Kennedy Mweene applauds the introduction of the Player Transition Programme

In January 2022, the Premier Soccer League launched the Player Transition Programme, this was designed to equip footballers between the ages of 28 and 35. The Gordon Institute of Business Science was selected as the partner for this venture with the following modules offered: Coach Education, Project Management, Facility Management, Business Innovation, Media Officers, Social Entrepreneurship, Merchandise Management and Event Management.

Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper Kennedy Mweene took part in the programme and recently graduated in Pretoria, the Bafana ba Style goalie reviewed the program and said: “Look, this was a great initiative by the league. I hope it does not stop with us and continues so that other players also get to be empowered. Being part of the first group also opened my eyes and evaluated my knowledge and it is making me eager to equip myself more. This was a revelation and I know that we all come out of the programme with a lot of knowledge,” said Mweene.

The Player Transition Programme was conducted over a period of six months and in football, players are always on the road due to their schedule. The former Zambian international also touched on facing such challenges. 

“I give thanks to the club for the support they gave me, it possible for me to be able to focus on my studies and for that I am grateful. We had eight modules that we were studying.”

“My key takeaway from the whole programme was the fact that we are now able to ask questions because at first we did not understand. Like for myself I have a farm now. I have keen interest in its daily running and some of the things I picked up during the course. In the future I want to do a Project Management Degree or Diploma and with online learning I will get a chance to pursue the qualification”, concluded Mweene.