Mamelodi Sundowns and Rhulani Mokwena Agree to Part Ways

Mamelodi Sundowns and Rhulani Mokwena amicably concluded an agreement bringing to an end Rhulani Mokwena’s employment as Head Coach.

Sundowns wishes to express its gratitude to Rhulani Mokwena for his contribution to the successes and achievements of the Club during his tenure as Head Coach. Rhulani Mokwena will forever be part of the Mamelodi Sundowns Family and the club wishes him all of the very best with his future endeavours. .

The decision of Mamelodi Sundowns was taken by the Board taking into account the objectives and expectations of the Club and was not influenced or based on the recommendation of any individual associated with the Club.

Sundowns is deeply committed to the development and growth of South African coaches and players.

Coach Manqoba Mngqithi and the Technical Team will continue to lead and take control of the training and preparation of the players for the upcoming season.

Mamelodi Sundowns is preparing and focusing on competing in all the upcoming competitions and is honoured to be one of four Football Clubs representing the African Continent in the historic FIFA Club World Cup 2025.

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  1. Mfana

    “Zikhala ku loudspeaker”remember those words coming from ur mouth when Mngqithi lost his job.When u come back u will come with a matured mind not this chidishness of yours.Nku,Maseko,Aubass,Esquivel,Lorch,Tashreeq Mathews were not material 2 win the Champions League & management let u off the hook when considering that u failed 2 show why u bought these players.Minus the AFL cup u brought no element of surprise at Sundowns its just that u had a better budget than any other coach in the PSL.In all u looked like a backstabbing opportunist bcoz u wanted Kompela&Mngqithi gone.Next time treasure and respect assets that r loved by management.

  2. Luvuyo Pomolo

    It’s with heavy heart to accept and digest what has happened today. A coach who has achieved so much get released for flimsy reason. A purported animosity between him and neocolonialist Flemings who things he knows Sundowns and some of us supported this team when it was unfashionable to others. Fleming is no above approach I know he will come with another colonialist, black coaches don’t get respect they deserve

  3. Muzi Kunene

    Good riddance,you dug your grave long time ago and we kept on reminding you to change but you ignore our plea.
    You kept on telling us that you play Sundowns way but Downs doesn’t play just to reach thousand passes with one nil scoreline,too many backpasses and slow buildups that was your downfall and lastly you were too friendly with the players and I doubt whether you rebuke them or not even behind the scene.

    Don’t get me wrong you were good coach but our play was not up to scratch and you did same mistakes against Esperance in the semifinal and later apologized and tell us oneday you will win the Champs League and you are still young,to the players the comfort zone have come to an end all of you you must work hard and not expect favours you will be selected on merit I hope so and our DDC will be recognised and I can’t wait to for our Chairman to surprise us with the new recruits.

  4. ayanda

    It is sad and shocking that Rulani has been relieved of his duties, hardy coach and do not doubt yourself you are an excellent coach.we certainly do not know the real reason for your departure, however for me I feel the club did not give you enough time and I know i may be wrong but this is just the way i feel.These things happen in football as teams want to continue to improve performance and results to achieve grater heights and as such i hope that you dont take this personally because one day the team may come back to want your services, such is life in football.Thank you very much for your contribution into the success of Masandawana, thank you son of the soil, God bless you.

  5. Soso

    This was a shock for me and I can’t beliebe that he is gone. Honestly speaking, it premature to get rid of him.

    I wish they can rehire Pitso.

    I was also very hurt when Pitso left us.

    I wish Rulani the best of luck.

    Just hope we don’t go back to where we were before Pitso brought stability at Sundowns.


    I just wish we could find a coach who could be able to integrate our young players into the senior team and stop buying old and expensive dead woods. Truly speaking the way we were playing we were never gonna win champions league under Rulani with his ineffective and boring style of play.He was also planning for now with the signings he made, to waste money big money on old players such as Lorch,Ralani and Mandieta was a wrong move because our team didn’t need quick fix because we were way ahead of the rest,it was we were sponsoring those team.Players love to play simple efficient football not one with more experimentation. Rulani was most obsessed with possession the results when possession will never win you a game.I was surprised when he said arrogantly there was one team in the field when we played Nedbank final but when you check the stats Pirates had more corners,shots at goals and shots on target than us,above all our keeper made more saves than of Pirates.He was weakening our strong team and he was Mr know it all..I loved how he was rotating the team

  7. Skhumba

    We played and won cups, league titles and played CAF champions league final before even Pitso arrived arrived at the club!! Kabo yellow!! Our allegence is to the club and not players and coaches!! These will come and go!!

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