training Pitso. We needed intelligent players on the field yesterday to take advantage… Very disappointed

  3. Mfana

    I keep on wondering what’s the use of buying&wasting millions of Rands buying Mahlambi,Meza,Tade&Jali to b put on the bench&again receive half performance from players that r not hungry at all.Is it bcoz Pitso doesn’t know that we should be playing to win the league now coz now he knows that Mabundas days r numbered to rely on him as a player.U can’t keep on fielding people just because they won the champions league 4 us.When is Pitso going to realise that Mahlambi shud b a winger&provide 4 Tade&Meza.Arendse,Ngcongca,Mascimento,Onyango&Mabunda need 2 b given their benefit games &bid them farewell 4 their services over the years,instead of selecting ppl based on past reputations.Because Pitso is selecting players based on the past than on current form.U r the only person Pitso who is a stumbling block between Sundowns winning the league and not winning it.Pitso u r so cold blooded and full of fear that u buy good players but u don’t trust them.Wake up Pitso this is the ugliest season ever that Sundowns is playing like a midtable club not a championship winning coach.UBUGWALA OBUNGAKA PITSO REALLY UBUTHATHE PHI.??

  4. brown sfane

    I fully agree with you mfana,is just a matter of time before this singing at the stadium stops.sewelele ust to be the loudest saportas in the league, because even when thinks start getting out of hand the we busy signing, the only realize late that something was rong.

  5. Dalom

    This season’s league though. I’m no longer sure of what’s going to happen next. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for my team. I thought of boycotting watching them, but it’s pointless for me. I’ll just have to endure the pain and accept whatever is going to happen.


    The sooner management deals with Pitso’s favoritism the better for the long term success of the team.Meza scored a brilliant goal against Mimosa,the next game he was in the stands.Jali played well against City,Mahlambi scored in 2 consecutive games but they were both benched in the next game.Kekana and Mabunda are not creative and don’t pass the ball well like Jali,you only play them together when you want to defend.Lebusa played well when he came in for an injured and useless Nascimento yet he was benched the next game.Adrense and Nascimento got injured in our two midweek games,come weekend game,they get selected ahead of young and hungry Lebusa and Cotzee respectively.Pitso is got a psychological problem,he wants Baxter to play Lebusa,Cotzee and Jali yet he don’t play them on a club level.When watching Barcelona,Liverpool and Man city play,you could see they want to win a league at all costs but,Downs play dull football with no sense of urgency.The sooner players made to fight for their positions the better and Downs will be unstoppable.Lets be honest our league is too weak,if it wasn’t for Pitso’s favoritism and players were given egual chance,we could be left by six or seven points to win this league by now.Mr President you always watch our games,are you happy with the way our players are treated?.We complained too much about Trott and Makhanya’s interference and you took long to intervene and club moved forward after you dealt with them.Now we are complaining about this coach, to make things worse even the players a complaining about him.We just want our players to be treated egually,others play every game even if they perform bad whereas others are been put in the stands for performing good.For example we still a pending case for playing a player who was not part of 18 men match day squard,a player who was listening to music on the stands(Adrense),whereas Lebusa was on the bench and did match warm up,what do you call that?

  7. Mfana

    My biggest fear&concern is the possible docking of points from us by the PSL or the motherbody of football,we don’t know how many points will taken from us regarding the wrong doing in the past season,when we fielded Arendse when he was not on the teamlist against Wits.So we can’t keep on leaving Pirates or Wits by a single point because at the end of the season the rival clubs will appeal&protest so that Sundowns should be deducted points.Instead of Pitso trying to break the tie by opening a big gap at the summit of the log,and use the advantage of games in hand,Pitso now is playing not to lose easy games that should have been easily won by us.We r the ones that were at fault we can’t be complaining about the timing,the PSL decides to do what.We r the ones that should know better that fielding a defaulted will come to haunt us at the end.But Pitso has forgotten all that.Pitso at the end of the season you must know that anything can happen let us be on the safe side by collecting a number of points so that even if the haters &our enemies do not have anything to hold on at the end of the season.But play&field players based on your emotions not win like what we did by donating 4 points to Amazulu.


    We have to consider BENY MCCARTHY as coach in the future, with the kinds of players we have, Beny should have won the league by now.

    1. Lamamelodi

      its a pity Pitso does not share the same feeling with the rest of Downs family. The man is so relax while he knows very well that his team still to perform in the CAF games. Why not just rap up the league early and give his charges some rest.Pity us supporters

  9. Happy to see masundawana
    coming to their
    senses , we have
    been quiet for too
    long , its time we
    carry plug cards
    demanding equal
    treatment of players
    in our home games,
    Our directors are
    sleeping & Coach Pitso is doin as he please.
    I believe he is now
    a director or an owner

    1. Lamamelodi

      well,if we were so sure that indeed they will give it time to go through but also consider comments made on this platform.

  10. Bango

    Soccer the beautiful game! The soccer lovers have spoken. Some comments are very much sound , but they are coming out of a frustration , some may be accurate but categorically laid, some are amiss and biased too. I do understand , the emotions are high, the pressure is building up! l remember well after that draw my countenance was so low, l had to encourage myself that this is soccer , anything can happen. This match we win, the comments are different, the hopes get so high, the following we draw, we unleash it out with fiery tones, it ought not to be so, there is no small team, as much as we all wanted a win, it did not happen. There is a lot of work waiting for Jali in Capetown,there is absolutely nothing wrong with the squad that played Celtic, Celtic is a different team to Capetown City, every game you put players that you believe will deliver and match the team. I watched Tiyani Mabunda, he played his role exceptional well, he thwarted all the Celtic moves beyond Kekana,he was excellent in ball distribution, he worked very hard. That is if we are to do an individual analysis and performance, he did well. We missed an avalanche of chances upfront that could have given us a victory, l saw crosses that passed through the feet of some strikers that us supporters would have counted , soccer can kill you, it is an emotional game at times. But we cant fight at the critical stages of the league , now its time to forgive and run behind the team, we still have a good chance, lets focus ahead and forget about the past pains and disappointments, there is no small team against Sundowns, all teams playing against Sundowns play to prove a point , to dethrone them to prove them otherwise. We just have be be composed upfront , pick the spot and score because the pass will always come.This league is exciting more than ever, its not one way, its not two way, this is the most contested PSL, look at the teams on top , you slip they leapfrog you, l know us Sundowns supporters, we are spoiled a bit, we always enjoy most when we lead the league with 10-15 points and both players and supporters will be having no pressure, but each season will present itself with the unexpected, Cant we endure it also? Let us embrace competition, character is built through that journey, do you remember there was a time when Sundowns could not come from the back to draw or win a match? it was because there were only used to winning and did not know the remedy of coming from behind, they would opt to score their 3 goals within the first 30 minutes, now sundowns can score towards the end of the match, they learnt it with time. So competition will build and refine the players and also us supporters. Our players can miss and that is what we have seen also, but we can not hang them, the Couch misses it at times but we can not estaminet him,we rather suggest and keep on suggesting what we feel the team should look like but at the end the final decision will be his. Lets support the Yellow nation, lets sound real and not personal. When the team wins we all win, the technical , the team and the supporters, when we lose all of us will have lost,it must not sound like when we lose its Pitso only . Kby. He hates losing that one, actually if it was possible that word would be erased from his vocabulary, he has just learnt to be strong

  11. Sam z mahlase


  12. Sam z mahlase


  13. Skhumba

    I looked at the body language of Maboe right from the start of the match! The boy looked tired. he has played almost played every game and the coach always select him. He struggled with his game and he should have been at least substituted early to give other a chance. Our bench is always full of players who can come in and make difference. But for the coach to substitute him in the 83th minute was just one of the bad decisions that Pitso keeps on making. The league is there for us to win but you wonder at times what is wrong with our coach. He reads the game so poorly. Our crossing balls from the flanks Tade should have brought immediately and let him play as number 9 and not 10. Even Brookie can fit in that type of play. Why keep Maboe in the centre yet he is very short and could hardly challenge those Celtic defenders aerially. That was very poor from the technical staff and we are quickly getting tired of this incompetency. There is no reward for players who come in and play good football but the following match the same player is not even starting the match. Thus bad!

  14. Skhumba

    Cape Town City will be very difficult. They do not defend well simply because the model of thier football is built on attack. Tomorrow we will face the hardest game that we have ever played in this season. Good luck to the team!

  15. Passy

    The management is giving pitso too much respect, that why he doing what please him, which is killing the team. He is so arrogant, and there is too much favoritism in the club, he has his preferred players such as sirino, maboe, mabunda, even if there are not playing well, he still keeping them in the field. Moboe and Sirino were no where to be seen in the game against celtic, but he kept them until the end of the game. He likes to take time to make change, he wait until the last minutes to make change, this is to kill the game.

    1. Themba

      Member the issue yaka Mabunda is very complicated to understand. Sugar is our weakest link but he finds his way in the starting 11. I watched our Fan Vlog and the guys trued to make all excuses to defend his below par performance. one guy went as far as saying its not fair to rate Sugar’s performance because our game against Celtic was not suitable for his style of play. That is not entirely correct. The truth is Sugar is not suitable for modern football where 1 is required defend and assist in attack. look at how the likes of Ben Motswari, Nyatama, Xola Mlambo. Monare, Nodada, Makaringe, Ndlovu, Putsche, classen, Scott play.
      Even Katsande does offer attacking options.

  16. yellow Nation

    We looked tired we couldn’t move ball quick to force celtic defense make errors they just park the bus for the hole 90 mins and they looked comfortable, we just look tired at times I don’t know why, we really need to double up the effort

  17. Dalom

    We just need to accept that we’re not going to win anything this season or in the next two seasons or so, unless Pitso seriously overhaul this team and not with these madalas he’s bringing into the team. We need some fresh blood from our development team. I’m also wishing we don’t end up in a position where we’ll go back to Africa in the near future

  18. Boh

    We just don’t know which games to win the most,,,,,Pisto!!! Has no plan B!!!! I said it again and again????Somebody will write and say we criticing Pisto!!! I asked what was Tade”s role in this game…plz guyz answer me

    1. Themba

      Tade created our goal n should have been 2 if Langerman has converted the chance in the 2nd half .

  19. Themba

    The best team won to night.we were outclassed tactically in the 2nd half. Spot on substitution by bennie. Once again we defended too deep. We took too long to substitute. Bennie is proving to be the master tactician. He reads the game well.

  20. Bango

    Soccer will kill you! Benny is enjoying beating all these big teams. He is really causing havoc. The League is still on. Akulahlwa mbeleko ngokufelwa, ithemba alibulali bafethu, to be angry now does not help, we are disappointed of the defeat, l thought there were determined but its clear Benny wanted a revenge, he got it, painful defeat but we must be strong.

  21. muzi kunene

    Maybe this loss will make Pitso start thinking about other players he doesn’t select,serious Mabunda combination with Kekana is no longer existing and I hope Pitso will accept that but that coach is very arrogant we are wasting our breath crying about his favoritism.
    We bought strikers but in our games we play with false players on striking position,coach pls stop converting players to other positions, play a player to his natural position you bought him from don’t make yourself a star coach.Next game put Mabunda and Langerman on grandstand even now on your post match interview we could see you are not bothered by this loss because you are on a comfort zone,Kby foerver

  22. Ayanda

    Zwane is wasteful but you cant take him out because he makes us play.Sirino has not been playing well for sometime now but he gets starting line up.Mahlambi Maboe and Tade can play better ofcourse with Zwane suppliying them.Laffor also plays well than Sirino.Late substitution is still are problem.Players have fatique now as there are many games played now then why not make changes early when players are not delivering? 7 games 2 wins so changes are needed but not wholesale changes.

  23. Dalom

    This was the easiest league to win we’ve ever had in a very long time and we had the easiest run-in than all the other title contenders. Now I can safely say that I don’t see us winning any of our remaining games

  24. Guys what happened to Zidan he took a leave for the whole year for he was scared to be exposed after Ronaldo left and Pitso wanted to do like wise after Tau left now he is going against the wall poor planning.Where is the sniper Brookie killed by Pitso where is Menza,where is Ngele where is Ngoma where is Zakri where is Zulu where is Thela while fielding old goal keepers scared to pick up injuries due to old age

  25. Miss Ted Dumitro /Angela Cappa

    Guys what happened to Zidan he took a leave for the whole year for he was scared to be exposed after Ronaldo left and Pitso wanted to do like wise after Tau left now he is going against the wall poor planning.Where is the sniper Brookie killed by Pitso where is Menza,where is Ngele where is Ngoma where is Zakri where is Zulu where is Thela while fielding old goal keepers scared to pick up injuries due to old age

  26. Bango

    Do you mean to tell us that Ben has the best strikers?than us? Our strikers, whoever wouldbe played on the day should score from any side and angle. Modric of Real Madrid was heard saying , Ronaldo’s gap is difficult to close, he was saying at least 2 or 3 players should have score 15-30 goals to cover up the gap but its not happening. I think also the Gap for Billiat was is very difficult for us, the gap by Percy Tau can not be closed. I m sure the coach remembers them now. We have never had a strong defence before wehave always had a strong up front, now our strike force is just comprising of average and ordinary players who can hardly score on one on one.


    As much as we were unlucky but,braveless and brainless coaching cost as a game.Most players were tired,and they played for 75 to 80 minutes,is always a norm that our coach make substitutes after 75 minutes.This team has been struggling for the past 7 games but coach doesn’t have the guts to make changes on our starting 11.I see us ending a season trophieless.It pains us to see other coaches making early substitutions while our coach is folding his arms when a team is struggling.

  28. Congratulations to Benny
    He has proven that he
    Is a brave & a master
    tactian who is not afraid to attack his
    opponents nonstop.
    He reads the game
    very well.
    Benny & Eric Tinkler
    are the coaches that
    can easily replace Pitso. They both
    play beautiful foot
    ball. They are fearless

  29. Mfana

    Really Bango u r a true supporter trying to make us feel better,I have seen ur comments trying to contain us&our anger.But we r using the same platform,Sundowns website to air our views.This time around Pitso is testing &provoking us with these Madalas in particular Mabunda&including this late substitution from Pitso.Anyone can just ask what is expected of Laffor if he is brought after 90 minutes to the field of play.Benny kept on making substitutions that were spot on &relevant.Come next game we will b seeing Arendse,Nascimento,Onyango,Ngcongca,Langerman on the starting lineup as if there is something special about them.We have been too kind&understanding about everything. Now akunamuntu azoncengwa lana&including this arrogant coach,called Pitso.Pitso if i-Sundowns iyakohlula just ship in or ship out.Go &practice this false striker thing elsewhere not here at Sundowns.

  30. Sam z mahlase


  31. DESIRE

    Pitso is old school. I have said it, we must consider Beny as coach in the future. Pitso is now in the comfort zone, which is suicidal .

  32. Joejnr

    Pitso doesn’t know how to read the game, he just depends on luck. Not so long he will attempt to buy David from CTCity just to reduce their stamina as he did when he acquired the service of Nghoma and Lakay and end up not utilising them accordingly. He did the same with Brokie? He is just playing with Motsepe’s money. I support those who want Pitso to be replaced by Bennie. Away with favouritism away!

  33. Members, I think we are missing the facts here and therefore frustrating ourselves. I hear members praising other teams coaches as if they are doing well and fact is that you are misleading yourselves.1. Bennie is coaching a big team that buys any player they want hence he has not won a league. And he is still below us on the log and he is not involved in CAF competition. Yesterday we played that game with our minds on this week’s Caf game and our opponents are already in the country tactically the coach has to consider that.some of us complained about fielding of different players and the coach played them and we lost but still you don’t see that as your mistakes.some criticized Onyango and prefered Mweene to keep clean skates but what happened in the 2 games, some criticized Arendse,Nascimento and preferred lebusa and Coetzee.but still Cape Town City was beating us hence I will repeat what I said before.LEAVE THE TECHNICAL TEAM TO DEAL WITH THEIR JOB and concentrate on yours which is supporting.I am also hurt Members I supported this team from the shoe shine and piano untill now but I will not criticize any sundowns player because I need them to rise up and start winning. Just like everybody making mistakes at your workplaces the coaches also make them. Pitso is going nowhere and we must respect that if we like this team. I remember Khama saying Pitso never built him and that is his talent, only 3 months and the boy Is no more lethargic like before. Real Madrid was knocked out of the Champions league so is it a sin if we lose?

  34. collen

    Spot on member. who is better than us currently to warrant such an attack to out technical team? Let’s support the team Masandawana. They need us now more than ever.

    1. Moripi

      I quite agree with you member, loss is painful to all of us. I’m not saying Pitso is perfect, he’s not, given a choice I wouldn’t have picked him, but his doing the job and not the worst at the moment, but us to suggest who must be played and which coach must take over its a bit silly. There were lots of things I’m also not happy with, like why did we stop attacking and why the sub late, but I cant be emotional and call that we get Bennie cos we lost to him. Let us analyse and criticize with facts members, we all love this team, we are hurting.

  35. ayanda

    Hayi bafethu , instead of fielding in an offensive Laffor the coach put in the defensive Jali who committed a blunder immediately. Jali has been given enough chance, he can be released for all I care, even Manyisa is better than Jali.Sugar in my view is still the best in that defensive midfield, if you want him to go forward often, play Kekana as a defensive fielder and play Sugar as offensive/attacking fielder. For me Keke and Sugar are still good for our team and hence we are still high up there on the log, and we are still on the champions league.The problem with us is players not scoring goal scoring opportunities upfront, Zwane, Sirino are culprits in this regard. Tade created clear opportunities for Zwane, Langerman and Maboe yesterday, only Maboe scored the other two were wasteful.We need keep that yerterdays team as it is except for Sirino.Laffor or Mahlambi must come in.All is not lost Masandawana.

  36. Bango

    As for me l will continue to support my team Sundowns in my disappointment, its true my countenance had fallen down but l reminded myself that , that match is gone, there is no replay for it, its past, we lost like any other big team, Capetown City is not a small team, it is a big team, they buy quality players,they play good football. They have demonstrated that they are there to give competition. It’s football! Sometimes its coaches who gets defeated sometimes its the players, sometimes its both. To all supporters, the way you feel so bad, devastated , disappointed and hopeless, it is a double trauma on the players, a heart ache on the coach, even Benni said it on the other comment after sundowns won 3-2, he said , it was normal for Sundowns to win but it was very painful for us at the dressing room. The only thing we can together do once again is to forgive ,regroup and pick them up , there are in deep pain. But if we cheer them up , encourage them and accept the past that we cannot change at the moment remembering that there is no future in the past, motivating them they will wipe our tears by doing what we expect them to do. Let us support our team, the team involves,the technical team, the players and the yellow nation at large, we must know ,it is a different year, its not going to be easy, we must endure it to the utmost end. Kby

  37. ayanda

    I respect other peoples views on the coach issue, however my view is that Pitso like all other coaches will make mistakes, he is not perfect ,your tactics today will work but tomorrow will not work, but that does not mean you are a bad coach all of a sudden.Pitso is still a good coach for Sundowns, calling for Bennie to sundowns at this stage and given that he is still young in this trade, will destroy him. Sundowns is a big team with demanding fans/supporters, with huge pressure left ,right and centre and needs a tough personality and character who will still be calm despite the verbal attacks and demands that we make on a daily basis and focus on the job at hand, which is the league and the champions league in this case.Bennie must just win a league first , let alone 3 or 4 league titles, and the champions league and then we can talk the talk of him coming to Sundowns.

  38. Members if you can check properly we creating chances but not converting. @Ayanda you correctly mentioned the role of Sugar but members who claim to know coaching does not see that. And they keep on criticizing his selection. The coach explained how they monitor players commitment from training but expects on this forum don’t understand. Members this is our team and our role here is to support this boys,Pitso hates losing you can see tears in his eyes but you come to this forum and blame him for our loss. Please beautifull true members of Sundowns stand up and write messages that will encourage this boys than to kick them to the ground. If you supported the team for winning please take a back seat we will fix the problems through support and when we are winning then you can come back.

  39. ayanda

    Pitso ,we like it or not , is one Coach among all that coach sundowns ,who has been successful so far. Many did not even succeed with the resources that Sundowns have. Even before he came to sundowns he was successful at Supersport, winning trophies and coming second in the league twice with the mediocre resources that he had at supersport at the time, not to disrespect supersport of course.People won’t stop making demands, and suggestions on who must be picked or not, that is natural and there are basis for that because the team is not doing well at times and on such occasions , the suppers are justified to speak and that includes making suggestions and there is nothing wrong about that. I also think though he can not say it loud , Pitso as the student of the game himself , there are suggestions that he considers from supporters as well.

  40. Themba

    Members credited must be given where its due. Bennie outsmart us in the 2nd half.our atttacking players zwane, maboe, tade and serino worked very hard in the first half.they dropped back to assist kekana and the defense but in the 2nd half they were tired.understandable so given the number of games they have played.what did Bennie do? He introduced fresh legs n instructed them to take us on. Since sundownds now play 5 at the back(shuga Mabunda plays as a defender no questions about that)he pushed kewuti forward so they were playing with 3 strikers erasmus, mthembu n kewuti n then he said to mokeke let kekana have to ball, he wont hurt us cause there is no movement upfront.

    1. You might be correct Member , if he is better than Pitso why did we beat him last week? Why is he below us on the log? Why is he out of Caf confederation cup????? Pitso is the best we ever had.

      1. Themba

        Member did you read my comment? I said Bennie outsmarted us in the 2nd half. I never said he is better than our coach.Konje how long has Bennie been coaching for? This is his 2nd season right? So you wanna compare his success with that of someone who has been coching for more than a decade. By the way who knocked us out of the top 8 tournament?

  41. ayanda

    Member , you are correct Bennie outsmarted us yesterday, and credit to him for that and that is why in football you can’t always win , the same with Pitso he has been bulling the league in terms of the results but at times he has to lose games as well.All of this though does not mean one win can make Bennie the best such that he can just take over at sundowns, nee ,no ,hayi it can’t be. Only a week ago he was beaten by Sundowns 3-2 and if he was the best and his team they would win every game. As footballers would tell, your tactics will win you games and make you lose games,and as such everyone has his good day in Office.

    1. Themba

      where in my comments did I say Bennie is the best and must coach Sundowns? Sometimes it helps to read you know.

  42. brown sfane

    sundowns is not building on their success, according to their standards, the resources the have, the sold have Ben in the same standard as TP mazempe zamalek, but the team is straggling like any other team in the league despite of having all the resources. some how change has to happen in life.

  43. Some of supportes counts opporturnities
    We created , they forget that you
    Win games bcoz
    You score more than
    your opponents.
    I respect all the views from the supporters .

  44. Maphike

    I am a die-hard supporter of Mamelodi Sundowns … and seeing Pitso at this club still is angering me. The man is no longer good for this club… he is definitely not good for this team anymore. Favoritism, wrong substitutions and late substitutions… the inability to see that some players are finished i.e Mabunda, Kekana, Langerman, Ncgoncga… and the wasteful Zwane!!!! I just can’t take it anymore!!!

  45. Bango

    Comparing Pitso and Benni is not fair, Benni is a young couch doing very well, who found a good team . He has not been subjected to any pressure. He is still in the making of a good Couch. His temperaments are too young for a club with a well established supporters’ base like this team, imagine, he is still playing to enjoy , on pressure like Sundowns now, Benni l can assure you may hold players with necks, time will tell if he is a good Coach, what l am very sure of is he was a fantastic player, he also believes in scoring. l like him as one of our own young Couches like Fadlu Davids etc. Their real time will come and we shall celebrate them, as for now Pitso remains the Couch for Sundowns.He deserves it. Its not easy on that hot seat. We can not take anything from him. We can only suggest that good point of substitutions to be done a little bit early especially upfront. Benni studies all teams first half and after half time his team does not just continue, it becomes a different team, second half he scores, first half he manages his opponents and he goes for the jugular vein at second half. Mostly there are reactive. They react to situation. That are his tactics. Yet Sundowns use a different approach altogether, there are proactive, they score early that is if they score, there are also learning to intergret the two to compliment each other within 90minutes. The best is always to be proactive than to be reactive, though some are grinding results by being reactive. That’s football, you just have to score more goals than your opponents. We can not spill the beans for a loss, Pitso has invested so much of his emotions to this beautiful game, a loss kills his emotions badly, he does not like losing like Sundowns supporters, they get sick, they fight every one in the team. It ought not to be so, may it be known to all of us, we can not get it on a silver plate, some years you fight hard for it, enduring the pressure, gaining resilience of a palm tree plantation. A heavy storm can sweep over that plantation and you arrive after the storm all the plants will be lying flat on the ground, and you may lament not knowing the inbuilt resilience within the palm tree, after two hours you will be shocked to find the same field or plantation with palm trees standing upright . We must arrive at that space, were we allow a defeat today and tomorrow we stand still and positive for a new challenge. Days will never be the same, it can not be Christmas every day even the Christmas days unfold differently, they do not come in the same package. So that is life,it will always present itself with the unexpected, test of times,character is built on adversity . So be strong Yellow nation,believe in your team , it has it. Weekend is a big game. we can not remain stuck on Tuesday. Forward we go!

  46. Masandawana let me take this time to say hard luck to all yellow nation, I know that we are all hurt but let us concentrate on Lobi stars on Saturday, let us make sure that we run at them,they must not relax, we need to win and maybe qualify for the knockout stage. The rats will find it very tough against Horoya away.

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