Coach Manqoba Reflects On Babina Noko Draw

“I really believe the team performed very well and they deserve to win the match.” – Coach Manqoba Mngqithi.

Mamelodi Sundowns collected one point in their trip to Polokwane when they met with Sekhukhune United on Saturday afternoon. The Brazilians broke the deadlock in the last minutes of the first half before going into the break through Peter Shalulile’s strike. Downs Coach Manqoba Mngqithi  believes that his troops were capable of getting three points and showed his disappointment in the results after the match.

“It’s a game that we should’ve won in the first half, but we did not take our chances. In the second half fortunately for them they got a good break from our restart and then equalized, but honestly speaking I think it’s a game that statistically we dominated fully, 80% and above ball possession, more than 14 shots of goals on target but disappointing to only get 4 shots at goal.”

“Very good counter pressing moments to kill their counter attacks. I think the team played generally very well, but when you don’t take your chances and the momentum is still favouring you, sometimes it comes back to bite you.”

The Brazilians are currently sitting in position number four in the DStv Premiership log after playing their forth league match in their title defense. Bafana Ba Style have won two of their encounters, losing one and a draw with Babina Noko put them three points behind log leaders, Coach Manqoba applauded his opponents for the pressure they put on the team, he said: “On this one I would say there’s been inconsistency in terms of the results, but in terms of the performance I really believe the team performed very well today and they deserve to win the match.”

“We must also give credit to the opponents sometimes, maybe their goalkeeper from time to time, maybe us not being clinical enough. The truth is I would not really worry much about the performance of the players today, against TS Galaxy there were a lot of players that we were not very happy with their performance, but today honestly it would be those final decisions and passes, moments of anxiety and emotional intelligence but never the issue of the players not performing to the level that we wanted them to perform.”

The Brazilians Coach also emphasized on the importance of following their own process when approaching games, he said: “It’s not even an issue of catching up, we are following our process [and] drawing a match like this will obviously mean we have dropped two points.” 

“We created enough opportunities to win the match but it’s still the first five matches of the season, we are still building the conditioning side of the players to make sure that  they are ready for the grueling part of the season, the first five matches of the season will never really tell you much.”

Masandawana will be back in the DStv Premiership action on Wednesday when they welcome Stellenbosch in Tshwane.

12 Responses
  1. Zipho

    Just drop Brian Onyango,Mudau,Kutumela,Mokoena n Modiba……stop practicing favouritism n play players who deserve to play,NOT your favourites

    1. Muzi Kunene

      Sometimes our coaches can surprise you on their postmatch interview,Manqoba is complaining or crying about not taking chances and clinical enough upfront but they have a plenty of time during the match to rectify that,this players are workers pls don’t be afraid of them if they do as they please scold,substitute them don’t wait for the last ten minutes of the game to substitute.
      A good player like Mbule what do you want him to do in the last twenty minutes whereas what hou used to tell us happens almost in the first half but you chose to keep quiet and not bring the changes,maybe in psl there’s a law to substitute in later stages unless if a player is injured that’s why I always refer Dolezer if you dont do the job you must be substituted even in the first twenty minutes because at the end the coaches loses the job for protecting players that are not in game,it doesn’t used to dwell on the reputation, Zwane is playing only few of the game since last season but come match day he’s on the starting eleven just because he’s the so called “star”just for once let him come on the last fifteen minutes so that he will stop being complacency.I don’t Kutumela is better than Romeo and lastly our webmaster must tell us about the players that are injured not to say”players ruled out”because its another problem we used to encounter not knowing what happened to a particular player,this thing of singing after the game irrespective of the results oneday will come to an end.

  2. Dalom

    I wonder which chances is he talking about, because I didn’t see any. We hardly create any scori ng chances this season. Zebras in actual fact gifted us the first 2 goals, those who know football will admit they could also have prevented the other 2. There’s nothing going right for us at the moment, the whole team is just playing nonesense football nje. Peter Shalulile can’t even trap the ball and he’s failing to make the right decisions in critical areas. There was a moment where instead of laying a ball for Maema, he just made a wrong turn and ended up losing the ball

  3. Downs4ever

    Members I suspect some players are playing coaches to play,that’s the only logical explanation why some players play badly and play every game,One,Onyango B went to Pirates when Mokoena was there and he was never signed and Mokoena was loaned to coach Chippa,he also invited B Onyango and Chippa didn’t sign him either and then Mokoena came back to us he also invited and made sure that his friend B Onyango is signed,the same happened with Maraisane. We all know Kutumela is Manqhoba’s son.I blame management for allowing those two to do as they please with our,other management don’t sign every player a coach wants.No normal or sober coach can replace Sirinoh with Kutumela,Makhanya and Mkuma are 40 times better than Kutumela we have a blind management,it is like those two coaches own Sundowns and our management works for them.They signed Lunga and he played well whenever given a chance,season later he is loaned,went to sign their peers Ralani for no reason,now he is being discarded rightly so.If we have too much money let’s donate it to some orphanage or give it to street kids than waist it on some useless individuals.

    1. Nephat Ncube

      Our downfall is over elaboration on the ball, having too many passes around and inside the box. We underrated that team, period. We were not switched on at the critical phase of the game as for the blind backhoes from Zwane that was being careless and it turns out that led to the equalizer. First half the final ball let us down, our players’ passing range was very poor.
      Without doubting our coaches but what is it that Kutumela has offered since we started this season yet they keep on playing him.
      We should start treating all the teams with respect because sometimes we look at our history with other teams ironically the 2 teams which had never won games against us are teams that took some points from us

  4. Zipho

    @Muzi,Kutumela was a passenger against Cape Town City,bt he finished da game,I dnt understand what they c in him…..and everytime we make our 1st substitution u must know dat its jersey no.10 out

  5. Muzi Kunene

    Sifiso Ngobeni is back they can also used him instead of Modiba,I saw an article on other publication that Sofranko is refusing to go or accept any offers somewhere that’s why we can’t register Allende and a Morrocan defender because this combination of de Reuck and Onyango is not clicking and I wonder if we struggle to the so called small teams what will happens to the North African teams.Downs have got plenty of players and those players were signed by Wisemen so pls used them and don’t make us to hate our players because they don’t field themselves and use players on merit not on reputation.

  6. Malandela

    All the dawana faithfuls are complaining about Kutumela and yet nothing is being done, is there a way of directly calling the coaches, cos some of us are from northern kzn, difficult to travel to the stadium and those in the stands they do nothing, they say nothing, all they do is sing even if the team is playing kak

  7. Calvin

    We are shooting ourselves, too many touches in the final third that give our opponents a chance to regroup.

    Players like Zwane think he owns position at the team, useless back hills, Maema, Mbule, Nasir/ Sirino, Shalulile and Erasmus can be deadly if given time together, then bring back Morena and Lakay to wing backs, Jali as a holding midfielder, Shalulile and Erasmus upfront.

    Zwane, Mokoena, Modiba they must be given time to learn how to play for the team not for themselves

    Lastly this thing of substituting Sirino even he’s playing well must come end

  8. Mzimela

    Favouritism destroying sundowns Mudau.Modiba .Mokoana I .Williams are not better than Lakay Morena Onyango&Jali

  9. Dalom

    This is just the beginning of the end of our dominance. It was bound to happen in any case. No team has ever dominated forever. Our players have simply turned into Ankole cows. Whether the coaches field the Bull Cow in Grant Kekana, whom I believe is not even a Sundowns material, is not going to make any difference. The best result we’ll get tomorrow is a draw, that’s if Stellies is intimidated by the occasion. Our Ankoles have nothing to offer really, and they’re there for the taking