Brian Onyango Joins The Brazilians

OnyangoBrian Onyango has joined Mamelodi Sundowns on a three year deal with a two-year option to extend.

The Kenyan International joins Masandawana as a free agent, he last turned out for Maritzburg United.

The centre back comes with a wealth of international and local experience as he has played for Santos, the Team Of Choice and his national side. Onyango first moved to South Africa in 2012 to join the now ABC Motsepe based Santos.

Welcome to Masandawana Brian Onyango!

12 Responses
  1. Muzi Kunene

    Hope you’ll replace Madisha and partnering with Lebusa at the back because this thing of too many passes at the back and slow build ups is not getting us anywhere even during the days of Pitso we used to play like that until our opponents grouped up and defend.

    Nice football doesn’t win you games but goals that count in a game.

    1. Muzi Kunene

      Hope our team checked everything thoroughly we don’t want to find ourselves in a situation of Langerman again with this signing because what we heard you’re TTM player few weeks back,angasayethembi le Management yethu sometimes.

    2. Mfana

      Sundowns has started this circus of signing every Tom&Dick as he can kick football.We r behaving like crocodiles now that swallow flesh,bone,mud&sand which kuzohlangana phambili esiswini.I mean really when did Onyango last played football?There r better defenders to choose from even those bearded defenders at Cape town City.I thought players were bought based on current form.Has anyone forgotten the signing of Tokello Tantie?I won’t beat about the bush this time around,this is an act of stupidity on the part of themanagement..Sundowns sold out ALI Meza to open the space of foreigners,for someone who failed at Supersport United?Because I thought that was the last time I heard about Onyango playing.Sometimes we become a laughing stock&mockery of everyone because of our own deeds.Now Pitso is gone management will start with this foolishness where they left off before Pitso became our coach.Some of us don’t easily forget,Ezoenyi,Mahachi&Ngeke never featured bcoz of overcrowded midfield that was there during that time.Kapinga,Margerman,Mvala&Phewa r still yet to play for us but yet this now.Onyango may be a or was a great defender previously but buying someone based on past reputations is a big hello no!!!!

      1. jimmy

        I am sure you have your wish-list of players and so are other Sundowns fans . I am also more than convinced that you will not coach those players even though it is your wish- list,so let the people who recruited the players see what they do with their wish-list . all you need to do if you are a fan and respect your favourite club,sit back relax and watch the space .

    3. Bango

      People are talking expressing themselves and their opinions,its good. If l was the one signing l would have gone for RuShine from Maritzburg, young talent and build him for Bafanabafana, a free agent l would go for really unique talent. Bangaly Somahoro was far better than Onyango, we really do not know what was the edge behind.We wait to see if he is going to get a chance. Maybe us supporters see something else and the technical team saw something. Is he really going to get a chance?

  2. Muzi Kunene

    Hope our team checked everything thoroughly we don’t want to find ourselves in a situation of Langerman again with this signing because what we heard you’re TTM player few weeks back,angasayethembi le Management yethu sometimes.

  3. BOH

    Sir Pisto is gone…now Sundowns is back to be….tender document… that’s WHY’ u didn’t like him…he stopped this silly schemes going on…we can see we not stupid.. one Day this will be exposed…. taking our team for a ride….how much Sundowns has spent on players that never get to play for Sundowns…who is making these deals…. WHY’ our president is not concerned..of people abusing
    his weekness… give us this money…open Sundowns supporters fund.. maybe… allow those who want to become coaches to study and obtain ueafa FIFA credentials…for the benefit of our country..and Sundowns… from fan to coaching.. at least those will be guaranteed they have the love of the team..and of the game.. WHY’ not money is there… WHY’ waste it…🤔🤔🙏🇿🇦✊👆👆👆

  4. Muzi Kunene

    Guys lets be fair to our new coaches, this players we have now recently signed we recommended by Pitso before he left us except Onyango,lets blame him pls and anither thing the very same Pitso we are praising now used to sign players and ended up not even using them,he once signed Himonde from Zambia and two youngsters from Mozambique and if I remembered well and those players never played for us.
    Ejike,Mahachi,Tony Silvae etc were all signed by him.We are having too many players now just because of him and I’m fully behind our coaches that some must be released or loaned out.Pitso did wonders for us but We mustn’t worship him as if he was perfect,nobody is perfect on this earth, Kby forever

    1. Richard Milubi

      There we go again. We won the league. Re-inforcing the team here and there is acceptable. But we have reached a level of madness, signing a whole new team, what’s that? Somebody is making money through this senseless signing of players. What’s going on guys?

  5. jimmy

    I wish our coaches and technical team, and I believe so, will only take what is good about all that is said by the wishful couch coaches who are posting on this site,with me included bcoz I sometimes say my wishful thinking . Leave all the other nonsense vented out of frustration .